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  1. have you got scientific studies that demonstrate these damages in human brain? i'll be grateful to you if you can post them
  2. i don't know what is your problem with aspartame, but its use in chewing gum is not so huge because it is combined with other intensive sweetners such as ace-K and sucralose. furthermore its use in chewing gums is decreased since in chewing gums can be used polyols. for example in my package of air action vigorsol blue i read: maltitol, xylitol, isomalt, sorbitol, mannitol, ASPARTAME, ace-k... generally ingredients are listed in decreasing order, this means that there are 5 sweetners used in a greater amount than aspartame and it is not necessary to use huge amount of sweetners to dulcify a small chewing gum.
  3. do you use products from china? for example in chinese stores, i buy soybeans and tofu that are from china or peanuts that are from brazil. some people deter me to buy food from china because it could be produced with no care about hygiene or health effects of those foods. for example i've read some years ago of soy sauce made with hair of people or similar things... it is not always simple to see through information, if they are completely true or if they are partially or completely corrupted, but these information are not seldomness, so distrust is justified. really i don't know why soybeans shouldn't be safe, so now i buy them, but i'd like to know your opinions!
  4. i usually avoid to buy things from china or by chinese sellers whenever i can because of ethic reasons, but chinese shops sell interesting food scantily distributed otherwise. what do you think about this products (made in china or sold by chinese shops but imported from other countries)? do you think they could be safe?
  5. that is not necessarily true, that is not right for glutamine for example. i don't know for arginine, here my question arises! however, thank you for your information and your answer.
  6. hello everyone, i'd like to know if the arginine contained in foods has the same benefits of the supplements. thank you!!
  7. right! how do you feel when you use it? does it work good?
  8. hi, i've never tried it, but i've read something on another forum; the people that have tried it usually use doses from 1.5 grams to 4, but it seems that doses till 6 grams can be used with no problems (however i've not read anyone using doses greater than 4 grams). generally it is used in 2-3 doses, 1 of them before workout (surely) and another one at breakfast (generally) everyday. there are not many studies about beta-alanin so it is useful to get more feedbacks that's possible. someone has felt formication after using it, but that's a personal effect. have you felt it? how many grams are you using now? if you're not using antidepressants you should not have problems with it.
  9. i didn't know this website, that's great, thank you
  10. ok thank you guys, i am relying the value posted. just another question: how many grams of fibers are there in adzuki beans? i prefer soybeans over the other legumes because they are lower in their content of fibers so that's important for me.
  11. ok thank you, but now i'm confused, because you say azuki ain't soybeans but here in the package i read :"red azuki soya". do they write wrong? by green, yes, i mean edamame. about nutritional values... could i consider for these beans approximatively the same values (calories, proteins, fats, glucides)? thank you again, cubby
  12. hello everyone, i'm not understanding the difference between the three kind of soybeans (green, yellow, azuki)... is it only referred to tasting and mode of cooking, or are there nutritional differencies (about either macro, micronutrients or antioxidants content)? have you got webpages, or other discussions I could read? i've found nothing thank you for answers;)
  13. hello everyone, I'd like to ask you if it is useful to use different cereals for completing their aminoacidic profile, or if the aminoacid that limits proteic synthesis is the same in these food. thank you!!
  14. "steviolo" (italian word, I can't translate) is a component of stevia and it is a known carginogenic substance. there is no statistical evidency of cancer due to steviolo (from a japanese and american studies). this is what I've read, I've no sure sources... probably stevia is safe...
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