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  1. Hi, Im interested in using a protein bar that has zylitol in it,but im really chemically sensitive,and wanted to know if zylitol is a frankenstein food or is it healthy? thanks, T
  2. Hi everyone, Im looking for honest and unbiased opinions on whether a vegan diet is possible for an individual who is suffering extreme food allergies to most of the vegan protein sources including peanuts,cashews,sunflower seeds,sesame,walnuts,cashew wheat,gluten,oats,rye,barley,teff,spelt soy beans,pinto beans,broad beans,lima beans,fava,and most legumes my diet is limited to rice,quinoa,vegetables,and i dont tolerate raw vegetables or fruit,due to a digestive disorder and candida yeast,dysbiosis of the gut! im so tired of the lack of variety,and trying to cook with no soy,beans,wheat,nuts is so hard,and nothing turns out right... how can this possibly be healthy???[/b][/b]
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