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  1. I would say the safest bet would be hemp protein. Ultimately though it's not so much protein that is need for muscle growth, but the amino acids from them. I would recommend taking a complete BCAA supplament along with 500 mg of l-glutamine after your workouts to ensure proper muscle repair.
  2. LOL it's actually just the spices used to make apple pie with. I add it to everything: coffee while it's brewing, oatmeal, smoothies....basically anything you want to make taste like apple pie. YUMMY!
  3. Just finished up at the gym while on my dinner break and have 4 more hours at work before my day is done. Post gym meal: Falafal (spicy smashed chickpeas) stuffed into a whole wheat pita with spinach, sprouts, tomato, mushrooms, avacado, banana peppers, olives, & vinegrette dressing along with a small (10oz) soy protein shake mixed with strawberrie, bananas & wheat germ.
  4. Wow that sounds awesome! You're very lucky to be able to grow your own stuff. I'd love to start a container garden, but my porch gets no sun whatsoever. So about the only thing I can grow so far is moss. We have a pretty good organic natural foods store (Ada's Natural Foods) that just opened up a few months ago. It's not cheap, but I can easily find pretty much anything organic, but paying for it is sometimes a different matter.
  5. Cherries and almonds are great anti inflamatory foods. I have arthritis and systemis lupus in my family and I can tell a big difference in my weightlifting recovery when I eat at least of cup of each throughout the day (as opposed to not eating them). Cherries have amazing anti-inflamatory properties and almonds are a great source of Vit. E with also helps battle inflamation.
  6. I would add some sort of grain like quinoa, brown rice or millet mixed with black beans for dinner in addition to that evening salad. I would also a one or two high protein green smoothies as well as much on raw nuts and seeds mixed with dried fruit throughout the day. You definitly need more calories if your doing that much training as a 16 year old growing teen. I do endurance events too (triathlon and long distance open water swimming) in addition to wightlifting. I need to loose about 30lbs. and even I would need to eat more than what your eating to keep up my energy for endurance training.
  7. Why don't you try adding Hemp protein to your cereal in the morning. It's great low calorie/high protein. I mix mine in what a packet of Stevia on oateal. I also add it to my soy based protien shakes along with flax seed to an extra protein boost. I also like rice & pea protein mixes. They're another great high protein/low calories option. Another good idea would be to add handful of raw nuts and seeds to your daily snacks...great for healthy fats and protein....especially raw pumpkin seeds. I also like making green smoothies for a hugh nutritional kick: An example of one of my favorites: several kale leaves, cup of frozen strawberries, 1 scoop each of hemp, rice & pea protein, 2 tblsp each of ground flax seed & ground chia seeds and about 3-4 packet of Stevia and either water or organic almond milk depending on the amount of calories I want at that meal.
  8. I took the liquid form of it for about 6 months in addition to taking CLA and changing up my workout and adding high intensity cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. I lost over 20lbs in that time. Don't know if I would have lost less by not taking it or if it helped with my already improved workout regemine. I stopped taking (couldn't afford the supplements and needed to cut costs) and havn't lost much weight since, but I also scaled back my workouts due to a foot injury that will require surgery. I think it did aide in my weightloss, that is the most weight I have ever lost since I gained weight 8 yrs ago after breaking my back and pretty much becoming sedentary for over a year while healing. I plan on starting taking it again with the CLA and adding in a fat burner and keeping close track of my calories, nutrients and workouts once I get my foot taken care of and I can start running again.
  9. Where do you get your organic producer from? A grocery store, health foods store, local producer stand/market? I wish Costco carried more (or any) organic producer, so I can afford to buy more than just the few items I can afford at the grocery store.
  10. With the ridiculous price of producer these days, I was wondering how many here go the extra effort to buy organics. I usually try to buy organic fresh producer of anything that doesn't have a peel (like oranges, bananas, things like that). I also always buy organic soy producer to assure that I'm not eating any GMO soy. (I'll never be convinced that GMO is safe...ever). But how many here buy organic and if you do, what all do you get that's organic?
  11. Ok, it's now VERY early (4am) Sunday morning and I'm at work (again) I had oatmeal with apple pie spices and vanilla soy protein powder, a rather tart Fuji apple and a small cup of peach soy yogurt. I just finished my big travel mug of black coffee and will working on my gallon water jug the rest of the morning.
  12. O wow, it's good to hear that others have non-vegan signifcant others who have supported and gone along with your being vegan. It's nice to hear that your b/f, emma goes so far as to eat vegan meals with you and opts for vegan "meats" at BBQs.
  13. If you are eating something right now or recently (like within the next or last hour)....what is it? Just curious. I always love to hear about what people are eating, if they like it and why they are eating it. Me, I'm currently eating my dinner at work (9pm Eastern time in Florida). I'm having a bowl of brown rice with sauteed with black eyed peas, broccoli, carrots & mushrooms, and I'm having a big side dish of brussel sprouts. My dessert will be a small cup of strawberry soy yogurt. My "junk" food today was a peanut butter Lara bar and a bit of vegan chocolate. Ok, what are you eating have eating within the hour or will be eating soon...
  14. Yea, I know what you're saying Ted. It makes me sad to think about what the long term affects of his diet will eventually have on him. That's why I'm really hoping to lead by example and show him that it's totally possible to eat awesome tasting vegan meals, stay healthy and be active and strong.
  15. Yea, I know...but I will give him credit: He does really respect my vegan lifestyle and would never try to presuade me away from it. We've been together for nearly a year now and he's never once said or acted negatively toward my decisions.
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