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  1. Grand Cayman is the tiniest little dot of an island about 50 miles south of Cuba and about 30 miles northwest of Jamacia. The Cayman Islands are 3 islands about 100 miles apart. Grand Cayman is the largest at 21 miles from end to end. And the other two are Cayman Brac at about 10 miles end to end and Little Cayman at 7 miles end to end. It's in the Caribbean Ocean, but technically boarders the West Indian Ocean, so it's referred to as the British West Indies. It's a British Colony, so all you Brits can come here w/o a passport, just proof of British residency. Sorry if I was a bit long winded there... Thanks for the info. Do you get many visitors from the mother country? What is the population of Grand Cayman just out of curiosity? Why is it cheaper to visit in summer - because it's hurricane season presumably?? We do get a lot of visitors from our Mother country and a lot of them end up moving here permanently. The population of just the residents and expats who moved here (like me) is roughly 33,000. And it's cheaper in the summer, not just because of hurricane season, but it can get brutally hot and humid here and it does rain a lot---it's the tropics. Fortuantely we do have mosquito control!
  2. What a lovely way to think about things, Phoenix. Now that I have moved out of the big city (philadelphia) I have found life to be so very much less stressful. I'm financially tapped out right now, trying to get my life started down here, so it's a bit depressing not being able to enjoy all there is down here because I can't afford it. But I will take your advise and learn to just relax and meditate and see things in a whole new light. I must say, though, in the whole course of things, I feel more at home here than I ever felt in Philly. I guess I just miss the feeling of being of being in the United States and all the varying landscapes and being able to take long road trips to other states. This is such a tiny little place, the landscape never changes. But it is beautiful...
  3. Grand Cayman is the tiniest little dot of an island about 50 miles south of Cuba and about 30 miles northwest of Jamacia. The Cayman Islands are 3 islands about 100 miles apart. Grand Cayman is the largest at 21 miles from end to end. And the other two are Cayman Brac at about 10 miles end to end and Little Cayman at 7 miles end to end. It's in the Caribbean Ocean, but technically boarders the West Indian Ocean, so it's referred to as the British West Indies. It's a British Colony, so all you Brits can come here w/o a passport, just proof of British residency. Sorry if I was a bit long winded there...
  4. Grand Cayman is sort of vegan friendly. All 4 supermarkets offer vegan selections that are actually pretty reasonably priced compared to the price of other foods in general. I find it kind of fun to watch people gripe about having to pay $5 a gallon for milk when my soy milk is only 2.86 a gallon! All the restraunts (I've been to so far) offer vegan selections and there's agreat Thai restraunt that has a special vegetarian menu--awesome food BTW. There is also a vegetarian only restraunt in George Town. However, the concept of animal rights and treating animals humanely is not exactly well accepted here. The poorer residents of the island starve, abuse and neglect their animals horribly here and there is no real law enforcment to stop it. So it's quite frustrating. Otherwise for such a tiny little place and last remaining British Crown Colony, we're not doing too bad..
  5. to lift weights first thing in the morning before eating? Is it counterproductive since you haven't yet fueled your body and muscles? Or is forcing you body to burn off fat while building muscles? Other than the stomach growling/hunger thing, can you make muscle gains if you lift on a totally empty stomach? The only thing I have discovered so far is that I hit the wall way sooner than if I've eaten. But if I eat first I end up feeling lethargic and not want to exert myself.
  6. I have been asked to share some info with you all on the boards here about the Vegan Vacation 2006. If you may or may not know I currently reside in Grand Cayman and work as a production director for CITN the caribbean news television station Cayman 27. Apparently there is still some debate about where to hold your VV 2006: whether it be in Cal. or the Caribbean. Well, I would like to extend an offer to come to Grand Cayman and I have a couple of compelling reasons to consider it... 1. I could get you television, radio, and newspaper coverage here about the event as my friend and co-worker is the news director of Cayman 27 and is very interested in becoming vegan and admires the fact that I am. She has already expressed great interest in covering such an event in our local news here. 2. This would be an unprecedented event here in Grand Cayman and I can tell you from first hand experience, the people here need to have their awarness raised considerably about animal rights and personal health and the tremendous impact not being vegan makes on the world. 3. This would hopefull encourage more restraunts and businesses here to begin catering to vegans. Most of the business here were wiped out by Ivan in 2004 and the ones that have come back could use some exposure to a new way of thinking and seeing things (vegan lifestyles). 4. I have a good friend who owns a travel agency and would be able to steer me in the right direction to find some nice affordable accomodations for everyone here on the island. On the down side: yes it is rather expensive here, however if you come in the summer the prices go down considerably. But you will be coming during hurricane season. You would need to get passports if you don't already have one. And we drive on the left side of the road here (the wrong side if your American ) and the traffic and drivers here are rather out of control. But you can rent bikes to tour the island... But if you dive or love the water, this is definitely the place to be. It's postcard beautiful and the people are friendly, and I could use the company!!
  7. Yea, definitely want to start lifting w/ the goal of competing. I've lost nearly all my cardio strength and muscle mass after my surgery to repair my backbone. I think the biggest obstical for me right now, physically, is that I have an aweful lot of internal scar tissue both in my lung from a chest tube and in the entire left side of my torso from the surgery. However, I don't want to use that as an excuse to not push myself. I'm not in any pain, I just know that I'm not what I used to be. But I want to be even better. I used to be both a runner and a weight lifter and I was really ripped. Now I'm getting flabby and I need to do something to reverse that. That's why I'm thinking cardio in the morning before breakfast. Some lifting. I'm not sure yet how hard and fast I should push myself. I have a tendency to bite off more than I can chew and then quit. I don't want that to keep happening. I need to find a happy medium.
  8. I always need a spotter! Well, as far as getting a good workout routine going: I'm still in "settling in" phase of moving. I've only just gotten an apartment (after having to stay in a corporate apt.) And I'm trying to get moved in and figured out. I'm intending on doing a 3-4 day week of workouts w/ a combination of cardio and weights. I'm kinda starting over from square one, so I have a long way to go. But I know where I want to go at least.
  9. Come to Grand Cayman. I can get all sorts of things set up for you!!
  10. what is being done for these animals? Are there no grassroots efforts to spread a message of compasion and awareness? Any animal rights groups or Humane Society types of organizations there? Do the animals there not have anybody watching out for them a lil? if not, perhaps a group of vegans can get together and create such a group/organization? I know of no other vegans here as of yet. Really there is nothing being done about the animals. They are horses mainly. There is a Humane Society, but they are a private group with no gov't help support or regualtions. This is a colony so it governs itself and most of gov't is corrupt or lazy or just doesn't care. It's sad. Nothing get done unless you are connect. If you are a native Cayman no one touches you. You can starve and abuse your animals and no one will do anything about it. Not only that, what can be done? There is no where to take or care for these animals, horses especially don't belong here. But they're here, and it's depressing and I miss my horse back home. I miss having the ability to help animals like I could back in the states. It's the stuff like that that makes me sad and wish I was back home. I need to learn to either overlook or deal with it and make the best I can here. There is a lot of beauty here and it is a really nice place. I guess I just feel very sad and helpless sometimes.
  11. Oh, don't get me wrong, the Cayman Islands is beautiful and the people are great. However, there are a lot of depressing, deplorable areas. I have never seen so many neglected and abused animals anywhere else. It really depressed me. There are no gov't regulations or enforcement here and I just began to really start to miss home a lot because of it. I guess I'll just have to learn to enjoy the good here as much as I can. And yes I will definitely be making here and veganfitness my new "cyberhomes"!
  12. Hello all, Just thought I'd share some thoughts with you all and maybe get some feedback and advice from any who can offer... I've moved down to grand Cayman in Dec. 05 from Philadelphia. I lived in Philly for 3 years and prior to that I was in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Clarksburg, West Virginia, and from my hometown Ft. Myers, Florida. I've been out on my own and around for a while now, but this is the first time I've ever made such a huge life changing committment by moving out of my country to this tiny little British colony, this itt-bitty island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. Now, I've met some really great people here and I'm very happy with my work here, so far. The place is really beautiful, but I've started getting really despondant and homesick rescently. My wonderful boyfriend is back in the states, currently getting ready to take a job in Wyoming. I miss him, I miss the states, I'm homesick, plain and simple. Anyone here ever doing anything like this? Have you ever had any real bouts of homesickness? How did you deal with it? I'm not in a position to leave and will be here at least a year, so I have to make the best of it.
  13. Yes as a matter of fact I do work out at the World Gym there. The company I work for pays for my membership. It's not as nice as some of the gyms I've been to in America, but it's got a lot of descent stuff. I'm trying to start going in the mornings before work. I work 10-7, so I've actually got some time in the morning to get in a good workout.
  14. I think we can all relate to that statement! Good luck on your continuing recovery. You'll find lots of good advice & great support here! BTW, what are the local fruits & veggies in Grand Cayman? So far as I've seen the local crops here are just starting to get back into the stores. Everything was wiped out from Hurricane Ivan last year. But right now the big things are lady finger bananas, red bananas, papaya, jicama, bread fruit, coconuts (of course), mangos (which I'm allergic to), and a few other strange looking edible roots which I haven't tried yet.
  15. Hello all! I've been out of the bodybuilding scene for almost 3 years now due to an injury (check out my introducion for an explanation) and am hoping to get back into it again full tilt. I've lost most of my muscle structure and have gained a lot of bodyfat in the mean while. I know all about the concept of cardio HIIT and have heard argument across the boards about when you should do it, whether or not you should eat in the morning before doing you cardio HIIT, whether it's detrimental to building muscle, etc. My question here is, because I do have a lot of bodyfat to lose, do you think it's a good idea to HIIT first thing in the morning before you eat in order to force your body to use your fat stores as glycogen? I know a lot of people who won't do this in fear of stripping their body of their hard earned muscle, but I feel that I need to get rid of the excess fat first and then concetrate on cranking up the muscle mass. So what do you all think? How and when do you do your cardio? When is it most beneficial? And how often during the week should I be doing it for optimal fat loss?
  16. Hello everyone. I'm new to this forum, but have been hanging out on veganfitness for a bit now and like it tremendously. I'm slowly getting back into bodybuilding after having suffer a very serious injury of a broken back and then surgery to rebuild the vertebrea. The only limitations I have is my own lack of discipline! I've moved down here to Grand Cayman from Philadelpha in Dec. to get out of the city and away from the stresses of my career as a television director up there. I'm a televsion director at the tiny little station down here (cayman 27) and was also hired to act as sort of a consultant, so to speak, to bring up the quality and look of their newscasts. It's very fun easy work and I love the tropical island. (however, it has some rather "3rd world" tendencies) I'm rather limited in my fresh, organic food selection and everything down here is really expensive, so I must limit myself to $50 a week for food shopping. As much as I would love to be spending the extra money as an investment in my health by buying everything fresh, organic and raw, it's just not feasible down here. So, I'm learning to make do with what I can. So far I've been living off of frozen mixed vegies, gardenburgers, brown rice and beans. I'm hoping once I get settle in my new apartment and get my American expenses finalized and settled, I'llhave more money to spend on healthy food. One nice thing though, my job pays for my gym membership to World Gym!
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