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  1. I don't have my before pics, but i've been training 5months now, though i got sicks once and i had to take pause. First months i was mostly learning how to do exercises right way. My target is to get bigger mass and muscles, and prove that i can get good muscles by not eating meat, i am really annoyed that everyone around me says, that i won't get far without eating meat. Could you please suggest what i need to concentrate more on? Here are some pics: http://img704.imageshack.us/img704/301/dsc0383p.jpg http://img263.imageshack.us/img263/7150/dsc0380n.jpg http://img227.imageshack.us/img227/3582/dsc0381.jpg
  2. Could you please post, at what time do you usually eat?
  3. I am really skinny, could anyone suggest what should i eat to build up mass please? Everyone around me is just saying that i need to eat meat, but i am vegetarian my whole life, so meat/fish is like a poison to me.
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