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  1. This site confuses me... And I dont see where people are raggin??? Confusedddd!!! But you look good. For having had some bread. You know you can step it up though lady. You got 40 days or something. So lets get to it!!! Im dropping again... So now I think its time you jump on this train! =]]]] You can do this Alyx, you just need to stop the carb overload and get serious. You dont have a lot of time left. But if you step it up now, you will make it! Your routine is sweet, you are getting more and more cut every day. So just keep working out and stop eating dumb! =p You made me stop eating dumb... now you try it!!! =p Love ya!!!
  2. Ok woman... Im trying to figure out this site for you. I say: Protein shakes, nuts, and veggies! Thats it! No more of this salty kung pao ish. No sodium! Its 2 months. It will be worth it when you win the competition. Serious. No more junk! More Britney dance time, cuz shes the best. And lets get your ass going! Harder weights. We didnt do anywhere near enough tonight. I think we both need to get on each others asses NOW! And if I see anymore white rice, fries, and asian nastyness... I will spar you! Mkay? =] See you tomorrow!
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