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  1. I'm going to see my mom and grandma, though I'll have a lot of extra time. Any advise on what to do or where to go? Potlucks, parties, volunteering. It would just be nice to make some good use of my time and have some fun. My mom has a vegan restaurant in San Rafael. If nothing else I'll be helping out there. It's Radiance. Well I know I can go to 24 hour fitness for hours Thats actually a really good idea. I'm just not networked down there like I am in Portland, so any help there would be cool. 5o3-74o-76o3 Thanks.
  2. Hi there. I don't see your previous statement, but I like your goal. I think 4 lbs by september shouldn't be hard. I think giving up gluten does wonders in short time periods, it's just hard because bread is delicious and so satisfying. Good luck!
  3. Duuuude! You're killin it! Way to hold up the New Zealand Vegan scene!
  4. Hey! I dig the thrive gig. It's quite the thought about body types. It can be hard to get going and find that point where you're stoked on results, but I'm a believer in that all body types build muscle. I agree it is definitely easier for some than others. Your body looks like it's hungry for bulking a bit. Have you still been hitting the gym for lifting since you put this up? I think if you go to the gym and lift seriously, it's not long before you'll be on a muscle gaining trend. My main advise is to learn to love the actual slow motion of lifting any weight. Like with dumbbell chest fly's for example, when you have your arms spread out ready to contract, try doing it slow and trying to feel just your pecs shredding up and each of the muscle cells bursting up.
  5. I finally got my tattoo. I dedicate this picture to girl talk "Smash Your Head" If you see me from behind walking/ standing normal with a tank, the lettering is perfectly vertical. I've definitely worked up some energy storage I need to work off. I already eat really well, short of being gluten free or more raw (which work like crazy), but my plan is just to keep working out regularly and run. I also just buy groceries, I don't have a protein powder or anything like that. I've been under the impression my food is filled with more than enough of what I need no matter what exercise I do. I really appreciate all the support on here. It goes a long way. Thanks. Everybody here is F'n beautiful! Add me on fb btw. Let's be "real" friends http://i.imgur.com/DH1MEK6l.jpg
  6. You look pretty bulky already. How long have you been vegan?
  7. So reaching 200 is not a goal of mine I didn't work out much in my last couple years of a relationship, and I now have some work to put in to get to a base I feel good about. I was 192 a couple weeks ago, 186/7 now. I'm also focussing on squats as the core of my lifting, followed by a special emphasis on shoulders to support my break dancing passions. I look forward to getting bigger and leaner.
  8. Haven't been on here in a while and limited on time at the moment. I want to put up some current lifting stats. There may be a different thread that is better to post the info at, but for now I'll do it here. Bench 250 Back Squat 240 Front Squat 200 Overhead Squat 95 Clean 200 Dead Lift 370 Pull Up +70 lb Hand Stand 60 sec I've been getting my numbers up with "Plant Fit" via Ed Bauer, focusing on perfect form and other strong vegans present for all the lifts. Ed's got us learning all the olympic lifts and supporting us in getting big numbers. I'd have to say, my biggest goal is to get (ok two of them) my bench up above 305 (benched 305 in high school), and any 3 lifts totaling 1000 lbs!
  9. Hey hey. Spread the word, I am looking for a vegan roommate. Strongly prefer to live with another male. The place is a 1 year old duplex. There are two levels, two bedrooms and baths. Each room has it's own floor, and full bathroom. 1500 sq ft. all new appliances. Basically really nice living. 77th and SE Woodstock blvd. Portland, OR There is a craigslist add you can see more on... portland cl, key word vegan under room shares. http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/roo/2782375375.html rent is $447.50 + utilities 503-740-7603 Thank you. Ekendra
  10. Hey cool beans. I'd be up for working out and or hosting a potluck. 503-740-7603. I don't know who you are, but with so many posts, you've gotta be legit.
  11. I plan to read the whole thread, but so far have read the first two of eleven pages that I see. I looked for a thread like this to come up with a good amino acid profile for myself. I am starting by learning about amino acids, their categories, applications, effects, sources, etc. So far, I would posit that amino acid profiles of specific sources such as dairy (Whey), are the way they are from what could be considered an evolutionary perspective: That the ratio of AA's in the whey is meant for the physiology of a calf for the purpose of getting it to a grown state at an intended rate. Where the specific levels of each AA are MEANT for the calf as opposed to another type of animal. Ex. An amino acid that effects a system related to a large boned cow vs. a small hollow boned bird. So in considering the AA profile of a plant like soy, it's anyones game as far as your belief of why it exists and the history of where it was around at what time in history- to get an idea of it's intended "who will be eating it" group. I'd like to think that each food source has not only an evolutionary reason for it's particular profile specific to it's functional physiology for it's survival, but that in eating the wrong sources, causes consequences, and it is that eater that is dumb for not knowing. I'm being vague, but that's useful in keeping this site friendly for all. It all sounds a little hokey-pokey to me, even though I said it, but I like to think about what it means that there is no true amino acid profile... no optimal one known.. That it's another one of those things in life with many possible acceptable outcomes. So I started working out again this week after not really following through with any workouts the last 2.5 months. I am unbelievably sore, and it makes me think about recovery time (when I can get back to it) and if I am living an optimal post workout recovery strategy. I remembered those stronger than me giving me advice, which over the years has included telling me to take BCAA's. So I went to whole foods, and saw one expensive amino acid complex that was vegan, and decided to hold off and research it. After looking into it, it seems that I already get all 3 of them from my diet. Maybe it's not as much as I could benefit from. As someone who is trying to be a muscular body builder, I'd like to know it, do it, and be/ feel optimized, and match in nutrition- what I am doing in the gym. Also, I spent a considerable amount of time this week presenting information on vegan health and nutrition, and using my means to show some friends of mine (who brought it up themselves) the superiority and validity of veganism as a healthy diet. The process made me want to take many things further. A large part of which is understanding nutrition speak such as carbs this and that, mono_this, di_that, protein/amino jargon, fats, PH.. Love to get some input. Thanks guys, and awesome thread! Great info.
  12. http://i866.photobucket.com/albums/ab225/myariesone/DSC03796.jpg http://i866.photobucket.com/albums/ab225/myariesone/DSC03799.jpg Still about 185 lbs. Seeing great progress in the gym. Been really focusing on shoulders and upper pecs. Been doing power cleans and lots of handstands to start off the workouts. Anyway, things are good and I'm really enjoying lifting and gym time. I'm trying to get consecutive hand stand jumps down. I'm seeing improvement there, but it's a process.
  13. Yea, you got some muscle on ya for sure! How's the progress coming? Brazil, now that's just awesome. I'd really like to go there.
  14. 185 now. My goal is to reach 200 lbs as soon as possible with of course keeping the fat percentage down. I've said a years time is the limit, but I feel like I can get there in months. My legs have not been worked in years the way my other guys have, so there's a lot of mass growth potential there, and I feel a whole new relationship with muscle building these days. Everything just seems easy! I have a theory that that's just because I love the pain/ feeling of pushing it, so I do crazy sets, then the muscle follows. And lately, this relationship feels like it's moved to a new level. Perhaps just where I'm at in life at the moment coupled with the age my body is. I don't know, but good times. Shred it!
  15. Well after being out of forum contact for a long break of about 2 years, I came on here again and quickly found there was less action. Sad. I'll be coming on more for sure, but I just hope there will be more activity to jive with, over, on, about... lol.
  16. Inverted rows... Great idea!!! I like the pulling yourself up to a table idea! It's like the inverse of push ups. I would say definitely do them slowly to feel the back muscle tension and burn or whatever. Doing quick reps could be dangerously problematic depending on what you're holding onto. Everyone has a welder and steel bars at home to make your own contraption right?
  17. Awe. That's so sad! For everybody. I would have laughed too though. And I did. That was great.
  18. A pigeon following another pigeon for the length of a block on the edge of a parking garage trying to hump it. This while I'm working out looking through the window. I was rooting for it, but then another pigeon stepped in and messed it up.
  19. I just worked that zone for 3 hours tonight. I found a real simple and effective means very similar to what Zack said, is to do bent over rows. The plates at my gym for the bench and such have handles. I bent my torso forward and lifted the two plates. So at home you could grab anything heavy enough for you, bend over and repeatedly lift that ****!
  20. Just jumped to page 5 to add to the title.. excuse any errors of skipping over material. I feel like this info is everywhere, and said many times relating to good balanced healthy intake and such. The margin for me, is emphasizing fruit packed smoothies after work outs and to start the day, some good stir fry's in a steel wok, quinoa, lot's of fried tofu sandwiches on whole grain bread with lot's of lettuce, kale, or cabbage. I'm a fan of let your food be a powerful tool. It's amazing when you see which foods have what nutrients. Keep in mind a decent variety/ balance, and food combinations. Bananas are always good! Rates that your body processes which types and how long those nutrients/ fuel from those last. Most protein sources leave protein in your system for less than a few hours. Even better reason to eat more often meals. Fruits will go through your system the quickest. I'm about to go work out, then come home and make a large smoothie equivalent of 4-5 pints. It will move through me rapidly and leave me not so full. I'll follow that with a stir fry or more sandwiches. 7 tofu sandwiches spaced out 2 hours or so is one way of doing things. I did that for 3 months and found greater results than I would have ever thought. BTW, it was tasteless to mention those dead animals on this forum in my mind. Dude doesn't even have a profile pic, has 6 posts, and mentioned nothing of trying to go veg. .02
  21. I practice the dynamic moves in capoeira without the fighting aspect ie break dancing. All the same stuff that guy was using in the match especially what he did in the ring after he one.. sort of a celebratory show off dance. lol. Video was awesome btw! One of my things is that in working out my core snap rotating abilities and shoulder strength, I'll be more able to do power moves with grace. Still haven't found a good place to practice in the 3 years I've been in Portland btw. Any takers? I just need a wrestling matt specifically. None at 24 hr fitness's, nor PSU (unless you join tai kwon do club). @Julia, that's cool that you're getting into it.
  22. especially since it makes you happy keep lifting weights for sure! P90x sounds good. It's all fixing on a goal, your body falls in line! You're on the right track because "great abs start in the kitchen"! Cheese.. it's what most people say. Like giving up a bad habit, just stay at it and eventually you stop wanting about it. I can't remember the last cheese craving I had!
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