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  1. ou're able to work out every day, you're not working out hard enough each workout.

    Yep.Is this the key.I am agree with you.

    I have not intensity,so I must train often.

    I think many people fails to have a nice look because does not train often.


    Heavy Duty works if the BBer has skill for train with intensity.



    You're gonna need to eat more than popcorn!

    For pop corn,I want sell a POP CORN PROTEIN POWDER

    If you want one order it from my site by paypal and UPS deliver




    Now I am doing One day arm cure now,I have pain to a forearm so I must train with low %MAX.

    Im doing volume...nice pump.

  2. Me also.


    For me it worked...I failed the goal of some workout,but I reached the goal at the end,the phase 3,when you add 10% of weight and do same repr in the test.


    If I fail one workout then I repeat it. Is good the same.



    This other one is terrific...poliquin gvt for -real- advanced bodybuilders....in one workout increase 9% instead 5%.





    EDIT:I add this






    Mentzer torturing an italian bber.

    The video is for italian but Mentzer speak english.

  3. ... I have noticed huge gains in strength. ....


    How much?


    I think is better if now I do high reps,

    and then,when I solved the problems to left arms and shoudler,dot the 5x5 3 times a week.

    I want a lot try this 5x5 suggested in the forum sounds hard this 5x5



    I am eating

  4. I already lifted about 90% for one month,but I will be happy to do it again!


    The problem is a little pain to arm and shoulder.

    I am thinking to do,now,one - two month of mass with 65-75%,

    4-5 times a week,a lot of pump and glycogen,

    and then back to heavy weights,the 5x5 3 times a week is what I need.


    I feel 30kgs in curl biceps very light!I think I will have fun in mass,2 month ago 30 kgs for me was very heavy.

  5. I am agree:

    too much frequency = too much catabolism = zero gains.


    But I think a lot of weak people fails because they have not enough frequency.


    I think 4 workouts every week are good for me,one day lift,one rest...

    Im doing a lot of bench,and now I want to back to squat and add chin ups.

    But I have still a little problem to shoulder.



    When I am stronger,I must revocer more...

    I remember Dorian yates did a muscle once a week..but he had great intensity....

  6. At the age of 20 I trained ONE YEAR to do 70kg for some rep

    (from 40 to 70 kgs)


    I back to train the 28 december and back to bench 20 January.

    I trained ALL days.all time each day,benching,like soviets lifters

    I lifted my max,70kgs,the 17 February,for one rep,bad. I lifetd it well 4 times well 15 days ago.

    The 70 kgs was NO MORE HEAVY! But I feel overtrained,I wait 6 reps after a recover!


    I had an injury to chest, out of the gym,1 week ago.

    Now I back to train and I feel the 70kgs very heavy and did 2 reps hard.


    Curl biceps:40 kgs x 4,and I trained them not much!



    I must train ALL DAYS!Some day for recover sometimes I need,but not a week.



    Heavy duty is for Dorian Yates or David Paul,not for me.


    Now we know this about me,do you have suggestions for me?

  7. Yes,this is what I think.

    I think a beginner much train very often with a good volume,more often also than a weider 3*10. full body 3 times a week.

    I think when there is a "fitness" body and strenght is possible begin to train 3 or 2 times a week.


    I think also bench is not needed.


    I think people does not train or see not results becaus we have too much information for big bodybuilders.

    I think human body must do normal work all days.

  8. I learned what I can eat,and what i can train.

    I was gaining mass,but I had trouble with job.

    Now,I back to train,and I want reach my goal this time.


    I have a question.


    I FEEL,inside my brain and body,train less than 3 times a week a muscle,is wrong for a beginner.I think is right train also ALL days.

    Of course not a GVT or a heavy duty,beacause need more days for recover.


    I think is innatural for a man have a fitness body training a muscle only 2 times a week.

    I speak about a poor 32-33 cm biceps guy who want 37.


    I see a lot of people,doing other sports or hard works,have a nice body.

    All mornings they do chin ups and others common exercises,and they are "disco bodybuilders."

    Of course we know the biggest and the strongest guys train harder,and not all days,but I think,

    is better try to do like who is more similar to us than Ronnie Coleman or Mike Mentzer?

  9. Years ago I was a M&F and Flex reader.

    Too expensive.



    There is into the italian edition,I dont remember if M&F or Flex,an article "MANGIA DA UOMO"

    translated,"EAT LIKE A MAN".


    In the cover there is a guy with meat in his hands.



    I hope, some vegan bodybuilder,VERY BIG,

    goes to the author in his office and say him,

    I dont eat meat, AND THEN??????YOU DONT LIKE?


    Like a real man,very bad.

  10. Thanks to you two for your complete answers to my post.


    I did lunges for legs bicpes,but I have less energies for squat.

    Now I do what I learned on this forum:

    I begin with only squat bw using all my energies for it,

    then, only AFTER and onoly if I can,I do lunges



    I had a problem to right elbow in bench press.

    I loose concentration on legs.I wrong.

    Now I found the solution for the other problem,

    I back train legs hard.







    About my elbow problem in bench press and upper body in general,

    the solution I used,is a wide grip,lower weights,

    higher repetitions and sets.I did 8x12.


    I am a fan of High intensity,

    but I am a beginner and my body is not good for that,instead,eating a lot more of carbo and doing much sets,my muscle gaines a little mass!


    My back does not work well with 8x12,

    chest a LITTLE nice,

    instead arms great,recover fast and grow!


    I still look very skinny like a guy never trained or eated...but I know I enanched something.


    I hope 8x12 will work much long in time as enough to recover my elbow problem




    Bye...just now I have a soy milk shake with a lot of sugar!

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