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  1. I need sleep often 9,but sometimes 6 are enough for me. I think also the quality of the sleep decrease the amount of sleep needed, instead neurological stress increase the amount of sleep needed. When I am not stressed and I sleep very weel,I need only 6-7. For me, is important I wake up BEFORE the alarm. If I must wait the alarm,then my body need more sleep.
  2. Im not agree with you.I can wrong. In my opinion,this vegan bodybuilder in the picture have very good abs and chest,shape and definition. Im happy the day I become like him.
  3. I am happy you like. I change music. Listen reading the english quoted or linked in this post "Paradise Lost" Openig song Original link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdNkJppzAec&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdNkJppzAec
  4. I pray all evening to wake up with the body of kai the next morning. Great spheric pectorals. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BOue6C6i-Y
  5. In my opinion bodyweight and weights are not different. If I am weak,the body can be a great weight, and weak people need lat machine because can not do body weight chin ups. Body weight, if I am weak is too much, if I am strong is too easy!
  6. I know,sometimes,a magazines creates a workout of a champion,but it is not the workout of the champion. It was only for the magazine. Of course nubret likes slow repetitions, but magazines creates false ideas.
  7. I never mean Nubret diet is good. Is not vegan. I know serge nubret just now have injury. Instead what I mean is, serge nubret, in the video, use fast repetitions. How is possibile?On the web I read he use slow repetisions.
  8. Two things are nice in this video. 1st the body of serge nubret at 70 2nd He is lifting fast,my idea instead was he lifts SLOW http://www.youtube.com/watchv=cIPZgmxgg_s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIPZgmxgg If this is true his workouts are not based on volume so much as we think. OK,he does 8 sets of 12 for exercise, but is possible his goal is not "only do more" but "do more in the same time"...a little different..... On the web also I read he says to train to failure in the first sets.
  9. I think it is not a natural movement,like many isolation exercises,and I feel it with heavy weights,I feel pain,BAD pain,bad pain,something works bad,not hard,bad,wrong. But,with low weights,for a lot of reps could be good. Also pump is needed
  10. I want remember you,is true rest is good,BUT beginners needs less rest,also ectomorphs. You must add rest days when you become stronger. Be consistent also if you are ectomorph,and gradual. You need frequency and lifts to adapt you,is neurologic. EDIT:The nice title of your topic now is my sign
  11. Calling all ectomorphs http://lyrics.filestube.com/t/the+time+is+right+i+heed+the+call I answer the call,I am an ectomorph. When I joined this forum,the first thing I learned is the importance of consistency. The second I learned now,I think I need a lot of lifts,I do the first 56*7,the second set I have more performance and I do 58*6, this is because I think I need train strenght. The first times,a lot of consistency,and lifts I can wrong....but you called the ectomorphs
  12. I am ending first month of true exercise doing 3*10,I reached 51-52kg x 10 one set in bench. I am doing the possibile to use more weight and train 3 times week like beginners must do. When I can not use more weight and train 3 times a week,I will train 2 times,again with higher repetitions. Then I can try EDT,12 repetitions range and 2 times week frequency. I lik EDT because I have an amount of time,15 minutes,and I must do more in the same time .
  13. freeweights are better of course of ALL. But about leverage machines what is your opinion? Lee Priest was testimonial for a famous brand,are good that?
  14. ahahah nice I found this on google http://www.elyrics.net/read/b/black-eyed-peas-lyrics/my-humps-lyrics.html If I do not wrong you answer me EDT does not work OR I must not spend money for it I do not want spend money for EDT because there are free EDT workouts on the web. If I do not spend money,, you think EDT is good? Or EDT is bad also if it is free?
  15. Escalation Density Training. If I not wrong,it is good for beginners. What do you think about?
  16. Yes,I am agree,I know heavy duty is for very adavanced bodybuilders david paul or dorian yates. A weak guy can not do 1-2 set a week for muscle because have not intensity and needs more volume. Of course volume can be good if used well. 10 years ago I needed a lot of set of bench to increase from 60 kg to 70 in bench press. (I was Ronnie Coleman )
  17. Yes,the idea of the single set,the single set to failure,trains not all the muscle,is true, not increase the volume of other elements in the muscle. But High volume training can be a trap.I can wrong. I think heavy duty is good for strenght in advanced bodybuilders. The video i linked in the other topic shows a real heavy duty workout. And the book Heavy Duty II is good to understand how bodybuidling works.I can wrong. David Paul 388% increased a lot the reps of leg press in some week. Dorian yates is not 100% HDII but trains more similar to heavy duty than weider.
  18. Tomorrow next. I recovered one day more.I am eating
  19. Thanks to you two for attention. I decided do 3 sets for 10 reps 3 times a week because I thinks this is right for beginners. I decided to do super sets for a short workout, and because I think superset are better for mass. Ill try do only the squat,and for 5 sets,what you suggest, ,if the problem still occur. Thanks Yes,I feel legs very nice with that superset I have trouble stand up.
  20. Ehi guys,on this forum I speak about mentzer. But you must see how I am poor of strenght. I am not the same of 10 years ago. Im tryng the exercises. Im doing Squat BW in supersets with forward lunge. 1 set of squat,1 set of forwar lunge,no rest,3 times,10 repetitions,3 times a week,beginner workouts. I cannot stand up or sit.I did it only 2 sets,the third, I could fall down. Last time I had DOMS for 1 week. Is better if I adjust the leg-extension leg-curl of my bench or I continue like today? I will be new TOM PLATZ (reversed)
  21. Think about girls looking my muscles is great for motivation
  22. Now, THAT is one of the major things that make training anything but fun for a great number of people. Namely, that in order to achieve good results you sort of have to be obsessed with your training and nutrition not just while you're at the gym or/and while you're eating a meal - no, no, no, you have to keep those things at the back of your skull the entire day and have an alarm clock go off every 3 hours. That takes obsessiveness with food to a whole new level! Fortunately, you don't have to do that - it's been demonstrated that frequent feeding has small to no real-world effects on how much muscle/strenght you will gain or how much bodyfat you will lose. In fact, there's even some research to suggest that supplying your body with protein as often as 5-8 times per day may make the muscles less sensitive to it and, therefore, put you at a slight disadvantage in terms of muscle gain and recovery from training. So, to sum up, if you don't like to eat 5-6 times a day (personally, I hate it) - don't! There's no compelling reason to. Granted, it may be prefered (or even required) in some cases (eg. athletes who have to consume large amounts of food, folks who feel less hungry when eating more frequently vs. less frequently, etc.), but it certainly isn't something you should get bent outta shape about. Much less a reason to carry an alarm clock around with you at work/uni/school/whatever. Sorry for the epic off-topic rant, just wanted to makes this clear Thanks,I like read answers to my post in forums. I understand you think my idea is bad.Probably,you are right. The clock is a solution I used for my self,to be sure to eat X every day and train. My was not a good suggestion. Also I am agree is possible build mass with no need to eat 6 times a day. I eat six times a day because I discovered my stomach hate big amounts of food every 6 hours and loves little every 2 or 3 and so I can eat more in the total very easy. But this is my personal need. I wrong suggest this,bodybuilding is a lifestyle not a constriction. The short term ideal body, remember bodybuilding is fun and prepare the home gym for the next workout instead I think is good. Also a longterm ideal body,something awesome,is not bad.
  23. Enjoy the travel to the objcetive,train and eat well is fun. Use an ideal body (I have a very big one,is a pciture,ill scan and post it)And a short term objective. Because while fun is the fuel to reach the objective, the ogjective is what we begin train for.After we discover fun. Buy all the foods once a week,and cook,prepare,it some day before,fresh foods the morning they will be eated. Have an alarm on phon or on clock for every meal and training. prepare the home gym for the next training. Use a specified program,sensated,not strange.
  24. interesting,this related to the longevity and Bodybuilding
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