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  1. Coconut is also good! and how eat avocado? Now I found goji fruits on the web.9,2 mg iron in 100 gr. 12% proteins.Not caloric,but high in proteins. If it is really like a normal fruit,its easy. They are on market only like supplement.
  2. When I discovered Avocado I was happy for his fats. Other unusual caloric foods I dont know? Or foods easy to eat.
  3. Yes,strong. Who is the other guy with very great bicep?
  4. what do you think about germs? I think,they are fast digestable.
  5. Here in Italy generally people calls "culturista" a guy training his muscles with weights. The question about competitions is a detail more,frequently asked. I seen Ryan Wilson on google and he is big! I dont understand why there are still dietologist affirming that vegan diets dont build mass. Note:I have edited because I wrong the google search before.
  6. I am pure ectomorph Im programming my diet,but already I got a list of caloric foods. I prefer raw foods for vitamins and digestion. But some foods in the list aren't raw,are elaborated. I use elaborated food at dinner, because at dinner I am hungry of elaborated foods. At dinner I have not the problem of digestion because I have not others meals after dinner. -----------------MACRONUTRIENTS----------------- WATER: mineral water. PROTEINS: Germs of Yellow Soy and other similar I want try NORI A bit of the most proteic beans (azuki or italian borlotti) Vegetal burgers,tofu,seitan,soy milk. CARBO: Bananas Fruit juice Apples Rice,bread,pasta PURE FATS: Oils MULTIPLE MACRONUTRIENTS FOODS: Various seeds Avocado ( a bomb, great for hardgainers) nuts SUPPLEMENTS I think to use some Soy protein supro powder, iwere I live is easy find the "Enerzone" brand. I got creatine already,3 grams x day. -----------------MICRONUTRIENTS----------------- Food I listed for macronutrients gives me a lot of vitamins,but I add: Vitamin A,D:carrots,tomato. I expose to sun for d metabolization. SUPPLEMENTS: I take berocca for b group,zinc,other. I take Iron supplement. -------------------------------------------------------- I like suggestions because 10 years ago I wrong and I got the doubt I am wrong again now...
  7. 1)crackersnack, got big mass. 2)octopussoir,josh,mik.
  8. Censorship is costrinction and this is bad. But if a human take a mouse and constrict the mouse in a cage with a snake,this also is costrinction for the mouse. This is dictarorial. Because the mouse must live in the natural casual course of events.By his skills he will not be trapped by a snake or yes.This is freedom. Everyone must choose for himself.If someone choose for others I disapprove him. This is the base of freedom,everyone does for himself.
  9. Hello,thanks. This time Im going to use more frequency/less volume in trainings,and more carbo in diet
  10. In this video,a mouse and a snake are in the same cage. The snake assault the mouse and the mouse escape. This kind of video must not be tolerated. Accept video of a violence is legalize that violence.
  11. Horrible videos on youtube shows act of violence on animals I segnalated a video 5 times,and is still online. I want write an email to youtube staff. Suggestions? I edited the post to correct my english.
  12. Thanks. I think consistency was my problem. The "body for life" is a particular training/eating system?
  13. I have not DNA for my ideal. Kevin Levrone, the best of ever , got what is my ideal body. Big mass and great shape. http://www.musclestore.com/images/kevin-levrone.jpg Others I like: Victor Martinez,also him have mass and shape (for me) LeePriest (100 % power) and Dorian Yates also great. http://es.fitness.com/forum/attachments/general/7708d1215868364-que-frase-es-la-que-mas-os-molesta-dorian-yates.jpg
  14. after4ever


    Hello,Im not good with english,so I use simple words. Im a new italian boy 30 years old,vegan from 3-4 years. I am world hardestgainer.I did Bodybuilding from when I was 18 years old to 22. No results Now I train again. Im ready to eat a lot of carbo/protein/good fats/vitamins-minerals. I listen a lot of music,so I like the enteartainment secion on forum.
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