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  1. How is the actual comic book? I was thinking of trying to get my hands on it just cuz the characters are cool, is it worth it? Did you learn any valuable health and nutrition tips from it?
  2. Hey, have you tried getting iodine from sea-weed? I think iodine could be potentially lacking in the vegan diet, and it is important for thyroid health. Since I started snacking on sea-weed I feel really great!
  3. I just got a job as a package handler loading up trucks for Fed Ex Ground. I work all night from 2:30-7:30 am, right now I am trying to adjust my sleep schedule and also my diet so that I can make it through the night with full energy. I did pretty good on bananas/peanut butter/hummus/pita/cereal/soy milk/hemp protein last night but I am curious if anybody else has any ideas for meals or foods that will last me through 5 hours of moderate-to-intense constant manual labor.
  4. I never realized you were supposed to touch your chest so I tried doing it last workout and it seems like I recruited way more of my pecs. Thanx for bringin this up!!
  5. Hindu squats are really great, I picked em up after readin that article too. How did you know you were overtraining?
  6. Your face is part of your body... A bodybuilder need not neglect their face. DO you do any exercises for your facial muscles? I started working out the muscles in my face a bit ago and it is a really interesting experience. There are so many different groups of muscles it might be easy to neglect one. I realized I couldn't properly frown tonight when a friend was frowning in a crescent shape. My muscles couldn't pull my lips that far. Also another friend of mine could contract his lips and pull them to one side of his face but not the other. i've found that exercising your facial muscles is good for it, since I started doing it I feel much more experessive. I also started flexing my tongue and using it to squish garbanzo beans against the roof of my mouth If I truly am not crazy and other people facialcize... What are your experiences or favorite exercises?
  7. I'm doin great, school's out for summer so I am back home, it is real nice to see all my friends from back home. I also have a bit more free time now, (although I still need to find a summer job...) In any case I am starting to bike more and fueling up on lotsa good vegan food. I am on my own personal body transformation quest as well, still trying to get a bit leaner- I feel great, my fitness level is at an all time high strength-wise and cardiovascularly, but I still have a ways to go... I believe in vegan power!
  8. Keep it up everybody!! it's inspiring to hear about rapidly improving fitness and healthy choices. Lookin real good + strong there Bigbwii.
  9. I too have been trying to make sure I get lots of whole foods in my diet. Some whole foods that leave me pretty satisfied and the typical meals I eat them with are.. Breakfast: Oatmeal!! Lunch: Brown rice and beans (Ive taken a liking to garbanzo recently), with some soy sauce Dinner: A salad (a green leafy veggie, then whatever else:: more veggies and maybe some beans, seeds, and/or nuts, oil and vinegar as desired) Snacks and sides: Fruit, nuts, or peanut butter on whole grain bread, also veggies
  10. It's awesome to hear about you competing Robert. How'd it go?
  11. Hehe this is a cool thread. You guys have some wicked veins. I'm surprised nobody posted a picture with the big vein on the outer side of the biceps, that is a thick vein. i've never been able to get mine to pop out tho.
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