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  1. It's pretty much meaningless whatever you do within 24 hours with respect to sex. To get a boost for the big game or whatever you should try to have an erection as much as possible without actually ejaculating starting... oh a week before the target competition. You could actually go ahead and masturbate/have sex the night before and it probably wouldn't hurt the effect although I'd recommend to wait till afterwards. I've done this a number of times. When I played basketball my vertical seriously increased as much as 6 inches. I most recently did this in November of 2004 for a powerlifting competition. Before the comp, my deadlift had been stuck at 415 for at least 6 months. For the comp I deadlifted 465 and had more in me but no more attempts. Then I had sex (actually I MASTURBATED ) the next weekend I couldn't even deadlift 405. It didn't have anywhere near as much affect on my bench and squat, although it does have an affect on all the muscles to some extent. But it doesn't transfer into any long term improvements at all. The same as protein stuffing and creatine. There's no long term improvements and so they are mostly a waste of time for the average person who does sports as a hobby.
  2. There was just a discussion in a different section about guns....
  3. Yeah he's tried and have I and of course those are much easier. The idea is to make it harder and harder, then just use one arm altogether. I ate a couple blueberry smoothies and my grip totally came back. Also my lat got totally better and I had my best one arm pullup workout. I switched to OAPs instead of OACs becuase it's much easier to not end up spinning around with OAPs. Unassisted I got up about 1/3rd of the way. Now today I had some bloodwork and I think the lady jabbed the needle in my tendon! Then she wasn't paying attention and the needle slipped out and blood was spurting all over my shorts! Now I got a hard bump in the crook of my elbow... think I'll take a little break from OAPs....
  4. Yeah obviously the steriods play a big role. It's not just that he's a bad dude. Although he is also pretty bad.
  5. Well... I never paid for the tv... (Don't have it anymore.) And I don't think movies are so bad. Especially not leftist stuff like Matewan by John Sayles. And 50's movies by Kurosawa aren't complicit in the media censorship of the third world holocaust.
  6. It's all about the blueberries (antioxidants) Protein is overrated.... although for a short term boosting effect it can be useful for strength performances.... Hummus, oatmeal, whole wheat, some beans is my protein.
  7. I just got netflix (unlimited movies, 3 at a time for 18$/month) and I'm watching everything by John Sayles (far lefty) and then Akira Kurosawa (all time best director) for starters.
  8. I was attempting them every other day and my grip was just getting weaker and weaker till I can't even hold on at all with my left hand. Not sure what that's about but I quit eating blueberry smoothies these last few weeks after having one every morning for the last 6 months..... I vaguely remember a study that the lots of blueberries helped nerve function.... Also I pulled/hurt? my right lat yesterday attempting one. Doesn't seem serious though. Anyway, that's great BB! But I want to see your chin above the bar.
  9. If your shoulder is bothering you then don't go down as far. The first 15 years I lifted my shoulders never bothered me and I used a full range of motion. They've slowly started bothering me this last year and I'm starting to get away from a full ROM.
  10. That's really good. The benching is really good also. I've seen those half reps that some people do in the NFL combine stuff. Very impressive.
  11. Thanks! I think this site is very good in a somewhat similar line: http://thirdworldtraveler.com/
  12. I don't know who you are talking about when you say "socialist/communist" governments. I was talking about endless people's movements that have been crushed in the third world and the US. The majority of leftists are pro-gun.
  13. I'm trying to run those type distances lately. In the past I either ran really far, really slow or just all out sprinted for less than 100m. But I think maybe 400/800 is really good for getting a low bodyfat/thin waist. Your time is just unfathomable to me right now. I'm pretty slow...
  14. Yes partials can potentially cause you to build the strength to go all the way down. I've heard you build some strength 20 degrees beyond the angle within which you do the movement. So if you slowly increase the ROM then partials can still work.
  15. I made the mistake of doing short training sessions when I was young and didn't know any better. Yeah I used to believe all the conventional wisdom. Even ate meat for years. Lately I've trained for about 3 hours or so at least a couple times a week.
  16. I think it sounds like an excellent campaign. I wish they would stay serious like this and just quit the sex crap.
  17. Luckily I hardly wrote that for this site.
  18. A socialist/communist revolution would stop millions and millions of premature deaths every year and unquantifiable misery while making guns illegal would save the lives of only some thousands per year. Considering that to some extent the two goals are actually at odds, all leftists (as in anyone who desires to see the end of the capitalist system) should be pro-gun. The two goals are at odds because throughout history, whenever there is any danger that leftists might have some real success, capitalist governments resort to force to stop them. With leftists being strongly pro-gun, the capitalists will at least be hampered to some degree in their ability to resort to force. Most people are blissfully unaware of this history of repression so I’ll mention some of it briefly. For example back around 1920 socialism had far greater popularity in the US then it does today. This primarily because the capitalists didn’t have quite such a monopoly on information back then as they do now. Back then there was no TV and few cars. As a result people actually got out and talked to one another, went to meetings and heard speeches/debates by people who didn’t have millions of dollars behind them. Today except for the few people using the internet, virtually no one in the US has access to any pro-socialist information. And those few on the internet are scattered far apart with no organization on the local level. So way back then when things were different a very scary thing happened for the capitalists: Russia overthrew its dictatorship and became socialist. The vast majority of socialists around the world supported this while the US government refused to even recognize the Russian government as legitimate from 1917 to 1933. They furthermore refused to give aid to help it fight Germany during WWI. They hated communism so much they preferred to see Germany, whom they were in the middle of a war against, overtake Russia. And of course the US helped fund anyone who wanted to destroy them, because of course the capitalist US has always been completely hypocritical in their support of democracy and justice. This is well understood by those who have actually done the necessary reading. So during this time that the capitalists were really scared that socialism might take hold in the US they did what they always do: they resorted to force. In this case they started throwing all the socialists in jail. Eugene Debs who had previously run for president numerous times and received over a million votes was thrown in jail. In just one night in 1920, 4,000 leftists were thrown in jail. Far more lost their jobs. For example Scott Nearing, a man most famous for his counterculture book in the 60’s, Living the Good Life, was out “living the good life” isolated from human society because he was blacklisted from his career as an economics professor back at this time for having written pro-socialists material, giving speeches, etc. Whenever the socialists seem to be an actual threat to the status quo the capitalists have resorted to force throughout history. This is not just America, this is across the entire world. For example the US government has given billions of dollars to right wing governments, armies, etc that have tortured and killed leftists by the millions in third world countries. This, again, is well understood by those who have done the all important reading. The next time the actual left gets close to causing some real change in this world will be the next time the capitalists will start busting down doors in the night. When this happens again in the US, do you want to see a bunch of leftists who are anti-gun or pro-gun? Yes, even if they all have guns it probably won’t stop the bloodthirsty capitalists, but it will at least slow them down. And perhaps it will make enough difference. It will at least give them pause, knowing that the leftists are prepared to defend themselves. Furthermore the idea behind it is important which is that if one group of people has guns while another doesn’t, then you have a potentially dangerous imbalance of power. Liberals (and most “feel good” anarchists) on the other hand are anti-gun as they really don’t know much of anything about the history of repression against socialism and communism. So instead they focus on the thousands being killed by guns instead of the millions who will continue to be killed as long as the right is able to successfully resort to force against the left. Bizarrely, the right, who has rarely been the subject of repressive force, seems to understand the danger of this possibility, while much of left, which has been perpetually stomped upon, continues to preach taking steps that will only help them continue to be stomped upon.
  19. Yeah, if they already are a racist then telling them to not use certain words isn't going to accomplish anything. But people who aren't yet racists certainly can be influenced by seeing that stuff.
  20. OK. Finally I saw your videos. Went back and saw the dips for the first time too. The dips are really impressive. The assisted OAC is pretty close to the same as me. Well.... nah you are faster going up than me. But through that range of motion I can get 5 on the right hand. It's really hard to go all the way up with a hand on your bicep. I think the hand just gets in the way at the top. Also I spin all over the place. I can't figure out how to stop spinning around. I'm not sure if that will just come eventually or what.
  21. Yeah I've read all of that site. It's John Gill's site. He's in his 60's now but was a pretty good mountain climber. He's the guy in my avatar. Did an OAP with an extra 25 pounds.
  22. I'm 6'4". I use a door chinup bar that I ordered online for 20 dollars.
  23. Well there was a lot of civil disobediance during Vietnam that I think really did make a positive difference yet is still generally frowned upon... the government certainly isn't going to admit that it affected policy. If Malcolm X hadn't been assassinated I'm sure he'd still be getting seriously trashed today. Same with MLKjr. The majority hated those two back then and if they were still alive today I bet the majority would still hate them.
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