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  1. blueberries 1 banana couple kale leaves rice milk Was afraid to put kale with blueberries for some reason... didn't want to ruin my precious blueberries I guess. But couldn't even taste the kale so it was good. Been adding ginger but I can't even tell a difference.
  2. Yeah and really annoying too. I used to pride myself on never getting sick. So much for that. Good job! Well, reducing the running in the short term should make you feel pretty good. You've "peaked" your body and could probably do a really fast run right now. Maybe that can cross over to other things like pullups? I don't know. In general though since you're just getting back into them, it's not surprising that you would improve pretty quick. So you like the HIT better? It will leave you feeling refreshed whereas more volume is boring and can just tire you out. I do high volume though, as you know. Hey, started consistently adding kale to my smoothies. I just hadn't tried adding kale to blueberries before because it just doesn't sound like a good color combination. But it was very good and I've been doing that everyday.
  3. Virtually no one can do an OAC/P. When you get it (sounds like you're close) definitely make a video and put it online. Be careful in training for it though as lots of people injure their elbows.
  4. OAP/OAC=One arm pullup/chinup. OAPs being harder than OACs. That first video is really phenomenal. I have only heard of two people in history that have done more than 10 consecutive OAC/OAPs. Well, that's if I remember correctly. John Gill, the mountain climber, has a webpage about historical chinup feats.
  5. Jay


    Oh! My bad! I just assume the worst I guess. Must just be me. I've had true love go bad. I'm very glad to hear I was wrong. Please forgive me for assuming such a negative thing.
  6. You got 3/4ths up on an OAP? That's awesome. Here's another site with some decent videos. http://www.angelfire.com/extreme5/extremistpullup/
  7. Yeah it's pretty tough. Especially the first time though. If you did it often your conditioning improves and it's not so bad. Yeah BB he beat me. When I went against you I got 300 but I worked hard at it for the next month or two and the most I ever did was around 350 or so but I wasn't keeping close track of the number that time. I've switch to towel assisted one arm chinups now.
  8. Jay


    Don't worry Toph. You'll get back together or find someone even better.
  9. Excuse the watermelon comment. I just mean you have a somewhat large head and it's very often the case that people with big heads are pretty strong.
  10. the relevance is that the vast majority of people who train using conventional methods have virtually nothing to show for their trouble. Strongest at 20? What are you even taking about? My squat was best at 20. I've never gotten it back because I had to change my form because of ligament damage and also back then I did tons of sprinting which I just don't do anymore. My deadlift was strongest in November of 2004. 4 months later I herniated a disc and so I'm done with that. My bench reached it's peak at 25 and has stayed about the same for the last 8 years give or take various peaking effects. Right now my bench is no good because I don't do bench. Anyway I am the strongest I've ever been in my life right this moment at the exercises I am consistently pursuing. Which is basically only chinup stuff. I quit doing powerlifting because of the herniated disc. I'd rather not do that again. You know at the VF week I only reached the point where I could walk upright a couple weeks beforehand. I'd rather not do that again and for my scientific curiousity OACs are a far easier exercise to work with than powerlifting or strongman training. I have researched OACs and for my size I've only found a couple people in history who've ever accomplished one. So if I get one that will make me one of the strongest people in recorded history at least for that particular exercise. At that point, it will be safe to say I can back up what I'm saying with personal accomplishments. As of now, well it's pretty silly to just base who you listen to on how strong they are. My brother-in-law benched 365 using conventional training. He doesn't know anything about strength training. He's just genetically big. Means very little. But still, you are perfectly free to take such an attitude. You only hurt yourself. I mean really, do you think it matters to me? And pointing out you are stronger than me: LOL! Who cares? You're also 6'8" with a head like a watermelon. No offense but people don't all have the same genetics. It took me two years to even bench 200 pounds lifting much like you do now.
  11. And about the running not equating. I am very well aware of conventional strength training lore. Again, it's a pile of shit. We always here for example that runners prove high volume is useless as they have very skinny legs. Actually the muscles that runners actually use in running are usually huge relative to the rest of their atropied bodies. They don't have massive quads because running doesn't require squatting down till their butts touch their heels. But the hamstrings on runners are often huge relative to the rest of their bodies. The endurance aspect of running is way overrated with respect to simply having plenty of strength in the relevant muscles compared to bodyweight.
  12. Yes, you feel refreshed when doing less volume. This means nothing. Furthermore if you do high volume for a while and adapt to it, and then switch to low volume, you get a nice boost in strength as your body was used to doing so much more work. Most people mistakenly think this means less volume is good when actually it's just a short term peaking effect.
  13. I've been lifting for 16 years and have spent years doing short high intensity workouts. I've done weighted chins for reps with 100+ pounds strapped to me.
  14. Jonathan, what percentage of men who strength train can bench 400? 1%? Now of that one percent, what percent don't take drugs or weigh at least 350? Conventinal strength training knowledge is a huge steaming pile of shit. Not go back to the predrug era and look at the strongest men. Paul Anderson-literally lifted all day. Roy Hilligenn-spent more than 3 hours per day on average lifting. Doug Hepburn(first man to bench 500)-did 3, 2 hour and 30 minute bench workouts per week. Isaac Nesser(74inch chest in Guiness Record books and vociferously antidrug)-trained 4 to 6 hours a day 8 to 10 days in a row then took a couple days off. Marvin Eder(third to bench 500)-benched every single day Etc. Now what about Big Al? How fat is Big Al? How much drugs does he take? What about the other 99.9% of people who already are following his advice and haven't gotten anywhere in years?
  15. So I don't know what was wrong with me. raVen I certainly can't afford an attorney.... not that that would do any good anyway. Anyway I've felt perfectly fine since my last post. My routine is now: Assisted OACs for scientific curiousity C&Ps for functionality/quality of life Arm stuff to show that vegans can have big muscles. Extreme high volume for all.... So today I went to this place that has the rock climbing with an artificial wall and harness. I went there about 4 years earlier and back then I couldn't do it at all. Just didn't have the finger strength relative to my bodyweight although I could do about 15 chins probably 4 years ago at least. Now climbing it was extremely easy. I even climbed the medium difficulty one without using my legs at all. So that was fun.
  16. Yeah that's my goal. Actually I've gotten mentally sick of just doing regular chinups (too many reps) and have gone back to assisted one arm chins. I drape a towel over the bar and gripe it with my off hand. The lower I grip, the harder it is.
  17. I thought you would know that more is not always best, overtraining a muscle group and all that stuff......... My back/lats are bigger and stronger than they've ever been before. Lifting is just like running in that if you slowly work up to it, you can handle more volume and benefit from more volume. Jonathan you're looking kind of fat in that pic. Rob, I'm trying to help you out man. You're not listening. Too bad. You're still stuck on the short term effect of protein stuffing. That's why you haven't gotten anywhere in years. Now you can go stuff yourself full of protein and make some nice gains for about a month and be convinced that that was the answer. Two years later you'll look just like you do now. Or perhaps you'll really stuff yourself and permanently gain some fat. I'm really only trying to help here but I'm just wasting my time.
  18. I think eating meat and diary is a signal to your body that your situation is desperate. The body responds by trying much harder to reproduce in order to pass on your genes. There is much along these lines concerning vegan women hitting puberty later/menopause earlier. Etc. Perhaps meat and diary eating was something people only did during times of famine at some point in the far past of our history.
  19. Okay, so how is it different from a lying triceps extension (also called "skull crushers" or "eyeballs" depending on where you 'aim' the barbell at the bottom)? That's what this sounds like to me (and that is a very good, tricep-focused exercise: one of my favorites). I'm just trying to picture them, and classify them relative to exercises I already know and have seen. Basically this although you can let your elbows go back further. http://exrx.net/WeightExercises/Triceps/BBLyingTriExt.html Actually I like to bring my elbows back like in this one but finish as in the first link. http://exrx.net/WeightExercises/LatissimusDorsi/BBBentArmPullover.html
  20. Jay


    I dislike shaking hands with people. I'd much prefer to not touch someone I don't know at all also. The shaking hands thing originated to make sure the other person didn't have a weapon I hear. Barbaric custom. The hands are usually the dirtiest part of the human body. I was just kidding around with you two concerning the idea that peepees and other private parts (Boobs, butts, etc) are more dirty. There most definitely is such an idea and it most definitely is christian in origin. But at this point in time it affects people who aren't christian as much as any other. "Private parts" stands for penises/butts/boobs/vaginas by the way, not sweat/skin flakes, fluids.
  21. I've always considered pullovers either a back or a chest exercise (depending on where you put you mind in the muscle), and that's how I've seen them classified in books. Though I do an endurance workout every once in a while that has numerous pullovers, and my triceps are fried afterwards. How do you make it into a more tricep-specific exercise? Just put the mind in the muscle? It's a tri pullover as opposed to just regular pullover so you don't try to keep your arms relatively straight thoughout. You instead let your arms bend as much as they like at the bottom so the barbell is beneath your head, then explode upward using triceps/lats/etc. It can actually be dangerous because at the bottom the weight is light on the triceps but when the weight is right over your head, it's much heavier so you have to be careful you don't fail with it right over your head. Rob, in the first pic was that when you were still doing deep massages 30+ hours a week? Along with forearms that might have affected your triceps.
  22. Jay


    I have no idea where you get this impression from. As far as the peepee, I assume that after people go peepee they flush the toilet, and the flush lever is contaminated with feces and piss germs. SO wash your hands after you go - especially if you are touching the flush lever. I always flush with my foot when in public washrooms, but I still wash my hands and then I make sure to exit by using a paper towel to opne the washroom door because that door handle is crawling with germs because soome people dont wash their hands after taking a crap - they literally walk right out of the stall and leave the washroom without washing their hands. I love the fossits that work with motion sensors and doors that arent doors. Much more hygenic. That to me is beyond ing - it is foul. Ditto. Well guys can take a piss and touch nothing at all but their peepee. In public restrooms thats what I do. I guess it's different with women. Silly conversation.
  23. Really? I worked up to 350 chins in an hour and my arms shrunk from the lack of direct work. I'm hitting them again with curls and hopefully I'll get them back up to 17 inches pretty soon. Dips are decent. Tricep pullovers provide the most mass of any tricep exercise. They also help the lats a lot. But Robert, the problem is, is that you haven't said anything about what workout you were doing then as opposed to now. So, how can anyone help? It's mostly meaningless to just say, "do this (or that) exercise". Surely you know enough to already be able to figure out what all the exercises cause to happen for you. I would really like to know what kind of workout you do and what kinds you've done in the past.
  24. You are a happy, well-balanced person who likes people and is liked by others. You question whether many conventional views on morality are valid under all circumstances. You are essentially a content person. Sometimes, you consider yourself a little superior. You are moral by your own standards. You believe that morality is what best suits the occasion. Same as Will. I don't understand what else anyone could have possibly answered????!! What, Robin was right to think her a slut??!!
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