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  1. So I'm set to move now. Shall be away for a while I guess.
  2. Thanks raVen. Yeah that's the idea. Put my thoughts out there and hopefully if I'm wrong someone will be nice enough to say so and explain how. Obviously if they just say I'm wrong and go "yawn" or whatever it doesn't do much good and it's really inconsiderate. I can understand that it must be really offensive to read how so many have done exactly that in so many similar threads about sexism. I wish such people would show a little sensitivity. Anyway thank you for noticing. (That I'm like that. Or at least try to be like that.) CG, That this thing looks sexist does not mean they didn't pick what they thought were the sexiest male photos. It's just that if they are sexist then maybe they just think women look sexiest with as few clothes on as possible while that would be undignified for men and men look sexiest fully clothed. Silly. But there it is. Do you understand? Being sexist doesn't mean they'd purposely pick pics they didn't really think were the sexiest. Just (in this case) that they have a very sexist idea of what is sexy for women compared to men. If that is really all they had to go with then, I'm sorry but they needed to explain theirselves. They need to be sensitive to what appears to be a huge double standard. Especially considering how many vegans already go on about how sexist they supposedly are. No actually I'm not assuming that. I'm wondering why in heck they didn't even attempt to explain the huge disparity they have going on there. When I consider this on top of how so many people are always saying PeTA is sexist, it does start to look that they just might actually be sexist. Well if it were tautological that would mean it's true that PeTA is sexist. Circular reasoning is when you take two unprovable things and refer to each to defend the other. Like "The bible is right because my faith tells me it is" and "I have faith because the bible tells me to." 1. Yeah we could know. Because they could explain theirselves. 2. I am inclined to give the benefit of doubt. But as it stands now, it doesn't look good. I don't agree with this whole "objectifying women" thing just because they try to look pretty. I have no problem with some porn either. BUT women are still to some degree thought of as being less intelligent then men in our society. They are thought more of as just sexual objects. So good ole PeTA does a contest where they really seem to be helping perpetuate that type of thinking with women in their undies and men fully clothed and not even an explanation for the disparity. It really doesn't look good at all. Hopefully they'll explain theirselves pretty soon.
  3. I think that totally avoiding all germs, etc weakens the immune system. Other than that I really don't know what to say here....
  4. http://news.independent.co.uk/uk/health_medical/article353286.ece The British Heart Foundation speculated that the puzzling finding could be linked to mercury levels in fish, a possibility raised by the authors. Mercury is harmful to health and builds up in oily fish in waters contaminated with the metal. Mike Knapton, director of prevention and care at the British Heart Foundation, said: "Until now medical research has demonstrated a benefit from omega 3 fats. More research is needed to establish why some studies have shown a slightly increased risk associated with eating very high amounts of oily fish, which is possibly related to mercury levels.
  5. Why would you think that? Perhaps they're sexist? Yeah I don't think they have anything to gain from it. It's just a deeply ingrained thing in some people. They just need to be more sensitive to these things. Before this I had never actually thought PeTA was sexist. I wouldn't have ever said anything if at the very least a few men were showing some of their bod. I don't have a problem with sex. But here they treated the men very different from the women. It is exactly sexist as from the dictionary definition.
  6. Yeah that was a little too much pain. I couldn't take doing that very often mentally. It doesn't really hit my biceps much though. Mostly just a back exercise really. Curls hit biceps way better.
  7. Store bought hummus usually has garbanzo beans, olive oil, tahini (crushed sesame seeds) and lemon juice as the main ingredients. I make a homemade version without tahini. I really don't think it should go bad within 8 or so hours... It's not like nonvegan stuff like mayonnaise, milk, egg salad, meat, etc.
  8. I figured you'd do better but I was guessing 350 or so. Anyway that's great! I'm going to have to work even harder to give you some competition. How much do you weigh BTW?
  9. I had adverse side effects from soy quite quick. But if you eat soy and feel like shit, you'll know you should try to avoid eating soy. If not, then I wouldn't worry about it. The OP is asking a lot. Take a long time to give a really good answer..... 120 grams of protein a day shouldn't harm your kidneys unless you've already got something wrong with your kidneys (some disease or genetic disorder....) I don't know that vegan protein will be treated any different by the kidneys.... in general vegan stuff is less acidic, less cholesterol....??? I get 40 to 50 grams a day of protein but have gone as high as 400. If you think 120 is too much for you, I assure you, you can go lower and will be fine. In the short term you might feel slightly weaker I guess. But I've been lifting 16 years usually at at least 200 grams of protein. Only went down to 50 grams/day in the last year. Just set a PR today on chinups.
  10. Yeah they're all so neat somehow. I think because they can't talk yet they can sort of communicate so there's this slight barrier..... I have three cats. Very good natured. Never hiss. Never get angry. Very loving. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v507/JaySherman/lokiandpaddington.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v507/JaySherman/verandvega.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v507/JaySherman/lokibedmirror.jpg
  11. Somehow I've gone from loving them to literally hating them. I've haven't had a full glass of a soft drink in years. Even when extremely thirsty and that's the only thing around, I can't drink them. I think because they just don't actually satisfy thirst. And I drink to satistfy thirst.... They just leave this syrupy taste in your mouth. Eck!
  12. OK so: Despite not doing wide grip pullups for a very long time I was much stronger at them and didn't get sore at all from them. Thus they are useless if one is already doing chins. Despite all the people who say that chins are a great bicep exercise and you don't even really need to bother doing curls if you do chins. I'm pretty weak on bicep curls now and I got very sore from doing them. Thus I shall continue doing them. So today I did 300 chins in one hour and that was absolutely all I had. Weighed 210. (boxer shorts and empty stomach, in the evening fully clothed I weighed 220 a few days ago.) My left bicep was still sore from doing curls 4 days ago but it didn't affect my chinning at all. Finished off with 20 sets of curls in 20 minutes. The swelling in my knee is almost gone today and there's no pain.
  13. LOL. Yeah, you might want to remember this thread if we ever get trapped on a deserted island.
  14. Parallel grip chins? I've really been liking this extreme high volume stuff and I'm getting stronger from it. I did a set to failure twice or so a week for many years and I really was plateaued (sp) for many years around 20 or so chins. So, I did it! Got exactly 300 in one hour. 5 rep sets the first 43 minutes. Then till 51 minutes did a 3 and 2 rep set every 30 seconds. Then back to 5 rep sets the last 9 minutes. Very, very, very hard for me. Gasping for breath the last 30 minutes. Ugh, I'm very tired.... Did it on an empty stomach and didn't even have a glass of water this morning before trying. (Also wore nothing but boxer shorts.) Weight was just 210.... Full ROM except on some of those last sets where I was lifting my chin just a tiny bit on the last rep to get it over the bar. I bet Bigbwi did a little better. But then I get like 40 to 50 grams of protein a day and he's getting maybe half that I'd guess. (I'm really wondering if along with protein being overrated, anti-oxidants are extremely underrated for strength training.)
  15. Oh I know what I would do. Before I got too weak I'd start trying to kill. Same if it was me and some humans. Sorry guys.
  16. The nitrogen measurements are definitely not taking something into account because if you go from 50 to 100 grams of protein a day to 200, 300 or more you do very suddenly gain strength. But this slight boost in muscle mass/strength (up to 10% strength gains) is something that occurs pretty quickly. (A month at most.) And diligently keeping protein levels so high does not result in any additional gains over the long term. So people who say you have to protein stuff to make optimum long term gains are wrong. And people who say there is absolutely no reason to protein stuff are also wrong.
  17. I did 362 in 90 minutes a week or two ago. I'm going to try to do 300 in one hour tomorrow. (5 reps every minute) World record's 701. How bout it? Max chins in an hour.
  18. Thanks. I should be OK though. We'll go to Sante Fe this weekend which should have some. Also could order some online I think. Yesterday too damm cold for jogging. Instead ran 10 sprints of about 40 yards. As I haven't sprinted really in years I knew I should be very careful. But I wasn't careful enough. Today my right knee is a little swollen and it hurts a little to straigthen or bend it all the way. Great. Today bench 153x5 every 110 second then some reverse grip benches and tricep presses.
  19. To be honest I hate the use of the word "elitist." It's commonly used by the rightwing as a way to smear anyone who acts like they've actually read a book. As if by the very act of being intelligent they can automatically be dismissed as wrong. I think elitist only has meaning when the person in question enjoys thinking they are better than everyone else. For a vegan to be elitist they'd have to be happy that most people were still eating meat. I think it's safe to say that there are virtually no such vegans in existence.
  20. When you're at work you can eat fruit, fruit juice, nuts, P&B sandwiches, various sandwiches.. (I like spelt bread with hummus.) Same stuff for that first meal and then whatever in the evening. I don't think you really need to eat twice in the evening....? With so little free time you don't want to spend it all just eating. It's not really that important to eat that many meals. (Eating many meals is overstressed relative to just eating healthy.)
  21. LOL. I have been eating better though lately. I drink a large fruit smoothy every single day. And eat oatmeal every single day. I think the workout I'm doing also has me feeling good. I do eat chips and choco a lot though. I've been researching this low body temp thing online and I cannot find anything good to be said about it at all.
  22. Jay

    New Girl

    Hi, here you go for Toronto. profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u=235 I'm sure she'd be happy to help out.
  23. I don't trust the FDA of course. You know me. It's just more corruption. I get so sick of it. They even have to be corrupt about that? Argghh! I'm going to get some Stevia eventually but they don't have any where I live of course. That link didn't work. I have an inversion machine which I got for like 150/200 dollars. It really helped last May when I was still in a lot of pain from herniated a disc in Feb. I had a couple apple juice and kale smoothies. They taste OK. It's just a mental thing. Most food I look forward to and think of as tasting good. I just don't quite think like that with these smoothies so it takes willpower to go make one. ETA: Link works now. Yes that's exactly what I have except I didn't pay that much for it. I don't remember where I got mine.... I'm sure I didn't pay more than 200 for it.
  24. My own personal opinion is that being miserable is not just a temporary thing. You have the memories of being miserable to hold on to for the rest of your life. Selling a house in California (and moving to another state) could mean making a ton of money if you've owned it very long. 4 months isn't permanent.... But is the career advancement really that much of an advancement? I consider 70-80 hours a week to be slavery. It should be illegal. Vegan stuff: I can't honestly expect you to make the transition to veganism if you're working 70+ hours a week. When you're working 70+ hours a week you are no longer a human being who can make moral choices etc. You're just a machine. Factory workers used to work those kind of hours in the 1880's at the beginning of the industrial revolution. Life expectancy for them was 27. But that's just my opinion I haven't lived in your shoes so I can't really say. If you ever end up homeless and starving as a result of your choices I'm happy to try to help out. (Not that I'm doing so great myself.)
  25. I was thinking it ought to be a good thing. Like we're not burning ourselves up as quick so we'll live longer.....(women generally have lower temps and live longer (I'm male)) but I just did a search and there's a bunch of sites that say very negative things about having a low body temp. Brain fog, hypothyroidism, 97 - 95 / 36.1 - 35.0: Brain Fog: Coordination declines, mental horizon shrinks. http://www.mall-net.com/mcs/coldbody.html I think it sounds like crap though. Or at least not really relevant to me....
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