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  1. Oh that's cool. You hold the top better than me. I had a single time two years ago where I could hold the very top (chin above bar) static for a second or so. But then had some bad sleep and lost that.
  2. Here's what that translates to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0s2xHRDLUKE
  3. Hey, I really like it. I like ska. Like this. I'd download it if I could.
  4. That's great you found people to play with (with similar creative directions and all). I'll listen later. You could put your music up at soundclick.com for free. (Unlimited songs). The sound quality is better than that crappy myspace player. ..I mean you can put upload it/join for free. You can charge people to download there if you want.
  5. No, it's OK and I understand where I'm Your Man is coming from. The choice of words is just such that it's more open to criticism. It's not a matter of being bright enough to see who the right candidate is. It's a matter of just questioning the status quo. Looking for your information outside of mainstream media sources. Ultimately that may not be too different from just saying "bright". Obviously everyone thinks they're position is probably right and they aren't likely to think thats because they're dumber than average. Although... with the election of Bush there were some pretty weird justifications... Kennedy was actually a slight bit better. He at least didn't support the CIA in invading Cuba and for that sort of thing he was assasinated. There's a guy named William Blum who's a far leftist. He had an essay about what he'd do as president and he said on the third day he'd get assasinated. And he's right. He would disband the CIA, etc and any such person would certainly face assasination attempts. I do think the world would be better off with someone like Kucinich or Nader as president and (if we had Instant Runoff Voting) either might get 5% of the vote. I do think though if we had the last 100 years with someone like Kucinich some other countries would have grabbed all the power and been the ones forcing "structural adjustment programs" on us, thus making America a third world country. Peace is no easy thing. It would require much better communication. (Like to a sci fi level where we could read each others minds....) Or people just not caring to defend themselves when they think it might be prudent to do so. Which is a pacifism that I don't support. I really do think though, that vegans generally are not just like everyone else. See, I woke up today right back to my set point on that.
  6. Thanks so much for the replies. Ultimately I want to think positively of vegans. To think they are no more compassionate than average is really a pretty negative thing to think. And perhaps they are more compassionate. Really the nonvegan boards I've associated with in the past are far worse I guess, generally. Thanks especially for the long reply Ryan. One ultimately I think has to do that. There is only so much confrontation a person can stand. But if taken too far, (only focusing on the positive, etc) that means never becoming a vegan in the first place, as becoming vegan surely means being willing to face a hugely negative thing. And I think it interesting, what is going on inside a person that they are willing to face such a thing while most people will not. BTW, (nobbi) I don't think of omni's as monsters at all. Just had the thought about myself when I was one. Definitely I don't go around thinking like that. I do think people are horribly assimilated. Controlled by fear and so on. But I don't think they're monsters. Per a friend not liking my OP. I'll edit it. But I really think harm is being caused. And as such it doesn't seem to me that secrecy is doing anyone any good at all.
  7. I think veganism is a small step. I think much more needs to be done. I think people need to reexamine a lot more than how they eat. I think they need to look at their social norms. IOW, how they interact with one another. I don't think eating meat is just this one bad thing unrelated to the rest of human society. I think the rest of how we act results in us being so indifferent to animals for example. And to each other. Robert you are different from the "average vegan". So am I. Obviously we're quite different from each other. You seem to be doing OK with that. I'm not. Probably because you are otherwise basically mainstream. While I'm a stream on Mars. I'm trying to understand this, but have not been able to. People have different ideas about what is the kind way to act. I know of a recent occurence where some one thinks badly of you. I understand you're trying to be good though. I suppose most people are trying and just have very different ideas about that. I, for example, do have a very different idea from you. I'm in the most extreme minority. TBH, as you say, you're pretty mainstream. And as I said, I think there's a lot more to be done than for people to just become vegan. With that single fact, I have a lot of unhappiness to look forward to. I guess so. I understand being optimistic is an important part of changing things. Believe it or not, I am optimistic at times. Not so much online though. Very unhappy with what I've found online. I appreciate very much that you and I'm Your Man took the time to respond.
  8. Yeah, I have never said badthings about Michael Moore. I understand some vegans do. I guess there's just too many other things to complain about. I do find it very saddening how some people who drink the kool aid are filled with such hatred for him. It seems very easy to push some people's "hate buttons". Outside of a boxing ring I haven't thrown a punch at someone since the 6th grade (and that was in self defense). But still I also am apparently a horrible person. I'm sorry some people said such things of you.
  9. when even vegans treat one another so badly? It's the worst thing in my life, as a result of becoming vegan, I got on the internet and looked for other vegans. Instead of finding inclusive people who cared about each other. I found people who treated each other just like everyone else does. (Example edited out by Jay) It's hardly just there. I've looked at many vegan forums online and see the same sort of indifference everywhere. I don't get it. How can people who like to preach such compassion be so indifferent? And what hope does this world have, when this indifference so permeates everything? Do indifferent people even realize what they're doing? Personally I'd feel like a monster if I ever said, "I wish she'd just go away." If I just ignored someone's pm, I'd also feel like a monster. The same as I felt like a monster when I ate meat.
  10. Wasn't really looking for encouragement. But thanks for the replies.
  11. Wow. I have only made the mistake of expecting others to treat me the way I'd treat them. I've looked to message boards to find friends and instead run into people like this. You don't know me that well. Gee. Long before this, I called you. You never returned the call. Hmmm. Despite that I continued to try to be nice and social. We met up at the Hare Krishna place. Apparently you were thinking all kinds of negative things about me but you never said a word. Wow. What an ass! Of course everyone has problems. Everyone should care about each other's problems. I originally posted this thing just because it reminded me how I wish people had responded when my career was destroyed. Of course most just responded with indifference. Which is exactly why They can normally get away with treating people like that. Are you kidding? Everyone agrees? Where did you get that from? Virtually no one ever said anything at all. All I wanted was to be treated the way I'd treat anyone. Which is to just know the details of what They're doing. Otherwise, if as you're suggesting, we just keep it all to ourselves, then they have the freedom to whatever the hell they please and no one will even know. And I pm'd you to talk about this. This idea that I'm "delusional". You cared so much about the fact that I'm "delusional" that you didn't even bother to respond. Great stuff. Good luck with those groups of "emotional support and bonding".
  12. http://youtube.com/watch?v=G0PhpfaJbjQ And this is the fattest and generally most out of shape I've ever been. I often get insomnia with exercise and in my new job I didn't want to chance coming to work like that so I just did absolutely no exercise for 4 months. Really chunked up. Last month or so I've been trying to get back into it. Hopefully I'll be at least back to where I was by the end of summer.
  13. If you for example do a lift every other day then you lose strength with time off much quicker than if you're used to doing it/built up strength at it doing it once a week. You really shouldn't go more than 7 days without doing anything at all. That, of course, doesn't mean that you can't have a much longer period of somewhat lower intensity.
  14. Thanks to all for responding. Treating me like a human being and all. On both vegan sport boards. Lots of people trying to be nice. As to exercise the high volume did nothing for the OACs. Won't do it in the future. Previous to that I was getting damm close at least back when I weighed 215. Not so close right now at 235. Still can do a static hold at the middle position for a few seconds though.
  15. Since it was resurrected let me just say I'm not so optimistic as to bother having such an argument or being that (negatively) honest anymore. IOW, I'm "nicer" now. But me and CG I really think were closer for a while thanks to this ridiculousness.
  16. This majestic thing: viewtopic.php?p=7841&highlight=#7841
  17. Got a link to where that ever happened? All I ever remember is people getting more and more angry until they shoot everyone in their office hte next day, perhaps there are some exceptions, but I don't think it's the natural progression for people to kiss and make up unfortunately in these situations. That would be better if people had it in them to get over their differences, but I think there are certain personalities who want to keep going in an argument until everyone else gives up. When you get more than 1 of those kinds of people, you end up with 5,000 pages of balls I haven't seen any of the locked threads, so I'm not familiar with the personalities involved. But, if we end up with 5,000 pages of balls, so what? Pages of balls are free and maybe these folks will finally tire themselves out and shut up. Hey Richard I became pretty good friends with Compassionate Girl. (Although we haven't kept in touch lately.) That after we had that seemingly ridiculous thread about christianity. Locking threads is a great way to destroy a board/community. Get everyone to disagree about something and then.... don't let them resolve it! Make sure it's permanent. Eventually you keep all conversation superficial and meaningless. Talk about the weather or.... I don't know. Being a ninja I guess. Not that there's anything wrong with some of that.
  18. I kind of think you go a bit too far in the direction of not speaking up when you disagree. Maybe you have a valid point of view yourself? I've felt slightly insulted in the past when you didn't share your own viewpoint. As if you didn't think enough of the person to share with them. Now, does that create conflict, me telling you that? I almost feel that as if you view any disagreement as "creating conflict". Provided people can manage to act civilized (which I've learned they can't it seems) discussing disagreements is a wonderful thing. It's a great way to Learn. To become a better person. Just hiding disagreements from one another means going nowhere. Yet, that is what people do. They see someone doing/acting in a way that they disagree with. And they don't tell them. They just have nothing to do with them. They leave them to their isolation. I think people have a duty to Speak up. To show that they do care about their fellow man/woman. That they want them to be happier, etc. But they don't. Indifference it seems is the way of man. With probably 10,000 total posts on the internet. I could disappear tomorrow and no one would know or ever care. I've tried to care so much. And I have received almost nothing in return. Well that's life! Anyway I'm married and it's not as if I'm allowed to be really close to more than one person anyway.
  19. And yeah, I'm done here. Done with discussion boards, I'm pretty sure.
  20. No, you're not included in that. I like talking to you but I don't like to feel like things are one sided. You know? I don't want to always be the one calling, and always ranting about my problems. If you don't want to call me, etc, then I'll just leave you alone. Of course that I've seen things are usually one-sided with such things. But I'm Always the one who either has to really go after people or can just learn to be alone. And I get sick of that. I end up with this song always going through my head. http://youtube.com/watch?v=G77rd7qZzhA I try so hard to be good. At least what I think is Good. And I really just carry it to a masochistic level. And obviously the result is that people don't want to be around me as I just don't assimilate. (as I'm well aware i usually. And I certainly can. But I'm not happy when I do.) With the exception of women who think I'm good looking. But I'm married. But to anyone reading who might think I'm like horribly unhappy. I'm not actually. Doing pretty well lately really. Thanks.
  21. Yeah, I don't see that at all and strongly disagree with this idea that since it's on a discussion board the level of caring should be fairly limited. Obviously everyone else disagrees and as such I really just shouldn't use these types of forums anymore. The only person who came close to understanding was the only other person who had had something very similar happen to them. You, I'm sure, haven't even come close to getting it and i see no reason to bother really explaining as this is just a discussion board where the level of caring is fairly limited as such. That's OK. I'm done torturing myself. I'm going to become a nurse. I like the work much better already I can clearly see. I guess because he knows me from a discussion board, his level of caring was "fairly limited". No, not really. what's tough is... no nevermind. No reason to bother explaining. I'm too nihilistic at this point to bother. The only reason that people bother with one another is to form cooperative groups to increase their survival chances in their continous confrontations with other groups. That, and to fuck. I wish it weren't so. But I've had it shoved in my face enough. And that's what I really think. You know? Sorry. It is what it is. I've thrown out confrontational opinions so many times in the past in the hopes that I might be wrong and someone might show me how. But that hasn't happened very often. I usually just get someone who attacks me, thinks I'm an ass and says nothing, etc. I'm fatigued with this.
  22. Thanks for those three replies. I think I need to reassess discussion boards. I seem to have some very different idea about them than most. I really think they are potentially such a downright essential thing in this world. Obviously no one else gets this. And my time spent upon them has only made me a lot more nihilistic than I already was to begin with. It's baffling to me this would only get three replies. Is it the jock nature of this board? Just out of self interest fellow vegans should want to know everything about what happened to me and should want to help my publicize it, etc., stop it from happening in the future. But people just don't give a shit. And I'm pretty sure it's not just because it's: a. A discussion board b. A discussion board of "jockish" type people I know from past experience that people flat out just don't care about anything. I've had so many experiences in the past which have made that overwhelmingly clear. I'm not talking about myself by the way. So many times I have tried to point out ridiculous levels of injustice that are going on right now in this world (where what has happened to me is relatively insignificant in comparison) that we could do something about and have just been ignored. It seems this is just how people are. And that apparently includes people who call themselves socialist, includes vegans, etc. Anyway I'm doing alright to those few who ever so slightly care. This article just got me to thinking about things again. Really I have things the best I've ever had them right now. Really, I've never had it so good.
  23. http://www.nytimes.com/2004/12/12/national/12shiite.html?ex=1103888439&ei=1&en=c7117e49305774eb This is basically what happened to me. I was escorted out about one month before this couple was. They worked on aerosol related science like me. I worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory while they worked at NIOSH. Now that I'm back in WV the only real place my experience wouldn't be wasted would be at NOISH. My boss at Los Alamos National Laboratory had extensive contacts with NIOSH. The big difference is that I was a temporary employeed so they were free to let me go with no explanation. They didn't even have to say it was because I failed a background check. But the way they let me go is not how these things are normally done and they destroyed my career as a result. Like Mr. and Mrs. Afshari I was long term unemployed as a result. One of the many who isn't even counted as unemployed because after 6 months, they just assume you must not really be looking so you don't count according to the government. With a BS and MS in mechanical engineering I finally found a job making 8 dollars an hour as a hospital orderly. I only got that job because my sister worked as a nurse at the hospital. Probably the biggest difference between me and this couple is that I had almost no support at all. My colleagues acted like Good Germans in Nazis Germany ignoring that strange smell wafting up from down the block. I became so angry at one point that I started getting afraid that I might blow up in some unpremediated way and do something highly illegal that would effectly end my life. In an almost unconsoius level I managed to let off some steam by blowing up about silly unrelated things; like the phonyness and dishonesty at veganfitness. For that showing no empathy, giving no support as unlike Afshari I apparently deserve nothing, I was free to piss off. Oh well. I still get very angry. My health collapsed earlier from being so angry constantly. I try to not think about it. Try to divert myself. I'm still amazed at how little anybody really gives a fuck. That bothers me more than anything else. I try not to think about that but can't help myself from time to time and that is slowly destroying any positive beliefs I have about humankind.
  24. You are really up on these things raVen. Have you ever thought about becoming a nutritionist? I'd be interested to hear about Nedley.
  25. Did bodyweight dips and chinups assisted and with 55 pounds for 120 minutes on the 17th. Some improvement I guess.... Also added a few shrugs. Every 8 minutes I did a set. Perhaps I could do more often but I was tired from work. At the end I was only doing a 3 rep set with 55 pounds added on chinups. I'd really like to improve that. Was doing a ten rep set of dips until near the end. I was really sore from the 12th. And was still sore on the 17th. If not for blueberry and banana smoothies (two a day) I would have had horrible insomnia and quickly aborted this workout. But with the bb shakes I slept good. Still was so sore I couldn't even jog as the bouncing hurt my pecs and lats too much. Not really sore at all from the workout on the 17th. Working out hard like this instead of doing HIT seems to really help me not think about the state of the world. I was really getting in a bad mood doing HIT.
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