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  1. Well that's cool. There's certainly nothing wrong with that. My wife says she's never been the slightest bit attracted to anyone other than me and we've been together for 8 years. Slightly hard to believe.... I don't mean like seriously thinking about someone else by the way. Just noticing someone else as being really attractive and all that. We were at a party for example and there was this eritrean who looked like Iman (the model, I think that's her name?) and I told my wife, "Damm she's HOT!" And my wife agreed. Eh. Whatever.
  2. I agree that IT is not doing as bad as manufacturing. I have a BS and MS in mechanical engineering. My GP was 3.15 and 3.7 for the two. I put my resume up on those two (monster, career builder, others) over a year ago and never got a single call. Part of my problem is that my experience is actually in Aerosol science which is a tiny field. For the more usual mechanical engineering jobs my experience is just all wrong. Then you have this sort of thing: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1301062/posts NOISH is bascially the only place in the state of WV that my experience is right for. But I think as an ethical vegan I'd fail their security background check the same as an Iranian. (Of course most of their work is in animal experiments anyway...) Well anyway I've applied for numerous jobs there and heard nothing. Also at my job at Los Alamos National Laboratory the way in which they got rid of me went a long way towards destroying my career. So I've got a MS in mechanical engineering and I work as a hospital orderly. I only got that job because my sister was a nurse there. The whole thing makes me pretty angry and I just about lost it a year or so ago. Anyway, all that aside the nationwide numbers are clear in that manufacturing jobs are being offshored. A net of 3 million have been lost since 2001. It's not so clear with computer type jobs. I don't think our economy can survive like this. And I don't think it's fair to expect all these people who's jobs are gone to happily retrain in a new field while they still owe tens of thousands in college loans after already spending more than half a decade getting an education.
  3. I don't know what is between you two but I've never found Michael combative or uncompassionate or angry....Well maybe I missed it, most of us have our moments. I did find it pretty strange that you quoted Tarz and then said stuff that seemed highly irrelevant to what you quoted of Tarz. Actually you seemed to commend Tarz for behavior that he is one the least likely to ever show. I wondered if it was sarcasm? Well I still love you all anyway, as long as you're at least honest and trying to improve.
  4. There's nothing wrong with not working out your legs contrary to what the squat nazis will tell you. I say that as someone who's squatted for years and has PR's of a 400 squat (to parallel) and has deadlifted 465. If your goal is just to gain lots of weight, than go ahead and squat. If your goal is to improve your strength to weight ratio and look good without a shirt then squatting, etc really isn't important.
  5. Well the problem isn't that you said it, it's that you thought it. That you said it is good because now we can at least try help you quit thinking such unemphathetic thoughts. Again I can't recall claiming to be perfect myself. And also I apologized a good year ago about that yet you think it's fine to keep bringing it up. This shows a overwhelming inability on your part to forgive and emphathize.
  6. Your lack of empathy is sad. Silly comment. I lack no empathy for the victims of these despicable crimes nor for Richard in living in relatively close proximity to where these murders are being committed. Yes, there is such a thing as black humour, and I can understand why there is a need for it, especially amongst those whose work brings them into direct contact with grim and tragic events such as this. However, there is a time and a place for such things, and therefore I think it is totally inapproriate to make light and joke of extremely recent - and still very much ongoing - events by stupid posts about dressing up as a ninja to catch the perpetrator and taking photo's and other such nonsense. I didn't think it quite the right way to talk about it either but the way you rebuked Odidnetne was lacking in empathy. Really not the right way to go about it at all. You could instead have said that although you understand nothing offensive was meant, this wasn't really the appropriate time to be making jokes about ninjas.
  7. Your lack of empathy is sad.
  8. If someone is 20 and wants to go around calling their 20 year old friends "bitch" or whatever else and they all get it then that's fine. But I'd guess something 98% of people above 40 would be offended by talking like that. And there are tons of people above 40 whom are good and very interesting people. I don't think they all deserve to be dismissed as "anal" and not deserving of any consideration. Sometimes such people post on this board and I don't think anyone is really losing much by being considerate of all those "anal" people.
  9. I thought the music in Akira, in particular during the remembrances of childhood, were a big part of what makes it a good movie. The ending is also very good for being I dunno... epic/godlike. Also liked Princess Mononoke with the Forest God for sort of the same reason.
  10. Shall do high volume dips and chins once every 5 days or so. First workout today was 100 minutes. Will try for 180 on average.
  11. I know what pwn means. I'm pretty sure it's been around way before World of Warcraft. Who got pwned?
  12. I'm certainly allowed to be turned on and I make sure to tell my wife all about it. Just not allowed to act on it.
  13. Oh OK. My wife says if women don't wear a bra their breasts will get a lot more saggy with time. Is there no truth to that? i really don't know. My grandma thought jogging would stretch out your ear lobes. It's ridiculous and annoyingly dishonest too. We can't be more open about it because it's highly frowned upon by so many people that any guy could seriously regret trying to be more open about it. It's tied into the contradictions of our weakening christian ethics which still control plenty of people who aren't even christians.
  14. I don't really want to see that at work. I don't want to get all distracted and have to start walking around hunched over. LOL. I do work with a lot of women and it's nice to work with a lot of pretty ladies.... They're nurses though and don't dress provocative. I think all the swinging and all that is refreshing though. Eh, potentially complicated but probably still a good thing at least for those who can handle it.
  15. It can't work that way. If everyone only has to pay for it if they feel like it, then necessities such as food and shelter just become more expensive (because the producers of food and shelter know that people now have more money and they still Must have food and shelter so they'll be willing to pay a little more for it thus there's suddenly more "demand" for food and shelter). And suddenly you've less money to potentially spend for something like mass media or for charity or whatever. The people have to decide that certain things are Essential and those things Must be paid for with taxes. Otherwise, they just become things that most people can't afford to pay for. In capitalism you just don't get the majority of people amassing huge savings.... Food and shelter are going to cost about as much as they are willing to pay. And food and shelter trumps all. And it's called civilization. They also force you to not commit robbery, etc. The problem is that when any major news organizations such as CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, the New York Times, etc covers any given issue they spend 5% or much less of the time talking about the left viewpoint and the rest of the time pushing the rightwing viewpoint. As most Americans don't watch news 24/7 they end up totally missing the left viewpoint. Fair.org has done tons of studies on this where they literally watch 24/7 for months on end and have quantified this stuff. For example leading up to the current Iraqi War they found that guests on their shows concerning the war, less than 5% were against the war. This on NBC, CNN, etc. The only way to get the left viewpoint in the US is to either live in a big city or to have the internet and be very interested in politics. To even see these leftist documentaries you need the internet to rent them. (Or live in a really big city where they might be shown in a theater or rentable.) Also there's a radio station called Pacifica which is far left and available in 5 major cities. It's funded by donations. I haven't donated to it as I'm just some poor schmuch trying to survive from day to day. I wish everyone was forced by give it money through taxes then we'd all have a little less money and there'd be slightly less demand for food and shelter, thus they'd be cheaper plus we'd have a healthier democracy. Big business media on the other hand can easily survive off advertisements. Big corporations are happy to fund right-wing news with advertisements. They aren't happy to do so for leftwing news and in fact I can give examples if you are interested. In fact the corporations that own the these right-wing news media (like General Electric owns NBC) are often happy to run there right-wing news organizations at a loss even as long as they are pushing a right-wing viewpoint that helps the parent company. For example GE makes huge profits off wars while NBC is busy firing Phil Donahue despite him having the highest ratings of any show on MSBNC because he dared to question the Iraqi War.
  16. Oh hadn't heard that first one before but yes I like The Smiths too. Do you know what song of The Smiths says something like, "....and a push and a shove and the land is ours"?
  17. Offense, I mean that there is literally no such thing period. And anyone who pretends to be objective is a liar. And it's perfectly fine to hear biases viewpoints. The problem is only hearing one bias. There should be at least 4 seperate national medai organizations representing the far left, moderate left, moderate right and far right. Much better would be if there were 8 or 16 with multiple seperate far lefts, rights, to ensure many different viewpoints. I'd be happy to pay for such a system including supporting organizations whose viewpoint I disagreed with. I think such a system is essential for a healthy democracy. If instead any system is mainly controlled by big business or the state and whatever else there is too paralyzed by the myth of objectiivity to dare to be much different, then it's a pretty sorry excuse for a democracy.
  18. Diary products glue up the lymphatic system and make people more susceptible to colds and flus. If I lost any semblance of morality I still wouldn't eat diary thanks to learning over the last couple years how those yearly colds and flus were being caused by diary. Some here would object to your use of the word bitch. Derogatory words related to animals and women are often quite frowned upon by vegans. Just letting you know. I understand you don't mean it in a derogatory way.
  19. I don't understand what you mean here. If it doesn't have the people behind it then that should stop it from happening.
  20. But they got 0.7% of the vote. In the US they got 60 million votes because in the US big business has just adopted these fundy positions as they correctly recognize fundamentalists are the most likely to vote against their own economic interests. In the US these idiots have massive power and influence, in Sweden these few "feminists of the man curfew ilk" have no power. But talking about a man curfew and that sort of thing reminds me of how "liberals" in the US are planning to destroy Christmas. Their probably is 0.7% of people in the US who would like to see Christmas destroyed but to listen to hate radio (which is virtually all political radio) or for that matter FOX news or even Beck on CNN now you'd think tens of millions of democrats are planning to destroy Christmas. If you say "Happy Holidays" (instead of Merry Christmas to someone) you're trying to destroy christmas according to this rightwing propaganda. A republican at work knows I'm on the far left and I guess he assumed I'd be anti-christmas and made some jibe to that effect towards me. He was at a loss for words when told I'd just spent the last hour decorating the christmas tree. He's so brainwashed by the hate propaganda he was certain I'd have some anti-christmas agenda just because I've talked a little with him about media bias and IMF SAPs. ...I'm fine with my tax dollars supporting right wing media as long as I'm also supporting left wing. If big business is afraid to really push a right-wing message in Sweden, then the government should step in and help them with tax monies to get going. Or perhaps splitting off some of the funds spent on the current state media and instead using them on a right bias media.
  21. That's all perfectly fine to me. I think it good by the way, that part of the Mainstream media should be controlled by big business with their pro-capitalism bias. For a healthy democracy though, you need biases that are heard on a national level from the far right all the way to the far left. In the US we have only far right biases. Because of the idea of objectivity (which is crap, there is no such thing) NPR isn't too much different from the big business controlled media here in the US. If they are too different they'll get labeled biases and that is mistakenly thought to be a bad thing. Saying that it's bad that all media is controlled by big business, is not an condemnation of capitalism. A person can be totally gung ho for capitalism but if they're still honest and for demoracy they should be willing to admit that a mainstream media totally controlled by big business is not a good thing at all. Offense, are you saying all your national media is state owned there? Nothing owned by big business? The news shows is biased all the way from middle to far left (in Swedish terms which means left to really far left in US terms). This is not because it's publically owned but because reporters at the station is usually far leftish in their political views. I do find PBS and BBC to be very good sources of information though. It can be publicly owned and be anywhere from far left to far right. It depends on who decides who gets hired and what get's printed/reported on. The goal should be organizations that are expressly biased from far left to far right. None of that "objective" crap.
  22. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20061210/ap_on_re_la_am_ca/us_chile The White House on Sunday marked the death of former Chilean dictator Gen. Augusto Pinochet by calling his rule a "difficult period" and commending the country for establishing a free society. "Augusto Pinochet's dictatorship in Chile represented one of the most difficult periods in that nation's history," said White House spokesman Tony Fratto. "Our thoughts today are with the victims of his reign and their families. We commend the people of Chile for building a society based on freedom, the rule of law and respect for human rights." Pinochet terrorized his opponents for 17 years after taking power in a bloody coup. His death put an end to a decade of intensifying efforts to bring him to trial for human rights abuses blamed on his regime. He was 91. Pinochet died with his family at his side at the Santiago Military Hospital on Sunday, a week after suffering a heart attack. What is conveniently omitted is that the US overthrew the democratically elected leader of Chile, Salvador Allende, and installed this right-wing murderer Pinochet, much the same as they did in nation after nation across the Third World resulting in the deaths of millions of people. A big business controlled media is actually worse (if you like democracy) than a state controlled media in that it's a little less obvious. I have enjoyed the Bush junta though as it's made this media bias a bit more obvious to all but the most dense or apathetic. This article is a fine example. Usually bias is a simple matter of omitting certain facts.
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