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  1. I'd suggest though that it's preferable to take a liquid B-12 supplement as opposed to a pill. Some people don't absorb the pill so well. Also I'd suggest having your blood drawn to see what your B-12 levels are at. Mine was a little low when my only B-12 source for a couple months was fortified rice milk. And I was drinking rice milk everyday but probably only 50 to 75% of the RDA.
  2. I keep the thermostat on 60F and use an electric blanket in bed.
  3. The The http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2fxlgMeIMY The Smiths http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-bIjKPlQ9k http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKiU5J_kMUs Used to really like this song from Silence of the Lambs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhDFhZMtPIE
  4. I'm not really a fan of NIN. But that is the one song of theirs that I like. But... I don't like that remix. Dunno know so much about Frontline Assembly. I liked Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb.. Ministry.... Hah! I respect their versatility though. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnhyHek88Ao Radiohead just sounds so damm mopey to me. I guess that's the idea though? Like Morissey? I liked the Smiths but never got into Radiohead.
  5. If you can't do chinups combine rows with triceps pullovers. I'd suggest triceps pullovers for Jonathan also if he hasn't tried them.
  6. Worlock by Skinny Puppy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bP8PB2Q44FY Just the music (not the video) reminds me of a ghost like thing crying for eternity in an ancient abandoned city. Once the main chorus starts anyway 1:55 in. Tin Omen by Skinny Puppy: Halfway decent video (or background for concert anyway). This is from one of my least favorite albums (Rabies) as is Worlock. Worlock is the one song that redeems the album. This song has a nice part starting 3:04 in and going for about 45 seconds. Eh, not really that great though. Here's a decent one from Too Dark Park (Skinny Puppy): I thought it was called "Kicking the Habit" though? Makes me think of someone in a lot pain and quite angry about it and making some changes. Convulsion from Too Dark Park (SP): I remember when this first came out in.... 1992 or 3? I remember listening to it very loud in cars. What is really striking is that if you listen very closely, there is just so much going on. It's too much for most people to handle. But to me, it suggests an infinity of life. Sort of a primordial soup of life sprouting out of control chaotically. Here's a veganism related one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRlU4_0lCwM Or SP's concert backing video: It's about how horrible animal testing is.
  7. Highlights: Few days ago did machine curls with the whole stack (150) plus 10 added on top for 6 reps plus negatives. Yesterday did dips for BW(225ish) +100 for 4 reps then tri pullovers 115 for about 6 I think. Did a few other things.... Tried a 180 one arm pulldown but wasn't successful. But I was a little tired already.
  8. Who's going to pro "wrestling" school?
  9. Yes, I understand; desensitizing them to interspecies sex. Beastality is the wrong word also. ----------------------- Explain, My Dear, I don't understand. OK. Sandler starts fast forwarding through all the boring/or disagreeable parts of his life with his magic universal remote. When he's fast forwarding his body is just on auto-pilot. He accidentally fast forwards through a decade here and there and suddenly his whole life has been wasted. So it got me to thinking about how I'm 33 and I still haven't accomplished much. For some reason in particular it got me to thinking about my music. I've written some music but I put it on hold until I could afford some decent technology for a home recording studio. Year after year has passed and I've never had the money.... But actually we really have some decent savings now. My wife is just.... always scared about ending up destitute. But I'm going to spend like 5 to 8% of our savings now on some recording equipment.
  10. I can't imagine becoming desensitized to beastality and I guess it hadn't occurred to me that people could become somewhat desensitized thanks to this movie. But I guess they could. And it is abuse and the movie treats it like it's funny. So yes, it's not good. I can understand that people will say, "Aw, just relax. It's funny. No one's going to go have sex with a donkey as a result..." But I suppose someone probably will. As ridiculous as it seems, someone probably will. True story: Here in WV, there was a boy out in a rural area who got in trouble for having sex with someone's farm animal. In court the grandfather of the boy said, "I don't understand why he'd do such a thing, he's got two pretty sisters....." Anyway it was wrong of them to make fun of beastality. ----------------------- I saw Sandler's Click the other day and it motivated me enough to have a big fight with my wife about using some of our savings on buying some music recording equipment. So it was a "life changing" movie.
  11. Yeah ultimately if you feel fine eating lots of soy than I think it's probably not a thing to worry about. If someone doesn't feel so great though, they might want to remove soy from their diet and see if they feel better. So I overstated it a little. It can be OK in large quantities for some people. Definitely some people do fine with lots of soy.
  12. No, Anti-nutrients are substances (natural or synthetic) that block the absorption of certain nutrients. For example, drugs mess with the body is ability to absorb certain nutrients. Contrary to popular belief soy is not very healthy for you because it contains many anti-nutrients. http://www.healingdaily.com/detoxification-diet/soy.htm Yes, I agree that soy isn't very healthy although it's probably worse for some people than others. I try to limit my intake of it. I never drink soy milk or use soy cheese or soy protein shakes. Occasionally I'll eat soy and feel pretty sick afterwards. I do get some broccoli and tofu from a Chinese take out place maybe once every 5 days, that tofu doesn't bother me. Not sure why. Perhaps it's non-GMO? Indeed they do. But the Japanese, and Asians in general, have much higher rates of other types of cancer, particularly cancer of the esophagus, stomach, liver and pancreas.( Asians throughout the world also have high rates of thyroid cancer.(9) The logic which links low rates of reproductive cancers to soy consumption requires attribution of high rates of thyroid and digestive cancers to the same foods, particularly as soy causes these types of cancers in laboratory rats. In 1991, Japanese researchers reported that consumption of as little as 30 grams or 2 tablespoons of soybeans/day for only 1 month resulted in a significant increase in thyroid-stimulating hormone.(10) Diffuse goiter and hypothyroidism appeared in some of the subjects and many complained of constipation, lethargy and fatigue, even though their intake of iodine was adequate. I get "overheated" and lethargic sometimes from soy. Being overheated can be from hyperthyroidism. I wonder if that is any way related to the above.... although it's talking about hypo not hyper... Fudgam, I think this article was pretty much all stuff that is well known. The beginning stuff were things I already knew and are all mainstream. I don't know of any books on anti-nutrients. Interesting subject though. Lots of foods block or increase the absorption of nutrients...
  13. What's an antinutrient? Do you mean free radicals? Food that just doesn't have much nutrition in it would be junk food.
  14. One arm pulldowns 170x2 right and 3 left plus some negatives, this machine is very accurate. My 227 just barely could pulldown 220. Weighted dips 90x3 plus 5 negatives Machine curls maxed machine for 9 right 7 left plus 5 negatives. Surprisingly good again. Negatives helped I think? Tricep pushdowns 60x12 on right arm which was ridiculous good 60x3 on left, couldn't find the groove and just about hurt my elbow. Will try triceps machine next time instead. Shrugs, 40 pound sholder raises x4 plus negatives....
  15. It's a movie I saw as a kid and have wanted to find on and off again ever since. Other clues..... there was a factory.... and a tree..... and maybe an island? Not very good clues..... Very similar to the stop motion holiday movies like Jack Frost.... and all those old christmas movies with Burl Ives I think... I sort of dislike when they purposely go out of their way to make the movie different than the book. So I appreciate that it was so similar to the book.... but obviously it didn't work. Probably different music could have gone a long way in the movie. It tells you what you're supposed to be feeling even if the actual action doesn't really support such feelings. Usually just one really good re-ocurring song I think can go a long way. Maybe some song that sounded mysterious or something. I don't know, it's been too long. The movie was very anti-climatic and I think for someone who hadn't read the book it probably would have been a chore just to keep up with all the history/clues, etc.
  16. Anyone know the name of a stop motion clay animation movie that had these witches in it that you could only tell they were witches because they cried nonstop? (At least I think they were witches, maybe they were called banshees.)
  17. I believe in being emphathetic, compassionate and forgiving. One would think most other vegans would be the same but I've found sadly that that's often not the case. I personally have never used the word 'nigger' to describe anyone. But then my parents never ever used the word either, nor did anyone I hung out with. Through marriage I now have some relatives though who do talk like that. If I grew up around such people I'm sure the word would be a part of my vocabulary. Have you ever heard the term 'niggerrig'? In the last few years I've been around someone now who uses such a phrase for describing using duct tape or whatever to repair something. And now in trying to describe fixing something the other day I found the word coming to mind the other day. I still find Richards behavior just bizarre. But I try to be compassionate and I think people can be forgiven for far worse than what Richards did. It may be hard to find him funny though in the future.
  18. Time of the Gypsies was at the library back in Los Alamos, NM. Did you read the book? Pretty hard book to turn into a movie I thought. Still didn't really do a good job. Yeah, it wasn't very good. Not quite sure though what would have made it better. But it's been a while now.
  19. Nonheme is not absorbed as well as heme iron. Vitamin C significantly helps in the absorption of nonheme iron. I don't remember the absorption percentages offhand but they should be easy to find online. How it knows to stop absorbing is something I don't know and again, that's just what Pete, who has always seemed very knowledgeable said on the subject.
  20. Put more fat in your diet. It takes longer to digest and has more calories relative to its volume. More nuts and hummus.
  21. Jay


    Yeah just about everyone is suing him it seems. Oh well. Who were the reasonable people? The Kazak villagers were made out unfairly I guess. The dinner guests in the South maybe were made to look more racist than they might actually be. The drunk college kids are angry at him also but they didn't really look that bad IMO. Just drunk.
  22. According to Pete who posts here occasionally non heme iron (vegan iron) is absorbed by the body only to the extent that your body actually needs it, while heme iron (meat iron) can be absorbed to the body to toxic levles.
  23. Creatine is a ....molecular "thing" ... I guess which is most highly prevalent in red meat although in much smaller quantities it's in vegetables also. I think beets have it? It seems to help muscles soak up more water which on average makes the muscle stronger and larger. It's also non-cumulative in within a few weeks of using it you can make as much improvement as if you had used it straight for a year. (And when you quit using it, you lose whatever little you gained while using it.) I could gain 5% or so more strength while taking creatine depending on the muscle. And there are creatine (vegan) supplements. It's normally made in a lab so all creatine supplements are more or less vegan. Unless someone wants to get nitpicky about whatever else (animal testing, etc) that company is doing.
  24. There is no difference in the quality of muscle. Generally speaking it takes the same amount of time to build muscle. To recuperate fast the best thing you can do is eat two blueberry and banana smoothies a day.... which is not a vegan issue. If you aren't malnourishing yourself then the biggest difference is you ought to be less likely to catch a cold or flu as a vegan. That could mean less interruptions in training. If you want to say that vegans generally get less protein that means they won't get the 10% or less non-cumulative protein stuffing effect. Eh, I need to buy a web page to explain these things as I get tired of repeating myself. If you stuff yourself full of protein you'll get a boost in strenght (and muscle size) of 0 to 10% depending on the muscle and your genetics. This effect though isn't cumulative. As soon as you quit the stuffing, you'll end up right where you would have been if you had never bothered in the first place. I suppose if you're eating a "convenient" vegan diet you might get less protein and so this effect would then take place. IOW, you'd get slightly weaker. Being vegan doesn't mean even in general terms that you'll be fatter or skinnier. Most likely you'll be about the same as you would have been otherwise except with less toxins stuck in your body. Vegans are generally skinnier because tons of people believe the myths about vegans being weak and thus mostly people who don't care at all about being strong (and thus usually are weak) become vegan. This is in effect just a meaningless biased sample.
  25. Welly welly welly one arm pulldowns 160x4 + about 5 negatives on each arm. Surprised myself by maxing out curl machine about 5 reps each arm + about 5 or so negatives. So the new thing is doing negatives at end of sets. Figured an obvious way to do negative dips and hope to work back up to 100+ weighted in a few workouts. Just 45x8 when already tired today + a few negatives.
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