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  1. Yes, I know you are. I'm a truth seeker practicing the golden rule and I don't know.. It seems everyone else is doing something very different. The lips bother me. I know botux is big and I just really dislike artificially inflated bodyparts..... Saw a movie couple days ago... The Whicker Man. The original is supposed to be a cult classis. The new version wasn't any good. The leading lady also had very ugly botux lips I thought. Not that that's really important.... but it annoys me..... You know, I've definitely heard of it. But I don't think I've ever seen that one. I'll have to see it. Yes, that's what I was thinking it was. It's a lot more than a few dollars of course.... It's 5 times more salary. If my wife loses her job I'll have no real choice but to do it, (if even offered it of course.) Yes, I like a lot of Eastwood's movie. The Unforgiven. Josey Wales(sp), etc.
  2. Read these articles and think real carefully about how they apply to whatever you are doing in college or whatever. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/03/21/AR2006032101133.html?referrer=emailarticle http://www.vdare.com/roberts/050808_crumble.htm and.. http://www.vdare.com/roberts/occupational_hazard.htm “In Oct. 2001, this country passed an ignominious milestone: For the first time ever, the number of college-educated unemployed surpassed the number of unemployed who don’t have high school diplomas.”
  3. Moi?! Critical??? Well maybe I'm more critical.... than just about anyone who bothers to do sports at least and post on sporty boards.... Seems that most such people just want to enjoy the moment/find the positive at all times. I don't fit in and it's right and expected that I'm excluded and ignored in such settings. Argh, another film I've always wanted to see Redford, right? I guess he directs. He's not in the actual movie. It's pretty good. Doesn't get too serious. Lighthearted sort of movie. Never heard of it. Not missing anything IMO. Stars Jon Voight though. How did his daughter get those big lips? He doesn't have big lips.( His daughter is the one dating Brad Pitt or whatever.) He doesn't have anything to do with her I hear. Does it seem to you that actresses are very cookie cutterish? I can name all kinds of actors I like but nothing comes to mind with regard to women. I wonder if thats a fault within me or within hollywood. Ah, yea. Awesome. Capra wasn't even hailed at the time it came out. It took a while for it to become a classic. I think I linked this to Potter (VeganPotter) in a thread where I told him he needs to go back to Pottersville or something like that It's a silly little take (two pages). Never saw that SNL skit sounds like I should, though. Yeah in Potterville I really wondered about some of the things that were supposed to be bad. Jazz music seems like a good thing to me. Nothing wrong with a thriving night life or boxing IMO. A pawnshop maybe isn't so good. I noticed there was a Do No Walk On The Grass sign that I thought was a nice touch. I always hated such signs. The SnL skit had the original Batman guy... Keaton or maybe it was Dana Carvery? They find out Potter had the money and beat the crap out of him. Wow, school days, aye? Don't know if I could handle it Best of luck, my Friend Oh why not? I've done 7 years of college. Over 200 credit hours with good grades. Why not a few more years? Actually I have a sociology professor who goes on about how capitalism is a failure and must be eradicated, etc. Great stuff. So it's pretty fun. First job I've had where I know I'm really helping people. I think that matters more to me than I realized. I think what I've been stuck in instead all these years has been driving me nuts. Really other than this job (transporting patients/cleaning hospital rooms) the most useful job I've ever had was making pizzas. That despite all my education and willingness to work hard. It's no wonder I've been getting just a tad bit angry...... That and so much else of course. I try really hard to downplay my own personal situation as relatively insignificant. So many have it so worse..... Or do they? Ignorance is bliss.... When I was helping make 2000 cars everyday at Toyota I knew it was pretty crappy. What did the others think? Did they think at all? They all hated their jobs and only kept going for their children.... But was it just being incredibly overworked and treated like shit that bothered them....? And so I'm making 13K/yr as not much more than a janitor and my sister, etc are nagging the hell out of me to go after some war profiteer job at 65K/yr and they think I'm nuts for not wanting it. Some 60 hr/wk make toys for the military thing that requires a security clearance. I'd probably get escorted out with no explanation at some point after TALON http://www.aclu.org/safefree/spying/24009prs20060201.html notifies them that I shouldn't be allowed a clearance what with being on the far left and all. Excuse my rant. Thanks.
  4. http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/US_ThirdWorld/dictators.html FERDINAND MARCOS President of the Philippines Ferdinand Marcos began his career with a bang. At age 21, convicted of gunning down Julio Nalundasan, his father's victorious opponent in the Philippines first national elections, he went to prison. He was later release by a Supreme Court Justice who, like Marcos and his father, was a Nazi collaborator. Despite Marcos's record as murderer, fake WWll hero and Nazi agent, he was elected Philippine President in 1965. Under Marcos, the Philippine national debt grew from $2 billion to $30 billion, but US corporations in the Philippines prospered, perhaps explaining why the US didn't protest Marcos's imposition of martial law in 1972. The Marcoses enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle, and they salted away billions of dollars in the course of their US-backed rule between 1965 and 1986. The Carter Administration engineered an $88 million World Bank loan to Marcos, increased military aid to him by 300%, and called him a "soft dictator". But a 1976 Amnesty International report identified 88 government torturers, and stated that alleged subversives had their heads slammed into walls, their genitals and pubic hair torched, and were beaten with clubs, fists, bottles, and rifle butts. By 1977, the armed forces had quadrupled and over 60,000 Filipinos had been arrested for political reasons. Yet, in 1981, Vice President George Bush praised Marcos for his "adherence to democratic principals and to the democratic processes". Marcos was overthrown in 1986 by followers of Corazon Aquino, widow of an assassinated opposition leader. Ferdinand and Imelda fled to Hawaii, only to be indicted in 1988 for fraud and tax evasion. Marcos died in 1989. Imelda returned to the Philippines in 1991 and stood unsuccessfully in the Presidential elections of 1992. In 1993 she was sentenced to 18 years imprisonment for criminal graft and to other long sentences for corruption. She is still free while she appeals. She was elected to Congress in May 1995. Meanwhile, in it attempts to recover the lost Marcos billions from Swiss bank accounts and other shadier locations the Philippines Government has, after paying its US lawyers, recovered the princely sum of $2,000.
  5. Relatively speaking we have pretty similar movie tastes. We're both just really critical in general. Yeah I still liked CSA. (99% for most people the only joys are eating and sex....) I just thought this particular thing should be serious or only very black humor. But I don't know.... it came across very silly at times with Lincoln for example. There's nothing silly about it.... I've been watching the Milagro Beanfield War which is good. Five people you meet in Heaven: My wife loved it, i wasn't impressed at all. It's A Wonderful Life: Im not so sure i ever watched the whole thing before. There was an SnL skit where at the end everyone beat up Potter. I thought they would do the same in the original. They didn't. Jimmy Stewart is a great actor. Nothing like him around anymore. Anyway it's a great movie. Few others things..... Not coming to mind right now. Pretty busy now with work and school....
  6. Actually corporate power in America was used to influence the politicians to rip up existing mass transit and make sure no more mass transit came about. MSM means the mainstream media. It's all about corporate power. Individuals don't stand a chance against it. Power must be as evenly distributed as possible in order to cause the least harm. You need a DEMOCRATIC government that is powerful enough to regulate corporate power. The US government is instead controlled by corporate power and helping them get stronger and stronger. I'm a marxist but I would suggest voting democrat. In the current US news media system any third party vote is simply wasted. Only with serious media reform is there any point at all to voting for anyone who isn't dem or republican. Sure Kerry was no good. But Bush has killed 300,000 civilians in Iraq. I don't think Kerry would have done that. I also don't think he would have had Aristide kidnapped in Haiti. I don't think Gore would have tried to overthrow the Venezuelan government. And I think he would have slightly reduced pollution. (Almost certainly not enough to matter in the end.) Of course he was in the pocket of the pharmacidical(sp) companies who are raping old people. But he has to be in someone's pocket to have a chance. Today where I live the actual unemployment rate is over 40%. (Officially it's only 8%.) And I'm employed but as a hospital janitor whom happens to have a MS in mechanical engineering. This because 2.9 million manufacturing jobs have been lost in the last 5 years, moved to third world countries where it's cheaper. And we have the Chairman of the Federal Reserve cautioning us against protectionism. instead we must happily get retrained in new jobs in the new exciting US service economy. So after 7 years of college I'm going back for yet another degree. This time as a nurse. I think this situation with the economy might not be so ridiculous if a democrat were in office.
  7. It's interesting but i was dissappointed because I thought they diluted a potentially extremely powerful movie with way too much humor. I realize the quote at the beginning (Shaw-If you tell the truth, you better make then laugh otherwise they'll kill you.) Is apparently why they had so much humor but I totally disagree with it. Some things just aren't funny. And i thought they really wimped out by making it sort of "light hearted" with all the humor. Lincoln in black face for example. The slave with a british accent. Etc. Even the commercials, which I realize they were pointing out were real actual products, just diluted a potentially extremely powerful message. Still, it was worth watching. Some good stuff. I'd just like a movie like that done in a way that really really made people not take for granted the gains that have been made. Show people just how bad things could easily still be today. And keep the tone sobering/serious. Leave the funny stuff to Chappelle, etc.
  8. He's not inside. He was demolished by the US MSM in 2000. The election that year was stolen. His movie has been seen by virutally no one. I saw it with my wife and parents. There were two other people in the whole theater.... It was a good movie. I especially liked the stat about a perfect 100% of scientific articles don't question global warmng while 53% of MSM articles do. That is the most important point. And one that he didn't emphasize. As long as the MSM continues to distort like that, nothing will ever change. And to be honest I have no reasonable doubt that Florida will be under water soon enough.
  9. I admit there's a lot to be captivated by in mafia movies and I like plenty of movies De Niro has been in but yeah, I just don't want to like that stuff. For example I've never seen The Sopranos. But I've seen the Godfather, Scarface, etc. And they are entertaining movies. Why is it important for women to see The Accused? I looked at it on Netflix but didn't add it because I really don't like that sort of thing either. Did add the John L one though. I've got movies until about the end of november in my queue now I think.
  10. Chinups: bw(223) + 55 pounds, 3 rep set each minute for 15 minutes. 80+total reps in 30 minutes.
  11. I think it's understood that the bad way a few women are treated in the movie is not really appropiate and so I don't think you'll mind. My wife just hates any movie that has a rape in it. I ordered it a while ago and have read about the stuff they do. Sean Connery is sort of intelligent. And he came in second to Arnold in a bodybuilding contest long ago, so that sort of kind of constitutes tough. I haven't most of those movies you listed. Except these three: The Usual Suspects - Thumbs Up To Kill A Mockingbird - Thumbs Up, classic Moby Dick (with Gregory Peck) - Thumbs Up, classic He's a really good actor that has been in some good stuff I can't remember the names of.... I don't like mafia movies much. I loved Once Upon a Time In America though. It's more like I don't want to like mafia movies. The glorify violence it seems.
  12. I liked it enough to buy it. I can only watch it when my wife isn't home though as she hates how women are treated in it. It was a lot better than Braveheart which came out at the same time. I like it a lot. Darkman, Les, Rob all have great bad guys and Liam plays pretty much the same character in each. Liam is one of my favorite actors. I like tough guys who still come across as intelligent. Ron Perlman is also good although looks like a baboon so doesn't get the roles Liam does. (Perlman also has a lot more acting range.) I really liked Perlman in this The Last Supper http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0113613/ Geez, he's been in a ton of things. I don't know. In the comic book story the guy was an anarchist I guess? Anarchism doesn't impress me much. Seems to be the feelgood portion of the left which doesn't understand history and is doomed to repeat it. And the writer of the story is hypocritical in that he's done the same thing to some other writer (Gaiman?) that he complains about with respect to the company that bought the rights to V, From Hell and League of Gentlemen. Sounds really good. I think people take for granted that we'll just eventually reach universal equality by magic or something. Blacks could still be slaves right now if the South had won. The 40 hour week/unions, etc only exist because so many people died fighting for them. Etc, etc. I just ordered CSA on netflix and put it at the top of the list. Really interested to see how they think things would be.
  13. They can spend all day lifting weights in prison which can more than make up for less protein. I do think less protein will cause some very slight weakening if everything else stays the same. This weakening though will vary depending on the person and muslce group. For example with a HIT style workout, how much protein i consume can make a big difference in my overhead pressing. i can get a good 20% stronger with a few hundred grams of protein each day as opposed to 40 grams a day. My lats/upper back though are hardly affected at all within this range of protein consumption. Chest and arms are somewhere in between the two. But protein stuffing (200 grams a day for example) is a short term effect. As far as long term gains, it makes no difference. You might consider just going high protein the last two weeks before a match for that little extra boost in strength. Protein sources include: protein powders such as pea, rice, soy and hemp. Which can be ordered online at veganessentials.com and elsewhere. Then of course lentils, beans, nuts, chickpeas (hummus), wheat, etc.
  14. Yeah it's usually called a dip belt. But they are usually made of leather. I bought mine long before I became vegan and it's leather. I've done BW + 105 pounds for 3 reps. Right now, I'm doing a 3 rep set every minute for 30 minutes with 45 to 55 pounds. One arm chinups are just too hard still. It may be years before I complete one. Of course hardly anyone ever does one so that's OK.
  15. Yeah I really like Darkman. And Neeson in Les Miserables and Rob Roy. ....You mean Klas(sp) Kinski right? I once bought some b-movie just because he was in it. I haven't seen Crawlspace though. I liked Vendetta but then it gets a lot just for having managed to get made, you know? I'd expect it to not get funded for being "too controversial" or whatever.
  16. Sigh, it feels like I just hurt it yesterday. hasn't improved at all with the month away from jogging. Hmm...what's this supposed to achieve? Just experimenting. Trying to find a way to get stronger. The usual ways won't take me any farther. As long as your improving than just do what you mentally enjoy. 'Every few hours' is not a workout I mentally enjoy, I've found... So last workout I did the first 25 minutes of chinups with a 3 rep set and 45 pounds. the workout before I only managed 16 minutes. So I did 87 chinups with a 45 pound pack in 30 minutes. That's getting close to nuts. Also started military presses with the same idea but higher reps. The more blood i can get into my shoulders, the better it seems.
  17. What I find the most sexually attractive is basically a female version of me. That'd be tall with a strong jawline and big nose, large hands. Athletic yet voluptous build, and very fair. Freckles, red hair being best. Er, that does come out looking a lot like my Mom and I did have a girlfriend once that I was worried might have been related to me she looked so much like me and also being from the sticks in WV. LOL. Which I guess is pretty yucky. But anyway I learned (the hard way) not to take that into consideration at all. (Physical characteristics that is.) Really not at all. My wife is pretty much the opposite of most of those preferred characteristics and she knows it and it's fine.
  18. Jay? Is that you? You didn't like it "at all"? Well. Not much. Liam Neeson is one of my favorite actors but I thought he was miscast pretty bad. I guess the BBC beavers were extremely annoying and in this version they weren't so bad. I guess they got around to having a war before I really cared at all about who won. Wow, you know, you're actually right...very perceptive of you . I have to agree; BUT , I'm not sure the book is all that explicit either, when read by a child. I think your analysis is from the perspective of an adult, who, not only knows what to expect; but also has the knowledge of what the morals of the story are, meaning, Lewis's religiosity. Was it written so children know that Aslan was specifically Jesus -- to specifically teach them the New Testament -- or just the supernatural hero? Obviously, it is to teach right and wrong, good and bad and instill a moral compass (though, warring children is disturbing); and the specifics of a religious angle more for the parents, teachers, adults, no? At least part of Lewis's goal was to make children "ready" or whatever for christianity. Just to get them into the idea of this "guy" or "thing" that was all powerful, etc. It wasn't specifically written with Lewis clearly saying, 'Hey kids! This guy is playing Jesus.' I like the idea of trying to do something of use with fantasy fiction beyond just short term entertainment. I don't think it really works though (at teaching people stuff). For example I really don't think there are any more christians in the world thanks to Narnia. Hmm. I suppose I would have been annoyed if christianity was just oozing off the screen.... Still it would have been a better movie I think. Aww. Except for those beavers it's not so bad. I didn't like it, really. I think the tv series is more interesting to watch You serious? Kung Fu Hustle with the guy who played the guitar as a weapon? And the woman that killed people by screaming? I was thinking to buy it so I could watch it over every now and then. I thought it was pretty funny.
  19. I didn't like that new Narnia at all. I liked the old BBC version much better. I thought they actually downplayed the religious stuff too much. That damm liberal media again! TBH when it comes to religion and personal issues they are slightly liberal generally and I thought that Narnia was an example of that. I didn't get the feel of Jesus arising from the dead at all in this movie version. In general Aslan didn't come across as this great moral guide but ultimately not someone to be messed with (like what God is supposed to be to the "god fearing" christian). In removing those religious connotations I thought they neutured his character. And he's pretty important to the movie. Also the acting of the Witch was not as good as in the BBC version. She was cool looking. Just couldn't play a mean witch very well. For Kung Fu, my favorite is Kung Fu Hustle. I can't be serious about my Kung Fu, so that one is really silly but still lots of long fight scenes with the CGI and all that. I saw Clerks 2 last weekend. I really like Jay in it. It's cool that he doesn't age much. Like his little dance from Silence of the Lambs. I really liked that song and tried real hard to find out what it is was back then. Now I finally know thanks to Clerks 2. But I wonder what some would think of Clerks 2 in terms of sexism and the beastiality (has an over-the-top donkey sex show in it)? Could you see it and give me your review some time raVen? Just been watching Kurosawa samurai films. OK but nothing special.
  20. So I pulled a muscle slightly in my foot and I've been resting it ever since I did that hard run quite a while ago... It's been a month and it's still not better. I think walking is stopping it from healing. I've been doing a 3 rep set every minute for 30 minutes once every 3 to 6 days. That's all the time I have as I'm extremely busy as usual. So far did this with chinups with a 35 pound pack and military presses with 103lbs. Only managed 2 rep sets with 113lbs on the presses so far. Hurt my neck also. Doing chinups.... Ridiculous. Think it's the military presses which set me up for it.
  21. Yeah, I don't think Carter is some good guy. Just not quite as egregarious as others. I think you know more about him than me. I really didn't become interested in politics until I was like 28 or so and I'm 33 now. I only became interested because thanks to the internet I found out that the MSM is a pack of lies and once i know someone is taking such pains to conceal the truth from me, I suddenly become really interested to know whatt the truth is, I guess. I don't have any relatives who know much about politics. My mom has no business voting as she really doesn't have any basis for deciding beyond looks and two second sound bites. My dad seems to vote based on what will get him the most money. He voted Bush in 2000 although he has since realized that Bush is nuts. He's nepalese and it seems the coverage of Nepal here recently has finally opened his eyes a bit to how the MSM and US government operate. I only vaguely remember his role there now. I don't think there are any specifics. Just belief in a god or gods. I think at least 5 of the early presidents admited to being deists as opposed to christians. My thing is that although I can logically say that when we die, that's probably just The End, I don't think I really live as if I believe that. I think I live as if in some sense i will always exist and for that to be true there most be some thing that does some thing with our "souls" or whatever. And whatever that thing might be, I'll call it god I guess. I've started getting a bunch of things from netflix. In the past ten years I've either lived in WV or isolated, small (and conservative) Los Alamos, NM. Neither is very good for renting lower budget type quality stuff. Yeah I've heard people talk about that a lot but I've never found it to rent in any movie store.
  22. AP aritcle today: Or a military dictatorship if necessary. As long as there's capitalism they couldn't care less. Heh. Listen to him trying to make it sound like they don't want to kill him. Not to even mention exploding cigars and past invasion attempts, even right now the US continues to support anti-Castro organizations that are tied to people who have done all kinds of terrorism including assasination attempts. First off Cuba was offering aid to the US after Hurricane katrina. The US should have accepted it but was too busy trying to win a propaganda war. Here they continue that war by planning to offer food to Cuba as if the Cubans were starving when actually they are doing as well foodwise as Americans. The actual "aid" money would go to finding Cubans who'd do as in Iran and so many other nations. And I'm sure they can find some Cubans who'd be happy to do anything if enough money is waved in their faces. Let's hope none of that money gets into Cuba. This lady got elected because she represents the rich Cubans who lost their property in Cuba and now live in Florida. If one read this article and knew nothing else about the situation they'd think Cuba was a miserable place and the US was going to bring democracy and better living conditions, etc to it. The reality is that the US government is busy doing things like kidnapping the elected president of Haiti and controlling their economy resulting in a life expectancy of 50 years while Cuba has a life expectancy of 77. The US government hopes to bring misery to Cuba the same as done in the former USSR. They've been living under the threat of an invasion (and preparing for an invasion) for 45 years. The US probably wouldn't be dumb enough to invade as the results would be worse than in Iraq. Probably just they will attempt to pump money into the country and continue the embargo. But then... it's hard to say. They might do some bombing. He wasn't the president. He was a military dictator. Furthermore the idea here is that Castro rules with an iron grip sort of like Stalin supposedly ruled with an iron grip and that as soon as Castro dies the whole system will collapse. From what I've read outside the US MSM this isn't actually the case. It isn't a true democracy but Castro works with plenty of other people and (thanks in part to the way the US has acted) Fidel, Raul and plenty of others within the government have tons of support.
  23. Eh, probably. Then some would say the CIA is out of control/not always controlled by the president. Some say the CIA had JFK killed because he was trying to bring them under control. But I really doubt all that. Probably Carter was very mucy a part of it as Kennedy was probably very much a part of what the CIA was doing in Cuba, etc despite what some claim. Sounds quite Machiavellian to me as defined in the Prince quote above So when his "good-guy/mediator/negotiator/take-the-high-road-let's-be-diplomatic approaches didn't work, then... Okay, so he gets a few brownie points for trying, I guess...I guess (but not really). His various back-door dealings in supplanting U.S. puppet regimes doesn't endear him to me...it leads/led to bloodshed eventually. I personally have to be careful when it comes to Carter because I could definitely see him in god-like status from all the propoganda; I just have to hold it up to the same type of w's-a-"good-Christian"-"regular, nice guy"- worship and Reagan-as-so "likable" revisionism, to slap me back to cold hard reality. Considering that he did get a pretty raw deal with the gas shortage and the hostage situation I at one time did kind of prop him up as some kind of martyr/hero. But then along with such stuff as you've mentioned, Cyrus Vance quit because of the way Carter was willing to risk lives to improve his poll rating over the hostage situation, etc. He was a part of the system. Although the far left of it. I've heard (I think Chomsky? talking about the Trilateral Commision?) that they decided to "let" him become president to try to defuse all the leftwing radical political organization which had come about as a backlash primarily to Vietnam. I thought he was on his way to visit some love from long ago.... although I guess that would make a better story. Perhaps it was made up. Can't find the old account I read. He had republican campaign workers from all across the country flown in. (He paid for the flight.) If you remember all the people pretty violently protesting down there. These were the people he had flown in. I'm pretty sure it was campaign money and not taxpayer money.But one would think it was just Floridians protesting as opposed to what it actually was. Unfortunately you better have really strong support from the military if you want to bring in leftist economic policies in a thirdworld country. Otherwise the CIA will help the military do a coup. Chavez survived the 2002 coup (which appears to have had heavy Us involvement) because enough of the military was on his side. The attempted coup of course could not have happened at all unless some of the military was against Chavez. Luckily enough for him. There were many people sympathetic to him in the military who informed him of what was about to happen and he managed to take action to survive and then generals who were against him were removed from power. I know. Supposedly he's talked a lot with Castro. According to Chavez they are very close... But then Chavez seems to give a lot of flowery talk to anyone that is also the victim of US imperialism. He was doing the same with Iran which I'm not so sure I approve of at all. Anyway Castro supposedly told him to take things very very slow. Don't just immediately say, 'Hey I'm a marxist! Let's nationalize all the foreign owned industry!' Because if he did, he would be taken out one way or the other. Chavez has bent over backwards being democratic and for his troubles he still has the US media calling him "the strongman of the venezuela regime". (That's how I heard him referred to on CNN the other day.) I'll look for it. Ordered it from netflix. I've heard some about it. OK..... really I'm a deist. I've thought about it and i don't live like an atheist. How I live matters more than what I say I believe. To the average christian though it's easier just to say I'm an atheist. I think Sayles doesn't use music well enough in his films. For starters at least. I've watched a bunch of his movies and I'm not impressed really. I'm just somewhat starved for political movies I think. I still like Matewan a lot though. I haven't seen any of those. Just added them to my netflix queue.
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