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  1. I havent did a lot of push ups since the Army but just whipped out 40 to make the new running total that felt good 38,465
  2. That diet is only for 2 to 3 weeks then I go back to normal maintenance of around 2000 Calories a day with a 40/40/20. I am 6'1" 225. I usually switch up every couple months to shock my body. It seems to work for me. I eat more when I am strength training, but thats a whole other story. Thanks for the response
  3. My normal diet would consist of egg whites, lots of protein 100% Whey, chicken breast, and tuna, and different veggies. That is for my cutting phase. What I am curious about is the replacement for egg whites, chicken, and tuna. My Calorie totals were around 1,500 with 300 grams protein, 30 carbs or so, and 10 grams of fat. Lots of Caffiene for the energy as there are close to little or no carbs. I havent been lifting for a while due to a injury I sustained while in the military so I gained about 30lbs. (I couldnt walk) I am not worried as I know I will lose it in less than 3 months. I just want to know where I can find some good recipies and replacements for egg whites, chicken, and fish as the high protein content. Cheers, Jeremy
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