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  1. Hey, Robert Congratulations on the book. I haven't posted on these forums in many months because I've been so busy hitting the weights. I didn't realize how consuming it would become (in a good way). I'm still a newbie to to community, but I wanted to say thanks for the hard work you've done over the years to help put Vegan Bodybuilding on the map. Your enthusiasm and passion is very inspirational to me. I'll be snagging the book when I can.
  2. Make sure you drink lots of water to prevent constipation.
  3. My understanding is you don't "gain" muscle during a workout, but that your muscles grow during rest. Does anyone know about this? I've read that keeping cardio brief and intense post-lifting is okay. A long running session right after lifting can possibly slow or reverse muscle growth. However, with proper refueling, and keeping the run brief and intense, it's a good way to go. Even an in between shake is a good idea, just make sure to have one right after the run. If you're a hard gainer (like me), I tend to keep my intense lifting, and intense running pretty far apart.
  4. I personally haven't noticed any great benefits in stretching before lifting. As Chris said, doing a warm up set is a good way to get started. I usually do a warm up set with light weights and maybe four more reps than performed in the normal set. Stretching before doing cardio is another story; it's definitely necessary. I do tend to jump up and down a little before a workout, just to get the blood flowing a bit. I do all the stretching after waking and before bed.
  5. Okay, I'm joining in on this. I usually do around 160 every other day. I'll start adding mine tomorrow.
  6. Hello all, I've been lurking these forums for awhile now after finding this site through researching Vega. I'm really impressed by all of the awesome information I've been absorbing over the past week; this is definitely a community worth being a part of. I've been a Vegetarian for four years now. Dropping meat has simply been one of the most gratifying things I've ever done on a physical and spiritual level. Over the past year I've been working towards going completely Vegan, which has been going well considering I don't use dairy, and most of my battle lies with avoiding those hidden ingredients. Recently, and upon discovering this forum, my interest in weight training has been increasing. I've always been a lean and active person, and have never had weight problems--I also happen to be Ectomorphic. I dabbled in weights when I was younger, but I never made it part of my life. My exercises, since I was around 16, have consisted of calisthenics and cardio, which has kept me content with my physique. I'm now interested in pushing myself harder by using weights; I want to see myself with more lean mass and strength than I've ever had (which isn't anything I'd brag about). I plan on referencing this site frequently as I work on balancing my nutritional needs and new workout routines to maximize my gains, and to live a more awesome life.
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