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  1. I like that idea! Or just the letter "V," made up of 'vegan' in different languages. I agree, though, that just saying 'vegan' won't cut it in most places. Better would be the 'vegan passport' type thing. You can maybe find the word for 'vegan' in some other languages by going to Wikipedia, searching 'vegan' in the English version, then looking down at the left side of the page and seeing what other languages have articles on it. Then click that language, and you'll have the word for 'vegan.'
  2. Another tip that I picked up from a kettlebell DVD with a vegan instructor (Mike somebody or other). Traditional advice is to exhale on the exertion, but he does many rowing moves inhaling on the exertion. I tried it, and it seems to stabilize the shoulder girdle because the chest is easier to hold upright (having air in the lungs) , making it easier to keep the shoulders in a safer, braced position on upright rows (my modified version) and lat rows. Probably not good if you tend to lift hugely heavy weights, and hold your breath so you get red in the face, and risk a valsava maneuver, but helpful for shoulder stabilization otherwise.
  3. Green tea has a lot less caffeine than coffee, and less than black tea, but more than white tea. You can, however, get de-caff green tea (which I would count as a water substitute, just as I would any uncaffeinated herbal tea. Newer research is even showing that coffee is not as dehydrating as was previously though). The fat-burning substance in green tea is EGCG (epigallo-something-or-other, LOL!). For best flavor, green tea should be steeped in less-than-boiling water (if water comes to a boil, let it sit for a minute or two to cool, or just don't let it hit boiling) for not more than 4 minutes (some recommend just 2-3 minutes). Longer than that, or using hot water, makes the tea somewhat bitter.
  4. Looks a little too low-calorie. If you don't eat enough calories to fuel your daily activities, it can actually have the opposite effect you want, and cause your body to hold on to whatever weight it has, because it can cause a drop in metabolism. The breakfast could be good, depending on the type of cereal you're talking about. Most boxed cereals are processed foods, made with flour. It would be better to cook a whole grain (quinoa, oats, amaranth, buckwheat, teff, millet) and use this as the base of your cereal. I agree about adding 1-2 snacks. Raw foods would be good for this. You might consider adding more veggies, and watching the grain consumption. Veggies are much more nutritious than grains.
  5. You could also get 'vegan' in different languages: French: végétalien (the masculine form)
  6. Can you set up some kind of "signed copy of book and a package of the new Smoothie Infusion" special price deal? For your pals. Huh?
  7. This is great news. Still don't know if I want to buy from a company that used to be gung-ho about animal testing, and only stopped after a lot of pressure was put on them. Maybe I'll just declare a moratorium, and if they continue with their good behavior for a year, I'll buy again (though I do prefer Naked Juice's pomegranate blend).
  8. If the "activated" version contains glucosamine, that's probably where the shellfish ingredients come from. So it sounds like the regular version is vegan. I order powdered açaí directly from Sambazon (www.sambazon.com) and toss some in a smoothie from time to time.
  9. It's supposed to interfere with the absorption of some nutrients, especially iron.
  10. Dr. Fuhrman has formulated one called "Gentle Care," which I highly recommend. More and more nutritionally-minded doctors are recommending to not take vitamin A or isolated carotenes, and GC omits them. It's also been formulated with vegan diets in mind.
  11. Yuk! Anything with high fructose corn syrup/sweetener in is definitely nasty.
  12. That doesn't mean I eat much of it now. People are at different places on their dietary journey. At one point, I did use more seitan and gluten, now I rarely do. I was just responding to someone's request for a recipe. Obviously, that person still eats it.
  13. Kathryn


    Not really, since you have to make a broth to simmer the other recipe in anyway. And the broth ingredients don't need any measuring: pretty much just toss them in--though the onion should be chopped. No 'recipe' really needed.
  14. Kathryn


    It didn't taste like 'boiled flour' at all. I suppose if you just cooked it in water it would, but it absorbs the flavor from the broth and whatever else you put it in.
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