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  1. So, remember when i dropped the weight on Tuesday? Well, now that the adrenaline has stopped pumping and keeping the pain at bay... my neck if KILLING ME! Today i couldnt even bring myself to do inverted rows as i could barely keep my neck straight, i think im just gonna warm shower it up and hope that helps. Also, im planning on getting a few more Z's tonight, which ive been lacking in this whole week and am really looking forward to catching up on since i dont have to go to work tomorrow morning The Workings Squat: 5x5 180 Bench: 5x5 80 (smith machine so im using my best guess) Upright Cable Rows: 3x10 80 (felt like a loser not doing the inverts but i told myself there would be time for those later) Push-ups: 3x20 (going for 25 on the next workout, super stoked!) Inverted Crunch: 3x15 (theseare getting easier as well, gonna up the last set to 20 next workout and see how i feel about that.) Food has been horrible today as i was out with a bunch of friends and the only thing they could all agree on was the all american hamburger. Thank goodness they had a green salad on the menu (which had to be covered in salsa and pepper since the only dressing in house was a homemade ranch). Still, it was a wonderful day filled with awesome people and alot of awesome Vitamin D from the sunshine. The only thing is i am NOT looking forward to getting another meal in rigth before bed and feeling all stuffed as i drift off to neverland. Eh, i quess thats what they invented 30 Rock on DVD for. Also, i frequented a new LA Fitness this day and let me tell you it was extremely nice. Not only that but they played the theme from 'footloose' and it totally got a little toe tappage happening.... which i love! and, last thing, i need to name my new car. (I BOUGHT A CAR... LIKE A FRIGGIN ADULT AND WHAT-NOT) And while i love it i do not know what to name her/him yet. Any ideas? http://images.paultan.org/uploads/2006/03/mugenfitspecd.jpg Here she is, IDEAS?
  2. Brother, good choice with foregoing the deads, i did the same thing with inverted rows today at my workout since i hurt my neck on tuesday. I just did some upright cable rows instead and didnt get the pump that i was looking for but know my body thanked me for it. AWESOME on the squats too. I put on ten more lbs myself today. I was a bit worried but i felt so good after and i know you did too. Also, side planks are awesome! Side bends are also really good too if your looking for some more flexion, or an addition to the workout A ab work. Stay strong!
  3. So, today was an interesting/stressful day. I didnt get all my meals in cause i spent the better part of my day in a honda dealership negotiating with the only people there that didnt speak a word of english. There were some there, im sure of it... i think i even heard them while i was talking to other people. But all in all, i walked out with a new awesome vehicle and a tumbly that was grumbling for a massive bowl of oats. The workings: Overhead press: 1x10 80, 1x10 90, 5x5 100 (i didnt really keep TOO MUCH track of the weight with these cause the place was REALLY crowded so i had to use a machine. But got some good reisitance in) Squat: 1x5 140, 1x5 190, 5x5 175. ( had it to 180 last week but i slept like hell last night and was feeling a bit weak) deadlift 1x5 95 Chin ups: 3x10 (assisted) Prone Bridges: 3x30sec I probably could have gotten a couple more chins in there but, like i said... i was feeling a bit in a fog. I actually ended up loosing control of the weight on my second set of squats and dropped 190 lbs. Thank God i was on the smith machine otherwise there would have been weights rolling around, childrean screaming and running away.... what i like to call the 'Indiana Jones' situation. The food: 9:30 - cup of Hi-Lo with plain soymilk and blueberries 3:00 - oatmeal with come pureed pumpkin, few cherries and a few almonds, 1 banana 6:00 - banana bread larabar (totally my favorite) 8:30 - half a can of Black Eyed Peas, stir fried peppers and wilted spinach, faux meat crumbles on a whole wheat roll -definitely not enough at the end of the day i dont think, but it all tasted good if i do say so myself- Today is through and tomorrow is full of possibilities. I totally need some new fruit. STAY STOKED!!!!
  4. Get some canned pumpkin, got it? Now, get some soymilk and milk about 3/4c of the pumpkin with it and it makes somewhat of a pudding. Done? Good! Now the magic. Get a handful of nuts or your favorite natty nut butter and mix it all together. Its like a friggin pudding and is nothing but good for you. If you need a little more then add in some frozen berries and call me in the morning.
  5. Brother, i just started this program last week and am still a week away from taking my progression pics but am starting to notice either a little bit of the gains or at least better posture (which i totally need... its like quasi over here, lol) -How are you doing on the diet portion. Ben reading up on it and theyre saying things like drink a gallon of milk a day! Im thinking, yeah..... right. Hold the pus please? Could you post what your taking in these days? Looking forward to seeing the buffness. BEHOLD THE BUFFNESS!
  6. <---- worst blogger ever. Been pretty MIA recently but work has been atrocious since im like the only intern that shows up there to work out of two. Couple that with me being there only a month and a half and I get pretty tired to say the least. Speaking of tiredness, i need to start getting some more sleep. I have had insomnia like whoa recently and i know my body is looking up at me and asking WTF? So, thats one thing to work on this week. Secondly, i have changed the routine. Prepare to be shocked body as the 'Stronglift' program comes into play. Its three days a week focussing on compound lifts and bodyweight exercises. I really liked this one sice it was only 3x a week and i can spend the other four days focussing on work and recovery. That being said, i had my last go with it on saturday... Workout A: (8.2.09) Back Squat: 1x5-130, 5x5-180 Bench press: 1x5-warmup with bar, 5x5-80(form felt awesome but i still feel like a weaky mcweak) Inverted Row: 2x12, 1x11 Push Ups:3x20 Reverse Crunch: 3x15 When you first read it you dont think its going to take very long in the gym but i was there for like an hour! Felt good afterwards and ready to up the weight this week and bring on the soreness! Dont ask me why but im loving the soreness. Also, looking into fitday in order to track my cals and make sure i recover well enough so i can lift heavier sooner. That... and it is time to go against what ive been doing for such a long time (diet mode) and focus more on an adundance of health. Lastly, it has officially been a month since the switch to veganism. I must say, there have been times when it has been difficult but that really only comes from times when we go and eat out. But even then i still find something and im always satisfied with my salad and baked potato in terms of nourishment and nturients. That being said, the only thing im looking inward about is the vegan switch just being my attempt as an excuse to faster a case of Orthorexia. Regardless, its something to pray about and meditate on so that is what im off to do. Will get back to the blog with the new diet but until then, PARTY LIKE A ROCK STAR!
  7. Yeah, watch the protein intake and make sure your getting enough. One dish i like to make in the morning are pancakes made with half chik pea and half whole wheat flour, making a complete protein and all that. Also, i notice when I fruit it up in the morning i tend to get lightheaded when i get up to fast. I dont know if this is due to too much sugar or what but its whatever..... cause fruit is good! Thanks again for the PM about the books and recipes and things of that sort. Im thinking about buying 'La Dolce Vegan' since any book with the word 'diet' makes my parents start hounding me about my life and all that.
  8. So, at the risk of sounding like a Whiny Mcwhinestein i am thinking deeply about my choice to be a vegan. I dont question the ethics or why i do it but i was recently approached by my mother asking if the only reason i became vegan was to maintain a low weight. Granted, i know a ot of people go vegan for weight loss and general health. However, atm i am a little underweight after suffering from an Eating Disorder and dropped down to about 155 at 6'3'' with a pretty large frame. Im just really frustrated, becuase to be honest i do not miss meat but now i have all these thoughts in my head that i may have just went to veganism in order to avoid foods that i thought of as 'less safe' of 'unhealthy'. Looking back on this week i have only been averaging like 15-1600 calories a day. Then there is the dietary fats question, i dont cook with them and tend to skimp on my avocados and nuts/nut butters. Its enough to drive you mad, MAD I SAY! Im not sure what im looking for/asking by posting this, I suppose its a question of how you stay motivated to stick with the veganism day in and day out. Other than that, i guess this is mostly a rant at its finest... and for that i apologize. Thank you all in advance for taking the time to read this and make sure you all have an amazing weekend!
  9. Mama, how many calories are you taking in right now? I think you may want to add a little something to breakfast, maybe some Oats or leftover cooked Brown Rice. I only ask cause today i just had an orange and, despite it being my rest day, i was a growly McGrowl like 2 hours later. Everything else is looking awesome though, keep it up!
  10. haha, I love this! I sooo wish they did! although, I have to admit that I haven't been to a movie theater in a very long time great blog! keep up the good work! I have had food issues too... though more with overeating after restricting my diet and in times of stress than ever under-eating. I was a chubby kid too with many self esteem issues, my dad used to make me peanut butter and BUTTER sandwiches for lunch, who does that?! needless to say I didn't have very good role models for healthy living growing up. We can rise above it, though! Oh man, got another one for you... My mothers speciality.. Peanut butter, banana and Mayo on wonderbread. Two years later she notices im overweight and she was surprised? Having happy/healthy kids is going to be my number one concern when the little ones come into play. This actually got me thinking if i wanted to raise my children vegan or not. I think im going to impart my beliefs and ideals on them but im not going to force them down their throats. I know, for me at least, the quickest way to get me to not do something or to do the opposite is to tell me what to do... so im not for doing that to other people let alone my kids. What am i going on about, i dont even have a girlfriend So... yesterday was a depressing wonder brought to you by a downpour. I had the shoesies on and the ipod all blaring and was met with a downpour on the way out the door. This depressed me to the point of only getting in a little cardio and some abwork. Today, though, was met with wonder to the power of 24! The day started with my favorite fruit in the world right now, the powerful Bosc Pear! Then i was off on the hunt to look for a bike and bought a pretty awesome schwinn from the local international retail giant. (target). Then my journey brought me next door to whole foods and a new purchase of garbanzo bean flour, pretty awesome stuff. Then it was time for a workout. Biked to the gym Power Clean: 3x10 60 (felt awesome) push press: 3x10 50 (gonna stay here for one more week) bench press: 3x10 90 (upped it by ten and it was AWESOME!) Back Squat: 3x10 170 ( focussed more on form and did some of the best movements to date!) Leg Press: 3x10 180 (gonna up this next week) chin up: 3x fail (assisted) machine mid row: 3x10 100 Back Extension: 3x10 180 *biked home and jumped on some tofu like it stole something Felt good to get back into the gym today, the sun was out and so were the bugs (ew). Think im gonna start tracking my food as well since im still sure im not getting enough calories in. Would anyone know of a good diet for me to look at until then? Any advice is always appreciated and, until next time, 'Do or do not, there is not try'
  11. Totally in... Looking forward to seeing where you go Veganmama!
  12. Im gonna say my favorite Potter moment to date is the last 30 minutes of order of the phoenix, then half blood prince, then the goblet of fire, THEEEEENN the complete order of the phoenix, followed by a nap.
  13. So Harry Potter is still holding strong as one of the best movies in the series so far, im actually gonna go out on a limb and say THE best. Now to the good stuff. Got to the gym and finished up the weeks workouts friday and saturday. I occaisionally like to save the weekends for myself but I dont really have much outside of training and my radio internship. Also the gym was not crowded in the least on saturday so it actually might turn into a more normal routine for me. Friday: Power Cleans: 3x4 60lb (need to up this is week, but form is better every time) Bench Press: 3x10 85lb push press 3x10 25lbx2 Back Squat: 3x10 170lb Machine Curl: 60lb Kickback: 3x10 12lb Seated Calf Raise: 3x15 145lb Bent Lateral Raise: 3x10 12lb Saturday: Deadlift: 3x10 100lb Shrugs: 3x10 180lb military Press: 3x10 60lb bent over row: 3x10 50lb dumbells Leg Extension: 3x1 120lb Leg Curl: 65lb Chin ups: 3x12 (assissted Back Extension: 170lb Upright Row: 45lb *All in all the workouts felt good, feeling a bit more motivated, but i still think I need to up the food intake due too a little lack of motivation coupled with lack of sleep. I've really gotta push myself to do this due to my mindset but i feel more motivated. I suppose i should mention i have food issues sue to growing up as a chubby (ok FAT) kid and after dieting from 330 to 210 and plateauing my priorities got kinda out of whack and i dropped down to 160 where i am now. Not the right way at all, which greatly impacted my health, but thats beside the point. The point is that im ready to get back into lifing and am really trying to put good weight on while keeping to my vegan diet (which i am totally loving BTW!). Apologies for rambling i just feel that if im going to be honest anywhere its gonna be on my blog. Also, i figured since there is A LOT of knowledge floating around these boards i would greatly beneit from being clear about my goals and asking for some advice. Thats all for this time, till then peace and love!
  14. I guess i see tea and my mind goes to why i drink it (usually an upset stomach/ trying to move things along). Also, pineapple smells like love so i figured 'if you have to smell like something...'. I like the idea of parsley though, i would even try cilantro as its part of the same family and i just like the taste a bit better.
  15. Any tea would work, look for something with dandelion perhaps as that is a natural cleanser. Also, the republic of tea sells a functional tea called 'Get Clean' which is a good detox tea. Also the detox teas from yogi. Last thing i would say would be some pineapple. Its got Bromalite which serves as a natural 'stomach flusher'
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