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  1. Hey y'all. I've been throwing around the idea that I should become a certified personal trainer. I'm currently studying Environmental Biology at UC Berkeley and had to recently leave my job. I love, love, love going to the gym and although my area of study isn't Exercise Physiology, Nutrition, etc., it is still a form of biology. In my resistance training classes, I sometimes get approached by other students for advice and by the teacher to illustrate proper form. In my gym I have even been pointed out by CPT's while they were training their clients for what good form looks like.


    Is personal training something that can be done part time or is it a career you need to devote yourself full time to? I like the idea of having a job that will support me through college and graduate school and utilize biological principles that I have learned from the classroom.


    Also, which are the best PT certification programs? There seem to be 50 different organizations.

  2. I've been living with my gf for the last couple of weeks so I have been away from my home gym. I signed up for a free week at a local Gold's Gym. Its been smelly and crowded but I've managed to put in several miles a day on the treadmill and some free weights.


    I've been contemplating what my weight lifting regiment should be this semester. I'm taking a resistance training class that has two different programs, one for increasing muscle mass and another for toning/muscle maintenance. The muscle maintenance program looks like the better option will I am doing my half-marathon training.

  3. Hey Guys! Thanks for the outpouring of advice and info! I just spent half the day bouncing around Portland and I love it. I can't imagine what people must have thought of the crazy little blonde girl going from store to store at the vegan MiniMall on Stark and 12th.


    San Francisco and Berkeley have a good amount of vegan establishments, but Portland has a much higher concentration and more variety.


    I'm thinking of getting a tattoo while I am up here. I either want to get a "V" like the World Vegetarian Society logo or a leaping rabbit/bunny. Not sure if I'll be here long enough to do that though.


    My mom and I ate at Blossuming Lotus today, which was expectedly super fab!


    More updates to come!

  4. I wasn't sure if this should go in Personal Milestones and Best, so I'm going to share this here. A couple months ago I tried to give blood and was turned away because I didn't have enough iron in my bloodstream. The person who tested my blood told me that it was most likely because I am vegan. I felt so frustrated by this that I began to eat better over the next couple of months.


    Yesterday I gave went in to gave blood and not only did I meet the iron requirement, I exceeded it. In general. 50% of women who try to give blood are turned away. Being both a vegan and a woman and being able to give my blood has made me feel very proud.


    When I got home I shared my experience with my omnivorous counterparts back at my residence hall. Many of them couldn't give blood because they didn't have enough iron despite their claims that vegans are anemic.

  5. I used to be a big coffee drinker and for a reason that I can't remember I stopped drinking it for a couple of years. Now that I am in college and in desperate need of more energy, I am rethinking the health benefits and disadvantages of coffee. The only coffee drink that I usually drink is soy latté.


    What you guys think? Good or bad?

  6. For a really good workout, I prefer going to the gym. I've been trying to return to running and I feel safer running inside a gym than on the street, not just from cars, but from people. Whenever I run on the street I get a lot of cat calls, honking, and guys who want to approach me. From a woman's point of view, this is scary.


    I also live in student housing with barely enough room for a bosu ball, let alone weights and cardio equipment.


    Lastly, I tend to get less distracted from working when I am in a gym than when I am trying to get a workout at home.

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