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  1. Legend. REALLY hope I can get to the show this weekend.
  2. It's been great training with you. I think when Noah gets back we'll have another MVS sess.
  3. 200 is so close for you. You have great speed off the ground. I think I've unlocked my deads on Thursday. I've been wasting my power with such a loose grip.
  4. I know from joelk that some BCAA's can be sourced from animal products. Would think you'd have to write to the manufacturer and ask.
  5. Good log mate. I wouldn't worry too much about not coming to the club. You should go into your last comp fully prepared. You've got such a good physique you can pick up the club pretty quickly. Robert was actually nice to us and complemented my deads yesterday hahah. Seeya soon.
  6. Fuck Sam. You look so good. I wouldn't mind putting a pic up. I'm nearly a year into lifting.
  7. Haha yes this is Pat from MVS.
  8. I knew I'd find your log. Love you're training Joel. I know exactly what you mean. I think there's been quite a few times this week when Andy and I have had to keep our mouths shut and refrain from hitting someone haha. Powerlifting club can be both good and bad.
  9. Hi everyone, my names Pat. Been vegan for around 2 years. Been doing Powerlifting since Sep last year. Need to get a lot bigger and stronger but it's getting there. Cheers.
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