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  1. Hello dear has been a while that you do not feel ... I hope you're not offended by my answers in the italian language ... My english is indecipherable and i don't know how i can write a correct answer for my italian friend. Goodbye. Good job natrus
  2. I read that tempeh contains much carnitine. Yeah!!
  3. I bought the thermogenic! I will try to eat 3 capsules 30 minutes before breakfast and 3 capsules before a workout. I wanted to buy but also carnitine had no money.
  4. I'm back! Then the 8x8 workout nearly killed me... when I do think it will take up mass because it is not bad. The warrior diet is too difficult to follow. These days I'm doing a lot of cardio. I'm doing boxing with a friend. As for the diet will try to do ... 3 days normal calories the other 4 fewer calories. I realized time was wrong the title of the topic. Oh well patience.
  5. Impressive, congratulations! " title="Applause" />
  6. Now for the diet. The Warrior Diet Eating Cycle The Warrior Diet is based on a daily eating cycle that incorporates two phases: undereating during the day, and overeating at night. During the undereating phase, one should minimize food consumption to mostly raw fruit and vegetables, soups, and small amounts of light protein foods. The undereating phase lasts throughout the day (working) hours. It naturally stimulates the SNS (sympathetic) nervous system, which promotes alertness, competitiveness and energy expenditure. During this time, the body shifts into a negative energy balance and thus is forced to break down stored fat for energy. The overeating phase lasts during the nightly hours. This is the time to have the main meal, when one can eat as much as one desires from all food groups, as long as the rules of eating are followed (see below). Individuals are encouraged to cycle between different fuels (i.e. high fat, high carbs and high protein) to find out which fuel works best for them. Note that active individuals may require special fuels according to the nature and level of their physical activity. The overeating phase triggers the PSNS (para-sympathetic) nervous system, which promotes relaxation and recuperation. During this phase, the body shifts into a positive energy balance, while establishing an overall anabolic state. This is the time when the body recuperates, builds tissues and replenishes energy reserves. Cycling between negative and positive energy balance triggers genes known as “thrifty genes” that improve human survival. Human survival is measured by the capacity to improve energy utilization, performance and health. The Warrior Diet turns on biological switches that improve human survival on a day-by-day basis. The Rules of Eating Start with subtle tasting foods and move to more aggressive foods i.e. salad, vegetables and proteins first, then finish with carbs. Introduce all tastes, textures, aromas and colors possible in your main meal. Stop eating when you feel much more thirsty than hungry. We encourage you to exercise (you should consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program). Incredible benefits can be derived from exercising. It’s a good idea to incorporate both cardio and resistance training into a workout routine. The Warrior Diet Ten Commandments Undereat during the day Eat your main meal at night Provide your body with all essential nutrients (i.e. vitamins, minerals, EFA’s, Amino Acids, Probiotics) Introduce all tastes, aromas, textures and colors possible in your meals Detox by minimizing animal food intake for a few days Rotate between days of high protein, high fat and high carbs Avoid foods containing hormones, pesticides, chemical additives, sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners and fructose Do not eat carb foods alone Avoid wrong food combinations such as: Grain and sugar Starch, fat and sugar Nuts and grain Carbs and alcohol Exercise regularly during the undereating phase The Warrior Diet incorporates special eating cycles that turn on dormant genes, known by scientists as “thrifty genes”, which improve food utilization for energy. It is the only diet today that methodically separates between AM foods and PM foods, and thus triggers a biological mechanism that forces the body to burn fat, build muscles and boost energy. Note that the human body is better adapted to primal sources of food, that were available to the human body early on in the food chain evolution, such as fruits, greens, legumes, roots, nuts, seeds, fertile eggs, marine food and raw dairy rather than to later food sources, such as grains, farm animal meats, pasteurized milk products and chemically loaded processed foods. The Warrior Diet’s goal is to create a lifestyle that mimics the old fashioned way we were primarily predestined to live… The future of all diets lies in the past evolution of all humans Organize a diet of this type will not be easy but I'll try too
  7. Now try another method which I discovered recently. The method of Vince Gironda ... Vince told to choose three or four exercises per muscle group and perform for each of these eight sets of eight repetitions. Between sets recovery times were going between 15 and 30 seconds. The training was to include two or three muscles. Despite the considerable amount of work, data recovery times and the tight time schedule that had to be 2 seconds for the eccentric phase and two for the eccentric phase, the training session lasted from 45 to 60 minutes. Vince had already understood that a timing coincided with the growth would be increased secretion of catabolic hormones and decrease the secretion of anabolic. One of his ideas about it was that the sessions should be timed and that we should undertake to reduce the time needed to train. Gironda claimed that increasing workloads was not the only way to increase the intensity of the same. While supporting the addition of disks to rocker Vince argued that strength training could not have come from a correct technique. However, we believe the most effective high volume of training performed in less time. "To get bigger muscles, you increase the intensity of work done in a given period of time. This means the minimum rest between sets. Go a step further." That set up by Vince Gironda is definitely a technique-intensive and a good technique to train the cardiorespiratory system (so that initially may limit the unfolding of the same). This is tantamount to a time high and favors at the same time, development of the definition of muscle hypertrophy and a good cardiovascular and respiratory conditioning. Finally, the notable stubborn it takes to complete such an intense workout, the 8x8 is certainly also a good exercise to strengthen the character and spirit of sacrifice. SOME RULES ABOUT THE GURU TO 8 X 8: Always stay focused. Do not place the dumbbells and / or the balance between a number and the next. Sit the machine until you have completed all eight sets of eight repetitions. No recovery from a muscle group to another. By the way, to follow the directions given on the basis you dismiss your eventual partner training and workout alone. Reduce the load used to perform eight repetitions of about 40% in order to perform all eight sets of eight repetitions on time of recovery. is required to use the same load for all eight series. If you find that the fourth or fifth set no longer able to perform eight repetitions means that the initial load was too high. Use it for the whole body or only weak muscles. Vince always had a soft spot for 20 repetitions in training calves. Often advised to continue to do eight sets but raising twenty repetitions. 8 X 8 WORKOUT A CROSSES 8 X 8 RELIEVING NECK ROCKER BENCH FLAT 8 X 8 RELAXATION incline bench with dumbbells 8 X 8 PARALLEL 8 X 8 DRAG Curl 8 X 8 SCOTT BENCH 8 X 8 ALTERNATING DUMBBELL CURL WITH 8 X 8 WRIST CURL BARBELL WITH 8 X 8 REVERSE WRIST CURL 8 X 8 WORKOUT B SIDE RISERS seated 8 X 8 SIDE RISERS seated 8 X 8 Pull your chin HANDLE WITH LARGE 8 X 8 SLOW FORWARD 8 X 8 Raised to 90 ° 8 X 8 STANDING CALF RAISE 8 X 8 CALF RAISE seated 8 X 8 CRUNCH WITH OVERLOAD 8 X 8 SIT UP FREE 8 X 8 FEET WORKOUT C NEXT chins 8 X 8 Rowing HANDLEBARS WITH TWO 8 X 8 PULLEY 8 X 8 LAT MACHINE REVERSE 8 X 8 LEG CURL 8 X 8 LEG CURL SAT 8 X 8 STACCO LEGS SEMI inflexion 8 X 8 TRAINING 8 X 8 SQUAT 8 X 8 Hack squat 8 X 8 LUNGE 8 X 8 LEG EXTENSION 8 X 8 PUSH DOWN 8 X 8 EXTENSIONS TO EXPANSES 8 X 8 Triceps BUST 90 ° 8 X 8 Exhausting!!!
  8. Ok a little update the diary. To change the muscle stimulator I tried for 1 month to perform the technical style heavy duty one concerning the PRE-Exaust SYSTEM. Then one series that includes an exercise such monoarticular leg-extension ''To failure'' exercise followed by a multiarticolar the squat, in one series for one esercise.
  9. Hi Robert! I had to increase the cardio and pasta. I noticed that my brain burns glucose as a steam train burning coal. Like all ectmorph I have no problems with weight loss ... but I have trouble keeping the little mass gained.
  10. If one wants to do only muscles with the fruit. Must eat a lot of nuts. viewtopic.php?f=6&t=6611
  11. E' si non ci smentiamo Ehm la cosa migliore sarebbe... prima dimagrire e poi iniziare il periodo di massa, ma è una scelta che si fa se hai intenzione di seguire una dieta sette giorni su sette anche in massa. Ti consiglio di iniziare a far muscolo... cioè allenandoti, aumentando un pò alla volta il tuo apporto proteico. Io ti consiglio per la mattina di farti uno shake con latte e proteine, perchè è il metodo più veloce. Come fonte proteica alternativa ti consiglio gli albumi con formaggio tipo il taleggio fino a quando non diventi vegano. Oppure le bistecche di soia valsoia oppure il seitan con i piselli. Infine se non soffri di flatulenza cereali in chicco o pasta e fagioli. Anche la frutta secca è una buona fonte di proteine e ti aiuta a incrementare le calorie. Ciao
  12. Ahahaha I apologize I wrong word I meant walnuts / almonds / cashews not dried fruit. Fault of the translator. Personally I follow the diet only fruits in summer. In winter better soup.
  13. I recently was preparing the trays of fruit pieces and 50g of dried fruit. 50 x 6 meals = 300g of dried fruit. The protein and calories than is considerable.
  14. Contrary to what you believe you can make muscles even with the fruit. Just eat lots of nuts.
  15. Ehehehe Saranno 10 anni. I risultati sono stati i medesimi che avrei ottenuto con una dieta onnivora. Chiaramente non arrivo a mangiare 2g di proteine per kg di massa magra come consigliano, mi uscirebbero dalle orecchie Non mi è molto chiaro se vuoi essere vegetariano o vegano. In ogni caso per farti un esempio 40g di pasta e 135g di legumi arrivi a 30g di proteine precisamente uguali sotto il profilo degli amminoacidi di quelle della carne.
  16. Ciao Visto che sei italiano evito l'inglese Le formule esatte per il calcolo sono queste. massa 33xkg di peso +10 o 15% (totale calorie giornaliere che devi assumere) il 50 % carbo 2 gr di pro per kg di peso il resto grassi (preferibilmente quelli insaturi) low-carb 24xkg di peso+10% 120 gr di carbo 2 gr di pro per kg di peso il resto grassi (preferibilmente quelli insaturi) Come somatotipo così a occhio e croce credo tu sia un ENDOMORFO. Visto che sei nuovo ti consiglio di pensare principalmente ad avere un buon introito proteico a colazione, a pranzo e a cena. Con il tempo poi riuscirai da te a fare 6 pasti corretti. Per quanto riguarda l'allenamento per mettere su massa la regola principale è cercare di aumentare il peso con cui ti alleni, utilizzando una manciata di esercizi multiarticolari. In definizione conta maggiormente la diminuzione di calorie introdotte. Qui dovrai cercare di non diminuire di troppo il peso sollevato. Il cardio (aerobica) aiuta a velocizzare i tempi di dimagrimento. Infine sempre in definizione si inseriscono gli esercizi monoarticolari o di isolamento. (c'è gente che li usa pure in massa) Ciao
  17. Hello everyone I want to also give my contribution to the forum. Well Height 1.87 cm Weight 85 kg 29 Years Somatotype: Ectomorph I just finished my session in mass. Training method mass Both during the period of mass and definition use a system invented by a famous Italian bodybuilder Emilio They, unfortunately now deceased. For the Mass: MONDAY Squat 5x5 Bench Press 5x5 Lat Machine Imp. large behind his neck 4x8 Shrugs with dumbbells 4x8 Barbell curl 2x8 Bicep cable Pamp 1x30 for vascularization Abdominal crunches 4x20-25 THURSDAY 5x5 deadlift starting from the knees Bench Press 4x8 Lat-machine reverse close grip 3x6 Slow behind multy 4x6 French-press 3x8 Reverse crunches 1x20-30 ______________________________________________________________________________ For the Definition A (Monday) • Aerobics 35 min 75% (bike, step, ...) • stretching • press with the dumbbells on flat (4 x 20/15/12/10) • pectoral machine (3 x 12) • leg extension (3 x 12) • leg curl (3 x 12) • leg press (4 x 18/15/12) • dumbbell curl (2 x 20) • Bicep 2 handed to the cable (2 x 12) B (Wednesday) • Aerobics 45 min 65% • stretching final • Abdominal C (Friday) • Aerobics 35 min 65% (bike, step, ...) • stretching • lat machine (4 x 20/15/12/10) • pulley (3 x 12/10/8) • military Press (2 x 15) • pulled to I lie (2 x 12) • calf rise (4 x 20/18/15/12) • pushed down to the single-cable triceps (2 x 15) • Triceps extension with dumbbell in feet (2 x 12) Nutrition Program: (Low-Carb) Breakfast: smoothies, soy milk, banana, soy protein. Snack: soy bar Lunch: Pasta or sandwich with seitan / tempeh / beans / soy burgers, etc. ... Snack: soy bar Dinner: Whole wheat bread + salad and seitan / tempeh / beans / soy burgers, etc.. ... Snack: almonds As soon as I can raise a bit of fat poster photos. But do not expect anything special. Thanks to all.
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