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  1. There is momentarely not so a great choice in this new german shop, but I hope it will get improved some time later but it is much enough for starting.
  2. Ist Hanf-Protein in Deutschland überhaupt schon zugelassen? Ich vermute, man müsste es aus Skandinavien importieren. Is it allowed to buy Hemp-protein in Germany? I think it could be import only from Scandinavia.
  3. It is not my site. I think he will first start the site, so these products are enough. Hi, bist ja vermutlich der Dargartz. Hast du wieder einen Wettbewerb gewonnen? Wann das letzte Mal?
  4. Germany got an own vegan bodybuilding website with fascinating products für vegan bodybuilder. www.veganbodybuilding.de Now it is possible to order products from Germany directly. So expansive order-costs from abroad can be avoided. And people who have no Englisch knowledge can talk about in a new forum in German. I would be pleased if Robert Cheeke opens the forum with a personal message. I think he is best suited for starting it. Thanks very much! The owner of the veganbodybuilding.de website is a vegan from Germany, Tobis Schwarz from Kassel.
  5. The vegan supplements of US-Product-Line have never be mentioned here. So I will do this. It is the X-teen serie.
  6. It´s important to have some best vegan bodybilder photo material also in the body- and heavy weight class, because many people I know don`t believe it would be possible to get heavy weight in combination with be vegan.
  7. Fantastic pictures! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are not waiting for paradise. We are creating it. It is peace, love, meditation. Osho
  8. In the last edition of "muscle and fitness" is mentioned, hemp protein should be taken before going to bed. Does hemp protein make sleepy?
  9. More info in german: http://www.bodybuilding-wagner.de/bodybuilding/ernaehrung-supplements/aminos.shtml
  10. Taking together they counteract themselves. The idea is to take separate aminos at separate daytimes, so in the morning, midday, afternoon,evening. Reference to the book "steroid replacement", Pohl, old edtion.
  11. I´m searching the four muscle-building aminos in separate form: Glutamin, Isoleucin, Leucin, Valin, all vegan based. Only Glutamin ist separate available. The others aminos are only in mixed forms to buy.
  12. Maybe there is a deficiency ot Methionin. Does anybody know the BV of Hemp-isolat?
  13. BV= Biological Value the BV of Riceprotein = 70 of usual Sojaisolat about 80
  14. Goldfield had produced soja-protein with BV 139 and with sucanat. No Aspartam etc. Who knows other Soja-Protein-powder(Soja-Isolate) with high BV and without Aspartam etc. Normal Protein-Powder has only BV 85.
  15. I know only one producer, who makes vegan creatin, that is from US Product Line, X-ten, but it is expensive and only liquid. Usualle Creatin is made with collagen and animal additions. Other?
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