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  1. before i was experienceing this, the doctor said my heart rate was higher than normal now this stuff is coming up pretty often i don't really want to go check because i know it just has to do with working out but i'm still confused and also, lately i've been feeling kinda weak on my left limbs, but it's not the whole day just for like 2 hours and it goes away what up with that? and i believe i eat quite alot and i sleep between 11 to 12
  2. um i have a problem recently, lately i've been experiencing "jumps" in heartbeat don't know if it has to do with working out i'm not on drugs or anything or whey or creatine supplements or anything anyone can help me?
  3. seriously, are there vegan sources of creatine in sufficient amounts, or stuff like it in vegetarian diets(eggs?)
  4. i'm thinking about using creatine, is there any side effects?
  5. if i eat something like 1 vector bar(240cal, 9g protein) after the workout is that good enough? or do i need 2?
  6. i'm 18, for some reason after about 1 year of workout, i haven't gained weight at all, at 171cm tall, i've managed to stay at 60kg although i wanna bulk up that's why i train, i need changes, both to nutrition, and workout, i eat a lot, certainly more than anyone, but it's not showing any weight gains before i strain my muscles to exhaustion in each workout and i work out too much muscles groups each time, my recovery rate was slow, but despite all that, i have gained stronger, but it doesn't show in size, i could do tricep extentions on 15lb weights per arm like 2 twice max when i started, but now i can do 10 or even 12, however i think that's like way too slow, it took 1 year?!(actually probably combined with another 6 months on and off) to get to that?! or is that pretty good? you decide, now i've shifted to working out 1 set for 2 muscle groups every second or third day to my best ability do i need any changes? i need some suggestions thx
  7. yah but that sounds easier than said, i mean we're all vegetarians or vegans and we don't(for me at least) don't get much calories from the healthy stuff we eat i mean i don't want to be eating the entire day, any suggestions on increasing cals without eating every 2 hours?(we're all busy people right?)
  8. i've been working out for sometime now, and i have to admit i've gotten stronger, although it's been slow but it's definitely there but the fact is that i don't see any muscle gains or weight gains is there a way to increase muscle weight more easily? plus, how should workouts be from one to the other? should each workout be so rigorous it'll take you 4-7 days until the next one? or should it be intense enough so that you can do it every 1 or 2 days with moderate intensity?
  9. when is it best to workout? after noon(6-9) or at 10pm?
  10. i need more definition on my chest, anything would be good but take note of these restrictions: 1. i will not have access to a gym most of the time 2. i'm limited to only dumbells and plus i'm looking for a balance of size and power, so i got 2 options, tell me which is better 1. work moderately(about 50%) of max for each set for 3 sets a day every 2 days 2. work till ALOT more harder probably 80% of max for each set for 3 sets a day and rest until fully recovered if it means 1 whole week cuz i've tried both and they're sort of the same, i've only made small gains need help thx
  11. curls max is about 11 i do three sets of 6 each triceps max is about 13-15 i do three sets of 9 dumbell pec press max no idea i do three sets of 16 that's basically it
  12. but would it delay the recharging if you work a different muscle? or do you have to rest until you know you're 100% ok?
  13. i forgot to mention that i do 45 min of basketball almost every day
  14. ok, i've been training for some time and i do 3 sets of each workout and each set i do 60-70% of my max now i'm eating as well, but sometimes i feel like my muscles are still weak from last time's workout although there's been one day of rest already so what do i do? do i workout anyway? or do i rest until it's fully recharged? when the muscles still weak and i work it, i feel like it gets weaker each time and my foods are replenishing as fast thx
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