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  1. Hi Again! Well I completed my first ever race since I was forced to do so in high school gym class...and that had been no more than a mile....I did my town's 5K! Husband too. We both jogged around town to train maybe 3 days a week in addition to other workouts. I never found out exactly how much I ran during my training...but the race itself taught me a lot: It taught me that my pace had not been up to par! I my have been traveling around the 3 mile mark for a week or so prior, but I sure was not used to the pace, the competition, or the sun! It has been a while since I"ve had such physical competition and it felt good and annoying....ex: I was annoyed when ANYONE passed me who looked older or who looked to be a lot bigger than I!


    Nonetheless, I was satisfied with my results and now I know a good track in my town and what time to shoot for....oh, you wanna know what I did? Alright snoopy people! haha 26.25.48 & I placed 9th in my age category. Maybe next time when I have more confidence I'll wear a VEGAN shirt! Oh, and my 44 yr. old vegan hubby who also had never run a race like this got 22.52.82. I think that's pretty respectable!


    Starting my food and moves log again!




    2.75 mile run

    yard work 1/2 hr.

    1 hour Stretch X (yoga moves too)






    fruit salad (pear, orange, date, banana, shred. coconut)

    bowl of Joes O's w/ unsw almond milk, raw agave

    org. black coffee

    3 prunes

    hearty bowl of leftover miso soup w/tofu, soba noodles, some veggies

    4 peanut butter pretzel pillows

    1" sq. almond preserve bar

    handful spicy corn chips, 5 pecans, 4 pb pretzel pillows

    red wine

    4 chick pea croquettes over br basmati rice, tartar sauce, 4 olives, steamed org broccoli

    baked org homemade apple crisp

  2. Thanks! I feel pretty confident that I'll make it thru....tho it will be a new strange experience. I don't know what to expect. I've never even GONE to any sort of a race (since like high school).


    Then we'll see about roller derby!?!!?!?


    Gonna start recording food again next week.


    Yesterday I did my run (not sure of distance still---but it was for around 1/2 hr)---and did my legs/back workout from 11.20 pm to 1.15 am. I know, that's crazy. But I procrastinate..then ate at 9.00pm and then my conscience won't let me go to bed without doing my entire workout. I still felt strong and alright as I am used to being up that late.


    Today I had a not-so-great day. I planned on Kenpo and Ab Ripper X but I am going to do it tomorrow which was my scheduled day off. Today was much better for the day off so I'm good with that. BTW I'm doing it tomorrow morning around 8.30am like more normal people do. Weird.


    I'll be near the beach on Saturday and it is supposed to be on the warm side. Boardwalk, here I come! Oh, how I've missed you.

  3. So I've been getting ready for my first ever 5K in my town. I don't love to run, but I've been doing it. I've also been keeping up with a modified P90X.


    For a while I was touch and go....I didn't have a real plan or goal...but now I figured out what I was going to do every day until March 20- it really REALLY helps me....just like the aforementioned program did as you knew what you were doing every day. I just need a list of to-dos in front of me or else I get scattered...no matter what the task.


    I just haven't been up to typing out my food. Meh. I eat a lot and it has gotten tedious I guess.


    As far as how my arm has been feeling---a lot better. I still don't have the strength of my left arm--and it feels funny in certain positions--- and cannot hold it straight above my head by itself---but it really is a lot better.


    Last week I attempted a workout I hadn't done since October consisting of mainly different push-ups and pull-ups and made it thru okay. Pain the next few days was crazy but it was not because of my previous injury-just recovering.


    Tomorrow I am going to run and do a legs and back workout. Whoo and hooo .

  4. 1-12-10




    X Stretch - which means doing stretches for 1 hour along with the dvd. Like it.



    The Frames - For the Birds

    Bell x1 - Music in Mouth






    fruit salad - 1/2 apple, 1/2 pear, 1/2 orange, banana, date

    lg. bowl raisin bran, unsw. soy milk, agave

    org. black coffee

    some chocolate chips

    lg. salad (green leaf, carrot, celery, broccoli, red cabbage, agave mustard dressing, hemp seeds)

    some raw walnuts, some raw pecans

    3 chick pea croquettes over black rice w/tartar sauce

    red wine

    1/2 Builder Bar

    clementine, date

    caramel pecan bar (whoa-had to try my creation but too much sugar much too late!!!)

    1/2 Builder Bar, a few p.b. pretzels







    Chest Shoulders Triceps----well I felt like I was doing well. As I write this the day after,

    I feel like I overdid my right wrist again. Maybe I need to get some of those push-up bar things.

    There were a lot of push-up moves.


    music: various from Nuggets boxset collection






    fruit salad (1/2 orange, 1/2 pear, 1/2 apple, banana, date)

    bowl of raisin bran, unsw. soy milk, agave…small bowl of Cheerios too.

    black org. coffee

    my caramel pecan bar

    some p.b. pretzels

    p.b. luna bar (didn't care for that one)

    2 clementines

    large salad (green leaf, broccoli, carrot, celery, red cabbage, hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, agave mustard


    4 chickpea croquettes over black rice, tartar sauce

    1/2 Builder Bar, date

    1/2 Builder Bar

    red wine

    some more p.b. pretzels







    ab ripper x






    fruit salad (1/2 clementine, 1/2 orange, 1/2 apple, banana, date)

    my caramel pecan bar

    black org. coffee

    raisin bran cereal, soy milk, almond milk, agave

    large salad (green leaf, carrot, celery, broccoli, red cabbage, onion, walnuts, parsley, cilantro, agave mustard dressing)

    large w.w. wrap ( lettuce, pickle, onion, vegenaise, 3 deli slices)

    red wine

    lemon Lara bar

    1/4 caramel pecan bar







    did stairs (2 floors) back and forth MANY times as I was cleaning for 4 hours.

    I know- not what I should be doing but I had an upset stomach today.






    fruit salad (pineapple, apple, orange, date)

    toasted oat cereal and raisin bran cereal, unsw almond milk, agave

    org black coffee, a few choc. chips


    BIG salad(arugula, parsley, carrot, celery, red cabbage, radish, green peas, onion hemp seeds, raw walnuts, agave mustard dressing)

    tiny sandwich: 1/2 toasted everything pita w/ hummus, avocado, onion

    handful multi grain chips

    6 raw cashews

    2 bites cliff bar-wasn't feeling it….1 coconut choc. raw bar

    just 1/2 toasted everything pita w/ hummus

    1 piece multi grain pizza w/garlic, tomato, basil, sauce from W.Foods

    a little brandy

    banana, tiny choc. truffle

    stomach not great: ginger tea, handful red. fat wheat things


    Stuff got away from me again! In general, I feel I am eating better. I have still been working out-tho not as much as I should. (not today either).

    Just have to keep at it.

  5. Nice to read that you're working out your injury with some thought behind it.


    It's a difficult thing to weigh.

    Do you risk aggravating your injury because you want to maintain a certain level? I guess it's a matter of listening to your body. I was ignoring it's complaints because I wanted to continue my progression...and in doing so, drove it too much and injured it. And I don't have the benefit of a professional opinion. Now I am just taking smaller steps to get back into a groove.


    Another thing is that my husband, who was doing the program along with me has only been working out w/weights twice a week and hasn't done a cardio workout in a while. I miss that support and teamwork.


    OH and thanks for the "welcome back", Lobsteriffic.

  6. What is nayonaise?


    my 2 cents: Nayonaise is a vegan mayonnaise. I used to use it, but then Vegenaise came along. My husband and I think it is superior... Most vegans I know like it the best... I even got my omni mom to try and it and she now uses it along with Earth Balance, a non dairy butter. No harmful hydrogenated oils either.


    I find them both in the refrigerated section of health food stores and supermarkets w/a health food section.


    (no I don't work for them!)

  7. Okay- I have been working out thru my absence here- tho only like 3 times a week. I felt like I was just whining too much as my injury progressed throughout my arm. Very strange! First it was my shoulder, then my wrist on up was unbearable…. could not do any task - even brush my teeth! (but I managed with the other hand) Then it was my joint-I can't say elbow as it was really the inside. Terrible!


    I held off on weights for a while.

    So that and the holidays kept me from wanting to be more diligent….I'm sure I gained a few lbs. but I have no intention on weighing myself until I get back into the swing of things again. I had been eating way too many sweets as is usual for me.


    Resting my arm seemed to have worked tho! I still don't have the flexibility and I feel that if I push it too much or perhaps hyper extend it, it could come back. I am making sure I am focusing on form and not letting my ego get in the way with always wanting to better and better and better myself without the weight.









    Yesterday I did PLYO and it was Tough. Turning on some good music helped me get through the last part.


    Today=Took a nice chilly run for 20 minute through my wild neighborhood. I am sore from plyo






    I'll be getting back to this -don't feel like it---but I wasn't THAT bad. ;-P







    Back and Biceps---did everything but all of the pull-up moves. I am still tentative as I want to make sure

    whatever injury I have does not happen again-at least not because I jumped back into doing this kind of exercise that I know is a strain (as I cannot even do it w/o assistance of mr. chair). Still felt super-good. Nice pump.






    1 pear

    2 slices sprouted bread, toasted, EB

    small bowl of toasted oat cereal, almond milk

    huge mug coffee, 2 cinnamon twist, 2 small chocolate truffles

    1 nice salad (parsley, arugula, celery, carrot, radish, o.oil and a.c. vinegar, raw almonds

    couple pieces chocolate, Choco-walla bar

    handful raisins, raw almonds

    soy protein shake (rice milk, soy pro., blueberries, strawbs, banana)

    small bowl w.w. pasta, olive oil, spices

    1 pan browned soy dog alone

    picked on a bunch of parsley

    corn chips

    glass of red wine






    trying out a new yoga dvd: Yoga for Strength. It was difficult in some ways but not nearly the workout

    of the one I had been working on doing (I cannot say just "doing" because I still can't get near to doing all of the required poses let alone doing them correctly!) I will put this into my rotation tho---I like it and it's pace.






    2 clementines, 1 banana

    2 org. b.berry waffles w/ a little maple syrup

    bowl of multi grain square cereal, almond milk, sugar in the raw

    big cup o joe, 2 lil' choc. truffles

    1 clementine

    w.w. wrap w/3 deli slices, arugula, onion, pickle, Vegenaise,

    some peanut butter pretzels

    s'more Luna bar

    banana, date

    <workout 5.30-7>

    wheat crackers and hummus, some raw walnuts, kettle corn

    red wine

    bowl of split pea soup, few more crackers

    small veg salad (beets, carrots, parsley arugula)








    no workout today. My movement was my housecleaning gig-3 hours of funsies!




    2 clementines, 1 banana

    bowl of multi grain square cereal, soy milk, sugar in the raw

    1 piece of homemade white bread

    cup of decaf coffee

    omega berry bar

    small almond butter jelly sand. on sprouted bread (heels)

    1 coconut milk ice cream bar

    green decaf tea

    raw revolution bar

    multi grain chips, 1 small truffle

    red wine

    bowl of split pea soup, more crackers,chips, kettle corn and some hummus





    I hate when I wake up 1/2 hour before I have to leave and I have at least 45 minutes of stuff to do….






    2 clementines, date, banana

    1/2 poppyseed bagel, small coffee

    decaf herb tea

    bean burrito, salsa, corn chips, white wine

    3/4 serving of french fries

    bbq tofu, onions, quinoa

    large spinach salad w/other veggies

    1 sm. choc. truffle, p.b. pretzels, some choc. chips







    Kenpo! feeling strong






    2/3 apple, 1 banana, 2 clementines, 1 date

    multi grain square cereal, unsweetened soy milk, sugar-in-the-raw

    americano coffee-2 mugs

    1 sm. choc. truffle, some choc. chips, p.b. pretzels

    cajun oven potatoes, 1 mexican coke (1st soda in 2 years!)

    1 square multi grain pizza w/ onion, garlic, pepper, port. mushroom, Sheese

    red wine

    large salad-greens, carrot, hemp seeds, raw walnuts, pepper, onion, o.oil, a.c. vinegar

    1 date

    <workout 11:45 pm>







    Cardio X - I chose this over Legs and Back because it was really late and it's a good mix of movement.

    It always gets me more than I think it will. Feeling so much better all over is niiiice.






    fruit salad - (1/2 pear, 1/2 apple, date, banana, 1/2 clementine)

    Cheerios, unsw. soy milk, sugar-in-the-raw

    org. black coffee

    sm. choc. truffle, some chocolate chips, 6 pb pretzels

    americano coffee

    decent salad (greens, carrot, beet, sunflower seeds, almonds, radish)

    multi grain chips/hummus, lima beans

    red wine

    1 banana

    1/3 choc. cookie from Whole Foods

    1/2 Builder Bar

    nibbled on salad while preparing for tomorrow

    1 date

    1 clementine

    red wine

  8. 11-22-09




    I ran, I ran for a good long time (1 hour, walked 15 min). I did not know how far…I have to trace it in my car.





    2 clementines, apple

    my granola + multi grain squares, almond milk

    black coffee

    orange spice tea

    miso soup

    sesame sticks


    Lara bar

    popcorn w/sea salt, lil' Earth Balance

    more miso soup

    roasted veggies (potato, sw potato, turnip, celeriac, beet, carrot, onion, garlic)


    (workout 12 midnight)

    emergen-C w/water

    soy jerky

  9. 11-21-09




    Legs and Back---my, I haven't done this in a while. I did all of the many legs exercises. I really made myself scream out with pain with one swim stretch YEOOOOOW!

    The back exercises are chin-ups, wide grip pull- ups, switch-grip pull-ups, close grip pull-ups. You are supposed to do 2 sets of each exercise to fail…. (but they are interspersed through workout). Again, I am thinking about my arm so my best judgement (as I only have myself as a guide at this time) was to do 2 sets of the wide as they seemed to hurt a little less, one set of the others besides the switch grips as they are difficult for me to do alone without someone holding the chair.






    my granola + multi grain squares, almond milk

    black coffee

    some pita chips

    sweet potato


    miso soup, tofu, scallions, sesame sticks

    naked vitamin C drink

    orange spice tea

    Lara bar

    protein shake (rice milk, soy protein, spirulina, flax oil, strawberries, banana

    small bowl cereal

  10. 11-19-09




    Kenpo X--- did alright except some of the blocks gave my right side trouble AgAiN





    1piece sprouted bread, toasted w/EB (thinly)

    2 lame oranges

    shredded wheat, unseat almond milk, agave

    org black coffee

    chocolate chips

    tempeh/onion/pepper fajita on sprouted tortilla

    handful raisins

    (workout 5:00)

    wheat thins, olive tapenade

    basmati rice, collard greens, garlic, olive oil, white beans

    sm. bowl my granola, unsw almond milk




    did not work out due to lack-o-time

    M got really sick (strep?)

  11. 11-18-09




    Back and Biceps--- this was the toughest. Although my right arm seems considerably better, this workout proved that there is still a problem. I felt so much weaker on the right side-very sore too! For the most part, I lowered the weights on the bicep exercises by 2 1/2 to 5 pounds. My left seemed normally fatigued as I haven't done a similar workout in 2 weeks or so. I soldiered thru it, and skipped some exercises altogether because I just don't want another setback. I feel like I did get a very good workout--I feel pretty pumped---but didn't go completely all out like I try to do. I usually get kinda shakey alittle over half way thru and today it was closer to the end that the shakiness started.






    fruit salad (pineapple, 2/3 pear, 1 banana, 1/2 orange, mango)

    shredded wheat cereal, almond milk, agave

    black coffee

    handful chocolate chips

    1/2 orange, more pineapple

    handful of wheat thins

    handful of raisins

    (3:45 workout )

    shake (vanilla soy protein, banana, blueberries, flax oil, spiralina, rice milk)

    black bean burrito and salsa

    nibbling on tempeh, peppers, onion for m's fajita (which I shall enjoy tomorrow)

    HUGE salad (romaine, red cabbage, peas, carrots, celery, walnuts, sunflower seeds, agave mustard dressing)

    sampling a little tortilla, and leftover tarragon croutons I made before

    red wiiiine

  12. 10-29-09




    core synergistics--- little post workout run around nature path (40foot incline/decline)---feeling the slightest bit better…






    Salad of the fruit (1 pear, 1/2 apple, banana, date, pineapple)

    2 1/2 pieces sprouted bread, toasted, w/Earth Balance

    mug of org. black coffee, oatmeal ch.chip cookie

    Clif Bar


    handful almonds, walnuts (raw)

    1 mg americano, 1 more of my cookies

    1 date

    (5:00 workout)


    1/2 carrot

    bowl of creamy potato celery broccoli soup, toasted garlic bread, red wine

    big salad (arugula, collards, celery, scallions, red peppers, orange peppers, walnuts, agave mustard dressing)

    lg. bp crispy square


    radish (?!)



    gotta start again sometime!

    i have been working out sporadicly. I had a rt. arm problem…it seemed to be much better even after a long bike ride (not sure how long-20 miles?) and a heavy backpack

    on Nov. 9. I was sitting on the couch seeing if I could hold my arm out and up w/out problem and then it happened! Worse than before. Aching! This time

    it feels like when I had something like tendonitis. Pretty bummed about it. Yesterday I wanted to start my 5th week again and thought that would

    be a bad idea with this problem. I don't want to make it worse!


    I chose Plyometrics instead and only had to mod. a couple of exercises. Not sure what I'll do today. Maybe legs/back and leave out most of the back….it is gross out and I don't feel like running but we'll see.






    Big fruit salad (pineapple, 1/2 lg. apple, 1/2 orange, red grapes, banana)

    Trader Joe's O's w/almond milk, agave

    org. black coffee, 2 oreos, raw almonds, a few corn chips, a few gummy cubs

    almond butter and jelly on sprouted bread, toasted (2 sandwiches spread throughout the day)

    handful corn chips

    pasta w/3 Nates unmeatballs, tom. sauce & garlic

    very large salad (spinach, red cabbage, celery, carrot, radish, sunflower seeds, agave mustard dressing

    red wine




    no moves

    I'm out of the swing of it….m is not injured, but he has taken a week off so that is not making me want to get going any faster.

    I know I will be dancing for 3 hours straight tomorrow night . Weather has been nasty.




    large fruit salad (1/2 apple, 1/2 orange, 1 banana, pineapple, golden raisins, date)

    oatmeal w/ toasted pecans, raisins, cinn., agave, flax seeds, almond milk

    2 oreos/ 2 mugs org. black coffee

    1/2 hemp seed chocolate chip cookie

    most of a "Philly" sandwich (wheat gluten, vegan cheese, onions and peppers), some soggy fries-ew

    decent yummy salad

    mug o joe, 2 bites of m's cake







    feeling a teensy bit better. At first it was constant pain but now it's when I move my arm in certain ways or certain positions.

    It's dance night and I want to go---gotta get some cardio w/some 80's tunes!

    Just have to be careful of the way I move---which is hard as I am a total dance-spaz.


    Wow- I walked into the joint and started dancing in 10 seconds….I did not stop for more than 2 minutes for 3 hours and 10 minutes.




    1 organic pear

    black bean soup, 1 1/2 slices of w.w. toast

    small soy latte

    handful of corn chips, sesame seed sticks, chocolate chips, a few gummy cubs

    2 deli slices

    1 banana

    1 mug of org. black coffee, 2 oreos

    miso soup w/ tofu, soba

    2 beers

    emergence w/water







    def. going to restart our engines tomorrow w/ our "week 5" . Arm continues to improve even after my wild dancing.


    meeting a new vegan tonight and making dinner for her & m





    fruit salad (1/2 orange, 1/2 apple, pineapple, grapes, date, 1 banana)

    org. black coffee

    Builder Bar

    handful of wheat thins

    1 banana

    olive tapenade w/crackers

    3 layer hummus w/ chips, celery

    beet/barley/black soybean soup

    decently sized organic salad

    garlic bread

    chocolate espresso truffle pie








    p90x Chest, Shoulders, Triceps


    back on the schtick-even if it is with trepidation about my arm.

    Did surprisingly well-skipped 3 exercises and one (1 arm balance push-ups) I tried and failed w/pain on the first one.

    I lowered weight on a few things----could not extend arm all the way up or out to the side

    but I did my best. The coolest thing is that it did not worsen it. Still feeling improvement. That gives me hope.





    fruit salad (1/2 orange, 1/2 apple, pineapple, date, 1 banana)

    shredded wheat cereal, almond milk, agave

    black coffee

    handful of raisins

    a few gummy cubs

    cup of beet soup, piece of garlic bread

    handful of wheat thins, 6 raw almonds

    chocolate espresso truffle pie

    post workout protein shake (soy protein, strawberries, blueberries, rice milk)

    bowl of miso, soba, tofu soup

    piece of garlic bread, red wine







    yard work in the a.m. feeling that darned arm reaching and raking but it's not totally jarring. still feels numbish when I bring hand up to head.

    bike ride---5.5 miles- rode as hard as I could to the farm and back (on the way back had a heavy pack filled with potatoes, carrots, cabbages, beets, etc)






    fruit salad (1/2 pear, 1/2 apple, grapes, date, banana)

    bowl of shredded wheat cereal, sugar-in-the-raw, almond milk

    a few wheat thins

    black coffee

    handful sesame sticks, few gummy cubs

    1/2 shot of Chambord (had a trauma w/ a saw and was shaken up)

    some chocolate chips

    almond butter, apricot jelly sandwich on sprouted bread

    2 deli slices, wheat thins, olive tapenade

    beet soup, garlic bread, red wine

    date, banana

    some just-picked kale, steamed

    red wine

    several raw cashews

  13. I like the chili oil soba noodles. That has always gone over very well with company. I switch up the veggies to whatever i have on hand like broccoli cauliflower, snap peas etc. The pad thai is also good. The tempeh sloppy joes are super quick and easy to make and taste good. I also remember a good moroccon stew. I haven't had enough time to really get into that book yet though.


    mmm thanks for the tips!

    Last night was the first time ever my husband loved a meal that featured tempeh (and why doesn't spellcheck know that word already???)

  14. 10-27-09




    Kenpo X---fared alright, just trouble with my upward blocks from my shoulder wonkiness.






    FrUiT sAlAd (pineapple, 1/2 apple, 1/2 pear, dates, 1/2 kiwi, banana)

    i think the last bowl of my granola w/unsw. almond milk, agave

    big mug org. black coffee

    2 squares p.b. crispy rice treat (agave sweetened)

    handful almonds/walnuts-raw

    left-over kale tofu salad

    bowl of veggie chili, 1 toasted sprouted tortilla (dry), red wine

    celery stick

    a few chocolate chips









    Stretch X---something I could handle after midnight! Still can't put my right arm up without assistance tho.






    salad of fruit-(pineapple, 1/2 pear, 1/2 apple, date, banana)

    big mug org. black coffee

    2 squares p.b. rice treat

    left-over veggie pizza, red wine

    handful of raw almonds/walnuts

    handful of chocolate chips

    2 celery sticks

    1 1/2 tempeh veggie fajitas (REALLY TASTY from Vegan Vittles) w/ sauteed veggies and raw, a little quinoa, salsa, fresh guar.

    raw org. salad-(arugula, carrots, celery, left over kale tofu salad, tomatillo, scallions, agave mustard dressing)

    2 small fresh oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (same cookbook-subbed 1/2 w.w. flour for just pastry)

  15. You wanna know something funny? Yesterday I just received 3 new cookbooks from Amazon....after I posted my comment on your dressing I sat down with Vegan Table and noticed it right away.


    Anything else from that book you would recommend? Lots of stuff looks yummy.


    I can't think of anything else that I have made from that book...but I"m sure I did-it's late and my brain is sleepy. I'll get back to you.

    I have made more out of her 1st book tho...

  16. 10-26-09




    core synergistics---there is something wrong with my right shoulder for the past 4 days now. At first it was hurting and my arm felt a little numb. My arm feels alright but

    the shoulder still hurts and it feels a bit week. I still tried my best with this workout. I didn't push quite as hard with the pushups and used a little less weight on things like the

    x squat shoulder presses. Hopefully it will pass.






    fruit salaaaaad~ (same as yesterday)

    big mug black org. coffee, 1 square dark chocolate

    yummy veggie pizza-4 thin slices

    2 dates

    1 banana

    (6:00 workout)

    (out to a Irish Pub)roasted veggie sandwich, small mixed green salad, 1 pint Irish Cider, 1 glass Cabernet

    small bowl of my granola, unsw almond milk, agave

    apple, 2 square dark chocolate

  17. 10-25-09




    day of rest

    yes again






    large fresh mostly organic fruit salad (1/2 apple, 1/2 pear, date, kiwi, 1/2 orange, 1 1/2 banana)

    tiny bowl of All Bran, larger bowl of my granola/agave/unsw almond milk

    big mug org. black coffee

    couple sour patch kids at parade

    open face almond butter/jelly sandwich on sprouted grain toast

    miso soup, silken tofu w/ sauce, avocado spring roll

    tofu kale salad

    very dark chocolate pieces, hunk of peanut butter rice crispy treat w/ carob and agave

    very tiny bowl of All Bran cereal w/ almond milk

  18. 10-24-09




    day of rest

    but I did dance at a fab party for about an hour straight








    banana, pear

    2/3 seeded bagel

    big coffee, black

    bowl of veggie chili, multi grain chips,

    raw celery

    coconut milk ice cream bar

    2 dark chocolate squares

    glass of wine

    went to a vegan halloween party and went a bit nuts----

    lasagna, and other yummy veggie entrees…crock cheeze, guac, small piece of chocolate oreo cake(OMG best ever),

    and some more sweets I don't care to get into…

    1 beer, 1 wine, 1 shot

    emergen-c packet

  19. 10-23-09




    40 minutes of trying out Tae Bo

    1 round of Ab Ripper





    fruit salad of deliciousness

    my granola w/agave, unsw. almond milk

    almond butter, jelly sandwich

    1/2 scone, vanilla biscotti

    decaf coffee

    some Fritos

    p.b. rice crispy treat made w/agave and carob too

    veggie chili, multi grain chips, roasted portobello mushroom, peppers, asparagus

    2 square very dark chocolate


  20. Forgot about this thread!


    I've met Ms. Steffapeppa and she does not look/act anywhere near 40! She's definitely a youngin' all over <3


    Oh, gymmie-that is too kind of you!


    Hey-I just tried out my first Billy Blanks dvd the other day....yikes! Can you say coordination? I have to work on that...

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