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  1. 10-16-09, 10-17-09




    Friday was designated day off….Saturday M had off but I intended to work out late at night….I was too tired once I got home








    Ab Ripper--- the one I always avoid. I will start timing myself to see if I am improving….


    Cardio X---- this one incorporates Plyo, Kenpo, and Yoga and makes one sweat.

    penance for skipping a workout on Saturday.







    Chest and Back---tough. Pushups are such a struggle, especially when I have to do (assisted) chin ups back to back...






    1 kiwi, 1 banana

    big bowl All Bran, almond milk

    big mug black organic coffee, lemon date square

    9 oz soy protein shake w/ banana, strawbs, blueberries, spiraling, soy milk.

    Chick'n pattie, w.w.tortilla, ketchup

    w.w. tortilla toasted w/ Earth Balance

    lemon date square


    2 sm. dates

    2/3 Builder Bar, handful raw walnuts, multi grain chips, wheat crackers

    small bowl All Bran

    picking on warm granola I had just made







    Plyometrics---1 hour-I think I need a heart monitor!

    yard work- 1/2 hr.

    biking- to farm and back -AWESOME day for a bike ride or anything----5.5 miles

    short woodland trail hike adjacent to farm w/ veggies on my back for 12 minutes or so.






    salad of fruit (1/2 apple, 1/2 orange, 1/2 kiwi, date, shr. coconut

    (10 am workout) Emergen-C packet/water

    big bowl of fresh granola w/includes a ton seeds, nuts, and flakes of oat, rye, and spelt. Sweeted w/maple syrup and

    agave….w/almond milk

    Big cup of org. black coffee, lemon date square

    handful choc. chips, a few multi grain chips

    Builder Bar

    (bike ride)

    sprouted bread sandwich w/a bunch of just picked arugula, tofurki slices, onion, Vegenaise

    BIG fresh salad (carrot, celery/greens, arugula, broccoli, flax seeds, bell peppers, agave mustard dressing)

    red wine

  2. Nice salad! Did you make the dressing yourself?


    Yes-it is so easy it isn't even funny :


    3 Tbsp prepared mustard (they say yellow-I use whatever I have-now it's Dijon)

    3 Tbsp agave nectar

    2 Tbsp vinegar (they say rice v., I use Apple Cider as it's healthier)

    1 Tbsp oil (they say olive, I use Flax)


    we use this all of the time and still have yet to get tired of it! I'm sure one could do it different ways, but this works for us.

  3. 10-15-09




    Kenpo---still really like this workout. Gonna look up some different ones whenever I remember!!! And what a difference doing this

    when it is in the 40's out. We don't have the heat on in the studio, but 1/2 way thru we heated it up enough with our energy that we had to turn on the fan.






    last of the fruit salad fixins- ( pineapple, apple, pear, 1/2 date, shr coconut)

    nice bowl of granola w/almond milk

    1 big mug black org. coffee, 1 sm. cookie and bar(see prior)

    2 cups miso soup w/ tofu, and seaweed

    1 sweet potato w/skin

    1 cup Irish Breakfast Tea

    1 big mug of decaf coffee (this was an acidic day!)

    1 huge salad (arugula, basil, red cabbage, red bell pepper, broccoli, 2/3 avocado, green peas, agave mustard dressing w/1 Morning Star vegan chik'n pattie microwaved and cut up into salad[a first])

    handful granola and All-Bran cereal (dry)

    (8:15 workout)

    1 slice garlic Ciabbata bread w/ a taste of m's tomato sauce, 2 glasses red wine, 1 bite cookie, a few crackers

  4. 10-14-09




    Legs and Back---skipped toe iso lunge and 1 set of switch chin ups. Stayed strong on everything tho. Feeling like I can skip a doubled set sometime if I push it further on the first set.






    Fruit salad (same as yesterday)

    big bowl of my granola and almond milk…this rocks!

    honkin' salad (arugula, cilantro, basil, bell pepper, broccoli, tomatillo, agave mustard dressing)

    1 lemon date square

    1 sm oatmeal pecan choc. ch. cookie

    1 big mug org black coffee

    2 cup shake soy protein w/soy milk, blueberries, strawberries, spirulina

    1 glass red wine

    handful of raisins

  5. 10-13-09




    yoga x--- feeling a little 'eh'-weekish. Didn't do all of the push-ups. Skipped a few poses but in got about 122 minutes. The prior workout was just too close.






    fruitious salidous (a new scientific name that is very fake) pineapple, apple, orange, pear, shr coconut, date)

    un sausage sandwich on a piece of sprouted bread-toasted. It was supposed to be 2 pieces of left over french toast

    I had made the day previous, but I burned them up in the toaster oven….saved some fat/calories

    with my mistake. Yeah?

    large salad w/added sunflower seeds and almonds

    beet, black soybean barley soup (VwaV cookbook!!!!!!!!) 1 piece dry sprouted toast

    lemon date square (Vegan Vittles cookbook)

    sm. oatmeal pecan chocolate chip cookie (2 bites) (Vegan Vittles)

    handful cashews, pecans, 2 dates

    big strong piece of celery w/ greens from 'my' farm

    red wine

  6. 10-11-09


    moves---I did not do the Plyometrics this week. That dancing got my ankles a little messed up. Next morn then...






    1 kiwi, 1 date, couple bites of banana

    bowl of raisin bran, unsw almond milk

    fruit salad (1/2 apple, 1/2 pear, 1/2 orange, date, pineapple)

    black org. coffee, 2 last bites of brownie

    few handfuls of blue corn chips, pistachio nuts, 6 raw almonds

    handful of raisins

    steamed beet greens and kale

    sauteed chick'n patty on toasted sprouted bread w/ avocado, onion, salsa, cilantro

    few spoonfuls lima beans, roasted potatoes, red wine


    ok not "veggie galore" but a bit better than yesterday.







    back and biceps--- the "glamour" muscles they say. I guess so. Feeling pretty good about it too.

  7. 10-10-09


    I had 4 hours sleep so no workout until I feel refreshed




    big fruit salad (pineapple, 1 orange, 1/2 pear, 1/2 apple, date)

    big bowl raisin bran, unsw. almond milk

    some Sun Chips

    med bowl raisin bran, unsw. almond milk


    2 slices pizza (sun dried tomatoes, onion, garlic, pepper)

    brownie, red wine (oh my)


    Emergen-C packet


    terrible day----veggie galore tomorrow!

  8. 10-9-09




    3 hours of house cleaning-mellow


    2 1/2 hours dancing-crazy- 80's dance party in my town. I look good in heels but oh, it hurts…it hurts.





    1/2 orange, banana

    small bowl raisin bran cereal, unsw almond milk

    black organic coffee

    cliff bar, apple

    almond butter, strawberry jelly sandwich on sprouted bread, med. raw salad

    some Sun Chips

    w.w. pasta w/ 1 Nates unmeatball, tomato sauce, red wine, brownie

    (dancing dancing and spazzy dancing)handful of corn chips, 1 beer

    Energy-C packet

  9. 10-8-09


    Chest & Back---night time work-out---killer killer killer. Push ups felt all kinds of difficult today prob. because I took the 90 day fitness test or "results test". I did "eh" and also "awesome" according to me.


    Well it's not that complicated or long:


    deep Standard Pushups

    before: 4

    after: 12


    Pull ups (unassisted)

    before: nope

    after: nope, not yet!!! shoot.


    Vertical Leap

    before:14 "

    after:15 1/2 "


    Toe Touch (testing flexibility, sitting)

    before: 0 (just touched toes)

    after:+ 1 1/4"


    Wall Squat (chair position against wall-timed until butt hits floor)

    before: 2:08 minutes

    after: 3:29


    In & Outs (seated, hands on floor. Raise feet off ground and bring knees in towards chest- straighten

    legs back out and repeat movement w/o touching floor)

    before: 31

    after: 70


    Bicep Curls

    before: r 20 each/ w 15lb

    after: 40 each/ w 15 lb.…..w/ 3, 3 sec. breaks. Felt a little nauseous after pushing on everything else so hard)


    The only thing I didn't do was the "resting heart rate" ad "heart rate maximizer". Ran out of time prior to work.

    I stink at doing this with just my fingers on my neck. I would love a heart monitor for this job.

  10. 8-7-09




    1st week completed on the 2nd round of my program. This is my day of rest...and soreness, like every other day....


    Pretty much stuck to the the regular program this past week but missed 1 1/2 Ab Ripper workouts.

    We did take "after" pics but the lighting wasn't great-oh well. We haven't had a chance to do the fit test/measurments again so we'll do

    it tomorrow morning to see what our improvements are hmmmm.


    I still have yet to write down (type out) the first workout and last workout stats for comparisons too…!


    So I got some dvd's from the library---none of them were what I was looking for...and I thought they were due yesterday or today.....turns out they were due

    last week and I own $18!!!! Damn. Might as well bought one I really wanted, dumb ass!






    fruit salad- 1/2 apple, 1/2 orange, 1/2 kiwi, banana, date

    1 1/2 slices of sprouted bread toast w/ earth balance, 2 mugs of org. black coffee

    raw bar

    raw walnuts


    a few chocolate chips

    large-ola salad (arugula, celery, radish, red cabbage, pepper, onion, scallion, 1/2 avocado, agave mustard dressing)

    delicate squash w/ brown basmati rice, raisins, walnuts

    red wine

    miso soup w/tofu, seaweed, tsp sesame seeds

  11. 9-30-09




    Chest and Back---wow-that was tough and good...good and tough I guess I'll say. Great to be back on track for the most part. Big thing was going up to 30lbs on my Lawnmowers for 1 rep of 10 after a pretty solid 15 rep of 25lbs.







    Org Rolled oats, raisins, toasted walnuts, almond milk

    1/4 cup raisin brain, almond milk

    2 cups org. black coffee, 4 bites cherry pie

    1 apple, 1 date

    (workout 11:30)Emergen-C packet/water

    shake (strawberries, blueberries, banana, soy and rice protein, spirulina, unsw. rice milk)

    small bowl of tofu/udon/seaweed miso soup, some crackers

    tiny bowl roasted potato, beet, turnip mix

    red wine

    large marge salad(arugula, celery greens, spinach, celery, bell pepper, almonds, radish, agave mustard dressing)

    a few w.w. penne pasta noodles w/pesto

    herb tea


    3rd night of not eating a meal after 7....

  12. 9-29-09




    trying a dvd I picked up= beginning Tai Chi for 40 minutes. Never tried it before so it is a little confusing the more tired I was getting listening to the directions and trying to mimic the instructor's postures.


    yard work---stretching, squatting, pulling...stuff like that.


    Back to the beginning tomorrow---with Chest and Back.

    Still have to take pics and all that stuff. Thursday when M has off, we'll do all that so we can take similar shots as day 1. I HATE when the lighting is all dramatic in the "after" pics. So annoying. I want to make it as similar as possible and I look as pasty as I did then too---no miracle tan here.






    bowl of pineapple, 1/2 apple, kiwi

    raisin bran, unsw rice milk

    2 cups org. black coffee

    6 raw almonds

    1 banana

    small bowl of tofu/udon/seaweed miso soup, some crackers, red wine

    large parsley salad w/ onion, beet, red cabbage, 1/2 avocado, mustard agave dressing

    microwaved (we) veggie patty on toasted sprouted bread

    nibbled on raw bell pepper, arugula

    few bites of roasted potato, beet, turnip mix mmmm, 2 bites of cherry pie

  13. 9-28-09




    x stretch - needed that hour of stretching---so niiiice






    salad of fruit (pineapple, grapes, date, banana)

    bowl o' granola crumbs and multi grain squares, agave, almond milk

    2 cups org. black coffee

    handful of almonds and walnuts, raw

    bowl of Beet, Barley, Black Soybean soup, some crackers

    large parsley salad w/ red cabbage, onion, beets, olive oil, apple cider vinegar

    2 bite of a cliff bar

    handful of wheat thin type crackers, red wine

    (workout 10:00)

  14. 9-27-09




    and finally,

    Yoga X- good stuff, good stuff. I can hardly believe it, but I did waaay more pushups then ever during this workout...

    During every vinyasa thing they say, you may do a push up from plank to downward dog. Up until today I had

    gotten to about 5. It was an accomplishment that I had been able to do all of the Chaturanga moves…I attempted 22 pushups out of around 26 and I did it! This means I did around 48 push-up type moves. Yeah! Maybe having 2 days off was a good thing for my performance?

    Either way-I graduated p90x I guess!






    big fruits (pineapple, 1/2 apple, grapes, date, banana, shredded coconut)

    bowl o' granola, multi grain squares, agave, unsw rice milk

    less than a slice of sprouted bread, toasted w/ lil' Earth Balance

    6 raw almonds

    1/4 Kashi pizza

    2nd 1/2 order of Ma Po Tofu

    2 cups org black coffee

    1 date

    handful granola

    large salad

    a few spoonfuls of Beet, Barley, Black Soybean soup

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