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  1. 9-26-09




    bad food day-no raw veggies!!! no moves even worth mentioning~~NO WAIT- I did do 10 standard pushups just to see how well I would fare ---~ so like, these were my 2 days off before starting up my program

    again but I haven't officially ended until I do my last Yoga X tomorrow…..just bad timing with my schedule of having to go away for 2

    days. No biggie.






    1 banana

    1/2 banana choc. chip muffin

    3/4 kashi frozen veggie pizza

    2 cups black coffee

    Sun Chips

    1/2 order of Ma Po Tofu (spicy tofu and broccoli)

    red wine

    handful granola, 2/3 odewalla bar

    1 apple

  2. 9-25-09




    unintentional day off. Left for the day/night/next day w/o my dvd. this was going

    to be my LAST DAY of my first p90x! Yoga X is Postponed.






    fruit salad (pineapple, grapes, 1/2 orange, 1/2 apple, 1/2 plumcot, banana, shred. coconut)

    granola/multi grain squares, unsw almond milk

    2 cups org. coffee black, red. fat oreo

    sandwich-(sprouted bread, Field Roast slices, tomato, onions, arugula, Vegenaise)

    large salad (arugula, peas, onion, pepper, beets, Goddess Dressing)

    Thai restaurant - red curry tofu and potato

    1/2 banana choc. chip muffin

    Sun Chips

  3. 9-24-09




    core synergistics-my core thanks this dvd.






    fruit salad(pineapple, 1/2 apple, 1/2 orange, banana, grapes)

    granola/multi grain squares, unsw almond milk

    2 cups org. coffee black

    1/3 odewalla bar, date

    protein shake (soy protein, banana, strawberries, rice milk, rice protein, spirulina)

    large salad (arugula, cabbage,pepper, celery, onion, scallion, beet, peas, 1/2 avocado, agave mustard dressing)

    1/2 apple

    creamy broc. potato soup, small amount of crackers, and a dry"finger salad" (pepper,

    radish, etc) red wine

    few spoonfuls of Beet, Barley, Black Soybean soup and a few cracker

  4. 9-23-09




    Stretch X---(1 hour of stretching)


    I plan on taking a nighttime walk---for at least 1/2 hour to get the blood moving….






    large fruit salad (1/2 apple, 1/2 orange, 1/4 nectarine, grapes, pineapple, 1 banana)

    granola, agave, unsw almond milk

    2 cups org. black coffee, 1/2 ch chip cookie

    1 banana

    coconut date roll

    1/2 raw bar

    massive salad (greens, red cabbage, onion, celery, beets, pepper, cukes, a few crackers, agave mustard dressing)

    red wine

    creamy potato broccoli soup, open face sandwich (tomato, onion, 1 harvest slice, vegenaise)

    Clif bar

    herb tea

    water water water

  5. 9-22-09




    Kenpo---got a gooood sweat on out in the airless studio. We have made this workout 10 minutes longer as we feel the warm up

    is a bit inadequate…it's all good now.






    1 banana

    granola, agave, unsw almond milk

    coconut date roll

    2 cups coffee, 1 ch. chip cookie

    1 plumcot

    1/2 raw bar

    1 gigantic salad

    handful of multi grain chips

    grazed on dill, basil at farm

    2 cups creamy broccoli potato soup, red wine


    I have seriously upped my water intake---it's been really lacking as of late.

  6. Welcome!


    Most vegans that I know personally are not too keen on PETA nowadays. Also most have or would like to have companion animals(rescued) in their lives. The need is overwhelming. We have a cat rescued from the streets in Nova Scotia 15 yrs ago, a very needy kitty(very dog-like) from a shelter 8 yrs ago, and a sick/injured/starving* cat I found at the farm I belong to 10 months ago. I planned to foster that last kitty but....somehow she had other plans!


    *she's healthy now btw

  7. The reason I said about the week off is multiple people that I knpw that use that program do that so i thought it was part of the program. As far as yoga dvd's I like the shiva rea ones where you can create you own workout or do them as they are programmed. I have a few of those. I also like the Jivamukti ones that I have.



    Thanks! I so know absolutely NOTHING about yoga. I figure I'll see what the libraries have too.


    My husband doesn't want to take a week off I know that. I'd be good for a few days for sure but even tho it can be difficult to fit in at a decent hour... I don't want to break from the routine that I've established. It had been sorely missing from my life for sooooo long- gotta stay in da groove..... Whether I end up going for roller derby or not.


    I'm going to check out p90x Plus too tho I heard it isn't quite as intense or have the same "fun" quality.

  8. i thought that was part of the program where you take a week off and then start another tour of it.


    Well, you can certainly do that, but it isn't part of the program as stated in the given info booklet. We are definitely continuing in some

    capacity; modifying workout here and there...but not as we did on the initial run.


    I need to find some alternate Kenpo or related dvds....yoga....plyo too.

  9. 9-19-09




    walking---about 45 minutes thru my 'hood.


    Kenpo---yup. Gotta find some more DVD's like this. I really enjoy the movements. Feels really good afterwards too.






    1 banana, 2 dates, some blackberries and raspberries

    1 1/2 cup 7 grain cereal w/soy milk

    2 cups org. black coffee, 1 1/2 choc. chip cookies

    big salad (flat leaf parsley, cherry tomatoes, celery, carrot, broccoli, green beans, raw sunflower seeds, agave mustard dressing, sea salt & pepper)

    some Triscuit like crackers

    1/2 lara bar, handful of grapes

    (7:30 workout)

    handful walnuts

    some curried tempeh, some seitan beef and broccoli, brown rice, wheat berries, 2 tofu sushi roll pieces (from Whole Foods food bar)

    1 carrot, 1 celery stick, some beet and green beans, red wine, a few multi grain chips

  10. 9-18-09




    none today like last Friday. I just switched my "day of rest" with Saturday.






    2 bananas, 1 date

    1 cup 7 grain cereal w/soy milk

    sandwich (sprouted bread, basil, tomato, deli slices, Vegenaise)

    1/2 Cliff Bar

    some multi grain Sun Chips

    2 chocolate chip cookies from Joy of Vegan Baking, decaf black coffee

    1/2 Cliff Bar

    unmeatball sandwich, hearty salad (flat leaf parsley, cherry tomatoes, green beans, onion, hemp seeds, carrot, pepper, red cabbage, agave mustard dressing), red wine

  11. 9-17-09




    Legs and Back---feeling really good about this one! I felt fine except for when I was stretching at the end as my wrist has felt a little out since yesterday with different movements….. Weird that I didn't feel it during 8 sets of pull-ups!


    Again, I can't believe I did this 12 times already!!! Now I have to get busy and type out all of my results. I wish I knew of a good way/format to do so.






    1 apple

    1 1/2 cups 7 grain cereal w/almond milk

    2 cups org. black coffee

    handful of raw walnuts

    Luna Bar

    brown basmati rice w/ pinto beans and veggies (burrito filling sans tortilla)

    picked on a few herbs, cherry tomatoes, green beans, berries at farm

    2 dates

    (7:30 workout)packet of Emergen-C w/water

    shake (soy protein, soy milk, spirolina, 4 lg. strawberries, 1 sm. banana)

    2 stuffed manicotti (w/tofu ricotta), roasted eggplant and garlic scapes, 1 piece garlic bread on multi grain/seed baguette, big salad (arugula, broccoli, pepper, tomato,red cabbage, carrot, hemp seeds, agave mustard dressing, sea salt), and nooo big surprise: red wine

    a few berries

  12. 9-16-09




    Yoga X---finally w/ M again. I did 6 extra pushups so that's good….um, still difficult and wearing on my "boring nerve". Overall tho I'd say I did pretty well….like many parts of it…working on breathing a lot more.







    1 banana

    some org. crispy rice & puffed wheat cereal, soy milk

    2 cups org. black coffee

    brown basmati rice w/ pinto beans and veggies (burrito filling sans tortilla)

    handful of triscuit like crackers,a couple almonds, a few chocolate chips

    banana w/ Tbs almond butter

    2 dates

    (6:30 workout)

    2 stuffed manicotti (w/tofu ricotta), 1 piece garlic bread on multi grain/seed baguette from the farmers market, NICE big salad (arugula,

    broccoli, onion, pepper, tomato,red cabbage, hemp seeds, roasted pumpkin seeds, agave mustard dressing, sea salt), and big surprise: red wine


    I felt so empty and hungry for much of the day---even after my nice rice/bean/veggie meal! I was tempted to go extra bad but really, since I don't have anything

    in the house extra bad...'cept maybe for some chocolate chips, I couldn't. I prob. would've been satisfied with more fruit but the cupboard is bare except for some apples

    I just bought this afternoon from the farm market.


    Holy, that was a super-enjoyable dinner! I'll repeat it tomorrow but with roasted eggplant as I have a bunch from the farm....and I'll even eat before 8 pm=whooo hoooo!

  13. 9-15-09




    Ab Ripper--- abs burn, but no rip as of yet...


    Back and Biceps--- improving---I'll type out befores and afters later.






    1banana, 1 orange, some mango

    2 cups americano coffee

    different dry cereals w/almond milk and soy milk

    1 1/2 pieces of sprouted bread toasted w/ Earth Balance

    cliff bar & few chocolate chips

    2 dates, spoonful of roasted eggplant

    (7:30 workout)

    2/3 burrito w/brown basmati rice

    good sized salad (arugula, carrot, red cabbage, onion, hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, soy nuts, agave mustard dressing), red wine

  14. 9-14-09




    Plyo--- me-o----my-o. What a sweat fest.


    did not make up ab ripper…whoops. Well, tomorrow is the next scheduled day then.




    I can't believe that I am in week 12 (of 13 weeks) and my first round of this 90-day program is officially completed. I am starting

    to think about what to do upon completion. I am contemplating a fast before starting up again with a modified program. M won't be

    able to do a fast with his work schedule but I think I'd like to do it to get more focused on my eating....I'll have to think about it as the days creep

    closer. After all of my progress with building muscle, stamina, etc... I am a little hesitant...






    salad of the fruit (1/2 kiwi, pineapple, 1/2 pear, 1/2 banana, grapes, shredded coconut, 1 orange)

    my granola mixed with some puffed rice cereal, almond milk, agave

    2 cups org. coffee w/a little agave

    1/4 cranberry pumpkin muffin-taste not worth the calories and fat....squirrels got the rest

    7 raw almonds

    clif bar

    handful of crackers

    sandwich (stale baguette- multi grain, onion, avocado, 3 peppered tofurki slices, lt vegenaise)


    (6:15 workout) Emergen-C packet/water

    handful crackers

    picked on and tested fixin's for burritos I was creating

    9:30 1/3 burrito on sprouted tortilla (pinto beans, corn, zucchini, peppers, tomatilla,garlic, salsa, canola oil, cumin, sea salt)

    some brown basmati rice, some roasted eggplant/zucchini/garlic scapes, red wine

  15. moves


    Chest Shoulders and Triceps--- ugh this seemed extra hard today….maybe as I was out late using every bit of my energy last night and got 5 hours sleep? Well ,I mean I did everything the same or tiny bit better except for one exercise as my right elbow feels sore in certain positions. I had to break more. Saving the Abs for a morning "treat" tomorrow…haha.






    Salad of the fruit (1/2 pear, pineapple, 1/2 orange, 1/2 nectarine, red grapes, blackberries, 1/2 kiwi)

    Almond milk w/agave and my granola and 7 grain flakes

    1/2 cranberry pumpkin muffin/2 cups org. coffee

    org. corn chips w/guacamole

    small heal of the sprouted loaf of bread, toasted and spread w/ almond butter and strawberry jelly

    1/2 nectarine, grapes, date

    (6:30 workout) Emergen-C packet/water

    8:00 Soy protein shake w/almond milk, banana, orange. I miss my frozen berries! Not enough milk---thick and warm….it was a pudding- sorta. No you know what it looked like---wet plaster----I was just plastering my closet walls last week. Mmmmm protein plaaaaster.

    10:30 celery stick, 2 cups miso soup w/scallion

  16. 9-12-09




    Kenpo---I have to say I enjoyed doing this solo. I felt so good I could've kept going


    80's Dancing!----any witness will tell you I hardly ever stop (one must sip liquids you know). Almost 3 hours straight. Who knows-maybe I lost another pound despite my diet!


    I can safely say, since starting this program, I have lost 12 pounds now. I was on 10 and hovering around that number for a while but for the last few days I have checked seen a loss of 12 pounds. I would like to see myself dive into the 120's but we'll see….those muscles are building too...






    Fruit salad (1/2 orange, 1/2 pear, pineapple, grapes, blackberries, 1/2 kiwi, shredded coconut)

    my granola w/agave, unsw. almond milk

    3/4 banana blueberry muffin, 2 cups org. black coffee

    (3:30 workout) packet Emergen-C w/water

    some guacamole, handful org. corn chips, a few roasted pistachios

    5:30 pm : large salad (basil, dill, tomato, peppers, green beans, hemp seeds, red cabbage, carrots, celery, agave mustard dressing (sparingly)

    3 sm. triangles of toasted sprouted tortilla w/almond butter and lil' jelly

    2 cups of miso w/ scallion and edamame, 3 bites of bread w/ Earth Balance, small sweet potato-(blech-not a good one either)

    glass of wine

    (10:45-1:45---DANCE Dance DANCE-all nutty-like) 2 beers

    1/2 glass of wine, handful org. corn chips, lots o water

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