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  1. Hi there- So glad you are giving up on dairy...but don't forget, for a rare treat, vegan chocolate can't be beat. (I wasn't going for a rhyme, but I'll take it.) I love dark chocolate so much more than I ever loved milk chocolate.....so ya, it's a treat.
  2. welcome- I like your sense of humor! My husband is 6'4", 190, is an ectomorph and is not afraid to use things like quinoa, buckwheat, rice, w.w. pasta, and sprouted breads and so on to keep him more satiated and to help him bulk up some more. Oh, and we've learned to wait until all of the green has faded from the pineapple before cutting into it. Sweet tropical goodness!
  3. hey there - I can relate on several accounts to your frustrations... My husband (vegan for sure) is an ectomorph and can eat and eat and then eat some more (especially when he's in work-out mode). It's hard not to join in especially when I'm doing most of the food prep and it's so goood. I can agree with comments to suggest you switch up your routine so it's, I would say, less of "a routine" to keep your muscles guessing. It's working for me- S
  4. hey there- I just joined these boards. I've been only doing p90x for 3 weeks and see a difference. How did you do? It's rough----I actually had to stop for 4 days because I caught a virus but I'm starting up again tonight. I too wish I had your midsection. I'm short-waisted and just will never have that look. s
  5. Hi all--- I might as well come right out and say it....I'm (gulp) 40. I certainly don't act it.... thankfully, I don't feel it...and I don't want to look it (yet). First off, I turned vegetarian at 15, and went on to veganism at around age 24. I did so for ethical reasons but health was always important to me as well. I considered myself an athlete growing up -I played soccer since I was 9- I even won the Phys Ed Medal at my H.S. graduation so others must have thought me to be athletic too...BUT, even though I might have next to 0 physical activity for months and months at a time(years maybe?) , I STILL falsely think of myself as some sort of an athlete. I look around at other people in my age group and think-"hey, compared to _____, I'm not so bad, really." A real problem. Once I get motivated and moving, I am certainly healthier and happier...and my body actually starts to catch up with my active imagination. The same thing goes for eating patterns. I have learned that being vegan does not necessarily equal optimum health (but it easily can) and I have had periods of eating very very healthfully and then I slip a little here and there and it gradually I'm eating a vegan sugary dessert after each meal and I have gained 15 pounds without hardly noticing...(what the? those damned pants must have shrunk!) The last time I felt really good about my body was 2 1/2 years ago when my husband and I went on a fast (I've done them before) and we started eating as alkaline a diet as we could. I was mostly walking (some running), using a trampoline 4-5 x's a week for 30-45 minutes, and using 10 lb weights once in a while. I believe I got down to about 128 lbs.( I am 5' 7 1/2"). I don't know what my body fat % is. Well, as time slipped into the future, I slowly lost my focus and recently found myself to be at about 143 and just out of shape in general....and yes, 40. BTW- Problem areas are my thighs and butt....(too big)...and upper body (too small). WHERE I'M AT NOW: I've been taking steps for the past 3 weeks to get back into shape....shed some fat, gain some muscle and just gain that overall feeling of strength, control, confidence, and well-being. I started doing something that is so completely foreign to me...working out to a dvd program. I won't even say what it is because this is NOT an advert. After 3 weeks of struggling, I do see results. I have lost around 5-6 lbs. I already gained some muscle mass in my arms and shoulders and the abs are coming along I guess. Pants are fitting better too....hmmm I guess I didn't shrink them after all! I am doing this regime with my husband (also a vegan of 15 years) so that helps a lot with motivation. Just thought some outside help and inspiration from you guys couldn't hurt, right? More lofty goals: I want to be able to do a pull-up for the first time ever. Okay, might as well say unassisted pull-ups. I am doing them now with the help of a chair. I may even want to start doing roller derby and actually be competing in a sport again after all of these years! "Before and After Pics" I'll post in a few weeks for critiquing Hey, it's really cool to be here- s
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