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  1. He's saying more about his own competance as a trainer than he is about veganism.
  2. Oh, right. That shows how much interest I've got in bodybuilding if I hadn't even realised there were two vegan bodybuilding sites until now. Oh well, I'm here now. I'll just treat this site as an opportunity to post more pictures of myself in lycra on the web then.
  3. Before we start, I'd better make it clear that I'm not a bodybuilder, as this picture will show. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3559/3503048643_aa8a34c4ce.jpg I was concentrating so hard on flexin' the 'ceps that I forgot to suck my stomach in. 6'1", currently 100kg. No specific goal other than to lift more weight and ride my bike faster.
  4. Hi Robert My main reason for joining this forum was that I was trying to get a veganfitness stall at Bristol Vegan Fayre together and there wasn't a great deal of commitment from other VF members to make it happen. I got talking to Pete on the VBB stall at BVF and he ended up inviting me to help at any future VBB stalls. I think this would be a better plan. I'd rather be a minion helping someone else than have the responsibility of organising something myself anyway. Getting out there and showing that vegans can be big, fit, strong and fast is more important than loyalty to a website or forum. I think Vegan Runners are doing a great job in this respect and I'd like the opportunity to do the same for strength and other sports.
  5. 46 years old. Going a bit grey and loving it. Grey beards look cool. I'm definitely slowing down a bit and finding injuries take a lot longer to heal. I find I need longer to warm up as well. I can't just jump on my bike and race away, I need to gradually increase the pace over a couple of minutes.
  6. I keep claiming to be the UK's only vegan mountain bike racer in the hope that someone will prove me wrong. I've got three friends who have done one race each and one of them competes in trailquests (mountain bike orienteering), but I'm the only vegan I know who is regularly racing in MTB marathons. There's a group of us from the UK South West/Midlands who meet up once a month for a ride and there's been talk of getting a vegan team together for a marathon or having a go at downhill racing, but it hasn't happened yet. So, is there anyone else here racing ? Anyone in the UK interested in meeting up for a social ride or joining a marathon team for a 12 or 24 hour race ?
  7. Hi everyone, some of you might know me from veganfitness or veganforum. 46 year old male in to mountain biking and weightlifting. Powerlifting total = 350kg@100kg, so a long way to go there. Mountain biking; Best result: 15th out of 50 solo men at last year's Cheddar Bike Fest 10 hour race. Worst result: 101st out of 150 solo men at Mountain Mayhem 24 hour race. I slept for 6 hours.
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