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  1. Hmm, sorry I didnt see this thread sooner. Yup, I too have found that lately, when I eat some soy products like tofu and soy milk, I feel: !) Lethargic and irritable always right after and it lasts for a few hours or the rest of the day 2) My throat gets all scratchy and weird. I think I too developed a soy allergy, which sucks cuz I love Silk Choc Soy Milk.
  2. I absoluetly *****LOVE********* your avatar. Though I think your one doggie has mistaken your other doggie for a chair, kind of like my kitties mistake me for hammocks. It is awesome that your former omni hubby has an awesome vegan chef like you to cook for him! (lucky guy). If I lived in LA, I would totally hire you to teach me how to cook awesome vegan food that could blow my omni people away! Welcome to the board, and feel free to post some recipes when you get the chance.
  3. Driver, The key to retaining muscle while losing fat via a good cardio program and a calorie deficit, is to weight train. I cant overemphasize this enough. Weight train to retain maximum muscle tissue. That's all I have time to type right now, i am sure others will respond soon.
  4. anything with whey or casein and the like isnt vegan. Even soy protein shakes might have whey as one ingredient in them, so I would ask them if you could scrutinize the ingredient label of the powder they use. Or better yet, save your $, go home and make your own fully vegan and delicious shake.
  5. Who would have that that companies making and selling fruit juices (like Ocean Spray and Welch's) would secretly be torturing animals to sell fruit juice? !!! "Welch's Promises to End Deadly Animal Tests! Last year, PETA discovered that Welch’s was funding outrageous experiments on animals in order to make health claims about its products. It’s hard to imagine why a company that makes grape juice would be testing on animals, but what we learned was shocking. In one experiment, dogs’ chests were cut open to induce massive blood clotting, and a tube was then attached to their stomachs in order to pump them full of grape juice. Afterward, the experimenter collected blood samples by “fresh puncture” of the dogs’ hearts. In another experiment, hundreds of rats were poisoned with toxic chemicals, fed grape juice, and cut up to observe the effect that it had on their bodies. Those are just a few of the tests that were conducted on innocent dogs, monkeys, rabbits, and rats. Welch’s New Scientific Research Policy: “As scientific research capability is advancing rapidly, we believe it is appropriate to adopt the following formal policy on Welch’s scientific research … Welch’s will not fund animal research.” We were horrified to find out that a seemingly wholesome, family-friendly company like Welch’s would fund this kind of cruelty. We immediately wrote to Welch’s urging the company to abandon all tests using animals, but after receiving no positive response from the company, we had no choice but to consider launching a full-fledged boycott campaign. On May 5, PETA sent another letter to Welch’s giving the company one more chance to discontinue all support for animal tests. On May 16, PETA received a statement from the company saying that it would no longer fund or conduct any animal tests. This is a huge victory for animals who are being tortured and killed in laboratories, and it exposes how ridiculous the vivisection industry is as a whole—torturing dogs and monkeys to promote fruit juice! With this announcement, Welch’s joins other compassionate juice companies like Sunny D, Old Orchard, SunSweet, and many others that have signed PETA’s statement of assurance affirming that they do not fund or conduct any experiments on animals. Even though more sophisticated, accurate, and humane alternatives exist, some companies have refused to abandon their funding of cruel animal tests. Among these vivisecting juice manufacturers are Ocean Spray, POM Wonderful, and Tahitian Noni. PETA has urged these manufacturers to follow in the footsteps of Welch’s and put an end to their outrageous and ghastly experiments that kill animals all to increase fruit juice sales! Please contact these companies and let them know that you won’t support them until they take a stand and stop funding animal experiments. Visit this page to see how: http://www.caringconsumer.com/products_welchs.asp
  6. matt asked me to post this activist tip for all to read in case anybody hasnt thought of this already: often when the circus comes to town you will see coupons for it in piles around various cashier's station in drug stores and grocery stores. Anytime you see coupons and/or flyers for things that you find unacceptable (like circuses and rodeos), take as many of those flyers as possible and then, when you get home, throw em out! I always make sure I put the whole pile of circus flyers and coupons into my bag and then I throw them out, so fewer people get to see or use those flyers. If the cashier is there, then take as many as you think you can get away with, smiling and telling her that all your relatives want to go the circus and it is for your friends and family (obviously dont reveal your true intention of wanting to throw them out later!). There are so many ways you can engage in "mini activism" for animals, opportunities are all around us. Try to stay alert to the opportunities and use your imagination!
  7. http://www.nofoiegras.org/gallery/tube.jpg http://www.nofoiegras.org/gallery/dead.jpg http://www.nofoiegras.org/gallery/sick.jpg http://www.nofoiegras.org/gallery/dead-2.jpg http://www.nofoiegras.org/gallery/sick04.jpg http://www.nofoiegras.org/gallery/closeup.jpg Images from Farm Sancutary. Please help us raise awareness about foie gras and close the book on this barbaric practice. Visit http://www.nofoiegras.org/FGphotos.htm
  8. oh ya, and of course I upped the chocolate chip count bigtime
  9. I added a little mor oil, as well as a tablespoon of cocao powder and a couple of drops of peppermint essential oil and voila- double chocolate mint cookies.
  10. There have been some reports of people bathing their cats in essential oils, including citronella, and the cats have gotten really sick and died as a result. DONT DO THIS!! ALL essential oils, including cittronella, are HIGHLY concentrated and need to be diluted in a base. Even then, they may not be appropriate for animals - and that includes citronella. And the mixture should never be applied directly to the animals skin or fur. NEVER EVER TRY ANY HOME MADE REMEDY AT HOME WITHOUT RESEARCHING AND AND AND ASKING A VET. AND THEN DOUBLE CHECK AND ASK YET ANOTHER VET. Keep chemicals away from your animals and search out safer and more natural alternatives, but dont ever do anything without checking its safety with vets first! Otherwise, you could be putting your animal's life in danger.
  11. posted this in veganfitness and all other forums I am registered on. Thanks for posting it sea.
  12. Denise, Hugs, hugs and more hugs. You are such an inspiration to many people - healthy, strong, ambitious and compassionate. You are a perfect role model for your girls and it is sad that your family doesnt learn from your exceptional and healthy and strong example. I wish you strength and peace, always, and rant and rave anytime. That is what friends are for.
  13. I just tasted hemp oil for the first time if you could believe it, and I WAY prefer it to flax oil. Hemp oil has a slightly lemon taste to it, which I much prefer to Flax seed oil's nutty kind of taste. Is it just me or do you also get that slightly lemony taste from hemp oil? How about you? What do you like and why?
  14. Well, at least high raw anyway (I must have my pure trim shakes). Been thinking about it for a while, but after finding this site www.greenchefs.tv and seeing all the delicious raw recipes, with step by step instructions AND pictures (some even have video of the chef actually preparing it step by step), I cant resist. I never really knew that "raw" could still mean so much variety, from raw pasta to raw chocolate mouse cakes to raw mango ice cream to raw stuffed mushrooms, and the list goes on at that site. ya, so I am going raw vegan in three weeks (as soon as I get some academic stuff out of the way). And I would like to stay raw for the rest of my life, primarily in the hopes of looking 40 when I am 60 and having a youthful healthy body. Can somebody give me one good reason not to go raw? I challenge you to find one good, serious reason not to go high or full raw. There simply are no cons to going raw, right?
  15. you could also just pack plastic forks and knives and then throw em out when you are done (I know that isnt environmentally friendly, but hey, your vegan - you do your part for the environment and thensome!). That is what I used to do when I didnt want to bring actual/regular silverware. Just pack the plastic kind. I am sure you already thought of that though so I am afraid I havent been much help here. I agree with the vega bar suggestion and also how about some trial mix, like some dried fruits and nuts? Good luck, and be sure to get plenty of rest. Workin three jobs aint easy and will surely run you down.
  16. Citronella. Insects hate citronella. ALso, to be sure though, on how much of it to spray on a collar, etc etc etc. I would recommend you search the net and try to find a vet in your area that practices alternative/natural/holsitic veterinary medicine. he will be able to give you exact instructions and measurements regarding the citronella. And thanks for going the natural route, because those traditional chemicals are POISON POISON POISON for you and your feline baby. But ya, citronella. Research it a bit more. YOu may even possibly find a citronella natural flea shampoo for your kitty to wash him with it. Meanwhile, i will post your question on another board and see what other advice I get from other kitty parents, so check back on this thread next week.
  17. Today while I was driving on a very busy road today I noticed a lil doggy running frantically onto oncoming traffic I put my car in park, jumped out and chased him off of the road and finally caught up with him on a side street/park area after the lil guy couldnt run anymore. I scooped him up and took the little guy to the shelter, after I gave him a alrge bowl of water which he gulped like it was going out of style. he was the sweetest black little doggie. As terrified as he was he never growled or barked at me and he literally weighs the size of a grapfruit. I cant take him, as my cats have issues and I cant afford another animal right now. Is there any Torontonian on this board that could make room in his heart and home for this sweet sweet little guy? Please let me know. He deserves to be with people as awesome as the ones on this board - not some stranger that might adopt him and then not love him as much as he deserves to be loved. he would be great with kids and other doggies.
  18. Welcome Kat. That is such a tragedy to me, I could just imagine how your parents feel. Doesnt your brother love animals? I assume you were all raised to love them and think of them as friends instead of food. WHat do you think made your brother go omni? Maybe he needs to watch www.meetyourmeat.com Welcome to our community. It is an honour to have you!
  19. i took the test and it said i busted the vain meter
  20. There is abolsulety positively NO SINGLE SOLITARY JUSTIFICATION FOR ANIMAL SLAVERY FOR THE SAKE OF HUMAN ENTERTAINMENT. It is thus beyond shocking that not every single civilized city has yet to ban circuses and rodeos from their city limits. Only a tiny fraction has. The city of Vancouver in Canada is one of these more progressive cities. As of May 16, 2006, Vancouver has banned rodeos! They are the first city in Canada to do so. The Vancouver Humane Society hopes to send a message to other Canadian cities that the rodeo is "no longer acceptable in modern society" and that Vancouver "will no longer tolerate the use of animals as entertainment". SO this one is for you, Vancouver. Thanks for doing right by the animals. Meanwhile, the city of Toronto has just started this stupid rodeo s**t. This one is for you Vancouver
  21. dorothy, How in the world did you sense/know, at age 4, that circuses were NOT good for animals? ADULTS cant even figure that one out and you knew at age 4? That is damn amazing. Surely you have educated your mom on many animal rights issues that she was previously ignorant of? Like circuses??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. http://www.wildatheart-online.com/sitebuilder/images/ElephantInChains-500x288.jpg THIS IS WHAT GOES ON BEHIND THE SCENES, OUT OF THE RING. THIS IS WHAT THE ANIMALS GO THROUGH. Don't believe the lies circuses will tell you about how they treat their animals "like family". Absolutely NO animal circus is humane. These animals perform out of fear. There is no such thing as "positive reinforcement" when it comes to training wild animals to do senseless tricks. Elephants are regularly beaten with bullhooks, bears have their noses broken, and the animals are continually electrocuted with prods. All circus animals spend most of their lives in chains or cages, sometimes even up to 23 hours a day. There is no happy sanctuary where they go when they are not performing. The majority of circus animals die long before their life expectancy is up. Be compassionate and do not support circuses that continue to exploit and abuse animals. CRUELTY IS NOT ENTERTAINMENT. OVER 8O BULLETS WERE SHOT INTO THIS ELEPHANT AFTER SHE MADE A BRAVE ATTEMPT TO ESCAPE FROM THE SLAVERY CALLED CIRCUS. SHE DIED, BUT NOT BEFORE SHE SUFFERED AND TRIED FIGHTING FOR HER LIFE. THE RED YOU SEE ALL DOWN HER LEG IS BLOOD. THE ANIMAL WAS STILL WEARING THAT RIDICULOUS TIARA AT THE TIME OF HER EXECUTION!!!!!!!!!! http://www.wildatheart-online.com/sitebuilder/images/elephant-ent-03-500x333.jpg http://www.wildatheart-online.com/sitebuilder/images/CircusElephants-500x294.jpg http://www.wildatheart-online.com/images/manhandle.jpg ---------------- link: http://www.wildatheart-online.com/contactus.html
  23. thanks loveliberate. bumping this up as I have only heard back from sport. I know there is more than one Torontonian on these boards. Come on, guys!
  24. http://www.zendik.org/new1/images/newzf/Music-just-Born-(1).jpg When was the last time you stole his mother's milk? Calves as young as the little one above are, within hours of being born, ripped away from the warmth and nurturing of their mothers and sent to a veal crate to spend his short life confined and lonely so people could 1) drink milk that was intended for this little guy and 2) eat this little guy (i.e. "veal"). Both mothers and calves bellow (cry) when separated and long for each other thereafter. If the calf is female, then she is destined to the same miserable existence as her mother - being constantly inseminated via rape rack and kept lactating until she is "spent", at which time she will be shipped off to the slaughterhouse to be, in all likelihood, subjected to freightening brutality, where she will hear the terrifying screams of her friends before it is her turn to die.... so humans can enjoy dairy, a steak or hamburger. It is so tragic to me that this beautiful, voiceless and innocent life form is seen, in this effed up world, as a commodity to be exploited rather than a precious life to be respected. GO VEGAN.
  25. Jonathan: I had never seen a pic of you when you were that skinny and I just about fell off my chair.
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