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  1. teany, Please dont feel like you cant come here and just vent, rant or blow off some negativity or tell us that the world sucks for you today. We all have those days. In fact, I am having a freakin WEEK of feeling down, really stressed, hating the world, etc etc etc. Hence my rant in the work related stress category - if I didnt post that I think i would have seriously had a nervous breakdown. Anyway, please dont let those kind of days get you down and permanently derail your efforst. Understand that changing your body will not happen overnight. I know you know this already but you have to keep going even when you think you are getting nowhere. you WILL achieve your goals. And we will be cheering you on every step of the way. I have always hated working out with other people, cuz people generally annoy me. I like putting my cd player on with some nice loud music that gets me to that "zone". Do you not enjoy working out to loud music? Also, I dont cant recall your routine but remember that if you want to change the shape of your body, weight lifting is key. Cardio alone wont do it. And need that calorie defiicit (sorry if this is stating the obvious to you). Vent anytime.
  2. Rob, quite plainly and simply, you are an inspiration and a virtually impeccable representative of veganism and all it means. Actually, you are virtually an impeccable representation of all it should mean to be human, never mind vegan!! You rock. Always have, always will. And the animals are damn lucky to have you. I dont think you have ever for even one moment been anything but a valuable friend to them and a valuable asset to their cause. I know these are general comments and dont really address the website, but they remain true nevertheless. I havent checked out the site yet really.
  3. www.femfatalities.com Kathryn O'hagan = moron. so much for phD's. I guess she is illiterate because she obviously hasnt read up on the background and alternatives to her pregant rabbits on treadmills. $200, 000 to unnecessarily torture rabbits. Thanks, but dont use me as a reason for doing so!
  4. http://www.goveg.com/f-smithfields.asp?int=weekly_enews Not even peta - being local to the area- was able to help, and, to any free rangers reading this, note that even free range animals often dont avoid the nightmarish truck ride to the slaughterhouse and the brutality and fear they experience from the moments they walk into one. Appaulled? Slightly disturbed? Something in your gut making you feel uneasy, sad, queezy? Do you realize that something has gone terribly wrong here? Here is a solution: go. friggion. vegan. This has been a hard day of activism. I have seen photos of puppies dead and dying, sick and languishing in their own excrement, and this is all happening only 4 hours away from me as we speak. Anyway, the link above doesnt have anything to do with the mill. I am posting to vent my stress and frustration (hence the chosen category under which i posted this) and clueless moronic omnis who say stupid s*** like "dont tell me cuz I want to keep eating dead animals." They then plug their ears with their fingers and start chanting over and over :I cant hear you I cant hear you I cant hear you. (This didnt actually happen but I am just blowing off some steam here in this safe category). I had to post this or I think today is the day that I would have suffered a nervous breakdown. http://www.goveg.com/f-smithfields.asp?int=weekly_enews And that is the same company by the way whose CEO, in an attempt to try and explain the stats of why vegans are generally healthier than their meat eating counterparts, said: "Meat eaters suffer from more disease than vegans because of all the stress and grief they get from vegans for eating meat." I would say that the only beings that are really stressed out (what an understatement) are the pigs in that truck in the link above. What kind of monsters are we that we can still support these companies and rationalize our support of them so matter-of-factly? ughh
  5. You are right, the word guilt was in my original post - sorry about that! I have my hands full with a major puppy mill campaign so I really cant engage any further here. I will briefly and for the last time address your points. The first is your last point about PETA consulting with experts to find the most humane way to kill lobsters, and this animal welfarism being somewhat relevant. Surely you realize that what is most relevant and important is the outcome of PETA's inquiries, not so much the welfarist inquiries themselves. My point then, and I dont understand why I keep having to repeat this, is that the bottom line of PETA's welfarist inquiries is that there is no humane way to kill a lobster. That is what we have learned and that is what I have been trying to get across. if there is no humane way to kill a lobster, the bottom line then is that animal welfare advocacy isnt all that relevant to the lobster issue. Your first post in this thread described this sleeping method and then said "I wonder if this is really possible..." and said you would be interested in finding out. You did NOT say that you would be interested in finding out if this method was "real" - your words were "I wonder if this is really possible..." Aplain meaning construction of those words suggest that you wonder if it is really possible to put a lobster to sleep before boiling her, and for her to stay asleep while she is being boiled. In other words, you are not sure if this sleep method works. Then in your second post you changed your mind from the above "I wonder if it is really possible (to put a lobster to sleep before boiling it and presumably the possibility of her to stay asleep) stance, and made the comment "I apologize that I didn't include the disclaimer that I don't believe it to be humane." Either you were being sarcastic, or, on a plain meaning interpretation, this means that you dont believe it to be humane (i.e. you dont believe that it works as far as being "humane" goes). And then you change yet again and this time say that you never said whether you believed that it worked or didnt worked, only that you wondered if this "method" was "real" as in 'actually practiced.' With all due respect, that is bullocks. Your words are there and they are pretty unambiguous, especially when placed in the context of the rest of your posts, so I am not going to play semantic acrobatics with you here as it sounds to me like that is what you are now trying to do. Sorry if that sounds harsh. I am not going on about this with you anymore, so you can have the last word.
  6. Nice work so far teanyrican. keep us informed.
  7. JW is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome back, my compassionate friend. I wish those bear hunters had accidentally shot each other
  8. Pursuant to a recent post, there is a 3 million dollar a year puppy mill operation going on in Quebec. Local activsist have tried in vain for over a year to get justice for these animals and bring down the operators of this puppy mill but to no avail. The SPCA has refused to get involved, advising activists that "it is too big, leave it alone." I suspect that this puppy mill is mob operated, and one of the biggest puppy mills in Canadian history. This is big guys. There is a demo planned for May 28th. I will be going to this, and am urging (begging) all Toronto vegans to come with me (i will drive). We need alll the help we can get in bringing this to the attention of the appropriate people who WILL take action. Please pm if you will help save these 400 puppies from their hellish circumstances and bring this mob run puppy mill down. Thanks.
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  10. Evan I understand every bit of your ethical vegan frustration.
  11. see blue Did you read the entire thread? The whole devil's advocate thing...? The whole lessening suffering thing? I stand by my reasoning. My preference is to not have them die at all. But if I can't keep them from dying, then I would want them to die as painlessly as possible. If I know of a way for them to die painlessly, then I would let people know. yes I did read the entire post, and I still dont understand what the point of playing devil's advocate was in this situation where the information with which you played devil's advocate is incorrect, and especially where you acknowledge that you youself dont think the sleep method works. You reiterate above that you would want them to die as painlessly as possible if you couldnt prevent their murders. I understand that. But did you read my post ? What has been the whole point of my original and subsequent post in this thread is that there is no way to kill a lobster "painlessly." Do you think piling on the guilt does? Serious question. I don't believe it does. It is interesting that you used the word "guilt." I simply spoke of educating people with accurate information. If telling people the truth about meat gives them feelings of guilt, well then perhaps there is a reason why they feel guilty for eating animals. Reasonable people have, and will continue to, hear the message and act accordingly. We see this everyday with new vegans. Nevertheless, these are hard questions with even harder answers. I am not discounting what you say below as lacking merit, but understand that that welfare approach has significant drawbacks and does nothing to oust the orthodox and deeply ingrained view that animals are objects to be exploited. In fact, it serves to reinforce that view and foster unjustified moral complacency. Instead of telling those people that we think will not go vegan or not go vegan overnight to eat "free range", "humanely" raised animals, for example, the animals might be better served by telling these people to eat less meat. I think that if you can get people to start to think of their food as an animal worthy of compassion first, you are more likely to have them follow through with the next (reasonable) thought - that it is wrong to kill them for food at all. That no doubt is true when it comes to some humans, but the drawbacks may outweight the benefits to be gained from this approach, as per above. It is interesting to note that it is generally harder, from my experience and from those of other activists, to convince a "free ranger" to go vegan than it is to convince an omni to go vegan. Why do you think that is? The world will not become vegan in our life time. Let me quote from Lee Hall to respond to that argument: "We just don’t need to buy what animal agribusiness is selling. If we’re agreed on this point, good. Expect a whole lot of people (especially the ones with a penchant for goat cheese) to try to argue you out of it. It’s unreasonable to believe that the consumption of animals will end in their lifetimes, they’ll say — you utopian, you. But it can end in their own lifetimes, and that’s what it takes. If we put our energy where our vision is, reasonable people can consider the message and act accordingly. Each one who does makes a revolutionary change, and it’s a matter of plain and simple sanity to start a revolution that arrives at respect for other beings and our global commons." Different tactics work on people differently. Yes, that is certainly true. For example, some people respond more to gentle persuasion, while others respond to shock tactics, while yet others respond to seeing the health benefits of veganism, etc etc. But in whatever tactic we choose, I think we owe it to animals to always understand and remain mindful of its pitfalls so we can properly assess whether the perceived or presumed benefits arent actually outweighed by those drawbacks. And lastly, millions and millions of dollars and decades later, the welfarisst tone of the animal protection movement has made relatively small gains. In fact, the record is embarassing. That fact alone should, at the very least, give us pause. At any rate, this debate is turning into a rights versus welfaren approach to veganism debate and that is really off topic from this point of this thread - there is no humane way to kill lobsters, so this whole rights versus welfare approach isnt even really applicable to this particular thread. We both have the same goal. Your method of spreading the word is different than mine.
  12. It was not a "lecture" meant for you (i.e. a vegan). The purpose of posts/threads like this is to inform and educate people (primarily lurking omnis) about the impact of their food choices. And the education in this thread is that there is no humane way to kill lobsters. if you also believe that the "sleep method" isnt humane, then I dont understand what the point of raising it was - it will just serve to fuel the misconception that 1) lobsters dont feel pain and 2) they can thus be killed humanely. My goal is to try and eliminate these misconceptions that conveniently 1) advantage these industries, 2) make people feel less guilty about their food choices, and 3) represent a huge injustice to animals by spreading lies about their reality. If you want people to see veganism in a good light, I dont understand how you think that searching for and/or presenting to omnis a humane way of eating lobsters accomplishes that goal. You dont steer people in the direction of veganism when you do that - you make them feel less guilty about killing and eating animals which gives them even less incentive to go vegan. It is the all too familiar perennial debate about whether we should be encouraging "free range" to those people whom in our opinion would "never go vegan." telling people the truth about meat (i.e. that free range, humane, bla bla bla are not as humane as these "humane" industries would have us believe, and there still remains, with these "humane" types of agriculture, the hellish brutalities that await animals at the slaughterhouse no matter how much better their lives may have been before) while at the same time showing people how healthful, and delicious vegan cuisine is, may do a better service to animals than would pushing these "humane" alternatives. And it certainly wouldnt cast veganism in a bad light, which is a fair concern. So returning to the purpose of this thread, which was to get to know lobsters better and to empathize with them, lobsters are sensitive animals, possibly even more sensitive to pain than humans, and tehy are also monogomous animals in that they mate with one lobster and stay only with that lobster for their entire lives. These creatures, in other words, that we torture and kill for 20 minutes of gustatory pleasure, seem to be even more loyal and faithful to their partners than some humans. get to know lobsters - they are amazing and deserve to live, not be killed "humanely". I believe we owe it to these innocent and defenseless creatures to make known to their oppressors their personalities, natures, idiosyncracies and physiological realities.
  13. Don't really know - never tried it, and never will! I would think I would wake up if I was placed in a pot of boiling water too, but does a lobster react the same way...? Maybe the mechanism is similar to the way some people can walk across coals and not burn their feet. no offense plc3 but that seems ridiculous to me. Animal welfare groups have tried researching ways to humanelyu kill lobster for a while now, working in conjunction with lobster experts. Their conclusions have been unequivocal - there is NO humane way to kill lobsters, lobsters DO ABSOLUTELY feel pain, and in fact they may even be MORE sensitive to pain than we humans. And they would definitely wake up when drowned in boiling water as would you or I. Lobster is one of the cruelest menu items ever. The animals suffer tremendously, and frankly, it is beyond me that humans - omni or not- can have the heart to take a living breathing animal and throw it into a pot of BOILING water and shut the pot lid so the animal cant crawl out. Just the other day I had just a lil bit of boiling water slash on my arm and DAMN it freakin hurt. Let us just try to empathize for a minute with lobsters. Imagine somebody taking your head and forcing it into a pot of boiling water and holding it there so you cant take it out!!!! I cant imagine just how excruciatingly painful that would be - it defies words I am sure. Help me raise awareness about these unusual and sensitive creatures.
  14. drooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg must. get. me. some. of. that. cake.
  15. Congrats and I wish you and your fiance continued health and happiness (and compassion of course!).
  16. feel better soon evan. you need to rest a lot.
  17. I like that Will. Simple and elegant and to the point and very matter - of - fact.
  18. yup - it is freakin poison. And we are the only ridiculous species that consumes the dairy of another species even in adulthood. Morons.
  19. Well then that is horrible. To take butterflies and insects that are minding their own business and suffocate them so they could be exihibited? Nu huh- that wont be getting my support. I totally agree with what crashnburn said. Thanks for clarifying college B. Bigwbii i know how much you love and respect nature so I am sure you didnt know what the deal was - i certainly didnt before I read collegeb's post!
  20. Bigwbii, So instead of vinegar, is it healthier to use lemon juice in your opinion? if vinegar is poison because it is highly acidic, then so lemon juice wouldnt it? dumb questions i know
  21. hey DanDz!!!!! so nice to hear from you!!!!! congrats on the wedding. hugs natalie
  22. Not offended, just sad if the butterflies were murdered.
  23. i know i love you already. And welcome to VB&F. There are a few more girly girl vegans here that will be most pleased to make your girly girl acquaintance. Since you are a new member, I beleive a party is in order: Be sure to check out the numerous really cool emoticons we have.
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