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  1. HI DanDz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was elated to see your post. I am so releived to know that you are still a part of our team, and that you haven't forsaken us!!! Congrats on the house, and I so agree about your description of veganism as the "God intended diet". Many meat eating Christians like to convenietnly forget that the Garden of Eden, God's original plan and idal vision, was VEGETARIAN/VEGAN!! They only like to accept and believe what came after the fall of mankind in the bible. I firmly believe that God, if he walked among us, would be a vegan and I think it is absurd that anybody could suggest otherwise with a straight face!! Anyway all that is a different story. Jmaybe I will start a separate thread on it this week. Just wanted to say that your post made my day!!!!! Please post more often again like you used to! natalie
  2. Isn't there any way to put a filter or something on the drains so no more animals fall in them?
  3. Is Seitan a COMPLETE protein? I need accurate info on this question cuz my research has yielded differing answers. Also, Brendan, is the texturized vegetable protein you use a complete protein? thnx, nat
  4. You got my name right COmpassionategirl or cgirl or cg or nat or natalie. any of the above work
  5. ya know what. IT is hard to get people to acknowledge that animals have rights not to be exploited. BUt so long as the guy doesn't abuse his chickens, treats them well, isn;t going to eventually eat them or sellthem to soembody who will, and they are all happy chickens, then I am happy. I am tired of going the whole animals rights route because it is a hard sell to many people that animals have rights like people do. It needn't be about rights. IT is as simple as compassion and empathy. You follow those two principles in life and you cannot go wrong. Rights talk is threatening to people for some reason. We need to do what works - what will get people consuming less animals. if we demand perfection, otherwise sympathetic people might feel that they will never measure up to that standard and so why even bother trying at all. Hence, we will have lost a potential vegetarian or strict vegetarian. NOt good from the animals perspective.
  6. I SO agree with that College B. There is NO excuse for the entire world to stop eating animals, right here, and right now. IT is NOTHING to ask people to go at least vegetarian. It is utter human gluttony and slefishness that prevents peopel from going veg. I wish people at least had the balls to admit that to themselves instead of trying to come up with stupid justifications for murdering animals for food.
  7. People who hate vegans (Like the rednecks that are emailing you) hate vegans because they represent an uncomfortable and inconvenient choice: change your lifestyle, or your self-image. vegans command the ultimate respect - they are the most altruistic, gentle lifestyled people on the face of the earth, living there lives in a manner that MINIMALLY impacts other beings and the planet. They are also great humaniatrians, because there lifestyle is most conducive to feeding starving world populations (meat eating directly contributes to world hunger). In short, there is nothing to hate about them and EVERYTHING to admire about them. So next time anybody is confronted with a ignorrant, selfish, self-indulgent fool who says he "hates vegans" - tell him all of the above, which should shut him up!!! Even when I was a meat eater, at least I was honest with myself. I always thought that vegans were people that everybody should aspire to be.
  8. Wow , Corey, thanks!!! I have definitely missed chicken salad (but too bad for my tastebuds because the suffering of nine BILLION chickens a year is more important than what my tastebuds miss!!!) So, I would LOVE to try that seitan chicken salad recipe. I'm gonna make it this Friday. I'll tell you how it goes. My mouth is watering just thiking about it!!! Thanks again for taking the time to write all that out. You rock.
  9. So you have direc personal experience (or know somebody who does) with what animal righst groups have been trying to tell people for years: the ONLY thing the meat industry cares about is its profits - NOT consumer health, and least of all, the HUMANE killing of animals. THis is why we say that chicken and pigs are frequently scladed ALIVE - because do you think that they are going to stop the killing line in order to make sure one animal, who was not properly stunned, does not suffer??? Of course not. And many animals are not properly stunned and are therefore drowned in scaldig water while fully alive. And the company doesn't give a shit. NOt even about contaminated meat and consumer health. I get so frustrated with human stupidity and I actually know a very smart and otherwise decent girl who loves pets that actually said to me: "Evil is subjective. I don't think the meat industry is evil. If it was evil, I wouldn't support. You just say it is evil because you think people should be vegetarians." HHHHEEEEEELLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO???? Can you seriously be so stupid as to think that the meat industry isn't evil? Friggin morons. YOu continue to delude yourselves while the animals pay the price of your wilfull stupidity. Get real people. There are few industries in the world that are as EVIL - plain and simple - as the meat industry, which doesn't give a flying f^%k about human health and consumer safety, let alone basic decency towards the animals from whom they make their blood money. There have been countless NEWS documentaries here (not even filmed by animal rights people, but rather, filmed by conservative news journalists who aren't even vegetarian) that have shown animals being butchered on dirty floors with dull, RUSTY blades, etc. all caught on news tape. All this puts consumer health at risk, not to mention how painful it must be for the animal who is being cut up while stile alive with a DULL knide!!!!! Humans are idiots. What's it gonna take for people to GET REAL and see things for what they reallly are? Your not going to die if you stop eating meat, but you can bet your bottom dollar that if you don't stop eating meat, it is what will probably kill you in the end, either through disease, contamination, etc. So to everybody who is not even vegetarian yet - do you yourself a favour and stop supporting an industry that is going to lead to the demise of your health, and the planet!!! Raising animals for food is KILLING our environment. WE cannot live without a planet in tact people. Think about future generations and be a little less selfish. okay I am all fired up and pissed off now I am tired of human stupidity and selfishness!!!!!
  10. I love Seitan too, but I cannot cook it if my life depended on it, Please share your recipe. Also, I have eaten seitenm when I have gone out to vegan restuarants, but everytime I have tried it , it has a little bit of a raison bready kind of taste. Is this with all seitan or maybe just the way the restaurants cook it here?
  11. That kind of ignorrance, especially from educated people who you would think have common sense, pisses me off. Its not even ignorrance; its willful blindness. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that in an environment like a slaughterhouse, all KINDS of sadistic abuse of animals is more likely than not to be happening. Honestly, it is COMMON SENSE to figure that, since the workers there are pretty desensitized to buthcering, death, and terriried and ssqueeling animals (you would HAVE to be desensitized to be murdering terrified animals (although in this case legally sanctioned) from 9 to 5 or whatever. SO take a whole bunch of desensitized slaughterhouse workers, put them in a room with struggling and squeeling animals that are probably fighting until their last breath (and thereby giving the slaughterhouse workers a "hard time" in their own words), and add the fact that it is behind CLOSED doors, out of the public's sight and mind, and what are you likely to get? Animal abuse, and even worse but just as likely, sadistic animal cruelty. Tell that moron of a doctor that undercover video footage of sadistic abuse of animals by slaughterhouse workers is ABUNDANT. SO if he cannot come to the above conclusions based on common sense (common sense dictates that desensitized butchers + sturggling and kicking animals + a closed door environment= certain animal abuse and sadistic cruelty). If he doesn't have this much common sense and needs actual proof, there is lots of it out there, KFC and Pilgrim's Pride, and that supposedly KOSHER slaugherhouse (cannot remember the name) being a perfect example, where cows had their throats ripped right out while they were still conscious by slaugherhouse workers in a KOSHER slaughterhouse!!! But c'mon people, none of that is necessary. Use your common sense to figure out what kind of evil lurks in those atmospheres. They are not exactly staffed by soft and kind hearted, merciful people. It ain't rocket science, so your doctor is a friggin moron, and I cannot believe how somebody that obviously lacks common sense and rational thought could have made it through medical school!!![/u]
  12. Hey Bighead, If you are interested, you can find my advice on reducing body fat levels while retaining lean muscle in the thread called "My two cents on fitness" under the "fitness and training" category. Let me say though that I am not certified. I have shared what I have seen works from personal experience and from research. It applies to all ages, male or female. The basic principles are the same, if your goal is to trim dowm bf without also losing lean muscle. If you have any questions, pm me or post them. I will do my best to help. Nat P.S. Congratulations on being cruelty-free for ten years!! Wow that is quite a feat!!!
  13. As somebody who who loves ice cream, cake, etc. I know what your vegetarian friends mean. I can relate. BUT you might want to suggest doing what I first did, in my move towards veganism: suggest that they replace milk with soy milk in things like smoothie and proteins shakes, cause you REALLY cannot tell the diference once other ingredients are mixed into it. I myself don't like the taste of straight soy milk, but when mixed with other stuff, you cannot taste the soy. IT tastes just fine. Ask them, as the second step closer to veganism, to give up eating at least "staright eggs". i.e. egg omelletes, eggs for breakfast, etc. So at least this way, they would be dramatically reducing the support they give to the battery egg farm and veal industries (people often think that milk is a byproduct of the veal industry - it is actually the other way around - vela is a byproduct of the milk industry. So by consuming less milk, they would be dramatically reducing support for veal (which, even non-vegetarians finds appalling and cruel). So basically, ask your veg friends to at least not do any more "straight eggs" or "milk". This, you can explain, would drmatically reduce the suffering of animals which they contribute to. I find that it is, afterall, easy to talk to ethical vegetarians beeeause obviously they are receptive to ideas of compassion and morality, and cruelty issues in the egg and dairy industries. You might also want to have them try vegan cakes and cookies too. Some are so delectable!! That way, it doesn't seem so extreme. That is how I approached it anyway, and it didn't seem very extreme at all. Once you plant seeds in this small way, people's consciousness usually evolves from there pretty quickly and easily on there own.
  14. That is a good reply. I would add that animals are created equal in that a pig is no less sentient than a dog (the pig is actually a smarter animal too, not that intelligence should matter, only sentience should matter). So, it is just as wrong to eat a pig as it is to eat your own pet. People usually respond to this by saying that "Ya, but food animals are bred for that reason." I say, as an intelligent person, I find that to hardly be an acceptable, let alone compelling, explanation. YOur points are all good points skinny!!
  15. Great idea hero. Also, I would add that the charts contain the nurtitinal numbers of th foods as well, so say for 1/2 of green peas, how many grams of protein, carbs, fats, etc. In terms of classification, if a food is primarly a fat source like peanuts (79% of calories from peanuts come from Fat, and only 16% from peanut) then it would be listed under the "fats" category. Anyway, does that make sense or am I just rambling nonsense ? Oh what the hell...
  16. Sure. please do email him if you wouldn't mind (I'll take that as a b-day gift!!) . What I would like you to specifically ask is whether he had any effect or influence on Prince's veganism? Perhaps Prince consulted him for advice? That would be interesting to know. I am going to hold you to this so make sure you send that email. I'll keep bugging you about it
  17. I agree Rob. It is a compliment in that it shows how a hard working vegan can get ripped and big enough so as to look like you must have juiced, even though you know that you didn't. Its like somebody guessing that you are younger than your age, or that your fake tan was a natural tan and th eperson thought you went on vacation but your vacation was a tanning bed! KNow what I mean?
  18. OMG you MUST tell me more. Prince currently resides in Toronto, about 10 minutes from where I live. Of course, his house is all gated and stuff obviously. Anyway, was this neighbour his Torontp neighbour, or was he Prince's neighbour when Prince used to live in the States? Did you know that Prince himself was vegan too (although I doubt he was raw)?
  19. Hi Cory, Gosh your so pretty. Anyway, ya I know it sucks that we all live so far away from each other. The feeling grows even more depressing as your friendship with everybody on the boards begins to grow. It would be so wicked if we all lived in the same city, or even better, the same block!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh the mischief.... Looking forward to getting to know you better, and your friend Brendan is hot. nat
  20. Lelle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I missed you. Where have you been? Hope everything is okay.
  21. Where are you DanDz? Still can't find veganbear, vegmike or jimvegan on these boards yet either Maybe they are averse to change ? (i.e. the new forum layout?) Or, maybe they are doing their usual and wonderful work of rescuing animals, in which case, we forgive you for abandoning us, cuz the animals must come first.
  22. I haven't read a full biography on him either, so my info could be wrong (i hope it is). It is just stuff that I read on the net about him. If I find the link, I will post it for you. P.S. Prince's recklusive and eccentric nature are sexy in my eyes.
  23. HHHHHHEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! What do you mean Prince is a nut? I demand an explanation! Albert Schweitzer, from what I know about him, was indeed an aawesome and kind man and was a peace prize laureate. he used to take the time to scoop worms off the hot pavement and place them gently on the cool grass where they needed to be to survive. That is why I was shocked to read that he was a vegetarian only for a very brief time before he died, and was never a perfec vegetarian (i.e. he still occasionally ate animal flesh). Although, one biographer writes that Schweitzer had expressed great regret to the biographer that he hadn't been a vegetarian. Kind of a sad story. Hard to beleive, in view of all he wrote and did for animals, and people (he was a great humantiarian and very kind man), he still occasionally consumed animals shortly before he died. But nevertheless, he was still an inspritional man. perhaps he had his reasons for not going 100% vegetarian. It is hard to cast any judgment on a man that did so much for so many people and animals, even if he wasn't a perfect or consistent vegetarian.
  24. Prince is vegan (which is great cause I am a huge prince fan). Kim basinger is at least vegetarian, as is Alec Baldwin.
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