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  1. I don't think that any vegan would thoughtlessly and arrogantly snuff the life of an insect, especially for stupid reasons like to impress women. The whole message of veganism is that ALL living things deserve respect, even smaller beings that are very "different" from humans. I don't see how a vegan can NOT apply the ethical philosophy of veganism to bugs. YOur right, it would be VERY hypocritical, and that is why I think most if not all vegans are NOT bug squishers (especially for stupid reasons). There is no bigger turn on than a guy who would have the b$#lls to tell his lady, in the scenario you provided, to "get over it" and NOT squish the bug. If I was a bug, the safest human contact for me would be with a vegan, cuase if a vegan won't respect my life, I don't see how anybody else could.
  2. In the opinion of all you male bodybuidlers and competers, do you think that Sylvester Stallone is a "natural" athlete or do you think he has done or continues to do steroids? I really think he has an amazing physique for a guy that is 55 years old! I love his new reality boxing show the "contender". Anybody else here a Sly fan?
  3. Thanks Savebabe, Formica, Taylor and Dan (and everybody else if I missed anybody) who helped me out on this one. I am attempting to bake a vegan cake myself for the first time
  4. Hi brendan!!! Welcome, you will LOVE it here. It is a pretty addictive forum with an awesome group of people. Welcome to team kickass vegan! You will have no problem turning that body into the body of a Greek God! Just look at the inspirational avators on this site and pictures of Rob. P.S. You look really hot in your avatar. And so you do skinnydipper - you have a cute butt peace to all beings Nat
  5. Hi brendan!!! Welcome, you will LOVE it here. It is a pretty addictive forum with an awesome group of people. Welcome to team kickass vegan! You will have no problem turning that body into the body of a Greek God! Just look at the inspirational avators on this site and pictures of Rob. P.S. You look really hot in your avatar. And so you do skinnydipper - you have a cute butt peace to all beings Nat
  6. I don't think so Koll. I think you did all that you could do under the circumstances. Again, it is not about being perfect. We cannot ever be perfect. All we could so is do the best we can under the circumstances, and I think that is what you did. I remember there was a mosquito in my place once. I tried all I can to lead it outside by sort of chasing it but I just couldn't get it to leave. I tried for over an hour, because I knew that that would be the only way I can get it outside without hurting it! I finally had to tried catching it, but since it was so tiny, it was impossible to catch it without hurting it. I wouldn't have cared about the bite, but here mosquioes can carry westnile virus, which can be fatal, and I was afraid for myself and my pets. I didn't see a choice other than killing it, I felt horrible, cried and asked its forgiveness, and prayed for forgiveness too on the religious side. But choice did I have?
  7. You can dance for me any day!!! Bet your are a good dancer too.
  8. Just want to express me heartfelt condolenscnes to the British nation, and particularly those who have lost loved ones because of this senseless, stupid tragedy. My thoughts and my prayers are with the families of the victims. May you find comfort in your memories. Food, not bombs.
  9. You're so right College B!!! What the heck kind of move were you doing there Hero?
  10. Wow, what an awesome, feel good kind of story! Thanks for posting this College!!
  11. Not sure Koll. P.S. Don't forget to thank your mom for me about showing mercy to bugs!! P.P.S. I should have added that I do make sure, though, that I haven't accidentally injured the bug by scooping it up. if I have, then I sadly have to kill it, because I think it might suffer more with a handicap out there. A broken leg or wing is very painful I am sure. BUt I would be interested in knowing if you agree?
  12. I actually say it so much in speech, it would drive an American crazy!!
  13. Same here Dan! Actually, I could honestly say that I could have probably "carnivored" anybody under the table. I use to love my meat as raw as possible. The rawer, the better it was for me, and i lusted for it in the same way that a tiger is drawn to the scent of a bloody animal carcus. I have come a LONG way from my former vampire self to my new self that even feels sorry for flowers and trees!!! I get so happy and further inspired when I hear all your reasons, experiences, and stories. Keep up the great HUMANITARIAN (and otherwise) work of being vegan.
  14. I think that what allowed him to do the things he did was the pure evil contained in his heart. Nothing more, nothing less, but that is just my opinion.
  15. Tell your mom thanks, kollision!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And give her a big hug for me!
  16. Do they have Rogers brand sugar in your city? If so you'll be happy to know that it is 100% vegan. A friend of mine called the company when he was making brownies and they told him that they don't use any animal bones when they process their sugar. I'm not sure about other brands though. great! Thanks Taylor! We are both Canadian, so where do you buy this product from? let me know.
  17. Hey Taylor! A fellow Canadian! Great to have you join our family here. And wow, vegan for 6 years - that's awesome. ya, this is definitely the place to whip that body into top peak shape. Just look at Topher, Tarz, and of course, Mr. Cheeke himself. They have hotter bods than most meat eaters I know!! And all the "cruelty-free" way. There are lots of stuff on nutrition, etc. take your time and read the posts. You will glean lots of useful info that I am sure will help you reach your fitness goals. if you have any questions, or just feel like chatting about a new thought, post!!! Talk to you later, natalie
  18. Thanks Kollision for all your kind words. But I am not sure what you mean by the highlighted statement. I personally think Hitler was an idiot in every way shape and form. There was nothing credible about that man; he was the human incarnation of the devil as far as I am concerned. And, since we are on the topic of Hitler, let me clarify some common misconceptions that some meat eaters out there have: I have heard people say, "Hitler was a vegetarian." Hitler was NOT a vegetarian. Hitler's favourite meals included animal flesh, and he would go on BRIEF vegetarian phases for HEALTH REASONS ONLY. That man had no ethical bone in his body (to state the obvious). "Hitler loved animals." This too is inaccurate. Hitler abused his own dog frequently, and treated the animal like garbage (which, of course, is not surprising. If a man's conscience will allow him to order the mass slaughter of 6 million humans, one could hardly expect any compassion from him).
  19. Hey Taylor!! A fellow Canadian!! I haven't seen you post before, but I am glad to hear from you. Thanks for sharing your reasons for veganism. Ya, I know what you mean about environmentalism. Honestly, it is amazing how one little step forward in consciousness usually sets you on a path of so much more evolution in consciousness. For example, the latest "evolution" or "revelation" for me is that I don't accept cut flowers from anybody anymore (and this is a fairly new "feeling" for me). I use to love flowers, especially roses. But again, it wasn't really that I loved flowers - it was that I loved the way flowers made me feel. But now, I see cut flowers as a sad thing. They are dead flowers - they have been cut from the root of life and for what? So Natalie can satisfy her senses of sight and smell? No, that isn't cool for me anymore. I love to see flowers growing and blooming, connected to their life source. MY compassion for sentient beings has evolved to compassion for non-sentient life as well!! And what glorious path of evolution it has been! My selfish desire for flowers isn't more important than a reverence for life. (I can just hear meat eaters saying right now: "Ya but you all kill plants everyday cause you eat them." Well, obviously we have to eat. It isn't about being perfect, it is about walking on the delicate earth as gently as possible, whenever possible, cauisng the least amount of harm possible. 3 years ago, if I heard somebody talking like this, I would have thought they were freaks. But really, once you open your eyes to the fragility of all life around you, it makes perfect sense and you struggle to understand why others cannot get there.
  20. I SO AGREE Charmaine!!! In fact, as I was watching the horrors of today's terrorist attack in London on TV, that is precisely what I thought to myself. Veganism is a lifestyle about kindess, mercy and compassion towards ALL life, humans and nons. It is about love. I know that sounds corny but it really is true. It is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves, to starving third world countries, to mother nature, and to our fellow non human beings. In fact, the following quote is so true that it stings: 'True human goodness, in all its purity and freedom, can come to the fore only when its recipient has no power. Mankind's true moral test (which lies deeply buried from view) consists of its attitude toward those who are at its mercy: the animals. And in this respect, mankind has suffered a fundamental debacle, a debacle so fundamental that all others stem from it.' Veganism is about peace and peaceful co-existence. And, I also believe that like children, most human adults do have a natural sympathy for animals (even if they don't realize it and it is burried somewhere deep within them). Mankind itself would be best served if that sympathy was given free and glorious reign. Peace for all living things (including the bug that is crawling across my floor right now, and whom I will gently scoop up and release outside so that she may carry on her innocent right to survive in this big, bad, cruel, human dominated world that wants to squish her and snuff out her life thoughtlessly and arrogantly, even though she is morally innocent and has fought so hard to survive in a world of callous and unempathetic giants)! I also love this quote, as it speaking about empathy. It encourages us to see what we DO fundamentally have in common with other human and non-human animals, instead of focusing on our superficial differences: "All beings tremble before violence. All fear death. All value their own lives. See yourself in other living things. Then who can you hurt? What harm can you cause? " Compassion, empathy and a reverence for all life, is what I believe will heal this world.
  21. I LLLLLOVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE to sleep. I am a late riser whenever I can be, and am not at all a morning person. I love sleeping in, sleeping when its raining, sleeping through a winter storm, sleeping, sleeping, sleeping!!! I wish a could take naps but it takes me too long to actually drift off. I am a tosser and a turner. I have noticed that as I have gotten older, I can no longer sleep straight through for longer than 5 hours. So my sleep is fragmented which sucks. When I was a teenager, I could sleep straight through without ever waking up for 10 hours straight. Man, those were the days.
  22. I think what Kollision meant was that the issue of mass murder of innocent people is a moral one. Hitler's campaign was political, but whether or not the genocide of 6 million innocent people is "correct" is a moral issue, through and through, plain and simple.
  23. THat is so true. Its like saying killing babies is a political view or that Hitlers reign was a political one. Agreed. If we treated "pet" animals the way we treat "food" animals, or animals in laboratories, this would be considered a moral issue. If we did it to humans, it would be considered a moral issue, and nothing less. Yet, it is a "political isse" when we happen to like exploiting the species of animal in question? I think not. It is through and through a moral issue, and the sooner meat eaters experience that light bulb moment, the better off we will ALL be- humans, nonhumans, and mother nature.
  24. But the critical question is what kind of future? A future of more rape and pillage of the earth, with tens of more billions of innocent lives lost? Compassionate children, with an evolved sense of consciousness and "oneness" with the earth, are our brightest future, in my opinion. Kids like Seamus, who is an inspiration to people that are 6 times his age!!! Edited to add the Seamus example.
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