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  1. Not sure what you mean by "compassion creates compassion". Note that I don't have "a problem with people being vegan for health reasons." That is not what I said. I am unimpressed with people that are vegan for ONLY health reasons and don't give a flying f$#k about animals or the earth. People that could, in good conscience, return to meat eating so long as it was not detrimental to their own health, all else being the same. That is what I said, or at least that is what I meant. I never put you in that category, since in your post you clearly indicated that the environment was a factor for you as well, and I already knew you loved and cared for animals as is evident in your other posts. Chill!!!!! In the end, though, even people that are vegan for themselves and that don't give a damn about the animals or the planet are STILL helping animals with their lifetsyle, whether they intend/want to or not. And that is obvioulsy a good thing. So from the animals' perspective, they are generally to be preferred to idiots who claim to "love animals" while at the same time stuffing their faces with hamburgers or chicken wings (last time I checked, a cow and a chicken was an animal too, not a vegetable). Edited to add: These people who "love animals" but eat animals, patronize circuses, zoos, etc. don't care about the animals as much as they care about the way animals make them feel. There is a subtle but important difference. The latter case is consistent with the "it's all about me and what animals can do for me attitude" that animal exploiters have. As far as the comment about "political views", this is exactly the problem. There is NOTHING political about compassion for animals. This is a 100% moral issue, or should be anyway. It is a moral imperative, not a political view or political choice. It is basic human decency. Keep up the great activist and animal rescuing work Charmaine. And don't be so defensive.
  2. Thanks savebabe! But I checked a few place today and couldn't find this product. WHat else do you use when you want to bake and need a sugar substitute? Are artificial sweetners vegan any other suggestions?
  3. I really don't want to point any fingers. Unless one is perfect, it is hard to do that, and I think I can safely say that none of us are perfect. I sure as heck am far from it. But I do feel strongly about raising kids that have an evolved sense of consciousness of the planet, and striving to live our lives with MINIMAL impact on INNOCENT others who have no choice in the matter and who are utterly at our mercy. This is not a "choice". It is a moral imperative. I'd take an ethical vegetarian over a "health only" vegan any day!!!
  4. that sucks Rene! Sorry about that!
  5. Man, I should really stay away from posts like this because it brings out the adversarial, confrontational side of me (cannot help it, hazards of the job). Anyway, here are my opinions. Please nobody take this as a personal attack - you know that I think of you all as my friends by now and really enjoy our cyberspace friendships. Havng said that, here goes: While I love kids, and especially vegan or vegatarian (in other words, compassionate kids) like the ones I described under the thread "5 year old wisdom", in my opinion, the only "species" of animal that there is too much of on this earth are humans. I am sick and tired of the general human population's lame cosnciousness of the planet, and stupidity to not even realize that if we continue to watch the wonders of the planet disappear unprotected and forgotten, we will have only ourselves to blame for our inevitable extinction. Meat eaters are too selfish, ignorrant and greedy to lthink beyond their own miserable lives and leave an environment that is in tact for future generations, including their own kids. And it enrages me when I think that because of human greed and selfishness, millions of animals suffer and die brutal and shocking deaths every year. I think it is imperative for children to be raised withn compassion, and respect for the planet and those with whom we share it. In that case, they will not be adults that are a "burden" on the environment and on animals, but rather, an asset - a friend of animals and the earth, which need as many friends and defenders as they can get. That is perfectly fine. But having said that, obviously children, while they are just children, are innocent and vulnerable (just like animals). It is the adults that they might grow up to be that is the threat, imo. As far as reasons, like I said, it is first and foremost animal suffering. Next, it is environmental, and thirdly, it health. That is the order of importance for me. What would all you "I am vegan for health only" people do, I wonder, if meat was good for you? Would you not be vegan anymore, despite the mammoth extent of animal suffering and environmental damage caused by raising animals for food? Here are the quick stats as to what one would be supporting if they consumed animals, in case there are meat eaters reading this: 1. 10,000 animals are killed each MINUTE for meat production. That is 10,000 innocent and sentient lives lost for a selfish and greedy reason. 2. Raising animals for food requires pollutes more water than all other industrial uses COMBINED, is responsible for 85% of all top soil erosion in the US alone, and causes 130 times the excrement of the ENTIRE human population. That's a whole lot of crap! and we gotta put it somewhere and do something with it. So should we all be concerned about our health? Of course! But to suggest that one's health is more important than the colossal magnitude of the death and destruction as outlined above has that familiar scent of human arrogance and selfishness. As the supposedly "superior and smartest" species, generally we, as humans, are pretty stupid and neanderthal like. We are too stupid to see or realize what the earth will be like 100 years from now if we maintain the status quo. WHo the h#@ll do we think we are? Animals are not ours to eat, and the environment is not ours to rape and pillage. And I would never suggest or even think that my health is more important than the thousands of innocent animals that I would be condemning to a miserable life and scary death every year by eating a meat diet. Nor would I suggest that my health is more important than the planet, the health of which is essential for the survival of ALL life on it, human and non. The importance of little old me, ONE human, should surely pale in comparison to all of that. But that is just my opinion.
  6. Oops, now I see that I misread your previous post. What is a good vegan sweetner?
  7. Thanks skinny!!!!!! But wait a minute...I thought white sugar wasn't vegan? Okay now I am confused.
  8. title is self explanatory. AN answer asap would be most appreciated. Nat
  9. hey savebabe, nicole kidman was on lettermen last night and she said that koalas eat the eucalyptus and get "dopey". She was serious too. So what have you got to say for yourself young lady . I thought you said that Aussie's just say that to foreigners who will beleive them!!!!
  10. Then his doctor was obvioulsy a moron!!! Too bad he never found this website. Anyway, I don't know that much about Buddhism either but it has always intrigued me. IT sounds like, from the little that I do know about it, it is the religion that is MOST supportive of a cruelty free lifestyle because of that first precept that you mentioned. I just don't get how the Dali Lama can overlook that and how other practising and truly holy buddhist figures can ignore it either. "Harm no living thing." It cannot get much simpler or unambiguous than that. What part of this don't buddhists, and indeed ALL decent people, no matter what religion, get??????
  11. First, I should clarify and say that I like anybody and anything that gets people eating less animals. Peter Singer is obviously a person who has influenced many people to rethink there relationship with animals, which is great! He has said and written many things which I agree with, and have approvingly quoted from him many times. But, Peter Singer is not a "rights" advocate. I would say he is a radical animal welfarist, but not one who speaks of or advocates actual "rights" for animals. Again, I am not really passing judgment on this - I am merely making an observation to correct common misconceptions of Peter Singer being a "rights" advocate. You will notice that he is actually not favourably received by hardcore hard-line vegans and a.r. people. I also TOTALLY disagree with his views on infanticide, and more recently, his shocking views on beastiality. But, despite of his views on infanticide, even the disabled woman whom he publicly debated has said about Singer that he is a "good man, just misguided." Although I haven't met Singer in person, based on some of the great stuff he has written on animals, I agree with this woman's description of him. So there you have my two cents worth skinnydipper. And yes, I meant that since the Dali Lama is such a holy man, you cannot really compare the two men, especially in view of Singer's other questionable and somewhat shocking views. But I like whoever helps animals though, and Singer is on that list obviously.
  12. Hi skinnydipper, ya I meant what I said to favour the Dali Lama too. I don't that Singer comes even close. But what do you mean he was talked out of his vegetarianism? BY whom? When? WHy? Give the details!!!
  13. Happy Birthday to both men, although obviously there is no comparison between them .
  14. I WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE, and couldn't have said it better myself . People who are vegetarian ONLY for health reasons amaze me as well, (And not in a good way), but at any rate, as long as they keep their selfish grubbs off animals for WHATEVER reason, I am happy for the animals' sake. But your right on skinnydipper!!!! Even if animal flesh was good for you, I would STILL not eat it because of ethical reasons. So I am on the same page as kollision and skinnydipper. Health benefits are a secondary consideration and motivation for me. First and foremost is the annual mass murder of innocents to satisfy human gluttony - and this reason should be abundantly enough in and of itself.
  15. I don't know if you are joking or not, but I somewhat agree. Although I obviously value my health, I need to be motivated by something more than just "me, myself and I" to be able to live this lifestyle as best as I could. The suffering of billions of animals is WAY more motivation for me than simply "health." To do this for only health reasons, without being at all motivated by kindness to animals and the earth, is just not what my heart is like.
  16. Beverly Hills (if I was rich). New Zealand. Austria, Switzerland, Italy all work for me.
  17. AS if I need to say this, bit I will state the obvious anyway. You will get TONS of people asking you for your advice, what YOUR secret is, etc. Be sure to plug the cruelty-free lifestyle at every reasonable chance. The animals need you to be their voice as much as you can get away with it.
  18. Hi Charmaine, regarding your poem, When you say "bought" another dog, what do you mean exactly? From wear?
  19. Well, It is that annual time again for one of the world's most stupid rodeo "events", the calgary stampede. Only this time, it was marked by concrete animal tragedy that perhaps will hit Calgarians in the head like a big ass boulder. A number of horses got spooked before a couple of days ago before the event and ended up jumping off a bridge to their deaths!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some died instantly when they hit the rocks below, others were carried away by the rushing river and drowned after a lot of struggle and suffering. Officials of the idiotic stampede described it as a "tragic day for the stampede." I say, "no, you idiots. It is a tragic day for the animals, but it should be an eye-opening day for all you hillbilly LOSER moron cowboys. Ignorrant. The stupid stampede is justified and defended on the grounds that it is a "tradition" of Calgary. Traditions that endanger animals SUCK and it is time for Calgary to find classier, more civilized traditions that aren't so red neck and loser-ish. Here's an idea for all calgary cowboys: how about going to college and actually learning how to do something productive instead of trying to piss off a horse? Maybe even learn how to read words with more than three syllables while your at it. pathetic. just pathetic. How about seal (and all) hunters hunt each other and leave animals the hell alone (they could all kill each otehr off for all I care), and how about rodeo cowboys ride each other like the retards that they are. What a tragedy it is that animals must die and suffer because of the stupidity, greed and selfishness of the most "superior" species. Calgary sucks for allowing this barbaric event to continue, and ESPECIALLY for noyt cancelling it at least this year out of respect for the involuntary animals that lost their lives. Canada sucks for having a pathetic animal protection track record.
  20. Good point. I always assumed that it was. I guess it depends on the wax. You can make home made wax with vegan ingredients, although I have never tried this. But please note that some of the razors you use may also be not vegan. For example, most razor companies are NOT cruelty -free especially Gilette.
  21. Interesting how none of you big strong men even commented on waxing. Don't even wanna go there, do ya? That's understandable. Woman who have had children tell me that waxing sensitive spots is almost as painful as pushing a 9 pound baby out of you.
  22. Waxing instead of shaving you armpits (and other parts that you males want to shave) will leave your skin smooth and break out free. ALso, you will be hairless for at least a couple of weeks, with no stubble. There are waxes for sensitive skin too. Of course, the question is are you man enough to take the pain of somebody putting hot wax across your skin and then ripping it off? Maybe if you try it, you will have a whole new kind of respect for us gals!!
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