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  1. I just recently heard of a case where a man shot his own dog MULTIPLE times because the dog was going through the trash (apparently, he hadn't been fed and was looking for food). Then, because the man was still pissed off and because the dog was still alive and conscious, he poured gas on the dog and set the dog on fire WHILE THE ANIMAL WAS STILL CONSCIOUS AND TERRIFIED. This mother f$%#^r was NOT even indicted by the grand jury on animal cruelty charges. He got to walk away, scott free. I tell you, an eye for an eye is so appropriate in cases where such cruelty is inflicted on defenseless chilren or animals. I don't even know what to say
  2. Jeanice, I was just browsing the site and found a whole bunch of nutrition and bodybuilding info. Go to the home page of the site, then if you look at left side of the screen you will see a box called "Articles" and in that box you will see "Nutrition Help". There is TONS of info on what to eat and some sample diet days are posted. Please read them. I am sure they will answer many of your queries. Also, read this for Robert's pre-contest diet: http://www.veganbodybuilding.com/article/87 (taken from training tips section of website). And never return to putting death and misery into your body again!
  3. Hi jeanice, I haven't yet competed, but I plan to as soon as I am done school. Anyway, since you competed before, you already know how to reduce your body fat. You know what macronutrient combinations and caloric intake work for you. ALl that dosn't chnage just because you have become a vegan. For example, what worked for me before was a 40% carb, 40% protein, 20% fat ratio. That is still what works for me today. The only difference is that when preparing my meals, animals are off limits. So i look to oither sources of protein to prepare meals that will give me roughly that macronutrient combination. protein sources have been listed on this string as well as others on this site. If you take the time to browse, you will find them. Or pm Robert, who can tell give you a sample eating schedule of his when he is preparing for competition. So as a competitor, whatever training principles and macronutirent combination worked for you before is what you can continue on with. It is just a matter of creating meals with that raion WITHOUT eating animals. SO I am not sure exactly what you need to know, since you are already an experienced competitor. Feel free to pm any of us if there are more questions that you need to ask. Robert is a great source, since he is the most experienced competitor out of everybody here. I would be more than happy to share his sample competition meal plan with you.
  4. great point jeanice!! Now that you have given up eating dead animals, you are no longer putting all the crap that the animals were fed into your own body like steriods, hormones, ground up sick animals, etc. That is how mad cow disease started - cow's are by nature vegetarian, yet most are fed a feed that consists of ground up dead and sick animals! Feeding cows to cows has caused this horrible disease that can be fatal to both the poor animals (who don't deserve it) and people!! You no longer have to worry about scary stuff like mad cow disease, salmonella poising, etc. and all the crap that is associated with eating animals. Since you are a competitor that is into health and fitness, you might want to also educate yourself on the question of: Are humans designed to be carnivores? A good one page summary that is amusing and so easy to read can be found at www.bizarro.com. Click on animal stuff, then click on "Are humans carnivores". It will take you only about 3 minutes to read it and you will be surprised at what you learn, and it will reinforce your wonderful decision to stop eating dead animal flesh. You might also want to check out some his cartoons. They are so funny. Let me know what you think. natalie
  5. Yes, Will, I couldn't agree with you more! As I said, the world is a much better place for having Greepeace and PETA (as well as the others). Without these two organizations, the environment and the animals would be much worse off than they already are. P.S. The eco-leather example was not meant to suggest that support for Greenpeace should be withdrawn because they sell leather shoes. It was just meant to support the position that Greenpeace has no policy promoting veganism or even vegetarianism, and in fact, just the opposite! peace
  6. Hey Will! Nice to hear from you. I was just thinking about you and hope your studies are going well. Ya, i know what you mean about Greenpeace. I did not mean to belittle the good work that Greenpeace does, but my ultimate problem with Greenpeace, along with the ones I noted previously, is that as one of the world's largest environmental organizations, how could Greenpeace not know that raising animals for food is environmentally devastating The meat industry isn't "green", and it isn't "peaceful " either. Yet, notwithstanding the fact that a meat-eating environmentalist is an utterly ridiculous oxymoron, Greenpeace does not promote veganism or even vegetarianism!!! Somebody over at veganfitness.net under the thread "Sea Sheppard and Soy Milk" said that Greenpeace, for example, sells "eco-leather" shoes!!!!!!! Ridiculous. It is sad that a leading organization in the environmental rights movement ignores the impact of meat eating on the environment. This is irresponsible and perplexing. What on earth is Greenpeace thinking? Does it not know that raising animals for food devastes the environment, or does it know but just doesn't want to "go there." I would really be interested on hearing your theories about this Will, because their lack of attention to this issue really does perplex me. Also, just as an interesting note, while many "radical vegan hardliners" think PETA is not at all radical enough, and is too welfarist, the funny thing is that many meat eaters think that PETA is ultra -radical. For example, a law clerk (meat eater) in the office the other day was talking about how she had sent in a donation to PETA but later regretted it when she found out that PETA encourages people to feed their dogs and cats (carnivorous animals) VEGAN food. She said that peta was "too much." Another guy, an actual lawyer, said that the reason why he will not give in to peta's welfarist campaigns is because "that is not what peta really wants - it wants everybody to go vegan, and if people gave peta an inch (by boycotting KFC) then peta would take or want a mile by continuing to try and get people to go vegan anyway." The lawyer, of course, is right - peta does want people to go vegan and that is peta's ultimate agenda (which of course, is as it should be). But I just bring these points up because it is interesting to note how peta is percieved as too radical a rights organization by some, whereas among hard core animal rights people, peta is way too soft and not hardcore enough. talk to you soon I hope. natalie
  7. Oops...thought it was "Angel" Oh well who cares it is still a good song and I am not really a fan of rollong stones, only that one song.
  8. Ya, I'd definitely have to ad Eminem (especially "Lose Yourself") and Rob Thomas "Lonley NO More" and Black Eyed peas (Don't phunk with my heart). My list was based more on what I thought were "Classic" songs. Ya, 80s in my opinion was the best decade for music.
  9. Charmaine, WHo would have thought that your introduction post was going to turn into a Xena fan club exchange!! Ya, Kollision, I don't know why they did that with the baby? Also, I don't know why they cancelled the show. Any ideas anybody? Also, are there any reruns of Xena on tv? I cannot even find any rerunsof the show. No, I don't watch stargate or starwars or anything like that. Not really into the sci-fi, futuristic stuff.
  10. KOLLISION!!!! You really know your Xena characters!!! I loved Calisto too (and her name "Calisto"). She was my favourite of Xena's formidable opponents, and had wicked abs!!!!! Wicked, Kollision!!!
  11. Hi, Thanks Renecarol25! ya, your right about the joining in 1969 thing!!!!! Hero, I think you may have misunderstood - I didn't just turn 20, I turned 30 my friend!! But if you want to think of me as turning 20, then that is WAY fine with me, cuz then at least you wouldn't think I was robbing the cradle if we dated (although ASh and I haven't yet had our mud-wrestling match yet so she might end up with the prize (i.e. you) - ya just never know)!!! Anyways, thank - you all for the kind birthday wishes. We should start a thread with everybody's b-day on it so we can keep track and make birthday posts and wishes accordingly!!! peace Natalie (CG)
  12. Thanks SeaSiren, and happy belated b-day to you too. When is your b-day exactly? Thanks Hero! but lack of achieveing goals is certainly not one of my problems either. But I know you did not mean anything by it so thanks Natalie (CG)
  13. Hey Savebabe, So you mean you rescued some chickens from a battery farm? That is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And now, they are living a life of peace with you, where they are able to feel the sunlight on their faces and the wind on their feathers? That is awesome!!! Thanks for saving them from a life of h$#ll and giving them more of a peaceful life safe from cruelty. Perhaps you can introduce family and friends to your chickens and educate people first hand on how social and inquisitive they are by nature. It is hard to by able to eat an animal without a guikty conscience once you have pet it or gotten to know it!! Wouldn't you say? take care
  14. Thanks to all of you who bothered to read this thread and wished me a happy birthday. Means a lot, as I am also a "sensitive girl". Peace
  15. Funny how few people would ever consider it acceptable to cut a human in half and call it art. JUst another pitiful and unacceptable assault on animals and their dignity. This breeds insensitivty to other creatures and reinforces the message that they are here only to serve human ends. There is nothing artistic about death. I am ed and appaulled.
  16. I remember some of the "advice" he gives in the book. Here are some: 1) BUY a magnetic mattress pad. 2) Walk. 3) Listen to music that will make you happy. 4) Avoid soy protein isolate as this is made the same way as is gasoline!!! 5) Buy a shower filter to get rid of all the chemicals in the water. 6) Get a pet. 7) Exercise. Don't drink diet pop or consume fake suger. So his book is pretty much based on that kind of "genius" advice. Not really worth the buy at all. Every other sentence is "It is all about the money". That is literally what fills up about 50% of the pages of that book. I cannot really recall any more details as I had only skimmed it but that should give you a taste College B.
  17. Hey Jeanice, You should really read "Becoming Vegan." It will really help you out a lot. natalie
  18. Any other closet Xena fans on this forum? I would love to know what the guys thought of Xena. She and Ares God of War made a SSSSSSMOKIN couple.
  19. Hey Vegmister!! Great to see that you are not supporting the cruelty of battery (egg) farms, but I guess you do not realize what eggs really are, cuz I think if you did, you would be ed and turned off by eggs. Eggs, my friend, are the menstrual waste of a hen. So if you wouldn't perform oral sex on a menstruating woman (or hen), then you might as well if you eat eggs!!!! (i know, it's nasty). Most people, even vegans, are not aware that eggs are the menstrual waste of a hen. Sorry if I shocked you, but I know I was shocked when I first found out, and let me tell you, there is nothing that appeals to me about the idea of eating the menstrual waste of a hen (who had to die for you to eat it). It's a lose - lose situation, for both you and the hen
  20. Good call djlexus - not leaving your animal alone in the car because there are some sick bastards out there that would get a kick out of stealing and torturing your friend. I love daushunds! Thanks for never leaving your dog in the car! That reminds me of other idiots that DO leave their dogs in the car. I hate it when I see people leaving their pets in a car on a hot summer day with the windows left slightly open for air. Many people do not realize that on a hot, humid day the temperature inside your car can climb 10 degress in a matter of minutes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that leaving the windows slightly open will not help. Would a human be comfortable in that position? Of course not - so why would people think that a dog would be any more comfortable? Every summer we get news reports of animals that have died because being left in cars on hot days, and their owners seem genuinely distraught. But what did they expect would happen? Remember it takes only MINUTES for the temperature inside a car to rise as much as 10 degrees, and that is WITH ALL the windows left slightly open for air. Please - on hot summer days, animals should be left in an cool home with lots of fresh cold water to drink. If anybody witnesses an animal left in a car on a hot day, please stay with that animal until the idiot guardians return and make sure that the animal does not begin to show signs of distress. If he does, please call your local vet or your local police department, humane society and fire department, which may have to come and break the car window to save the animal. But please don't walk away from the animal - it might die without you depending on the ignorance and obliviousness of its guardians. And when the guardians do return, educate them on the fact that leaving windows slightly open does not prevent the temperature in the car from dangerously climbing 10 degress in a matter of minutes!!!! peace
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