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  1. Ya, I know it is nasty Kollision. Maybe you can share this new found insight with your family and friends too, and even maybe customers if you work at the supp store, when the opportunity presents itself. I just had a great idea about how to turn men off of eggs. The following is sexually explicit, so reader discretion is advised. ..... Ask them "Would you ever perform oral sex on a menstruating woman?!!!" Of course, they will be ed and say "Eww, no!!!" Then you say "Well, then, you might want to stop eating eggs, cuz that is EXACTLY what they are. Mesntrual waste, and your eatin' it my friend. Nasty."
  2. Cut and pasted: Alison Pierce’s letter about the death of a blind, deaf dog was printed in The Journal News (New York). Thank you for publishing the recent article about the death of Roxi Sampson. Frank Aquino, who allegedly viciously kicked an old, deaf and blind dog to death, if found guilty, must be punished to the full extent of the law. It is unfortunate that his maximum time in jail would be a mere two years. I understand what it is like to have a dog as a beloved member of the family for many years and I would be beyond distress if something were to happen to him. People who do not have pets in their family often do not understand that the pet is a family member and when something happens to him or her, there is a significant amount of emotional turmoil. The fact that Mr. Aquino knew the dog and the family for many years is very disturbing. What could lead him to allegedly do such a thing to any animal, let alone one that he knew so well? Roxi was a sweet dog who was just looking to be a part of the picnic that she wandered into! Imagine, if you will, that you smell the familiar smell of burgers and hot dogs cooking and you follow the smell to see what's going on, and you are met with a kick to the stomach. Then you walk away to die, not knowing what happened because you are blind and deaf. This was a pitiful and sad attack on a sweet, defenseless, beloved being. ____________________________________________________________ Okay, it is this type of thing that really makes me want to adopt "an eye for an eye" approach to punishment. It is this type of cruelty, done to an utterly undeserving animal, who, to make matters worse, is BLIND, DEAF AND OLD that makes me want to grab this individual and inflict, with my bare hands, some immense suffering upon him. The poor animal had no way of seeing his attacker, or even hearing his attacker. All that the animal had was his sense of smell, which led him to the picnic area of his attacker. He was probably terrified when he was being kicked, as he could not see or hear anything. And where the F%$CK were his guardians when all this shit was going down!!!!!! There is simply no excuse that can justify this man's actions, and he is clearly a despicable excuse for a human being, no matter what other "good" work he does. I am beyond enraged and devastated. When i read this news piece, it knocked the wind out of me and I literally fell to my knees, and a great rage came over me, and began bawling my eyes out. This person deserves to spend a LONG time in jail, and should NEVER EVER be permitted to come near within 50 feet of an animal ever again for the rest of his evil, sadistic life. I wish him only the worst. I am beyond livid right now.
  3. hello Gentlemen, I am afraid that KOllision is right on. It is a scam. I skimmed the book when I stopped into a store called "As Seen on TV" in Toronto. First of all, NONE of his claims are substantiated by reference to clinical studies or other resources. he has not even one footnote in the book!!! Secondly, Kevin Trudeau has a crimal record and has been known to make false claims about products that he sells. He is a shady character, and one is is dishonest. For example, did you, Robert, realize that the informercial for his book seeks to mislead people watching? The informercial tries to conceal the fact that it is an informercial. The informercial is set up so as not to look like an informercial, but rather, like he is being interviewed on a regularly airing talk show. This is utterly deceptive, and frankly, it is an insult to the intelligence of every television viewer. How stupid does he think people are? He tried to pull the same "talk show" crap with some other bogus products that he tried selling before too. Right off the bat when somebody is trying to mislead you, you gotta wonder about his integrity. Thirdly, to find the "cures" that he refers to in his informercial, you are directed to buying OTHER books which he lists at the end of the book!! Having said that, he is correct to mistrust the FDA as the guardian and protector of our health. IF the FDA was concerned about our health, they would be educating people more on the dangers of consuming flesh, fish, etc. and all the chemical crap that they allow food manufacturers to put in processed foods. The FDA is hardly an objecive third party in these matters! Any "FDA approval" (or its Canadian equivalent) means very little to me. As far as vegetarianism, according to the book, he is not a vegetarian and does not advocate it one way or the other, but claims to eat only organic meats for health reasons. Again, not impressive. peace
  4. Hi madcat, Sorry to hear that you and your man broke up. This is a very hard time for you. We are hear for you whenever you need us. Glad that your man turned vegetarian? Do you think he will stay that way or revert to animal flesh now that you have broken up? I hope his vegness lasts. I was in a similar situation. I broke up with my boyfriend for a variety of reasons. Actually, it was a four year realtionship and we lived to together for a year, so it was pretty serious. I know exactly what you are going through. Even though I initiated the break up, it was no easier - trust me. I still struggled emotionally and I still miss him, but hope that he is happy and that he found the "one" for him. Dating a non-veg is hard. When meeting new men and going out on dates, I make it clear at the outset that I am not a consumer of animal flesh and that I will not go out to dinner and be across from somebody who is eating an animal. I make it clear that out of respect, if they want to take me out to dinner they must forego animals for the night. SInce guys are pretty eager to impress, they oblige. Do what your heart tells you to do. Yes, I know it limits you, and I therefore will probably be single for a long time. I would not say "NO" to a meat eater (as I have stated elsewhere). But I would never be happy with somebody who has been fully informed of the details of the suffering and still could not care less and is happy to go on contributing to that industry. Basically, don't not give people a chance because they eat meat. Maybe they need somebody like you in their lives to have that "Light bulb" moment. Try to awaken the compassion and altruism in them that may lie dormant. Kind of like your ex-boyfriend. be good to yourself in the next few weeks. Pamper your heart and your soul. Soak in a bubble bath with lots of candles and a nice glass of organic wine (my favourite - although this is usually more fun with a boyfriend). Sing to yourself. Spend time with your animals (or somebody else's if you don't have any). I find that animal friends soothe the soul. Meditate. be with friends and family. Stay close to us here on the boards. We are your friends too. Natalie
  5. hey savebabe, tell them that the contents of an egg is actually menstrual waste (which it is). If that doesn't turn somebody's stomach, I don't know what will. Eating menstrual waste cannot appeal to ANYBODY. It makes me want to puke just thinking about it. Great that you have brought your family one step closer to vegetarianism. I always think that making people fall in love with an animal also helps. If there are animal lovers in your family, just stress the fact that "food" animals are animals too, not vegetables, and can suffer and be sad just as much as the family pet. You may also want to tell your mom that pigs ars smarter than three year old children and most dogs! And also that they are gentle animals and therefore do not deserve a violent death. While I can understand people's reluctance to go vegan, it is really NOTHING to ask of somebody to go at least veg. The whole world should be veg right now - it is simply intolerable that it is not!!! Sorry for my little rant. Great job in living by example savebabe! P.S. Are you sure I shouldn't try petting a wild kangaroo! P.P.S. I noticed you said you had chickens. How did you manage to end up with chickens? Did you save them from slaughter?
  6. OMG!!!! Savebabe, I love Fleetwood Mac - I should have included them in my TOP 10 favourites post under entertainment!!! Seriously, FleetWood Mac is classic. Anyway, as you gathered, Koll and I were just kidding around - I was giving him a really hard time by twisting his words and rather enjoying it By the way, I am so hurt that nobody else has said "Happy B-Day Natalie"!!!!!! This post has 38 views. I am very sensitive about things like that - my feelings are hurt! (My sign is cancer in case anybody follows that s$#t here). Are you sure it is notb a good idea for me to pet a wild kangaroo when I come to Australia???
  7. ....what would happen? What does fanny mean? Good idea about both the polls.
  8. I strongly agree with savebabe (although I would probably say 80-20). Either way, the point is that it is predominantly diet that will get you the bod you want.
  9. "Disembowel a dog???!!!!" ....... I did not relaize that kangaroos are vicious animals. So if as human you went up to one and tried to pet one, that is NOT a good idea? Please educate me on this. NO, not the blonde guy. That's "Kevin Sorbo". The blonde guy was Hercules, but that is not who I mean. Actually, Xena got her own show as a spin off to Hercules. Hercules was first. I mean the tall dark and handsome guy, the one with the amazing manly arms and a jaw that looked like it had been hand sculpted by God!!! He was Ares God of war played by Kevin Smith, and appeared on both Xena and hercules.Google "Kevin Smith", check out some pictures of him and then come back here and tell me if you remember him from the show and if you think he is hot.
  10. OOps that bookn is called "Becoming vegan" not "going vegan".
  11. Koll, you don't even know the half of it....... Savebabe, give a koala bear and kangaroo a big kiss for me.
  12. Hey djlexus, You made one of the most important decisions of your life. Studies show that vegetarians/vegans live years longer than people who eat dead animals. They are also less likely to get scary diseases like cancer, diabetes, etc. You have given your body such a great gift - it will pay you back in spades. Just watch and see. I recommend a book called Going vegan. It is a great resource for new vegans - it tells you pretty much everything you need to know. As far as supplements, make sure you are getting your B12 vitamins (can be found in soy milk), and Omega 3 fatty acids, which can be found in flax seed oil. If you have any specific questions, just post. We are here to help you get healthy and have a great quality of life. The people on this board are very nice and helpful, and some of the hot bodies you see here will inspire you. I am curious, what made you decide to go veg? Natalie
  13. YOU GO JOGGING ALONGSIDE KANGAROOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????? heeeeeeyyyyyyy....wait a minute............are you trying to pull one over me again???? Ya, I used to fancy myself as Xena to. If you look like her, you must be very pretty - I always thought Xena was a very attractive woman. Do you remember "Aries, God of War". What did you think about him?? He is was SMOKIN hot. he was so sexy in Xena. Did you know that he died a few years back doing his own stunt in a movie? How tragic - he was still young.
  14. No kidding, gentlmen!! I am still interested in polling all you males on this question though, so everybody else - please provide some of your opinions!!
  15. What are your top 10 favourite sings and movies (that you think deserve the title of classics). You think you guyts are weird? Just check out the varied taste below! SONGS Stairway to Heaven - Zeplin Dancing in the Dark - Springsteen I want to know what love is - by Foreigner (Classic song. Love it). YOU shook me all night long - ACDC Unforgiven (Metallica) That other really popular Metaliics song but I cannot remeber its name. Feel like Making Love - Bad Company (classic!!!!) Angel (or is it "Angie") by the Rolling Stones Africa by Toto Eye of the Tiger (Rockey song) Break my Stride - Matthew Wilder Don't you want me baby - Human League Fly Me to the Moon - Frank Sinatra When Doves Cry - Prince Cryptonite - Three Doors Down Sweet Home Alabamaa - by ??? That popular song by Stain (or it is Stained) - cannot remember the title but some of the lines are "It's been awhile since i ...." okay that was more than 10. Hard to choose just 10 (or 11). I also LOVE some Lenny Kravitz songs, Depeche Mode, Snow, New Order, Creed, Pearl Jam, Gypsy Kings, Michael jackson, prince, Madonna, Duran Duran, Springsteen, Diana Krawl, The Cult, and even The Platters!!! KINDS of music: classic rock, alternative, some metal, jazz, pop, etc. basically everything but country and rap. MOVIES (haven't seen too many in my life but these are my favs): 1) The Sound of Music (please refrain from all laughter) 2) Natural Born Killers 3) Mary Poppins (ya, I'm weird). 4) 21 grams 5) Goodfellas 6) All the Godfathers 7) All the Rockies Raging Bull 9) I am Sam. 10) Rain Man 11) Heat (went over again) 12) Scarface (hard to stick to just 10 - I love pretty much all of Pacino's movies!) 13) Pulp fiction FAVOURITE MALE ACTORS: 1) Sean Penn 2) Al Pacino 3) Robert Dinero 4) Tim Robbins 5) Christpher Walken 6) Harrison Ford 7) Mel Gibson Ray Liotta ( amazing actor) 9) Johnny Depp (smokin) 10) Edward Norton BEST COMEDIC ACTOR Chris Tucker, hands down! TOP FEMALE ACTORS 1. JULIETE LEWIS (probably one of the most talented actresses, but not given enough credit or recognition. Her portryal of "Malorie Knox" was flawless in Natural Born Killers - no other actress could have pulled it off like she did. Oscar award worthy performance). I know this movie by heart now!! O ya, I would also have to add to my fav songs (thereby way exceeding the limit which I set) Sinead O'Conner's "Troy" - if you haven't heard it, you should. And "I'm on Fire" by Springsteen. I guess my age is showing!! SO, TALK ABOUT A WEIRD VARIETY OF TASTE!!
  16. Don't be embarassed Naturalblonde, Michael Jackson is one of the most talented singers out there, and I love his music today as much as I did back then. Many have compared his dancing to that of Fred Astaire (is that how you spell his name) and I think it is a good comparison. people say all the time, as I am sure y'all know and probably say yourselves, "He's weird. He's odd. He's had nine plastic surgeries, etc. etc. But what the heck does any of that have to do with his undeniable talent as a musician? I don't give a s%$t if he's had no or 100 plastic surgeries. NOne are relevant to the question of his singing ability. I would also add, as my all time favourite singer list, Prince and Madonna. I started a new thread that says "List your top 10 favourite all time SONGs and movies". So what are you waiting for, go and list them! Natalie
  17. lol . You just can't seem to dig yourself out of this, can you Kol!!! (P.S. I know what you are trying to say - I just think you have a hilarious! )
  18. Well, I really picture something like this. I love cooking and entertaining guests. So I would love to have a bunch of friends and my boyfriend's friends come over to my and my boyfriend's place (but I am single at the moment though so this is just a hypothetical boyfriend), eat a great dinner with some nice organic wine (or whatever your poison is), and then for everybody to sit around a table, laughing, talking, and playing a nice game of poker, and I would be sitting on my guy's lap while he is kicking everybody's ass in poker. I myself am actually a really good poker player too (my dad loves poker and backgammon so I learned by watching him). That and the fact that I have recently caught the poker bug and watch that World Poker Tour show on Sundays!! So what would your "ideal" Friday night look like?
  19. Hi, What are some of y'all's vices and/or addictions. My vices include pepsi or coke (just cannot seem to give em up entirely), and SALT!! I am addicted to salt. I douse my food in salt before I even taste it - very bad habit that is very lethal, I know. I am not exaggerating either on the salt addiction. A bite of food that is just barely salty enough for me I am sure many of you would spit out do to over-saltiness. So my vices are pop and salt. maybe you guys can help me "quit". What about yours?? Nat
  20. Koll, you just keep digging yourself in deeper and deeper - NOW you are comparing me to your mother!!!!! lol I am glad you did not pursue a profession as a pychiatrist or psychologist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol. laughing out loud and lots of luv, nat
  21. Hey Koll, If somebody walks into the store and says "Do you have product X", and you do, and that is all they ask you, then no I don't really see an opportunity there. But I am sure you will get many people that ask you for your opinion of some sort, or ask what you take, or ask what you think, etc. Look for an opportunity to bring in your opinions, but I don't think you can just out of the blue start informing people when they haven't even asked a question, as this might piss them off (especially if they are meat eaters). Then, they might complain to your boss and you might get fired for trying to "push your vegan agenda". You getting fired doesn't help the animals. SO what I am saying is that you will know when you can bring in your views on health and fitness. Trust your instincts, and get a feel for the customer. If they are chatty for example, and really looking to pick your brain about stuff, then this is a golden opportunity that should not be missed. So trust yourself that you will know what to say and when to say it. Always be tactful and polite, and, since you are in a health place, obviously focus more on the health aspects of animal free living (and give the ethical and environmental aspect a lesser focus). It is more likely that your customers will be most receptive to the health arguments in favour of animal free living. I have complete faith in you and I would encourage you to work there if that is what you want. Go gettem' tiger . Nat
  22. I have a question for all you males. In your opinion, on a woman, which body part do you think is MOST sexy when really defined and cut, and which body part on a woman is least sexy when it is too defined? For example, 6 pack abs sexy on a woman or a turn off for you males? Extremely muscular and cut arms (so we are talking way more than just "shapely and fit") - sexy or turn off? I am curious what all your opinions are on women body parts and how cut they can be without losing sex appeal in your opinions. In short, what for each of the main body parts is too much definition adn muscle in your opinions? Please give your opinions with respect to abs, legs, back, arms, chest.
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