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  1. I am sure many people will have strong views about this that are different from mine, but I say you should work there if you want to. WHy? Because by doing so you are in a position to reach more "meat eaters" and educate them on the realities of meat eating, and you are also in a position to dispel the myths about vegans (unhealthy, skinny, wimpy, etc). People that come in there will presumably be there because they are interested in health and fitness, and so you will have many opportunities to tell them your "secrets" to health and fitness and thereby promote an animal free lifestyle. In fact, not only do I think it isn't wrong for you to work there, I think it is a GOOD idea. When I was vegertarian, I used to work in a lot of bars that sold mostly meat dishes. Was I betraying the animals? NO. How not? Because every reasonable opportunity that I had I promoted vegetarianism to all these hard core meat eaters. IT would usually start by them asking me "Are the chicken wings any good here?". I, of course, would eagerly respond "I wouldn't know. I don't eat animals." Many conversations with these customers ensued about the health aspects, the cruelty aspects, etc. of eating animals. I am sure that I educated many people on topics that they would otherwise probably not have been educated on. IN fact, as Rob knows, I got fired from that job BECAUSE of my refusal withhold the fact that I was a vegetarian. . The owner wanted me to lie about that. AS if I would ever promote meat eating. In short, I think we can reach more meat eaters by being around them whether that means being the bartender that they want to talk to while eating their chicken wings, or the supplement health guy whose advice they seek when they come in to buy supplements. So my opinion is that you can help animals more by working in a supplemental store that caters to not just vegans, but to ALL people including meat eaters. Catch my drift? Nat
  2. The above is a typo - I meant today is the LAST day ( not "lasy" day) I will ever be in my twenties. P.S. Thanks a lot Koll, your message just depressed me even more!
  3. Hi Today is the lasy day of my life that I will ever be in my 20s. . My advice to all of you. Enjoy your twenties - they come and go with the blink of an eye. It seems like it was just yesterday I was 19. Nat
  4. Hi Co and anybody still not sure about eating fish!! Here is something that I think lays it on the line pretty well. Hope it can at least get you thinking. "Sultry Carré Otis wears a mermaid’s fins—and nothing else—in a new pro-fish billboard. PETA and Otis hope the ad will inspire people to relate to sea life and stop contributing to their mass killing through “seafood” consumption. “If we saw the process of what it takes to get that animal packaged and in that store, I think a lot of us would think really differently,” says Carré. “So, for me, it was just kind of taking that next step, which is part of the evolution, part of the process of going, ‘OK, I just can’t put anything that was living in my body.’ I truly believe that we are what we eat and that what we put into our bodies has energy. The suffering that animals endure for human consumption is appalling and has touched and affected me since I was a child.” Fish Are Friends, Not Food Carré Otis Ad (PDF Format) Though they look very different from us, fish are actually communicative and sensitive animals. For example, groupers bark when they spot predators, cichlids emit mating grunts, and hamlet fish even make orgasmic squeals. Sylvia Earle, former chief scientist of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and all-around fish expert, explains, “I never eat anyone I know personally. I wouldn’t eat a grouper anymore than I’d eat a cocker spaniel. They’re so good-natured, so curious. You know, fish really are sensitive, they have personalities, they hurt when they’re wounded.” That Hook Hurts! The ad’s premiere comes just weeks after a study published by the Royal Society in Britain confirmed the findings of other studies, as well as what many marine biologists have been saying for years: Fish feel pain, just as all animals do. Commercially caught fish are often cut open while they are still alive or are left to die slowly—gasping, struggling, and suffocating. Another study published recently in the journal Nature reveals that fully 90 percent of the populations of large ocean-fish species have disappeared from the world’s oceans in recent decades. Additionally, countless nontarget animals such as sea turtles, dolphins, birds, and seals die in commercial fishing nets every year. Fish Is Not Health Food Fish flesh often contains toxic levels of mercury and PCBs—carcinogens that have been linked to many kinds of cancer. Hundreds of thousands of North Americans get sick and many die each year from eating contaminated seafood. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends that pregnant women not eat the flesh of large fish, such as swordfish and mackerel, which is frequently contaminated with methyl mercury and can harm an unborn child’s developing nervous system. Tuna flesh has also been found to contain high levels of this chemical, which can be hazardous to young children as well. Tuna-Safe “Tuna” The freshest catch of the day isn’t from the sea. Faux tuna, scallops, shrimp, and other fish-free products taste just as good as the “reel” thing, without the cruelty. Tofu and flavorful veggies are taking the place of fish at the center of the plate as people seek healthful alternatives to bacteria- and toxin-laden sea animals. For more information about what’s wrong with eating fish and to get delicious mock fish recipes, visit FishingHurts.com.
  5. Hi Jonathan! Wow you are so tall! Welcome to our little corner of cyberspace. Looking forward to interacting with you. COmpassionate Girl (aka Natalie, or "Nat" as my friends call me).
  6. Hey Rob, Will you be getting some women's style tees? Like a more tapered and tight t-shirt like in baby-doll style? And same with tan tops to flatter a woman's curves/hour galls figure?
  7. The situation is certainly a difficult one as evidenced by the differing reactions to Lelle's well-intentioned actions. If running over an animal was a sure and quick kill, then I would have no hesitation. MY hesitation stems from the fact that this is not the case (ex. the fox had to be run over a total of three times before it finally died. Imagine the increased pain and suffering between these runs? ). The situation just sucks no all around. I really do wish though that we could all own a gun for a mercy killing when needed. College B, by the way yes definitely we all should have a 24 hour place info in our wallets (just in case - it certainly cannot hurt ), but also, maybe you can also keep a rescue kit somewhere in your car if you do not already have one and if you have a car? Peace.
  8. HI jeanice, There are many threads that talk about people's favourite foods, what they eat for breakfast, etc. and I think Rob has posted somewhere on this site a list of some of the foods he eats. Don't really have much time right now but here is a quick list of some vegan protein sources: Soy milk (I drink a lot of it - mixed with berries and stuff - note that unsweetened soy milk is gross tasting, but I prefer to get it (low in carbs) and then mix lots of berries (which takes care of the carbs). LOTS of Yves faux meat choices - packed with vitamins, excellent sources of protein. next time you are at the grocery store, just read the nutritional info of some. My favourites include the Yves veggie ground round, and the Yves bologna slices. There are many others. Lentils, kidney beans. etc. Nuts and seeds. Green peas (which I love) etc. There are a few people training for competition right now. I think Topher and Robert might be two of them ???? Perhaps they can share there typical diets again on this thread with you. Or just navigate a little more and read all the different threads about health, nutrition, and especially the why vegan on the home page and the "Why not fish" thread . Make sure you are getting omega 3s by consuming flax seeds or flax seed oil. Talk to you soon. Never stop wanting to learn about all this veganism stuff!!
  9. me too, koll. I wish I could be licensed to carry one. Maybe I should look into this?
  10. Hi jeanice! Respect going out to you. I guarantee that being a vegan fitness competitor will be one of your most proudest of accomplishments. I can assure you that the rewards you will reap for your health, body and spirit will outweigh any potential problems or challenges you may at first come across. Just stick to it, and when you are there don't ever go back. It is not as hard as non-vegans often think. Just look at some of the hot vegan bods on this website. It just takes a little research, planning and disciple. And anything worth doing in life isn't usually easy any way. We are hear to support you in any way we ca. You rock!
  11. Sorry Ash, I have no idea . But I think you should get it checked out IMMEDIATELY by a doctor. nat
  12. Cutting back on Coke has been one of the hardest things to do. I love carbonated sugar water with food colouring And I TOTALLY agree with y'all on the stupidity of Atkins. ANy diet that tells you that butter and cheese and steak are better for you than plant foods is simply not credible, full stop. I was flipping through an Atkin's book while waitiing in the doc's office to see some more ridiculousness and it featured a vegetarian man of over 30 years that had broken his veg to try Atkins !!! Hope he comes to his senses like you OVER40.
  13. Riley G, Bobbycore and Kollision, Okay so the Gala is definitely $500 per person and there is no way to get it cheaper. I checked. All the othe details can be found at peta25.com. Koll, you live in L.A. anyway, but I would obviously be flying down from Toronto. Are you interested in going? Bobbycore, what about you and your girlfriend? Is it a go? Where are you coming from. What about you Riley G? WE should book these tickets as soon as possible and even maybe a hotel in advance. And hopefully, some other fellow posters will show some interest.
  14. Savebade, That is so cool. I would love to live on land surrounded by all kinds of animals and have lots of dogs and cats. Wow, between your husband, kids, pets, and wild visiting guests, you home must be full of life and love and compassion. Just my type of world. That comment about your dog "just coming to terms with your jogging" is hilarious. College B, I don't feed my cats vegan food. I tried that but they would NOT go near the stuff , and it would obviously be cruel to let them start starving to death. But if you can offer me any tips on how to get your animals to LIKE and EAT vegan pet food, I am all ears. Do you have any pets of your own? You never mentioned any.
  15. Just to be clear you guys, if you are confident that you can execute a quick and sure kill, I TOTALLY agree that you should do so. But I DON't THINk that running ove an animal with your car is guaranteed to be quick or sure. I just do not think that that is what we should do in a future situation like this. But, here is the difficulty: What if you do not have a rock, or a gun or anything but your bare hands. And what if the 24 hour vet is too far or you were walking on foot anyhow and have no way of getting there in quickly. What could we do then? I know that I have no experience killing an animal (maybe except squishing bugs BEFORE I was animal rights). So even i tried to break its neck, I would probably botch the job thereby cause it more suffering. What are my other options? Suffocate it? I think that is just as horrible for the animal as being run over (for a total of three agonizing times in poor Lelle's case ). So short of maybe carrying a gun or a knife, I simply do not know what I would in that situation. If somebody here is a former hunter and can teach us a sure fire quick and painless kill technique I am all ears. But until then, maybe we should add a bog rock or an instrument to humanely kill with to that rescue kit we should all keep in the trunk of our cars.
  16. Hi Ash. I would never take anything you say personally. I know you too well now for that. College B and Kollision. I too TOTALLY agree with throwing paint, etc. I would go a step further than you, College B, and argue that I do NOT believe in respect for property rights where that property is animal killing machinery. As far as PETA's stragety concerning KFC which most vegans seem to be criticizing PETA for, here is what I have said on the other forum: To say that PETA is stopping people from going vegan is simply inaccurate. It is because of PETA that I am an aspiring vegan. I am sure I am not an isolated case. And I might also add that it is because of PETA that I am an activist, and that I have managed to distribute thousands (literally) of leafletss, including PETA's "What's wrong with Meat" flyers and "What's wrong with Dairy" flyers, which state, under the heading "What you can do" our important message - GO VEGAN - FOR LIFE! For a free vegetarian starter kit, call ...bla bla bla." That is all these flyers say. They don't say "buy free range eggs" or "buy organic meats", and then tack on at the end as a token gesture (to use your words), go vegetarian. The message is clear - GO VEGAN - FOR LIFE, says PETA. Again, thankfuly PETA sends me this flyers for free and I always leave a trail of these wherever I go, whether on the subway, in a lecure hall at school, library, wherever. YOU say that PETA should simply assert "WE want no cages at all" and its failure to do so calls into question PETA's integrity. The fact of the matter is, what happens until we do eventually eliminate ALL cages? PETA, in addressing this sticky problem, says: "WE want no cages at all, but until that happens, we demand smaller cages NOW!!" I am sympathetic to this. Let me give an example as to why. I have always felt that when faced with a difficult problem, an earnest way of comg as close to the "truth" or the "right solution" as possible is to try to put yourself in the other being's shoes. So, I am going to put myself in the shoes of a KFC chicken. I live in a KFC factory, and I am scheduled to die a grizzly and horrifying death, say next Friday. What do I, the KFC chicken that is going to die a brutal death in less than a week, want PETA to do? How can PETA help me? The way I see, the options are as follows: 1) For at least 30% of the world (to use your figure) to go vegan before next Friday (my scheduled execution date). This just is not going to happen, in a week, as I am sure you will agree. I (both the person and the chicken), as well as PETA, wish more than anything that it would, but isn't. You know it, I know it and PETA knows it. And we are all very frustrated by it. 2) For somebody to raid the KFC factory and smuggle me and my fellow chickens out of there and into a safe haven. Again, unlikely to happen. Okay, so the above two options are not going to help me, the KFC chicken living in the hear and now and scheduled to die next week. So what would I want PETA to do to help me? Well, since it doesn't look like I am going to emancipated before my scheduled execution, the next best thing for me, the chicken in the here and now scheduled to die next Friday, would be to spend the remainder of my days in less miserable conditions and to experience a less horrific death. Honestly, isn't that what you would want if you were this KFC chicken? That is what PETA does. It maintains an active and ongoing vegan outreach program to emancipate future KFC (and other chickens), but, due to the current state of affairs, is also compelled to negotiate with KFC to at least improve the conditions for me, the chicken that is scheduled to die next Friday and is virtually impossible to get emancipated before then. Is it wrong of PETA to want to make the life of me (the chicken) less miserable? I do not think so. Put yourself in the animals shoes. Do you at least understand where I am coming from here? SO, in response to your's and Dave's "Peta is anti-animal" criticism, my rebuttal is: I think the chicken in my hypothetical above would disagree with both of you, and so do I. YOu also say that campaigning along welfarist lines have gotten us nowhere. Again, that is unduly harsh. Revlon and Avon , for example, stopped testing on animals due to pressure from animal rights people, many of which took a welfarist approach in their advocacy. If they had taken an extreme position with Revlon, like "make sure your products are all vegan too," then I suspect that the animal activists would not have gotten very far with these companies and that many of them would still be testing on animals. All I am saying is that the "correct" or "most effective" trajectory is not as obvious as many of you are suggesting. The issues are anything but black and white. I hear and understand what you are saying - young kids are getting the wrong message, the public is getting confused, etc. Some of PETA's campaigns are backfiring because meat eaters are feeling LESS guilty when supporting these animal killers. But what is PETA to do? Sacrifice the "welfare " of animals in factory farms and slaughterhouses in the here and now that are unlikely to be emancipated, for the sake of minimizing or eliminating any potential misunderstandings? That is a tough call indeed, wouldn't you say? Either way, it is going to suck for the animals, at least in the immediate future. My feeling, then, is that PETA has good intentions and does the best it can under the shittiest of circs. Although you clearly agree with PETA's philosophy - that animals our not ours to eat, wear, etc. - you disagree with the way PETA is going about trying to make that philosophy mainstream. And that is certainly your perogative. But I believe that PETA deserves the benefit of all doubt, and that its commitment and love for animals is not a pretense for something else. To suggest otherwise because one does not agree with PETA's strategy to effect change is unduly harsh in my opinion. Unfortunately, most people are not going to metamorphisize from being KFC customers to vegans in one sweeping gallop. They just aren't. In these cases, baby steps - raising consciousness one little step at a time - appears to be the most realistic and promising course of action. I think PETA is wise to have recognized this and to strategically be more welfarist and less revolutionary where it feels that that is the wisest course of action under the particular circumstances. So, I ask any of you here that disagrees with PETA's KFC campaign this question, and would appreciate your honest answer: If you were the KFC chicken doomed to be slaughtered next week, what would you want a huge organization with some leverage like PETA to do? I anxiously await EVERY vegan's answer to this difficult question. if you do not know what the solution should be, but acknowledge that the issues are more difficult than vegan critics of PETA contend, then please state so. if you think I have failed to consider another option for these poor kfc chickens scheduled for an inhumane form of slaughter next week, by all means highlight my oversight. If you feel that we should just sacrifice the welfare of the currently enslaved and cramped up chickens for the greater good of all future emancipated chickens, then just openly admit it (but, remember that it is easy for you to say because it ain't your ass on the killing line next week). This should make for a very long thread, but a very interesting one too.
  17. Hi Koll and Lelle, Koll - just make sure that you call that vet and make sure they are still operating on a 24 hour basis and that they are prepared to deal with wild animals if necessary/emergency. Also, do not forget to jot down the info and put in your wallet for good. YOu might also want to make sure you understand exactly where it us and how to get there. Imagine getting lost when you are panic stricken and upset with a dying animal with you? That would only prolong the animal's fear and suffering. Lelle, even if you do not actually drive for a while, it is good to have emergency 24 hour vet info with you at all times, so please make sure you get proper and correct info and stick it in your wallet, so you know where to go if you ever encounter a dying animal again. It can happen anytime, anywhere - not just when you are driving on the road. All us animal lovers should be carrying that info in our wallets in case of an unexpected emergency. To animal lovers, it is as important to have with you as a credit card or driver's license or keys!!! Luv u guys both. Have a great day. LOL , Natalie (and I mean "Lots of love", not "laughing out loud"
  18. Hi sdsurfer, Subject to the qualifications below, it is my view that ALL CARDIO IS CREATED EQUAL. What I mean by this is that one cardio is not "better" than the other. What is key is that you get your heart rate and keep your heart rate between your fat burning range. Once your heart rate is at the right number, the fat in your bdoy does not differentiate between say jogging, eliptical training, hiking, dancing , or whatever. THE FORMULA FOR FIGURING OUT ONE'S TARGET FAT BURNING RANGE (220 - your age) * 65% = your lower limit. (220 - your age) * 75% = your upper limit. So for me, since I am 29 years old, my numbers are 124 and 143. My fat burning range, that is, is 124-143. If I keep my heart rate between these two numbers, I am burning fat and and not muscle. If my heart rate exceeds my upper limit for longer than 90 consecutive seconds, then my body will start burning muscle not fat. The key, then, to doing cardio correctly is to make sure you know what your numbers are (using the above formula) , and to make sure, when doing cardiovascular activity, that your heart rate stays wthin your range. You wil notice that as your heart becomes more fit, you will need to do a more intense activity to get your heart rate up to your fat burning range. For example, when I was out of shape, a light jog was enough for me to get my heart rate to 135 (which is wthin my numbers and therefore okay). However, as I became more fit, I needed to jog faster or power walk on a steep incline to hit that 135 mark, which is great news because it just means that your are in better cardiovascular shape than before. So there you have it - the key is your heart rate and not so much the activity itself. Whether you do jumping jacks, wave your arms violently in the air like a complete lunatic while jogging lightly, dance to intense salsa music, run, whatever, as long as your heart is beating at the correct number, then you are burning fat adn not muscle. However, all cardio is obviosuly not equally fun and so do what is fun for you. Moreover, some forms of cardio are easier on the joints than others. When you become more cardiovascularly fit, you may consider interval training, which in my view is the most effective in burning fat. Interval training is when you spike your heart rate up to about 85 -90 % of your maximum heart rate in brief intervals. The brevity of these intense intervals is key, because if you are above your upper limit for more than about 90 consecutive seconds, your body starts burning muscle and not fat. See the scientific explanation of this given by Kollision in a post called "abs..definition" by danielatler. What I do is two minutes where my heart rate is at 135, and then one minute of a spike (usually sprinting) when I spike my heart rate up to 170. After the one minute of high intensity, I slow down again to a light jog for two full minutes, so my heart rate comes down again and stays down before I spike it back up again for one intense minute. So 2 minutes moderate, one minute intense, two minutes moderate, one minte intense........ for twenty minutes. You can find advice and tips on how to shed body fat with proper cardio etc under the Fitness Category, in the post entitled "My two cents...". Hope that helps.
  19. Hi Koll!!! 1. The easiest thing would be to call ANY Vet in your city, and ask them to give you the number for the nearest 24 hour emergency vet place. ALL vet offices will have such info. Guaranteed. Call the number you were given to make sure it is correct info and to find out exactly the address of the emergency 24 vet and directions on how to get there. YOu do not want to get lost with a dying animal in yuor car!!! Learn exactly where it is in advanced to be prepared!!! 2. What you might do is search either in the yellow pages under "veterinarian" or "animal hospital" or "animal care". usually, if it is a 24 hour place, it will state so in the yellow pages add. Call to make sure the info is correct. Get to know where the emergency clinic is located exactly. 3. Alternatively, you can do a 411.com search. type in the state and the city, and then "veterinarian" under TYPE OF BUSINESS. This will yield many results. Most if not every single vet office will have the information on a 24 hour vet clinic in the area, and can provide you with at least the phone number. Call to make sure info is correct and to get the address and directions. FINALLY, jot down the info and keep it in your wallet at all times. THIS THE THE WHOLE POINT, AFTER ALL. To everybody else, the above will only take maybe 5 minutes out one's day yet can spare an animal a great deal of suffering in the future. I live in Toronto so I am not really familiar with the Los Angeles area. Is Orange County near you at all? I found the following info, but please call them during regular business hours and make sure that they are the right place for your location. Make sure also that they are 24 hours, and that they care about wild animals like foxes too!!!! here is the info (again, I just found it doing a 411.com search): Orange County Emergency Pet Clinic 12750 Garden Grove Blvd, Garden Grove, CA 92843 map | driving directions phone: (714) 537-3032 phone: (562) 690-2925 email: [email protected] http://www.er4yourpet.com Specialties: Veterinary,Ambulance Service,Animal Care Additional Information:FOR IMMEDIATE CARE, WEEKNIGHTS: 6PM - 8AM, Saturday Noon - til Monday 8am, (Between Harbor & Haster), LA HABRA/FULLERTON, 1474 So. Harbor Blvd., (2 Blks. South of Imperial Hwy.), VETERINARIAN PRESENT Hours of Operation: Weeknights 6:00Pm-8:00Am Saturday 12:00Pm Till Monday 8:00Am Holidays 24 Hours No Appointment Requir
  20. Hi Koll and Rob, Oops - I actually am only talking about one website and it is one which many of you, including you Rob, visit. Some of you have come from there. Talking about veganfitness.net. NOw I am not saying that the WHOLE site is bad, and that everybody on it is questionable. That is CERTAINLY note the case. But based on my interaction with a few people, they are anti-PETA vegans. That is their perogative, I guess, but my frustration is when people make utterly preposterous statements like "Most PETA campaigns are ANTI-ANIMAL" without bothering to back this up with any substantiation or examples !!!!!!!!!!!. AAnd, like I have said many times, when vegans fight amoing themselves, and attack organizations that try to help animals like PETA, it is the ANIMALS THAT PAY THE ULTIMATE PRICE. Frankly, I think it is totally counterpoductive and detrimental to attack a major force in the movement like PETA. Why would any vegan behave in a manner that threatens to weaken the movement? NO PETA = a weakened animal rights movement. NO PETA = less pressure on multinational animal exploiting industries to keep their exploitation of animals in somewhat of a check. NO PETA = me and countless others still eating animals (since it was PETA who first opened my eyes to the issue of animal rights). The way I figure it, PETA has enough enemies in the the big agri-business and the vivisection industries that are trying to weaken and ultimately dismantle it. Animal rights activisists, vegetarians and vegans should certainly not be facilitating their attempts Without PETA, the world would be a much crueller place for animals. Apparently, though, not every activist sees it this way
  21. Oh my god!!!!! I sincerely cannot stop crying right now. I won't be able to sleep either, oh my gosh my heart is just breaking Lelle, I didn't doubt for a minute that your intentions were pure. I think we all love animals on this site and would never have malicious intentions that motivate our conduct toward animals. I, too, was in the same horrible situation about a year ago. I was driving and witnessed a cat that had just been struck by a car. he was still alive, his upper body squirming, wiggling, trying to drag himself across the road, but his lower body was an absolute pancake and their was lots of blood. I too, was totally panic stricken and did not know what the best thing to do for the animal was. If only he could have spoken and told me what he wanted me to do. Anyway, my first instinct was too try and get him to an after hours vet (it was 3:30 am) to save him. Butmy next instict was that I was being selfish and that he was in excruciating pain and it would be cruel to NOT do something right then and there to put him out of his misery. But, like Kollision said, I did not have a gun and so I couldn't put him out of his misery. Anyway, all this was going through my mind in literally less than one minute. The cat died in my arms within minutes which is good I guess, because he did not suffer for long, but I knew that he did suffer what I am sure was unbearable pain for at least a few minutes!! I was so depressed for such a long time after that, so it is perfecly natural Lelle that you are going to feel sad and even maybe guilty for a while. But don't be hard on yourself. You're not the asshole that hit the animal and just drove off. You stopped, which is more than most people apparently did. Running over the animal twice like you did, in order to try to kill it so it stops suffering, must have been EXTREMELY traumatic for you. BUT EVERYBODY, LET US ALL MAKE THIS A LEARNING EXPERIENCE SO WE CAN BETTER HANDLE A SITUATION LIKE THIS IF IT EVER HAPPENS AGAIN. The day after my incident, I contacted a few local shelters and vets to ask them what their opinions were on the best thing to do when in that situation. Everybody advised me that running over the animal was NOT WISE, because, like Kollision said, it is not a sure kill. Unless you have a gun and can execute the animal swiftly and painlessly, then please do not try to kill it by running it over or steppiog on it and hitting it over the head or anything like that. You really only have two options - the best is to rush the animal to a 24 hour vet. So, to be prepared, I suggest that everybody right now take two minutes and find out where there are 24 hour vets in your city. Jot down the numbers and the addresses, and keep it and at all times in your wallet or car. Please do not just put this on your to do list, use the internet right now to locate this crucial info. Call the vets to make sure that the info is up to date and accurate. if you see aa half alive animal, and have a cell phone, call the vet and tell him what happened and that you are on your way. if you do not have a cell phone, just drive there asap. Since injured wild animals can be dangerous to handle, be very careful and have the proper "equipment" in your car at all times like a rescue kit. This includes a blanket, a flashlight, and most importantly, a long pair of real sturdy construction gloves in case the animal tries to bite you. Aagain, please do not put this off. make this an urgent errand. The only other option is to stay with the animal and speak to it gently and in a soothing and comforting manner. But it seems though that the animal can end up languishing in pain for too long with option two, so if I cam ever in a situation like that again, I am going to try adn go with option one. I have the numbers and addresses of two 24 hour vets in my purse, and the gloves and blanket and box/cage in the trunk of my car. I am prepared. I feel guilty that I never thought about posting tips on how to handle a situation like that sooner. if I had, maybe Lelle you would have been a little more prepared, and the little fox would have suffered less Lelle, we are hear for you when you need us. Don't be hard on yourself. You know you love animals and want to end animal suffering. That is why you are vegan. YOu help animals everyday with your veganism. Do not let it eat away at you. Learn from it, take the above actions and be prepared for next time, if there is one I will never forget what that beautiful cat looked like. I am sure you will never forget the memory of that fox which you tried to help either. Everybody, unless you want to be depressed for a long time and have bad dreams, please take the above noted steps immediately and be prepared. It CAN happen to you anytime, and if it does, you will wish you were prepared.
  22. I thought that "LOL" stood for.......umm.............."lots of love"
  23. I like it. if I had a basement, I would hang up a bag. ANybody here know how to you a speed bag properly? The end. Editted to add: the "you" above should read "use". Man I really should pay more attention to my thoughts when typing!
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