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  1. hey Will, Wow!! I too am in law school. We have so much in common. What year are you in? I am going into my third and last year next year. I have been so busy lately putting together my resumes, transciprts and cover letters to send to the top law firms in Toronto to complete my articles in 2006/07. Articling positions are hard to come by down here. Cannot wait to get the bar exams over with. What kind of law do you want to practice? Would love to work in house for PETA one day, but for now I will need a lucrative position so I can pay off my damn debts which seem to keep piling higher and higher. I know that I will always be an animal rights lawyer and advocate at heart, and if I end up practising other law as my job, I will do animal rights and environmental advocacy pro bono. have you done any mooting yet? What courses are you going to take in your upper years at law school. Do you have an animal rights course offered at your law school? We don't.
  2. Rene, WOW!!!! Veg for 24 years. That is so awesome. Congratulations on swimming against the current for 24 years and not selling the animals out. That is awesome. The animals really had a true and LOYAL friend in you. Hopefully, in your 24 years of compassion, you have planted some seeds in others along the way. Welcome - it is an honour to have a seasoned veg among us. natalie
  3. Hey AM, A fellow Canadian!!! I think you and I are the only ones on this site. I am from Toronto. Ya I know what you mean about the lack of support for veganism. That is why the people on this site are awesome and amazing and exceptional people. Their perseverence, self-discipline and altrusim inspire me daily. Keep in touch with us here. natalie
  4. Hi Skip, Okay I know nothing about being a man and wanting to be a bigger man because I am a woman and have never wanted to be bigger. But you seem to be determined to get rid of your "gut." So here is some solid and sound advice with respec to losing ab fat. You cannot pick and choose where you want to lose fat. In order to lose stomach fat, you must lose fat in general - i.e. lower your body fat percentage. You can do a million properly executed crunches a day, with perfect form, but if you have a layer of fat covering your strong ab muscles, then you simply will not be able to see your ab definition, no matter how deep that definition is. The key to very defined abs is a low body fat percentage. As somebody I know (Pat Simard) once said, think of the fat on your body as piles of snow. When the summer comes and the snow (i.e. fat) starts melting, the smaller piles will melt away first, and the biggest pile of snow will take the longest to melt away. if your stomach is your biggest pile of snow, then it may be the last pile that melts. In short, you want abs, cut your body fat by doing SMART cardio (i.e. keeping your heart rate in the proper range), and of course work your abs. In my opinion, some of the best ab exercises are the good ol' fashioned ones that require no gadgets. Like floor crunch, maybe with a dumbell held beneath your chin, reverse crunches, and leg lifts. Perform these slowly, with 100 % concentration and focus, exhaling to get a good squeeze of the abs, and feel the burn. That is as far as my advice can go because like I said, I cannot speak to the rest of your goals (i.e. putting weight ON). Somebody else will have to pick up where I have left off.
  5. hey Snkdpr, Wow, 14 years and going strong. You and your ethics rock. ya, I know what you mean about the day that PETA becomes unnecessary. Sadly, it does not look like that day will be coming in any of our lifetimes any time soon. IN fact, it seems that in some ways, PETA is more necessary now than it was before. For example, fur sales died down in the 1980s but unfortunately have skyrocketed again over the last several years. Isn't that just the saddest and most frustraring thing? Talk about society taking a step backwards. Instead of progressing, in many ways we are regressing to a more neanderthal and barbaric state. Wow, you met Ingrid that is so cool. never met her, put she is one of the people in this world that deserves to be knighted, sainted, given a nobel peace prize, and otherwise recognized. And anti-animal rights people, especially vivisectionists, love to misquote PETA statements and do it all the time. Like you said. saying a "rat is a pig is a boy" is VERY DIFFERENT IN MEANING than saying "When it comes to pain, a rat is a pig is a boy." of course, the vivisectors like to leave out that first part so as to make animal rights people sound like freaks and alienate people from the cause even further. They appeal to people's speciesm in other words. BUt I am with Kollision on that one, in that I believe that a life is a life, cruelty is cruelty, whether done to a pig, chicken, dog, cat child, or elderly human, and that all life is precious and that animals have just as much of a right to living free of human molestation as do humans. Anyway, welcome and post frequently here. Also, about your goal to drop body fat, here is my two cents worth: Make sure that you do cardio, and make sure that you do cardio AFTER weights (if you do both on the same day). Also, when doing cardio make sure you keep your heart rate in the target range (65-75 % of your max heart rate). In my opinion, interval training is the best fat burning cardio method. Say 20 minutes, with one minute of high intensity (where your heart rate is at about 80% of your max, followed by two minutes of lighter intensity, where your heart rate is given two minutes to fall back within the target range. Then back up for one minute, back down again for two minutes, etc. You get the drift. Don't know how knowledgebale you are about fitness, but if you already knew all of the above - sorry to insult your intelligence
  6. Hey save babe, Man I would love to visit Australia. And New Zealand too. In fact, I would love to live in New Zealand- what a beautiful, lush green country. My favourite show use to be Xena" Warrior Princess, in part because she was hot, and because of the scenery (It was taped in New Zealand), and because Aries God of War was hot (played by kevin Smith, who tragically died a few years back doing his own stunt in a movie). Also because I love that ol' fashioned sword fights and shit. Hot. ANyway, is it true that in Australia, Koala Bears eat the Eucalyptus trees and get all stoned and shit? That's cute. How about dingos? DO you have any dingos? Wow you have 6 dogs, and lots of other animals. You must be in animal heaven there!! YOur so lucky. I would love to be surrounded by the animals. Unfortunately I live in the suburbs in the busy city of Toronto (Canada). Toronto Canada is exactly the same as New York City, US. later natalie
  7. Hi tarz, Nice abs - dang, there is nothing like nice sexy ripped abs. By the way, I like your signature: "You are what you eat." I saw a bumper sticker that said: "You are what you eat. Does that make you dead meat?" natalie
  8. Hey Craig, Great to have you here with us. Enjoy the boards and keep in touch here. Congrats on your cruelty free lifestyle. natalie
  9. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Fressen - Gourmet herbivorous cuisine. At QQqqueen St. and Spadina Avenue, downtown Toronto. Vegetarian Haven - also downtown Toronto.
  10. Lissa, Yup I know what you are talking about and yes I always get an email notification when a new post has been posted to a thread to which I previously posted. I think it is because when you are registering or whatever then you have to check the box that says "notify me...etc." as was stated above by Michael.
  11. okay... will admit another one of my vices - diet pepsi or coke on the rocks is something I am addicted to. I love carbonated beverages on the rocks. Also like perrier with lots of fresh lemon. Also like freshly and home made lemonade. Ice cold water (but only when I am thirsting for it). Freshly squeezed juices WITHOUT pulp cuz i hate pulp in anything. OJ, grape, pink grapefruit, and pineapple being my favs. Speaking of healthier drinking, I am thinking about getting that Jack Lalane power juicer that is advertised on tv - and making fresh juices at home with pure organic fruits of course. Like maybe carrot, apple and ginger juice, or strawberry and kiwi, or fresh oj and pineapple. No preservatives, additives - nothing but pure organic fruit. Does anybody else have a juicer? if so, which kind and how is it? natalie
  12. HI all, Let us start a string that talks about our pets, past and present. I'll start. I have two cats, Riley and Rambo. Riley was a shelter rescue, and Rammy (aka rambo) was a stray. He was so tiny and it was a frigid winter day. He came to my window because he liked Riley and wanted to play with him through the window. He was hard to catch as are most strays. I finally caught him and took him in. He wreaked of fish and had lots of worms in his stomach, poor little guy. But I took him to the vet, got him all fixed up nice nice, and brought him home to begin his life of luxury. Riley was not happy about this at first - he hissed at Rambo for the first few days any time Rambo got near him to play. But now they are the best of buddies and 2 highly spoiled cats. Riley is a red head cat (i.e. orange) he looks like Garfield - I should have named him Garfield. Rambo is a grey and white tabby cat. He is a sweetie but is still very scared of strangers. Doesn't like to be held much either, not even by me. Riley on the other hand is a total lap cat. he will climb on my back or my chest when I am sleeping and just crash. Sometimes I will wake up because of a failure to breath!!! - His big fat belly would literally be smothering my face. Wouldn't trade either one for the world. I think animals can sense when they are truly safe and loved. Anybody else want to talk about their pets?
  13. Ash, that is great work. and yes, it made my day. Like you said, even if it doesn't happen cold turkey, you have planted a seed that will hopefully continue to grow. Your friend will certainly be more aware of the cruelty in her food than she was before, and visual images are powerful and often hard to shake. Again, thansk for sharing that with me, you rock, you're awesome. PS> Can you make it to LA in Septembe for the gala? Nat
  14. I disagree that meat eating and vegetarianism are truly lifestyle "choices" for reasons that follow. Choice implies freedom of choice. Would anybody suggest that we have the freedom and choice to drown a puppy in scalding water or hack the limbs off of a kitten while she is still fully conscious? I would hope not. So torturing other animals - the flesh of which we happen to like to eat - can't be justified on the grounds of freedom of choice any more than can the torture of puppies and kittens. The only difference between a pig and a puppy is the way humans treat them. I should even get more specific here and say that the way North Americans and Europeans treat them. IN many Asian countries, dog flesh is as fair a game as pig meat. And a "might makes right" philosophy should not be confused with the principle of "freedom of choice" as meat eaters do. We have the ability to set our pets on fire - just like we have the ability to scald chickens alive for our tasting pleasure - but that does not mean we have the freedom of choice to do so. Furthermore, as pointed out, there are so many injustices and tragedies occuring right now in the world. Child labour in China is one, so is child labour in India and other countries. Even in North America today there are slaves - young women brought over from third world countries on the promise of an education but instead they wind up as slaves for rich white folks. It happens in the most affluent communities in America and Canada. Kids are trained to kill other kids starting from age 7 in Somalia and other countries in Africa and the Middle East. The amount of homeless people in Toronto seems to increase with each passing year while the number of brand new condos being built also increases. So yes, there are many causes out there and many injustices and tragedies that need our attention NOW. Meat eaters will often throw this fact in the face of animal rights activists, stating with unconcealed contempt things like "Why don't you work on human causes first?" or "get your priorities right you freaks!" But as one animal rights activist has stated, I fail to see what it is these people think they are doing for human kind that compels them to support the wasteful and ruthless exploitation of farm animals. Furthermore, the plain truth is that adopting a healthy vegetarian diet requires little extra time or commitment and can improve one's sense of well-being. Anyone can choose the diet while still continuing to work on the same "human" issues they deem of paramount importance. The diet itself will be assisting "human" causes that people think should be a priority anyway. Furthermore, the realization and acknowledgment that "there are other crucial causes that require our attention NOW" only further strengthens the position that vegetarianism/veganism is NOT a lifestyle choice at all, but rather, a moral imperative. So in my view, if one is truly a humanitarian and is concerned about there fellow human beings that are starving in other parts of the world, then one would be wise to go at least vegetarian. While tens of millions die annually from starvation related causes and close to one billion people suffer from malnutrition, 37 percent of the world's harvested grain is fed to animals being raised for slaughter; in the United States, the figure is 66 percent. Converting grains to meat wastes up to 90% of grains' proteins, 96 percent of calories, and all their fiber. Since it takes far more grains to feed a meat eater, worldwide meat consumption greatly increases demand for grains. As demand grows, cost increases and the world's poor become increasingly unable to afford food of any kind. Frances Moore Lappe, in her book Diet for a Small Planet, powerfully and insightfully asserted that we could help end world hunger by redistributing our wealth and respurces to the poorer people of the world, cutting back on militarism, and becoming vegetarians. She pointed out that more and more of our basic grains around the world, instead of going to local communities of malnourished people, are grown and given to animals who are used for their milk, eggs and later slaughtered or who are raised only to be slaughtered for meat. In both instances, the animal products are consumed by the poeple of the developed "First" world, rather than by the starving masses. As Rev. John Dear has highlighted, ten years ago, China was a net grain exporter, and it seemed certain that it would continue to export grain. But instead, as a direct result of increasing consumption of animal products, primarily pigs, China is now one of the world's top grain importers. The practical effect on people is only just starting to be felt in China. According to groups like Worldwatch Institute, all developing countries that rely on animal agriculture will experience similar consequences and the resulting increase in starvation and misery as well. It is profoundly disheartening, as John Dear reminds us, to note that during the famine in Ethiopia in the mid - 1980s and during the famine in Somalia in the early 1990s, those countries continued to export grains to Europe to feed its cows, pigs and chickens so that First World people could indulge their selfish lust for animal flesh. Likewise, while people suffer and die in central and south America, the countries there ship their grains to the US and Canada to feed our cows, pigs and chickens so that people like my ex-'s mother and most of my friends can satisfy their desire for animal flesh. In short, my view differs from yours in that i do not think that a meat eating "choice" can be defended on the grounds of freedom of choice at all. Freedom of choice, from an ethical perspective, ends when one's alleged "choice" has such pervasive consequences for billions of animals annually, for billions of starving people and for the survival of the earth. Put alternatively, while we have the right do do as we please and eat what we want, we do NOT have the right to hurt other beings who are morally innocent and utterly at our mercy, especially when the reasons for doing so are gluttony I am by NO MEANS a perfect person, woman, activist, vegan, vegetarian, or anything. And I will be the first one to admit that such degrees of self-discipline and altruism is a real challenge for most humans - it certainly is for me. IN fact, I am sure most of you are more perfect and conscious vegans than am I, which is why I have the ultimate respect for all of you. All vegans truly qualify for a nobel peace prize. BUt what really pisses me off with meat eating adults is when they try to justify their diet and lifestyles on such untenable and implausible grounds as "freedom of choice". I also hate to hear things like "well, you probably didn't love meat as much as I do and do you do not understand that I am a carnivore through and through and could never give up eating meat". Like I said in an earlier post in this string, NOBODY I REPEAT NOBODY was the "ultimate" carnivore as I was. If I can go veg, anybody can go veg. A refusal to do so in this day and age and where we live is simply weakness and, more than that, selfishness. Meat eaters should at least have the guts do admit this instead of trying to justify their diet on the grounds of freedom of choice. When one considers the direct link between meat eating, world hunger, environmental degradation and animal cruelty, it is difficult to take arguments of "freedom of choice" seriously. So that is my two cents anyway. I am sure many of you will disagree and I think the disagreement may rise due to the fact that my premises, my starting point, is that I reject speciesm as a self-evident truth. But, maybe that is why many of you are married and I am currently single... And I do agree that the best way to change people is to NOT be confrontational and judgmental, but rather patient and have a little more tolerance. It's just that when millions of children are starving and dying and animals are being skinned and de-limbed alive DAILY worldwide, it is difficult to be patient and to wait for people to have that light bulb moment - sometimes I just want to shake them until they get it!!!
  15. Chesty, Sure, mud wrestling sounds great. Our vegan guy friends on this site can be the judges. Winner gets to do whatever she wants with that bod of his... Nat
  16. I agree that we are ALL on the same team here - team vegan (or "almost" vegan in my case ). I was just kidding around trying to get some healthy competitive juices flowing But certainly, never mind a team, we are like a family here and when one of us succeeds, we all succeed. When one of us shines, we all shine. I respect each and every one of you, my friends, on this website and wish the best for each and every one of you. Nat
  17. Rob, I love the dialogue and you have such a cute voice - it WAS cool to put a voice to the face after all these years. I love the part where you wait to flex your bionic biceps til the end of the announcement. That was really effective. Thanks for helping PETA and thereby, the animals. Natalie
  18. Hey Willpeavy, Well certainly if something is working for you and you are happy with the progress you are making, then absolutely do what works for you FOr me personally, I know that I see better and quicker results when I get post-workout soreness, and so I am always trying to achieve that without overtraining. ANd yes, I too get a wicked burn when working as I think this is also important. Keep doing what your body responds well too and take good care
  19. Hey all, I just want to say that I strongly disagree with some of your posts. If, as one of you mentioned, your body gets used to your routine such that you no longer get sore, then it is time to switch your routine so that you do start feeling that post-workout soreness. I know that some experts for some reason believe that muscle soreness should go away after the first few weeks of starting a new program. But this is by no means a universally accepted proposition in the fitness industry. Other fitness champions and models, (like Meagan Brenner - not vegan in case any of you are wondering - but an awesome and very knowledgable former world class fitness model), in fact, claims that it makes no sense at all. According to her and experts like her, muscle soreness is the result of inflamed muscle cells, which in turn is part of the repair process making that muscle leaner and stronger. So, as Meagan has said, if you feel nothing, you'll get no results. So if you are no longer feeling any soreness, it is time to increase your intensity because the soreness is what you are aiming for. If, however, you are really sore and this lasts for longer than a few days, then I would be more concerned that perhaps you are overtraining. But if your body has adapted to your training routine, then you do NOT want to keep doing that same routine because it will no longer be efficient or effective - you always want to keep your muscles guessing so they don't get use to anything. Frankly, of the two camps, I think Meagan Brunner's theory makes way more sense than the theory that "your soreness will subside in a few weeks of beginning training."
  20. Okay news flash to everybody Compassionate girl has the hots for Topher. Only problem is that I am 29 - if we dated, would that make me a cradle robber ??? Natalie
  21. College B and Lelle, You know I am embarassed to say that I DIDN't realize that the tobacco industry still engaged in animal testing - what exactly do they test on animals and why? But thanks for pointing that out - my post that says "yup" was supposed to be a response to another post, I don't know how it ended up under this topic. If you can educate me on the testing of the tobacco industry I am ready and willing to learn. Lelle, your eyes are gorgeous and so are your godchild's. She is adorable. I hope she grows up loving animals. Take care all, Natalie
  22. Wow, that is fascinating that although you were attacked numerous times by dogs as a young child, you still did not allow that to close your heart off to animals and that you grew up to love animals despite your scary childhood experiences with dogs. Most people who have been attacked by dogs when they were kids end up disliking dogs as adults. You're awesome. Keep up the great work - you have one god like physique let me tell you - looks like Rob is going to have some serious vegan competition sooner rather than later. (Luv you Rob )
  23. Ya, I am also terrified of the ocean. I can swim somewhat, but I am still terrified of DEEP waters, and I am especially terrified of being UNDER water so I definitely cannot dive head first in water like people do -_ that absolutely scares the crap out of me. I also don't like heights too much either. When I was in Cancun a few years back with my friends, I remember I was in the beautiful blue ocean, and not very deep either. Actually pretty much only a few feet in. The waters in Cancun are very rough, and many days the "black flag" will be up which means the undercurrent is too strong to swim. ANyway, one morning I did not see the flag so I went into the water, which looked calm and inviting. WIthin moments, I realized that I was getting sucked in by the under toe. I was swimming hard and fast, but not getting anywhere (so I was basically swimming on the spot). Man I saw my life flash before my eyes. Thankfully, there was a massive boulder right beside me so I had to grab on to the slimy green stuff (which till this day I have no idea what that was) to pull myself out of the water and not get sucked into the undertoe. When I got out, I was so freaked out after my close brush with death. Right away I ran to the hotel suite though and literally scrubbed my skin almost right off because of that ing green stuff that I had touched, but it saved my life so I am still thankful for it, whatever it was!!! But other than that, I am Wonder woman (just kiddin).
  24. Lelle By the way you have the most gorgeous blue eyes!!!! Natalie
  25. Wow, You are SMOKIN!!!!!!!! How old are you anyway? Keep up your awesome work both on your body and for the animals, you rock in more ways than one (obviously). P.S. When did you first realize how much you loved ALL animals, not just companion animals? Natalie
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