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  1. This happens to many vegans, some not so new too! In fact, check this out: I go to a Japanese restaurant with a friend a couple of weeks ago, and order the VEGETARIAN combo, which consisted of miso soup, avacodo rolls, etc etc. I inquire about the stock in the miso soup. It should obviously be vegetarian since it is in a VEGETARIAN combo but nonetheless, my philosophy is people are generally morons so check, double check and double check some more. So I ask "is there any animal anything in your soup? What is the base? Is it fish stock, chicken stock, any animal stock, or is it fully and completely NO ANIMAL soup." Girl says "I think it is vegetarian." I say, I need a confirmed guarantee, not speculation or an "almost positive." SHe checks with the chef/owner and comes back and says it is vegetarian for sure. That is still not good enough because you never know if you are being lied to, so I say (and advise that others do this as well), "Are you SURe, because I am allergic to all animals and CAN DIE if there is any animal in my soup." She says no worries, it is definitely vegetarian base soup. So I order, everything smells and tastes fine, we eat, pay and leave. The other night, a friend and I go back to the same restaurant, order the same thing, and again, I inquire again (because remember my philosophy above). Low and behold, this time I am informed that the soup is mdae of FISH stock. Need I explain the scene that I raised after that? They f**cking served my miso soup with FISH in it, even though I checked, double checked and triple checked AND on top of that explained that i could DIE if I ingest animals. WTF???? And, wtf is a fish base soup doing in a vegetarian combo? idiots. I mean, short of standing in the freakin kitchen watching the chef make your food from scratch and reading all the labels of everything he uses, you just dont know 100%. The extent to which people are morons, or just plain dont give a damn about others, is bloody ridiculous.
  2. I think you half naked for peta is an excellent idea, just be sure not to wear the pink speedos.
  3. How about peta? You just finished working with them, you have some contacts with them, so why not ask them to sell it in their peta catalogue? if you have already asked them to do so, please post here what their response has been because I would really like to know. Also, have you contacted pcrm.org to ask them to carry it?
  4. Kathryn, good idea. Robert, have you contacted Pangea about carrying it? Also, I would contact the other vegan stores as well. There are other ones besides veganessentials and pangea.
  5. hey Rae, hope you are doing well. Nice to see your post. keep up your hard work, it will pay off!
  6. Congrats! Hey Rob, do you know if Vega is currently in the process of making new items? Like a new chocolate shake that tastes a bit better? Thanks! natalie
  7. Slightly off topic here but Kathryn, I so agree with the human eyes and cow eyes juxtaposition - that is a GREAT idea, especially because it is hard, I would hope, to eat an animal after you have looked deeply into her eyes. And cows have **the most beautiful brown eyes*** they are such gorgeous eyes. So very eerily like big brown human eyes!
  8. I love that idea Kathryn. Nothing would please me more than to see these bunch of neanderthals brutes bashing each other and leaving the seals alone. I would not shed a *single* tear. In fact, it would give me great pleasure. [And before some smart ass posts a comment here like "real compassionate there, compassionate girl", I will say for the umpteenth time that my compassion doesnt apply to sadist bastards. It applies to innocent animals (human and non). ]
  9. is to green your diet, which, according to an article published in the New Scientist on Dec 17 2005, is even more important than greening your car. Which is why it annoyed me to no end when Leonardo DiCaprio went on Oprah to 'educate' people on global warming the other day, and not once did he or the Princeton professor mention green diets on the list of things you can do to help save the planet and retard global warming. Gaawwd forbid Oprah should have to be told to go vegan. Then she revealed how she drove one of the top 5 worst for the environment SUVs and said how she is part of the problem. Gaawd how I would love to beat that woman with a clue stick and hopefully make her choke on her b-day foie gras and veal.
  10. Oooh, Kathryn, unfortunately, some of the sealers are vile and hateful, and **LOVE** the activity of butchering seals. I have been involved with this campaign for a while now, and closely follow Paul Watson's fight on the ice floes, and Sea Shepherd efforts to end this atrocity. We have every reason to believe, and none not to believe, that the many, many of the sealers enjoy butchering baby seals and have no intention of stopping. As I have typed at length in various posts here (just do a search for it), the sealers have been presented with countless offers and alternatives to this atrocity, and have snubbed their noses at all of them, proclaiming that "seals are meant to be clubbed not coddled." I am not saying that this individual neighbour of mine feels that way (but it sounded to me like he did), but certainly, that is the position of the sealing association, which is made up of sealers. I will try and find the link and post it here for your review. Here it is: viewtopic.php?t=2409&start=0 Add to all that the fact that Watson, while on the ice floes, saw that *even though* most of the sealers he saw carried rifles, they still *chose* to bash the skulls of these babies with clubs, when they could have more humanely shot them. The facts and the info strongly support, rather than call into question, the belief that many, if not most, Newfoundlanders love killing seal pups - even though they will tell you they hate it but have no other choice but to do it. Which we know for a fact is bull shit.
  11. Oh ya, and dont forget to donate meetyourmeat or earthlings too. Basically, any animal rights footage which you found persuasive. ' Let's get the plight of the animals out there on mainstream library shelves!
  12. See, the problem with asking your libraries tob carry it is that you are relying on them to do the job. Why take chances of their procrastination, pr even worse, their inaction or lack of interest? So, I think that, if at all possible, forum members should purchase an extra copy or two, and donate those to the library. The library is not likely to turn down a free donated copy. This way, Robert doesnt lose money, and we take charge of the task of making sure this is on library shelves asap, instead of leaving it up to the whim of library personnel! Get my drift? For example, I asked my library to carry a copy of something for **months** several years ago. They kept saying they would, but after 8 months of waiting, I got fed up, purchased the DVD myself, donated it, and lo and behold, it was on the shelf within 2 days of me donating it!
  13. (whom I just met on my walk with Justice just now) is a sealer from Newfoundland. That was a fun conversation that aged me about 10 years. I am **amazed** * at how every single Newfoundler I have ever met or corresponded with stubbornly refuses to even entertain the possibility that maybe, just maybe, the seal hunt is cruel and not an "overdramatization by animal rights activists", environmentally irresponsible and economically not as "vital" as purported by the Sealing Association. So I got the usual misguided misinformed bull shit, like it isnt as bad as "we" it sound, the sealers and their families will starve without it, those animal rights activists wouldnt care if the seals werent so cute , it has been going on for centuries, it is Newfoundland's business and nobody else's, the rest of Canada has always hated Newfoundland anyway, the seals are eating cod that fishermen need to feed their families, yadda yadda yadda. The ignorance of some these people and the extent to which their provincial government has brainwashed them is truly dumbfounding.
  14. You'd think I would be use to stories like this by now, and somewhat desensitized, knowing that it happens every minute of every day to billions and billions of different animals, but I am not desensitized to it. It gets me in the gut everytime, and brings me to my knees. I am devastated and feel very depressed right now. Then again, the constant awareness of animal torture always has a depressing hold on me. There is no escaping it. Once you know, you cant un-know. We live with it daily. I am SO happy to hear though that your lawyer brother cares about animals and is using his skills to help them. Please send him my thank-you for that! I really hope that these people who burned this poor animal alive feel the exact same suffering they inflicted. My compassion does NOT apply to people like that - but my rage does! And being drunk is no excuse to what they did. I wish upon them **bad** things!
  15. I just rediscovered this thread. I thought you were for sure coming... I understand finances being tight and all but please do come if at all possible and let us know what we can do to help get you out! Aww, thanks LL. You are too kind.
  16. Awwwww those are awesome pics. Thanks for sharing! I especially love the last one where she is giving you a nice big wet kiss right on the kisser! PC, where did you get your doggy from? I remember there were so many stray dogs in mexico when I was there (and cats). IT was heartbreaking. Do Mexicans generally love dogs and cats (i.e. do they at least give these strays some food), or do they see them as vermon to be poisoned and shooed away?
  17. Thanks kathryn. I thihnk I will try those orange degreasers. But the problem is, do they work on old burnt on grease stains? The older ones are the ones that have been impossible for me to get out so far.
  18. that will not come off know matter how much I scrub with a scouring pad. How do I get this sh*t off of my oven? I dont want to use commercial degreasers because they are all tested on animals. Any vegan solutions to this problem? Thanks.
  19. Then please post some recipes that you cook for your doggy here. I am struggling trying to come up with a healthy, balanced, home cooked meal for my foster doggy Justice that I can be confident meets his needs. I am stressed that the stuff I am making may be missing some important nutrient. I know I can get vegan commercial pet food that is on iamscruelty.com cruelty free list, but still, I would rather feed meals that I personally know for a fact are human grade. Not sure if I trust all companies that claim to offer "human grade" pet food. SO anyway ya please post some meals you cook for your vegan doggy here. And any general tips, websites that offer vegan recipes ideas for canines, etc etc. And also post any experience you have had with vegan processed dog food. Thanks. P.S. Justice ***hates** my cooking so far, and has reluctantly eaten stuff I have made, though it has gotten a bit better recently.
  20. Never tasted tamari. How does it compare, taste wise, to soy sauce. If a recipe calls for tamari, is it close enough in taste to soy sauce such that I can just use soy sauce in its place?
  21. Congrats Courtney! I wish you and Thomas a lifetime of joy and tranquility together. Thanks for posting those pics.
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