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  1. I love cilantro too (when I first tried it I had hated it). I also love green tomatoes.
  2. Realizations like this is what gives hope for a better future and world for all animals, human and non. Is there any particular event or footage or knowledge that caused you to see your vegetarianism to its logical ethical conclusion? welcome.
  3. Another great idea is to sell some of your movies at your booth - even if its vega. Anyway, ya, I am sure we will help ya out and make it a team effort.
  4. Great! Let me know when you firm up dates so we take it from there. Formica: It will be nice to meet you too!
  5. Aww that's cute. ya, I make every effort to never needlessly, thoughtlessly or arrogantly kill any insect - "cute" or not. They are all innocent and just trying to survive in this effed up world. I just pick up and gently evict insects in my home onto grass outside. Always do so carefully though because if you injure a leg or an antenna or something, well that would suck for the lil insect and may make him easy prey for other insects.
  6. jjaj - you and your fiance make one very gorgeous couple.
  7. I have tried some of the recipes on greenchef and thought to myself "Holy ***, this is good food. I could eat this 75% of the time." before I was very ignorant of what raw veganism meant and thought it would lack variety and get boring, but that website opened my eyes to the possibilities! I dont think I am discpiplined or hardcore enough to go all raw, but I am shooting for high raw. and good luck to you too!
  8. I think that the hotel rooms would be cheaper if there we do multiple occupancy. Like maybe 4 per room? Ladies? Who from here is going to be going so we can all plan the room bookings etc? info for conference is here: http://www.arconference.org My perspective: I owe it to the animals to go.
  9. hey rob, have you heard of this guy. I really think you should also be some kind of poster child for a vegan outreach campaign. seriously. http://www.idausa.org/kgw_frame.html
  10. Mmmmmmmmm.....poor cookies never stood a chance... I will now pass out after gorging on 12 double chocolate cookies.....****plops onto her bed and passes out with mouth open and cookie crumbs on sides of her mouth********
  11. I just popped em in the oven and the next 10 minutes will feel like ten hours.....
  12. yeah, we DEFINITELY got a problem Housten, as it is past midnight here and I am about to bake myself and then inhale a batch of jjaj's cookies, with a nice big glass of Chocolate Silk Soymilk.
  13. P.S. Tell your fiance to keep the recipes comin' :essen: ... or maybe not!
  14. Wow! That is damn fascinating. But I think I will love, respect and admire this innocent being from a healthy distance.
  15. Bitches rock, don't we? Uh, I mean, don't they? I have heard of both the restaurant and the cookbook! And I couldnt agree with the rest of the above paragraph more....
  16. jjaj's cookie and pies - i cant get enough of em. AT this rate, by the time I meet Tarz in person, I am going to weigh twice my current body weight!
  17. hey MegglePuff, Welcome to the site. I did a search for you and found this thread which may be of interest to you: viewtopic.php?t=1552&highlight= You may also find others if you do a search with your key words. The search function is somewhere on the top left of your screen....
  18. Death by cuteness. ****SQUEEL ***** thanks for posting that ash.
  19. Jay: I had no idea. Thanks for educating us. I always fruit juice got its colouring from - well - fruit. I guess anytime you see labels like "artificial" or even "natural" colouring and flavouring, it is questionable whether it is vegan. JW: Great idea. I will def pursue it. BIG: Thanks for the list. PS. This just goes to show you how ridiculous the vivisection industry as a whole really is! Torturing monkeys to sell fruit juice! WTF? Here is an idea - if you want to test fruit juice, test it on, um, well, humans for f**'s sake! idiots. is there no limit on with what we think we can do to animals? We have utterly and positively reduced them to literally disposable commodities - countless lives sacrificed under the ghasliest of circumstances to make a fruit juice claim! Our species greed truly knows no bounds.
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