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  1. I'm going to have knee surgery in a couple of weeks and the doctor is highly reccomending I take an omega 3 fish oil. Obviously I'd prefer a vegetarian source. I've read a few artcles on Flax Seed Vs. Fish Oil, and most of them agree that Flax Seed Oil has a low conversion rate to EPA and DHA. Is getting your daily dose of Omega 3's from Aglae sources as good as fish oil? If you know of any articles please point them my way. Also, any recommendation of reputible companies making omega 3 supplements from algae? -daniel
  2. anyone every used it? i bought some today, and have heard things about it. if you have used it, any advice on the best way to cycle it? http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/lcarn.html
  3. I am fairly new to weight training and the "bulking and cutting" thread (in the nutrition section) has sucessfully confused me completely. Right now i am attempting to become more cut/lose fat without losing any muscle mass. If I could gain some muscle that would be even better. Some days I do 30 minutes of cardio before lifting. Other days I jog for approx 25 minutes and then go to the gym to lift a few hours later. From what I could gather, low intensity cardio is best for burning fat? What exactly qualifies low intensity? What qualifies high intensity? My lifting plan goes like this: monday (chest), tuesday (back/abs), wednesday (legs), thursday (biceps, triceps) friday (shoulders/abs) Also I was under the impression that low weight, high reps is best for cutting? In the "bulking and cutting" thread though the guy states this is a bad idea? Please help as I feel completely lost? thanks
  4. ..... moved this to the "fitness" section. figured it was probably in the wrong place.
  5. I posted once before, but decided im going to read this msg board more often so maybe an introduction would be a good idea... I'm from San Antonio, and have not eaten meat in 5 years, and besides certain occassions, no animal products in three years. Recently, I've begun lifting with some friends 4-5 days a week, but do not have any friends who know much about lifting while maintaining a vegan diet. Hopefully some of you guys can help out. for more info check www.myspace.com/danielrosen daniel
  6. I have just started lifting 5 days a week with some friends and need some help with reccomdendations of protein powders to go in hand with my work out routine. I have been vegan for a few years, and I know I am can never be HUGE... but i'd like to get my muscles as large and defined as possible while maintaining a vegan diet. I've heard that soy is OK, but no so good for building muscle mass. What about hemp protein? I've also heard some good things about buckwheat protein? And can someone tell me about this "vega" product? -daniel
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