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  1. I used to make a variation of this in my restaurant but without the soybeans and tofu instead I used Feta Cheese.


    For this recipe I used Organic Canned Garbanzo and Soybeans. Didn't have the time to cook them from scratch but your more than welcome to do so if you see fit.


    2 - 15 oz. Cans of Garbanzo Beans

    2 - 15 oz. Cans of Soybeans

    1 Large Red Bell Pepper (chopped)

    1 Package of Nasoya Xtra Firm Tofu (the kind in water, make sure you drain it well)

    4 TBSP. Nutritional Yeast

    1/2 TBSP. Dried Oregano

    1/2 TBSP. Dried Basil

    1 TSP. Garlic Powder

    1 TSP. Liquid Smoke

    4 TBSP. Bragg's Liquid Aminos

    Black Pepper and Salt (to taste)


    Serving 8 (1 Cup per serving)


    First crumble up tofu in a large bowl get it to a consistency like bread crumbs then add the nutritional yeast, oregano, basil and garlic powder, pepper and salt. Mix together if you feel it needs more salt feel free to add some. Then add in the Garbanzo and Soy beans and mix together then set aside. Take the Red pepper and lightly saute it in a small amount of water just enough so it won't stick. Cook until you achieve a firm but not hard texture. Remove from heat and pour on the Liquid Smoke. Then add the peppers to the bean mixture and stir up. I would recommend chilling this for a little while but it will taste delicious if you eat it right away.


    Nutritional Info:


    Per Serving:


    Calories: 311 Calories from Fat: 74

    Saturated Fat: 1g

    Sodium: 683mg

    Carbs: 33g

    Fiber: 17g

    Sugar: 3.5g

    Protein: 24.5g


    Hope you enjoy!

  2. If your exercising and lifting regulary, I feel your macros are out of whack. You have way more fat intake than protein. You need to change that up. I am on a 4000 calorie diet right now and my split looks something like this 50/30/20 (carbs, protein, fat.) I am putting on about 1 - 1.5 lbs of lean muscle a week my body fat % is dropping as well. I am hardly bloated and I am probably going to increase my calories by about 300 - 500 since I do at times still feel slightly hungry.

  3. Cal-Mag is in addition to a multivitamin. I recommended this due to the fact that bodybuilders and vegans need larger amounts of calcium to keep both strength up. I use a calcium/magnesium complex due to the fact that calcium needs magnesium to be absorbed by the body.

  4. You should definitely buy a multi vitamin and i also use a cal-mag complex as well. Don't forget to get your omega's and for that I would suggest some Flax Oil or seeds whichever you prefer.


    Multi Vitamin (Nature's Life or VegLife)


    Cal-Mag (nature's plus)

  5. What does your food intake look like are you heavier on the fats side or is your diet fairly balanced correctly for a lean gain.


    It will be very hard to get your abs to show while your on a bulking cycle. If your looking to gain you will gain and if you want those abs to show your gonna have to start to cut. I would say work on getting up to a weight you want to maintain then pack on at least 5 lbs more then cut and you should see abs showing then. At least that is what I am doing right now.

  6. Doing crunches or leg lifts while using the bench. Thats what the floor/mats are for. I've got two adjustable incline bench in my gym and sure enough the damn personal trainer with these two women are using both adjustable benches to do leg lifts and crunches when there is roughly 70 sq. ft. of empty floor space around them. This went on for over 15 mins. I almost lost it.

  7. Personally I feel its extremely beneficial to keep a good solid pace to my workouts. I try to only rest 45 - 1 min between sets and no more than 2 mins between exercises. I also usually have a pattern to my workouts basically on each day there is a order to which I want to do my exercises however like you said sometimes the gym is crowded or there are just annoying people doing situps on my bench instead of using the floor. If that happens I'll usually through in some ab work or I will break my routine and work it from a different order in an effort to not stand around idle.


    What most refer to with the over an hour training from what I gather is that you do not want to continually train your muscles hard for over an hour. You don't need to do 4 or 5 different chest/legs/arms/back exercises on the same day. Pick 1 or at most 2 and work them out solid do them at good intervals and you should be able to complete a workout in under an hour. Once you push over an hour in my opinion your start to get fatigued and there is no way your gonna be as solid at 1.5 hours as you were at 20 mins.

  8. I use Nutribiotic Vegan Rice Proteins. The vanilla and the chocolate are good the Mixed Berry not so much


    I also change it up with Bob's Red Mill Hemp Protein (not much protein content but I cut it with the rice protein)


    I have never really been a fan of creatine just doesn't seem to do anything for my workouts. Glutamine is great with repairing your muscles. And watch out for all the HGH, IGF or other natural growth supplements. 9 times out of 10 the capsules are not Vegan.

  9. A banana is roughly 30g of carbs. For me my dinner is usually around 7 pm to 8pm come 10:30 or so I'm starting to get hungry again. I usually hit the sack around 11:00 - 11:30. That amount of carbs really does not convert into fat and since your muscle do most of their growth and repair during your sleeping hours, I feel it necessary to have something in my body that can aid during that process hence the small amount of carbs and protein. This works for me but might not work for you give it shot and see what you think.

  10. I live under the mantra that carbs are your friend. I eat upwards of 450g carbs a day been doing it for 4 weeks now and in fact have lost body fat and gained lean muscle increasing my weight by 3.5 lbs. I don't think i would have anywhere near the energy to come close to finishing my workouts without these carbs. Everyone is different but I have always been against maintaining a low carb lifestyle I just see no health benefits whatsoever.

  11. lately i have worked on 30 degree incline bicep curls. I find myself curling less weight but it is alot harder for me and gives me a great workout. I do them twice per week on the second workout I superset them with Preacher Curls. This just about leaves my arms as wet noodles. This has been a great change over the usual standing DB curls or cable curls i was doing prior.

  12. Been looking around and trying to find out what everyone really thinks is too much protein based from powders.


    Personally I take in daily 3 - 4 shakes. I know its much better to get them from whole food sources. But my question is am I ok with getting roughly half my daily protein intake from rice and hemp protein? I usually take in around 220g of protein a day, what doesn't come from protein powders comes from, seitan, tempeh, beans, tofu/soy.


    If there is a reason why getting it from whole food sources is much better for me then I will try my hardest to eat more whole foods. But if I am ok with what I am doing now then I'll stick with it since my daily schedule is sporatic and sometimes harder to eat whole meals.

  13. One thing that makes me steam is watching teenagers or older people doing exercises incorrectly and doing it dangerously and no trainers going over to correct them. Ive been stepping in lately!!!


    This happens all the time at my gym. 2-3 trainers on staff at all times. One a "master trainer" yet they will just walk on by when they see this 15 year old doing nearly every exercise with complete and utter improper form. I mean isn't that your job as a trainer to help those in your gym, or does that only come when you pay them the $100.00 a session.

  14. 1. The guy that takes up at least 4 stations at once. I can see moving from squats to calf press sure. But Squats, Calf Press, DB on the floor next to bench so you can do shurgs followed by the bench taken up so you can do Bench Press. Pick 1 or 2 and then move on.


    2. The "Talker". Every gym has at least one. This is the guy (never encountered a woman doing this) who for some strange reason needs to strike up a conversation with you during your rest between sets. Question...did the headphone hanging out of my ear not give you enough insight as to the fact I don't want to talk to you or anyone else.


    3. The "Obnoxious Grunter/Yeller". This guy is great. Now I'm not talking about the lifting grunts some of us have all made from time to time. This guy at during each rep is snorting and grunting like a wild boar. And at the end of his set screams at the top of his lungs "F**k" then proceeds to stomp around the gym cause he hurt himself trying to lift more than he can. Now rinse and repeat for the next 3 sets.


    4. The 10 minute workout. These guys for some unknown reason get dressed, get in their car, drive to the gym, bring a towel and some water and workout out for a max of 10 mins then leave. In the time doing 1 set on 5 different machines. What is the point?


    5. Never really seen this before but a few weeks back there is the is guy doing lat pull downs. Instead of sitting down on the bench he proceeds to stand up and not just stand up but stand and lean back a 45 degree angle using the weight to hold him up then somehow starts pulling the bar to his chest all rapid fire like he is pull starting and engine or something. I have no idea how he did this or why but it drove me crazy the whole time.


    6. Lastly this drives me crazy to no end. Sunglasses. Why the hell do you wear your sunglasses (mostly those huge designer ones) indoors and not only indoors but while your working out. Are the dull fluorescent lights too strong for you delicate eyes? Sunglasses were made to block out the sun and being indoors there is no sun. Take em off.

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