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  1. For me I usually eat a banana, and make a shake with some almond milk and rice protein. I usually do this about an hour before going to sleep. Holds me till the morning.
  2. Your protein percentage seems extremely low to me. I eat around 4000 calories a day 50 - 60% Carbs, 20 - 25% Protein, 20% Fat roughly. You should do somewhere around 1 to 1.5g or Protein per pound of bodyweight. And around 2 - 3g of carbs per pound. Between what meals do you workout? You should eat a good amount of your carbs before and after your workouts. Your only eating 5 meals a day as well might want to increase that to 6 or 7. Add in some oats into your smoothies or protein shakes (which i don't see you doing any of). I find that making a quick shake of Soymilk/Almond milk, some protein, oats and banana is a great way to knockout about 400 calories. Hope that helps
  3. Meal 1: Shake (Soymillk, Banana, Flax Seeds, Rice Protein, Oats), With either Oatmeal or Toasted Oats Meal 2: Apple, Cashews/Almonds, Shake(Almond Milk, Rice Protein) Meal 3: Changes Daily. Today is Tofu Spinach Lasagna. Usually a however its a protein, carbs, and veggies Meal 4: Shake (Almond Milk, Rice Protein, Oats, Banana, Strawberries) then an apple Meal 5: Odwalla Bar, Shake (Almond Milk, Protein) Meal 6: Typically it changes but most of the time its a pasta dish, with veggies and some type of protein. Meal 7: Slice of Whole Grain Toast with Peanut Butter(the good stuff lots of oil separation), Shake (Almond Milk/Soy Milk, Protein) Shakes are easier for me to do since I work alot on the road. If I am home more I eat more whole meals. This yields me usually around 4000 calories a day (500g Carbs, 250g Protein, 90 -100g Fat approx) I workout out 6 days a week. My supplements are nothing more than Multi vitamin, Vitamin C, Calicum and occasionally some herbs. Drink at least a gallon of water a day.
  4. Thanks for the reply. Yeah I calculated based on my BMR. I am going to up my intake by around 500 more calories to see how that gets me. I never took into account what I burn off during exercise. I'll just have to keep an eye on my BF % rather than the scale which lately has been driving me crazy. I think its gotta either be possessed or just toying with me, because it says something different every other day.
  5. Quick Question. At the present I am eating roughly 3500 calories a day. I am trying to progressively gain lean mass upwards of 15 lbs. My question is simple. Is the 3500 calories which is basically what I have figured through calculations to be what i need to obtain this weight gain what I need to have taken in after I deduct my calories burned off during lifting and cardio? So to say if I burn off 800 calories during training a day i need to actually be eating 4300 calories. Thanks for the help.
  6. Hello All, I at present am 6'0" 157 lbs. I am on my second week a 12 week new training program. I started out at 155.5 lbs and body fat was taken with a caliper at 16%. Today's body fat was taken at 15%. My goal is to pack on as much lean muscle and weight as possible over the course of my training program. I am aiming for at least 10 lbs. but am hoping for more. I have only been vegan now for what is starting my 8 week. I have been vegetarian for over a year. My question is basically does my meal planning look good enough to achieve my goals. I feel as though I have to many "liquid meals" rather than whole foods. Meal 1: Shake (Soymilk, Banana, Flax Seeds, Nutribiotic Rice Protein) Oatmeal or Toasted Oats with Slice Whole Grain Toast Meal 2: Shake (Protein, Water) Apple Meal 3: Sandwich (Usually Whole Grain Bun, Slice Toffutti Cheese, Either Boca Patty or Seitan Patty) Veggies Meal 4: Salad with Olive Oil, Some type of Protein, and Some Carbs (This meal is Pre workout) Sometimes this meal is substituted with a shake (Almond Milk, Protein, oats, Spinach, flax, banana, strawberries) Meal 5: Shake (Almond Milk, Protein) Meal 6: Dinner (Changes daily usually a 2 to 1 ratio of Carbs to Protein, minimal fat and if so is derived from Olive Oil) Meal 7: Shake (Almond Milk, Protein, Oats, Banana) I am totaling around 3200-3600 calories a day. Approximately 200 - 230g of Protein, 400 - 500g Carbs and 60 - 80g Fat I just want to make sure I am on the right path and if I can improve anywhere. I workout 5 - 6 days per week with all compound exercises days 1-3, 4 - 6 are compound with isolation. Thanks any help.
  7. Honestly. It might sound trivial but how do you scratch your back. I give all bodybuilders credit for committing to a high level of training but 340 lbs next to nothing in body fat, might tip on the side of too big.
  8. 30 lbs of muscle gain is a great amount. How long did it take you to get to that point?
  9. That was pretty gross. Such a large amount of puss too. Must have been slightly embarrassing for him.
  10. Just wanted to say hello to all. Just found this site and I am glad I did. Its a wealth of knowledge and I am glad to know that there are so many other vegan fitness buffs! I am newbie to the vegan lifestyle kinda. My wife has been vegan for a little over 1 year (6 years as a vegetarian). I have been vegetarian for just over 1 year and for 6 weeks now joined the side of good and become vegan. Honestly its been the best thing I have done in I don't know how long. I have never felt this good before both physically and mentally. Any how I have been a casual lifter for a little over a year and in the past few weeks I have really gotten into bodybuilding as a lifestyle. My goal for the next 12 weeks is to train intensively with a strict nutritional plan to achieve at least 10 lbs lean muscle mass. Hopefully this goal will be accomplished at present I am 6'0 156 lbs. In a perfect world I would like to sit around 180+ but I am learning patience and I feel that this goal will take time. I will soon post some of my meal planning and training schedules and I look forward to any and all help you fellow vegans have to offer. See you around!
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