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  1. Hi all Is there anywhere online one can go to get a current idea of what the difference is between the goal physiques of bodybuilding, fitness, figure and bikini competitors? I'm coming back to this after a bit of an absence, and women's bodybuilding seems to have changed quite a bit. It seems to me that the bodybuilders of about 20 years ago are closer to the fitness competitors of today. I wonder if Cory Everson was to compete in today's environment, would she be fitness or bodybuilding? I also recall that fitness competitors used to have to do quite a bit of flexibility/dance demonstrations in their routines, instead of the traditional posing. It used to make me nervous, because no matter how much I stretch, I can't get anywhere near doing the splits. Is that still the case? Are there master's level competitions for all four, or is that only a bodybuilding thing? I'm looking for the best route to go, as an older, natural vegan who is hoping to get big, but wondering if I'll end up looking more like a fitness competitor or bodybuilder by today's standards.
  2. Well, I've made a few changes, and I think it's paying off. First, I changed up my leg workout a bit. Instead of a large number of sets of leg presses and squats, I'm doing 4 sets of 10 reps, but it seems I am working much harder...I'm making sure I'm going through a full range of motion and using enough weight to really feel it at the end of the sets. I've also been working a bit harder on the cardio and yoga/stretching, and I've started to get a massage every once in a while, which seems to help as well with the appearance of my legs. I'm beginning to feel optimistic that I might have a decent lower body again someday soon!
  3. The slight drop in weight is referring to body weight. I'm maintaining or increasing my weights used in leg exercises right now. With the Insanity, I'm not exactly following the program schedule. Right now I do 5 insanity workouts a week, and I usually do 2 from the first month, two from the second and then the recovery. I did the program by itself a while back, right after a couple of cycles of P90x, then I mixed the two for a while. These days, though, I'm trying to both gain a bit of size and really get rid of the fat on the lower body.
  4. I am female, so I'm hoping the calorie range is about right. Lately, I'm seeing a slight drop in weight at that range with the exercises I'm doing. I'm fairly happy with the size of my legs and the strength, it's mainly that I have a pretty stubborn layer of fat on top. My typical leg workout these days is 8-9 sets of leg presses and/or squats...I usually pick three exercises from hack squats, regular squats, lunges, leg presses, or a squat machine, and do 8-10 reps each. Then I do three sets each of leg extensions and leg curls, and finish up with a few sets on the abductor and adductor machines, plus a set or two on a machine that resembles the movement pushing off while ice skating (I play some hockey so it seems like a nice way to finish off a leg workout) I've been tracking with SparkPeople, so I'm guessing it's fairly accurate, but I take one or two days off of tracking...usually the weekends, where I likely eat a bit more. One reason I'm asking is that I'm looking at maybe competing again in bodybuilding...I did it many years ago, and while I dieted down enough to basically get the fat off my legs, I ended up losing a lot of size everywhere else to do it, and ended up looking just like a skinny sorta fit person. I'm hoping I can do it again a bit smarter this time. Thanks
  5. Hi all I could use some advice (training/diet). I am feeling like my upper body is in pretty good shape now, and am seeing some nice new definition in the abdominal region. Even my calves are shaping up nicely. The region from the hips down to the knees is another story, though. While I know my legs are getting stronger, they just don't look all that good. My summer training has been doing the Insanity workouts 5 times a week in the AM (high intensity interval cardio) and lifting four times a week. My leg workout starts with 9 or so sets of squats, hack squats and/or leg presses, followed by leg extensions, leg curls, and a few other leg exercises. My diet isn't particularly tuned up right now...just a few simple rules, keep it vegan, get enough protein, and try to stay under 2000 cal per day. I take a few supplements, mainly a multivitamin, creatine, Vega and some B12. I also do a bit of running, cycling and dance...and walk a fair bit. Any suggestions of ways I could improve in this area? It seems I have a pretty stubborn layer of fat!
  6. I'm also working the insanity workouts into my program. I do the Insanity workouts five days a week in the AM, then head to the gym four days a week doing either chest, triceps and biceps, or legs, back and shoulder. I start the chest workout with bench presses (incline, decline, flat), then do dips and/or cable crossovers, then two exercises each for bi and tri. I start the leg workout with squats, then follow up with extensions and curls, do some pullups, then lat pulldowns and rows, finishing with a couple of shoulder exercises. I mix in a few dance classes, bike rides and hockey throughout the year.
  7. I'm thinking about joining a gym....I have some good stuff at home (bowflex dumbells, a bench, a bowflex machine and a chin up bar), and I work at a university with a gym that's pretty decent. However, there's a nice new gym in town (Fuel Fitness) that's 24/7, which would open up a lot of time to workout, and there are some serious lifters there which tends to be pretty motivational. So, I'm debating whether or not to join.
  8. I've just put mine up there! http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/susan.weber2
  9. Hi all. Just got my copy of Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness (love it, btw) and I was looking over the different meal plans. As a woman (and a slightly older one), I was wondering if any of the female vegan bodybuilders on the site could give an idea about how much to reduce the total calorie intake of the meal plans in the book to suit a woman. I did competitive bodybuilding many many years ago, before I was vegan, and I'm looking to get back into it (and even bigger!) on a vegan diet. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the welcome! I'm glad to be here. Many many years ago I did some bodybuilding and power lifting, and it's nice to see my body coming back, and it's easier to pack on muscle without fat with my vegan diet despite being a bit older.
  11. Hi everyone, I'm new to the site, been a vegetarian for a long time now, and a vegan for a bit longer than a year. I've got a couple of boys, including one that is 15 months, and I'm working on getting back into great shape. I'm a bit of an older mom and will be 42 here in a few weeks. Right now I'm lifting using the P90x workouts, and adding some additional cycling, running, yoga and lots of bellydance. I'll also play hockey again when that starts up again in the fall. I'm interested in learning more about supplementing and will likely try out some of the vegan protein powders. Glad to be here!
  12. I'm a long time dancer, mainly in the Egyptian style, and I teach a few classes.
  13. Hello everyone! I'm new to the forum and getting ready to celebrate my 21st....anniversary of my 21st birthday. I'm really excited to find this forum. I love lifting, and am working on getting back into great shape after having a little one.
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