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  1. I am training to compete in fitness at the Natural Olympia next month. I usually adhere to a whole foods plant based diet. My non vegan coach wants me to eat more protein powder and less carbs. I am looking for any science on protein powders v. Whole foods or anyone's experience. Thanks
  2. A little behind on my posting. Picked it back up this week. My goal for the week is 5 cardio sessions and 5 weight training sessions. yesterday was 4x15 of shoulder push press side raises front raises upright rows v-ups tricep touches shrugs bosu 1 leg sit ups 20 mins of cardio on 15% incline treadmill food was pre-workout and post workout 1sc prot powder 1/2 banana and 1/2c oats; mid morn and mid afternoon apple, 7 rice cakes throughout the day, lunch sweet potato, once cup lentils and 2cups broccoli, dinner bowl of lettuce, broccoli, salsa, sweet potato, balsamic vinegar, pre-sleep 2 scoops Sun Warrior raw protein powder.
  3. For yesterday: 7am 1 c oatmeal, 10a 2 apples lunch: vegetable sandwich, 3p vegan sorbet 5:30 large bowl of lettuce, broccoli, with balsamic vinegar and hot mustard and 1 sweet potato. 6:30 banana did cardio yesterday at 6am, high incline tread, 100 pushups, 50 dips. Still trying to get some relief on my ham and knee pain. Really like to pick up my training this weekend. Just need some of this pain to go away. Iced yesterday after workout.
  4. For today I did 6am cardio on an empty stomach. Straight bar curls and alternating DB curls (3x15) Food was: 7am 1c oatmeal; 9:30 apple 11am sweet potato 12:30 salad with brown rice, beans, veggie and salsa 2:00 apple 5:30 large bowl of lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potato salsa, balsamic vinegar, hot mustard. Really sore ham and knee today so still easy on training until I heel.
  5. Thanks mrbear. Really great vegan dinner and lots of options. For today: Found myself really hungry today. 6am 1cup oatmeal and 1 apple 9am 2 scoops protein powder 11:30am large bowl of lettuce, broccoli, 1c brown rice, carrots, balsamic vinegar workout: 10 mins on 15% incline treadmill, 45 minutes of fitness routine training with straddles presses, L-presses, plaches, jump splits, cartwheels, split push ups, doubles/single wensons 3pm salad with rice noodles, seaweed, cucumbers, 2 veg rolls 5pm apple 7:30 bowl of lettuce, brussels sprouts, peppers, 1c brown rice, balsamic vinegar Having alot of pain in my knee and shoulder today. Taking tomorrow off to heel my knee. Lots of ice and elevation today.
  6. Thanks JubNZ. Nice to see someone is watching. Makes me feel more accountable. Food/training for yesterday: Pre-workout: 9am 1c oatmeal 1 apple 1 hour spin class 12pm post workout large bowl of lettuce/broccoli/carrots/1c brown rice/balsamic vinegar/salsa 2pm smoothie with chia seeds, rasberries,agave and coconut milk 5pm apple 8pm mixed veggies plate with 2 whole wheat tortillas Didn't post dinner Saturday but went to Feed in Venice. Lots of good vegan options. Had veggies with quinoa and tofu. Lots of vegan desserts also. Anybody in the area, it is worth a try. Organic wines too.
  7. Decided I needed to start logging my nutrition/training to keep myself accountable. 10 minutes cardio on 15% incline treadmill Training was 4x15 Shoulder press rear delt raises front plate raises MB suitcases woodchoppers cable 1 arm side raises plank tricep touches plank holds 40 seconds on hands/40 second on elbow x 3 Food so far today: 9am 1c oatmeal 2c coffee; 11am apple 2pm whole wheat rice and veggie wrap with side of fruit, 4pm sweet potato
  8. I recenty read McDougall's the Starch Solution. I have been trying it out over the last week and I am pretty happy. Although eating all of those carbs is scaring me a bit. I am finding a really great increase in energy and I am alot less irritable. I wanted to see who else has tried this approach and what the results were. Would like to hear some feedback on long term use of the program. Also, how is it for muscle building?
  9. I appreciate the feedback but, I have pushed myself to 1800-2000 cals over the last 1-2 weeks, and, like usual, I put on weight. I feel so much better, stopped binge eating (which usually happens after 4 days at 1200 cals) and have energy in the gym. Really happy with how I feel but am very uncomfortable putting on my weight. If I should be eating this amount and, most of the feedback is that even 2k is not enough then why does this put weight on me?
  10. Let me know how that goes. I don't find that yoga gives me alot of definition but I like to lift and lift alot so I am a weight room gal.
  11. I eat no sugar, no processed foods except for one serving of tofu and 2-4 scoops of raw vegan protein a day, and everything else is whole foods, as raw as possible. I do not eat any "vegan junk food". On the 80/10/10 I just ate raw fruit and raw veggies. Nearly passed out. I have been working, this week, to push myself to eat 2000cals a day. It makes a significant difference in the gym but the extra cals are freaking me out. BTW, I lift 4-5x per week. 4x/wk cardio.
  12. I go through the same thing. This is a great video on metabolic damage. Worth it!
  13. I think it looks good but would agree you could use more LGI veggies. I eat those in unlimited amouints (broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, mushrooms, lots of different lettuces, kale, peppers, etc..) Also, make sure you have a high quality protein powder. Very importamt for muscle building for vegans. Expensive but worth it.
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