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  1. I have done my upper lip...bikini line is next.
  2. bigbww..I did not think you were starting an argument on Raw diets. I think you are right, being a Raw Vegan vs a Raw person who eats cooked..the experience is different. And being a most fruit eater vs a green eater with some fruit mixed in (thats me) will have another experience. Key: find what works best for you !
  3. Steve Arlin is NOT the poster child for Raw Vegan diet....are you sure he is Raw ? Your post has some good points but you are too definate. I did not lose any size since going Raw...& my running is better and faster. I have not lost any scale weight either since I have been eating a mostly raw diet. I get plenty of water, very high fiber (more than when I was eating a ton of chicken) ...losts of greens and I do not get too much fat. I eat the same fat as when I was on a bodybuilding diet. Maybe you do not see Raw as working for some..but it does work for some.
  4. I am so glad these companies are catering to us. If it was not for Dole, I would not have Organic Banana's at my Grocery store and I will not eat the "regular ones"! And that is just one item I buy provided by large companies..well see above chart. I believe in abundance so if someone in a large Corp. sees it is profitable to get into the Vegan and Organic Movement, more power to them they are after all catering to us in there endevor. We all have the "right to opportunity" in this country that is what makes it great ..and there are few if any, Companies (and people ) are 100% pure and ethical. Someone could even find a fault with Whole Food Markets if we looked close enough. Sometimes I think we are too Judgemental of others and it gives the Community a bad name. If we speak abundance we will have abundance.
  5. add nuts, seeds, avocado's, hemp seeds, hemp powder and raw oils. but becareful too much too fast will cause increase in bofyfat too !!
  6. yes, it is all about finding the balance. I am a Raw Foodist but when it beginn to interfere with my husband and home life I will eat a (partial ) cooked (vegetarian) meal. Peace is worth it !
  7. Hey welcome. 4 year Raw Vegan, great ! I too am a Raw Foodie too. Hopefully you will share food and training tips with us !
  8. Mine is always 96.2-6 and it is normal for me. My Dr says many people are like this. If I have 98.6 ..I have a fever !
  9. Jon...I know what you mean. I started lifting 20 years ago. I am 8 pds heavier than my identical twin sister, muscle of course ! It has made a difference in how I look. But I too after 6 years of competing have lost some interest. I started running and fullbody type circuit training two times a week 1-2 sets only (what my twin does to stay in shape) and I am enjoying it. I am doing three 5 K's soon and a 10K this summer. I thought I would lose muscle making the switch but I have not !
  10. Great, we will keep track of one another....and meet up in the near future. I am not sure what is available in Henrietta Area as I usually grab an Organic Salad and some seeds / or nuts at Lori's...the bulk section & organic section is awesome ..& the raw grains that I can sprout is great. I will keep track of you in your journal.
  11. I give kudo's to Denise for her stick to it-ness in the indusrty and yes she looks awesome at any age let alone 49....but to me her work outs are very simple and not enough of a real challenge. It is great for a beginner who wants to do it in the living room space. I get bored need more challenge. I would bet she does more than what she does on her show to stay in the shape she is in. I am 45 and to stay tip top, well it is a part time job !!
  12. My husband wears the fitted stretch T from The Gap. They really accentuate. He wears it under a Jacket for a modest look. The T is an eye popper cause it hugs the chest ab and arms because the sleeve stops above the curve of the bicep. He is a medium size and then for going out buys the small. Yum ! Oh in fact that is him in the avatar and he has the Gap T on.
  13. Wow A ...I am still here with broser open but must go..work to do. Give it time, 6 months and you may see even a bigger change. Even if those evil scales say the same ! I did three shows last year...beat me up so I took a year off and now my husband has asked (not polite about it ) to quit. He has hated it for 6 years. Though he did jump on stage at NSSN and give me roses and a kiss when I won. I think it is the time and mental stress he hates. Cannot blame him there right ? On Judging, I simply let the Promotors of shows I have done that I was available to Judge. The word gets around fast and I getoffers to do shows from that. I am Judging Marians Show in May. Good luck on the babie idea... So we work with in miles of one another. My favorite place to go on Monday shopping is Lori's. We are first name basis there!!! Maybe one day we can find a Veggie Restaurant and meet for a visit. L.
  14. Hey what show are you doing ? I am Judging an INBF show in 6 weeks ! Well Adrienne if you need any help let me know. You may well find you do well and can stay leaner year round on the veggie diet. Meat and Dairy seems to add weight faster than fruit and veggies. Protein is a challenge (esp. since I do not do Soy..) but we all got ideas for you on that ! Hey I work on Jefferson Rd in Henrietta, travel there one two days a week and spend rest of week where I currently live. We are building a new home on Keuka Lake, so once I move this Fall I will be near Rochester. What area are you ? DO you work in Rochester too ? Leslie
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