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  1. Yea that's a great idea I've considered that, especially because my soy yogurt comes out just a little on the liquidy side. Have you done this before? I know it will work, but I'm just thinking about cost. I'm always surprised at how little regular yogurt comes of a half-gallon of soymilk. If I drained enough liquid from it to make it the consistency (and in turn, protein content hopefully!) of greek yogurt, I'm worried I'd be left with very little "greek" yogurt for the expenditure. Does anyone have experience with this?
  2. Greek yogurt is the absolute last vestige of non-vegan foods in my diet, but I'm having a hard time getting rid of it. For around $3 per container, I get 46g of high quality protein that isn't a powder but an actual food (I'm not anti-powders, but I believe pretty strongly that 1 shake a day is enough and the rest of the time whole foods should be consumed). I need to get this cruel food out of my diet for GOOD. I already have what I consider to be too much soy protein in my diet. I've made my own soy yogurt in times past, and would nevertheless still be willing to make soy "greek" yogurt if that is possible and economical. Does anyone have experience with that? I'd just have to do some shuffling to remove soy in my diet elsewhere I guess.
  3. ouch! what happened to your shoulder? how'd you do it? thanks for the well wishes. i'm taking it slow....don't want to let this develop into something chronic!
  4. thanks everybody i really appreciate it! i've had my fill of doctors appointments lately (and food!). i'm on the road to recovery, many rubber bands, MRIs, x-rays, and vegetables later
  5. already scheduled back-2-back-2-back orthopedist, chiro, and PT appointments i'm hoping MRI's, x-rays and magic hands will get me on the fast track to getting back at the BAR! damn tator cuff, f-in with my plans.
  6. Teh abz? Not too sure what that is. I am very healthy already. But I'm injured, so I won't be doing any lifting at all. That's kinda the point. And if I don't adjust my diet, I'll be taking in nearly 1000 extra cals a day. I'd be gaining pounds by the week. I'm not OCD about BF, but I'm not about to eat like like I'm kicking my ass in the gym when I'm just sitting on it
  7. Thanks Phil. I actually do train my rotator cuffs, but certainly not every workout because I train 6x/week when I'm healthy. I'm familiar with a lot of exercises, I generally do: laying down ext rotation, standing up cable or band ext/int rotation, cuban curls, face pulls, etc. I also do shoulder circles, scap push ups, wall slides and a couple other things for warming up. What do you do to train your rotator cuffs? Could you give me an example day or two? Clearly whatever I was doing wasn't enough or wasn't exactly the best exercises. Thanks again Phil.
  8. I've been working out for about a year now, and with a distant history (10 years ago I was a pitcher) of rotator cuff aggravation...I've always been conservative with pushing my shoulder workouts (i.e., minimal overhead presses or lateral raises, try to incorporate band work and external rotation exercises as much as possible, etc). Nevertheless, during a holiday and illness-induced hiatus from the gym...my R shoulder mysteriously started hurting while I was just relaxing at home. Maybe 5 out of 10 pain. Like a decent sprain would feel 1 week post-injury. I've since avoided the gym like the plague, and will do so as long as it takes for this to completely heal. I've been icing, ibuprofen, even started glucosamine/chondroitin, the whole 9 yards. For people with rotator cuff issues...how long did it take until you felt 100% back to normal? Do you have any advice? Thanks so much, I really appreciate it!
  9. Hey Everybody...so I've been totally side-lined from the gym for the past couple weeks due to a knee AND rotator cuff injury (ouch!)...and to be safe I'm steering clear of working out for another couple weeks. Just doing some stretching, PT, and gettin' my share of x-rays, MRI, chiro adjustments, etc. My question is: how do you all eat during a complete hiatus from the gym? I normally eat around 4,000 cals and burn between 400-800 in the gym (roughly). I'm eating less meals to lower my calories obviously (5x-6x a day down from 7x/day) to minimize fat gain....but what about protein intake? It seems a little silly to be taking in ~1-1.5g/lb/day when I have virtually no physical activity. At the same time, I'm worried about losing the muscle mass I've worked so hard to gain the past year. Thanks so much everybody!!
  10. Hey All, I'm up to 15% after about 8 months of bulking. I used to be around 11% or so. I have a little bit of a gut now, which is new for me, but I ABSOLUTELY want to keep bulking and keep gaining mass for as long as possible. I asked in another post if bulking continuously is advisable, but assuming it isn't completely unhealthy or foolish, is there a maximum recommended BF% for bulking? As a hardgainer, I have no problem losing weight, so whatever BF% range is optimal for bulking I will go with, even if it's higher than 15%...though I suspect it's not. Thanks! -Steve
  11. Hey Folks, I apologize if this has already been answered in a previous thread - I'm working 75 hour work weeks these days, leaving me much less time to do my research! Please pardon my potentially redundant post. Since Jan 2009, I went from about 170lbs 11.5% BF to about 192lbs 14.6%BF. While eventually I'd like to be in the 7-8%BF range, for the time being (likely the next 1-2years) I'm primarily focused on gaining as much muscle mass as possible. I have no problem losing weight, so have no interest in cutting for quite some time. My question is this: given my goals and hardgainer metabolism, can I essentially "bulk" continuously (i.e., 1+ year) without ever adding a cutting phase? Or is it more beneficial in terms of maximizing nutrient absorption and other factors to add a cutting phase or two? I eat extremely clean, and track my diet pretty meticulously. Thanks everyone, you've been a great help! -Steve
  12. In my experience (I grew up rural NY), chickens in any living situation tend to abandon their unfertilized eggs after a day or two of "incubating" them. They seem to be able to tell when it is not a viable egg - that, or they are indifferent (I doubt the latter highly). I have found this egg-abandonment to be true of most all chickens, whether they are in a totally unnatural setting (e.g., very large farms that have almost industrial-scale living quarters for their hens) or are TRULY "free range" (e.g., the old woman up the street who had 85 acres, three hens, and one cock). To me, I am having trouble seeing why it is unethical to collect eggs left behind by truly free-range hens. The author of this post would not have truly free-range hens, of course, but I am curious as to what other vegans think about collecting eggs that would otherwise be consumed by other animals. I'm not sure I buy the exploitation argument.
  13. Marcina, thanks for your reply! So I've been eating 7x a day, with LOTS of water and obviously plenty of fiber. 7:30AM, 10AM, 12PM, 2:30PM, 4:45PM are meal times. Gym from 6-7, gulp down a shake afterwards, and eat again at 9:15PM. Bed @ 10:30. The problem is...I eat a shit ton o' food so each of these meals takes between 15-30 minutes (if I'm lucky, since I'm at work and often get distracted) to chomp down. So while I've planned to eat every 2-3 hours, it ends up being more like every 1.5-2.5 hours. Sometimes I feel like I'm forcing it, but I think that's a necessary component of getting significantly bigger. As for the whole protein intake issue, I think I'm going to have to disagree with you on one point - the point about healthy, active individuals. I naturally agree no one with pre-existent kidney or liver issues should adopt a high-protein diet. Again, I'm no expert here (unlike my vegan, nutrition PhD sisters who are constantly warning me about my potential dietary changes), but from what I understand, what I would classify as VERY high protein intake (1.7-2g/lb/day) puts a good deal of strain on the livers and kidneys of even the "healthiest," most active individuals, even if they do make a point to significantly increase their water intake (which will of course alleviate some strain). High protein intake may be sustainable in the short term, especially when one is seeking strength and mass gains and is on the younger side agewise, but I doubt such a high-intake will lead to optimal health over the long term. I'll try to post some studies to the forum. I think there is a lot of credible (albeit inconvenient) research out there to back up my fears and suspicions I say "inconvenient" because I want to get big and strong, while not compromising my overall health.
  14. I am a registered Republican, thank you. My brother also just returned from his fourth tour in Iraq. VJ, stop being so scary man. And try going outside. From my estimation, you're online 10 out of every 14 waking hours...mostly just monopolizing threads and intimidating people. I know that can be amusing (I enjoy it occasionally), but try giving it a rest once in a while. With that, I take my comments off the air. Proceed to tear me a new asshole. I could care less.
  15. This thread raises my BP and lowers my IQ. I suspect it has the same effect on others.
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